We Will Assimilate You

| September 21, 2021

I find this woman’s attitude toward people who want “wokeism” stuff in schools very much appropriate, as she was one who survived Mao’s “revolution”. She dissects critical race theory in this video. I’d like to find more input from her, but this video is sufficient for now.


It is, per her own experience, the same indoctrination and the same ideology as Mao’s cultural revolution now occurring in our schools. No wonder parents who are mindful of reality are going up in smoke over it. This is, in reality, no different from the re-education camps that the Communist Viet Nam government set up after we left Vietnam. And as some idiot American Fundamentalist found out, to his dismay, a few years ago, differing points of view about everything including religion are not acceptable. He was, if you recall him, arrested shortly after he arrived in Vietnam and started preaching, and was thrown into one of those re-education camps. I think that was about 4 years ago, which means, yes, they still exist. As in China now, with Xi Jinping’s suppression of the Uighurs, resistance is futile.


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“Woke”– because Americans are too spoiled and stupid to understand what a gulag and secret police are today! (See most Democrats and their favorite illegal aliens seeking Free Sh*t.)


^Word^ One reason why they quit teaching history in schools, so the sheeple would not figure out their nefarious plans to seize and maintain their power. One hundred (100) years of plotting and fifty (50) years of insidious work is coming to fruition for them. They have gotten so close to their goal that they can boldy do their dirty work, aided and abetted by the sleaze media and the free sh^t army.

I will resist…I will rebel…I will NOT be assimilated. I am a Southern American of Scots/Irish Descent. The love of freedom runs deep in my blood and in my DNA. I am willing to die for my freedoms. Are they willing to die to take them from me?


I’m betting on you and this time, I’m more prepared than 23 years in the Chair Force…

I’m not quite ready to fight house to house and in the streets, YET, BUT!!….
Prepared to defend the way of Freedom, the Republic, FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVIDIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!! (well, kinda, we’d at least *try*, we’re not perfect…Progress not perfection.)
I declare the TAH/VG Free SHIT (meaning freedom and opportunity) Army!!!

AW1 Rod

Yup. It’s a hill worth dying on. Let’s see if these turd funnels possess the strength to enforce their convictions. I doubt they have the stomach for it.


Don’t underestimate them. The left has no problem turning to violence to progress their ideology. We can see that in groups such as antifa.


Democrats gloat exposing “far right” (anyone who disagrees) websites: