Girl, 15, runs car into jogger then later laughs about it

| September 17, 2021

A 15-year-old took a car for a joyride with a friend. She saw a jogger, told her friend that she was going to scare the jogger, then she ran the vehicle into the jogger. Greg Moore, 53, went right over the vehicle and was left on the road with a fractured scull. His body was found later. Police were not making much progress with the investigation until the girl’s father took her to the police station and turned her in.

From Yahoo News:

A 15-year-old girl intentionally drove into a man jogging outside Seattle in July, killing him, and then laughed about it later with friends, according to police.

Cops investigating the death of Greg Moore, 53, had made marginal progress until the girl’s father took her to a Seattle police station and turned her in on Sept. 9, the Seattle Times reported.

Police said the teenager stole her godmother’s 2004 Toyota Camry on July 18 and took a joyride around the Seattle area with a 14-year-old passenger, according to the Times.

Cops said the girl was speeding through Maple Valley, about 20 minutes south of downtown, and spotted Moore jogging, according to the Kent Reporter. “I’m going to scare him, I’m going to bump him,” the girl told the passenger, who relayed that quote to investigators.

That “bump” sent Moore flying over the vehicle, and the crash fractured his skull, the Times reported. Moore’s body was found in a ditch later that morning. The girl behind the wheel later told her friends about the crash and laughed about it, according to police.

The 15-year-old was charged with second-degree murder and one count of hit-and-run in juvenile court, according to local NBC affiliate KING. She pleaded not guilty Wednesday.

Because the girl was charged as a juvenile, she’ll be eligible for release at age 21 even if she is convicted. King County prosecutors said her lack of criminal record made trying the case in adult court impractical, KING reported.

Yahoo News has more here.

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E4 Mafia '83-'87

Not that someone so callous or with a criminal record when she turns 21 has much in the way earning in her future, but the Moore will garnish her wages the rest of her life I hope. Props to Dad for turning her in.


I am glad her father did what was right. That’s a hard position to be put in.

Stupid kids (weren’t we all?) with no understanding of the value of life. I wonder if she was being taught by some libtard teachers…


Some of the articles claim the girl turned herself in but it looks like Grandma recognized her jacked ride on the video and went to the police first. Then when they told her it WAS HER car then that is when dad took princess in to the police.


Looks like Grandma was the hammer.
She probably had to apply some liniment after pulling her orthopedic out of Dad’s Ass who then transfer that hurt to his worthless shitbag daughter.
I hope (and I usually don’t jump on this bandwagon, unless the callousness applies) that she gets laughed at as fresh meat in the clink and gets horribly karmaed in just about ever orafice available and the experience burns itself into her fucked up psyche and maybe she gets some sense banged into her.
At least at this time, she hasn’t reproduced.
At least we have something to be thankful for… until later when inevitably, she will spawn demons that will slither out of her filth.

Only Army Mom

Oops. Hit the report by accident

Only Army Mom

A 15-year old girl did this…a 14-year old was the passenger/witness…the 15-year old told her friends and laughed about it…and it took a couple months for someone to say something?


Public Information.

The 15 year old name is Kasama Smith:

So sad and tragic for both families.


Yes, yes it is.

Only Army Mom

The details in that and other reports are even more appalling.

Someone told the godmother it was her car. Godmother went to the police, gave then her car. Demonspawn found out, proceeded to scream, yell, break things in godmother’s house.

It was only then, when father found out demonspawn was about to be arrested that he had her turn herself in. For consideration in charging and sentencing.

No, this thing needs to be charged as an adult. This was a thrill-kill. She may not have intended to kill him, just “bump and scare”, but the lack of remorse, threats to “friends”, attacking the godmother. Yeah, nope.


I have to agree.


Whiz Wheel®™ spin:

Kasama Z. Smith (FBBSDC H/T to Hondo) 38 x 10 = 380

Old tanker

Another young sociopath has made her debut. The lack of any compassion is pretty telling. Just another example that evil does exist in the world. Once she gets out of juvie I am wondering if she will be the next “black widow” with a string of dead husbands behind her.

AW1 Rod

In six years, I’m sure this stupid little bitch will end up on A&E, professing her remorse, and begging to be released because she’s ”reformed.”


Yep! She’ll be free and Mr. Moore will still be dead…and HIS children fatherless.

Wonder how much laughing she’ll be doing when she gets to the GenPop of Cell Block C?




Yup. Take’s one to know one and you’re still a FRAUD.


It doesn’t take a sociopath to know a sociopath. And I am no where near a sociopath.

Also, you don’t know a damn thing about me. Son throwing the word “fraud” around reflects more on you than it does me.

I suspect a few posters here never served. But I am not one of them.


You’re a fraud. I’ve never questioned your service. Everything else is fair game.


I doubt it. She will certainly run that meaningless term out at trial, but in truth she is not suffering from any psychosocial malady other than entitlement.

But, it’s the world you want and appear to work to build. A dystopian future of people who believe that they are entitled to do, take, or destroy anything so long as they have the “correct” political conditioning.

Just think, you could be the next victim of your envisioned glorious world of next Tuesday. Which would earn you extra delicious brownie points as a “victim”. So you love it.

Just admit it, you are a hopelessly brainwashed fool rushing to the scene of your own destruction believing that it will be a fantasy disco.

It must be excruciating (that means painful) to be so stupid.


Calling yourself a sociopath during trial does not help your case.

In fact it makes it far more likely to get convicted. And parole boards are extremely reticent to parole diagnosed sociopaths.


She’s being tried as a minor. It all goes away at 18.



Really? How so?

After all, could this not be a case of the girl just applying what she has been taught?

Need a car? Steal it because her needs and desires outweigh those who have worked for the property.

Laws of the road? Nah. Hurtling a 3100+ pound vehicle speeding down the road is fun! It’ll be just like “Grand Theft Auto!”

Value of life? Nah. Just abort a child because it has no value.

Value of life? (part II) Greg Moore was just an old white guy. He was probably a racist as all white people are. Only black lives matter, you know.

Maybe she is a sociopath. Or maybe she was just applying what she has been taught and learned.


Thanks for letting me know I should ignore your opinion in the future.


Yet here you are, commenting. You don’t see any hypocrisy in anything you say, do you. Fraud. Every. Single. Post.


Pardon me?

Because I offer a different opinion than you I should be “ignored?”

Instead of you rebutting what I said, you just dismissed it out of hand?

Apparently you think that the values and morals we teach kids have no impact on how they act as teens and as adults.

Clearly you would rather ascribe a psychological disorder to the girl rather than hold her accountable for her own actions.

Finally, I have always treated you with respect. Your response here indicates that respect may be misplaced.

But that’s okay.

I forgive you.


Sociopath? I agree – put her down like a mad dog.

MI Ranger

Good for the Dad! Hopefully in the interim he will also introduce her to the Church, and a lot of praying.
53 is very young, he still had a lot of years left in him, and earning. Hopefully the civil case the widow files will eventually see some garnishing of wages!


I do not think it is coincidence that Washington and Oregon are the least-churched states in the USA.

More folks there believe pagan superstitions than Biblical doctrines.


Coincidence for what?

Washington and Oregon are ranked 32nd, and 37th with respect to per capita violent crime.

Not exactly high incidence outliers.

Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee are the states with the most churches per capita. And, with Utah, they are also the states with the highest levels of religiosity.

With respect to violent crime; Tennessee is 4th. Alabama is 8th, Mississippi is 38th, and Utah is 42nd…

There does not seem to be a clear correlation between religious belief, or the number of churches with violent crime.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let me guess, you blame Donald Trump!


Can’t imagine the distress and shame the father(of the 15 yr old) is going through or the outrage of Moore’s family.. Laughing about Moore’s death? That little girl is mentally unsound – verging on soul-less – and needs to go away for a helluva lot longer than the law actually provides for…


Charge each and every one of her friends who knew and failed to report. Aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice, throw all the applicable charges and see what sticks. We’ll call it “A Teachable Moment”.

Only Army Mom



Actually, there is a crime theoretically chargeable against her friends who knew of her crime and didn’t report it. The crime is “misprison of a felony.” But this English Common Law crime may not be on the books in Washington. Criminal law in every state is now solely statutory, and many states have not enacted statutes that incorporate all the Common Law crimes.


Sadly, it appears only misprison of treason is a WA state criminal offense. Best I can tell, the more generic misprison of felony doesn’t seem to be defined as a crime in Washington state code.

I may be wrong, but if it’s there I didn’t find it when I checked.

As I see it, the 14 y/o who was physically in the car with the driver might be subject to prosecution under Washington state’s Duty of Witness statute (RCW 9.69.100) for failure to report a violent offense. But the friends she told afterwards weren’t actual witnesses (hearsay), so they’re likely not covered under that provision. And if they’re prosecuted at all, the 14 y/o witness probably will be prosecuted in juvenile court and get little or no time – and possibly have their juvenile record expunged or sealed at age 21.

Torques me off bigtime. But hey, it’s the Left Coast. What else should we expect?


Public Information.

Kasama Smith, the 15 year old Murderer, posted this on YouTube 4 years ago:

“Story Time How I Got My Lizard Sassy Sorry That Its So Quiet”


Thanks for the link, it answered a question I had about her.


Ol’ Poe, too, was curious as the first name and middle initial were fairly tell-tale indicators.

One positive aspect of certain demographic naming practices is that it does help provide the public with identifying information when the lamestream media refuses to include photos of perps in their stories ONLY for that particular demographic.

Just one more example of the egregious manner in which the liberal media distorts and misreports the news in order to hide the truth about perpetrators of violent crime from the public being victimized.

A Proud Infidel®™

So she’ll get a slap on the wrist and what will she do to someone after that with no conscience or sense of consequences?


The max she can get as a minor is a reformatory until she is 21. She will likely be back on the street in less than three years, if she does any time at all given the Seattle DA.


You don’t “bump” someone at 50 mph with the intent to “scare” them. That’s intent; she should be charged with 1st degree murder.


Vehicular homicide…


Given the intent to hit him this is way worse than that.


I’ll go with murder. Homicide is too general, including killing someone in self defense, and just doesn’t have the same emotional impact or connotation of evil. The lawyers, judge, and jury may disagree. I hope remember that it wasn’t intentional murder in 6 years when she is back on the same streets with them and their families.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Once she reaches chronological adulthood I bet she’ll be a regular appearance on Police Blotters.


“a regular appearance on Police Blotters.”

I’ll settle for one appearance on an EMS blotter, or whoever it is that cleans up after accidents.