Milley Must Go!

| September 15, 2021

If reports that CJCS Gen. Mark Milley made secret calls to Communist China’s Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army are true, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should resign or be removed.

This is the drumbeat over revelations in Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book, “Peril” which details calls between Milley and Li Zuocheng, chief of the Joint Staff Department of Beijing’s Central Military Commission.

First there were dozens of retired flag officers who have called on Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to step down, accusing them of “negligence” in connection with the disastrous US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Now this.

General Milley faces calls to resign over reported secret call about Trump to China

By Samuel Chamberlain

A key witness in the first impeachment of then-President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “must resign” if he is confirmed to have made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart in order to reassure Beijing that Trump would not order military action against the Communist superpower.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a former member of the National Security Council, tweeted that if the calls were made, Milley “usurped civilian authority, broke Chain of Command, and violated the sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military.

“It’s an extremely dangerous precedent. You can’t simply walk away from that,” added Vindman, who concluded his post by adding a hashtag to the phrase “do the right thing in the right way.”

Details of the calls between Milley and Li Zuocheng, chief of the Joint Staff Department of Beijing’s Central Military Commission, were reported by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of the Washington Post in their forthcoming book “Peril.”

Woodward brought down the Nixon administration, and he’s never forgotten this. I’d take a wait-and-see outlook. The accusations, if true, are pretty damning. Vindman, really? Can’t make this up.


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Lars says that General Milley “Cyrus” and his CCP buddies are good for America. Especially since they aren’t orange and don’t tweet mean things.


How does this buffoon even keep his security clearance?


Lars, or Milley?




Rope, tree, traitor.

Some assembly required.


Give him one last chance to do the right thing by locking him in a room with a single shot handgun and one round of ammo. Give him a few hours to decide and then hang him if he
doesn’t decide correctly.


Seems Milley has admitted to making the calls (though in his official capacity).

Biden is steadfast in his support of General Milley. That’s literally all I need to know. If Biden is for something, it’s the wrong thing. He’s the George Constanza of presidents.


It’s rare to be able to say
“That’s an insult to George Costanza.”
Quite a feat, not easy to do…


Making the calls in an official capacity could possibly be true, although questionable. The content of the call is the true issue.

Retired Grunt

If these stories are true, GEN Milly needs to be publically court martialed. I know this will never happen. This probably once decent warrior who has ZERO FRIKIN COMMAND AUTHORITY should never, ever, ever step outside of the authorized command authority to think he can play I’m better than the people who elect Presidents. I saw this….. i.. I am so seriously…. and I’m going to use an absolute. Im frankly disgusted.

A Proud Infidel®™

Geezo Pete, what will we see next? Milley sold his Soul lock, stock and barre!


Where’s the transcript of the call(s)? The transcripts would clear this up.


I want to hear the audio. If the call took place it is recorded somewhere and
I don’t think the US is the only one sitting on it. Somebody has it for sure.
Modern phone calls are digital at some point…not entirely analog.
The method of contact should prove interesting be it commercial or DSN.


The administration is saying that such back-channel phone conversations between high-ranking military leaders of major countries are routine.

Even if that’s the case, surely it is not routine for one high-ranking military leader to tell another that he’ll give him a heads-up before a nuclear or other attack. As many have noted, such a warning could result in far greater casualties and equipment losses for our forces, even defeat. It could even result in a hastily ordered preemptive strike by the warned country even if the original warning was incorrect.

If, as is being reported, Milley was operating in cooperation with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, with them in no way in his chain of command, that must surely be a punishable act. If he thought Trump was incapacitated then Vice President, Mike Pence, should have been the political leader he dealt with, not Trump’s political archenemies.

That he chose not to do that indicates this was more a political plot than a nuclear strike threat. Milley’s publicly-voiced views on “White Rage” and that the January 6th incident was an insurrection, make it undeniable that he shares the political views of the Democrat left.

It was reported earlier in the summer that Milley refused to permit any military effort to control the urban riots and got into a shouting match with the sitting president, his commander in chief, in the Situation Room over that issue. Trump should have publicly called for his resignation then.

It would appear that Trump not only had the DoJ, FBI and CIA working against him but also the Pentagon, a situation that does not bode well for conservatives if the political situation continues to deteriorate.

So much for military personnel refraining from political participation on the job, hmmm?


Spot on Poe, NAILED IT! The domestic enemies of our Republic are not even being sneaky about their desire to enslave We, The People. As you said, if this is true, we have blatant, treasonous actions on his part. A laundry list of violations of the UCMJ. And that whole part about the conversations with Pigolousy? GMAFB! The Deep State is deeper than we ever feared.


Conservatives in the military publicly go on record that they won’t partake in military occupations of US cities, will refuse to go door-to-door to confiscate firearms, and so forth.

Meanwhile, liberals in the military are like this Army staff sergeant. She’s all too eager to turn her fellow citizens into “the enemy.”


Remember, it’s not Fascism when “woke” twits without personal responsibility for their actions do it or something…


The woke/left eats in own.


Vanilley Milley is never going to resign or face any charges under this regime. These high level deep staters are convinced they are above the law.


Milley’s term takes him to 2023. If the Senate flips to Republicans in 2022, he might have a big problem where Senate republicans control the votes on whether Milley gets confirmed to retire in grade. Normally for generals & admirals this is fairly routine, as long as the SecDef or service secretary certifies satisfactory service in grade. There have been challenges. Former CNO ADM Frank Kelso faced a difficult Senate confirmation vote to retire as a 4 star in the aftermath of the Tailhook scandal.


If the Republicans win control of the Senate and House, he may turn on Pelosi and Schumer, perhaps claiming they manipulated/tricked/extorted him.


World’s smallest violin playin’… boo hoo.


The last honorable FOGO we has was late CNO ADM Mike Boorda. Milley should emulate him.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Nothing will happen


Yesterday I noted here at TAH that John Hinderaker, one of the founding lawyers of the excellent conservative blog, POWERLINE, was skeptical of Woodward’s charges against Milley. Today, not so much:

“I never would have imagined that the U.S. military could sink to the level represented by Milley. He should be fired, cashiered, court-martialed, drummed out of the Army, criminally prosecuted if possible. And we need a thorough investigation into how the leadership of our armed forces could possibly have sunk so low.”

Go read the whole piece:


National Review, which ol’ Poe no longer reads regularly, is reporting that Milley was acting on instruction from SecDef Mark Esper:


Kinda interesting coincidence, this “new” drama just happening right as Biden needed to step away from his Afghanistan Botch.

Perhaps because the vax mandates coincidence wasn’t working?




This is always fun to review.
Perhaps Biden and Dr. Jill should watch:



Zero accountability and consequences for those at the top. None.

This is by far the worst CoC leadership we’ve had in decades, if not ever. What 10-20 year NCO or O4-O6 wants to stick around past 20 under this garbage?


This reminds me of that scene in “The Blues Brothers” when Carrie Fisher had drawn down on John Belushi in the tunnel with her M-16. Belushi comically talked his way out of his ordeal. Likewise Milley, if called before Congress will probably say “I was just ordering take out- Kung Po Chicken”. And of course the Hank Johnson types in Congress will just say ” completely understandable General thanks for your testimony”


So, people on here have their heads too far up trump’s ass, and just hate anything they view as “leftist views”. Got it! No wonder people say this country if full of idiots, and this gives that statement credence. Last I checked, Miley was hired by trump. Y’all just dislike him cause he stood up to a stupid pedophile. Sad.


The TDS is strong with this one.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. As for standing up to a stupid pedophile, Milley has yet to show any backbone whatsoever in standing up to the brain dead, child-sniffing, casually (and repeatedly) racist boss he’s got now.


Milley was hired by Trump. Irrelevant. Take a quick look around. Trump isn’t in the Oval Office. Milley forgot his place, overstepped his authority and stepped on his dick. Now, you go and have yourself a nice day.