Gavin Newsom will remain as California’s governor

| September 15, 2021

As was suspected on this site, Governor Newsom survived recall efforts. Initial polling showed a tight race between “yes” and “no”. However, the article reported that it “broke” in favor of the governor. The article goes on to explain that Newsom had a larger expenditure plan, that Democrats outnumber Republicans by a large number, and that the governor had the backing of Joe Biden.

From CNBC:

The gubernatorial recall effort was the second in California’s history to qualify for the ballot, giving Republicans a chance to seize power in an otherwise deep-blue state.

Voters were asked two questions: should Newsom be replaced, and if he is recalled, who out of his 46 opponents in the election should take his place?

Newsom, who was elected by an overwhelming margin in 2018 to a term that would end in 2023, spent months trying to fend off the Republican-led effort that gained traction last year over allegations that he mishandled the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly 1.5 million Californians signed the recall petition due to frustrations over state-issued health orders and the appearance of a maskless Newsom at a dinner party at a posh Napa Valley restaurant during the height of surging Covid cases.

The recall effort became just one of the several crises that Newsom, steward of the biggest state economy in the United States, had to juggle in the past year, in addition to wildfires, drought, rising costs of living and, of course, the pandemic. Fresh data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that Covid transmission rates in California are dropping.

Polling over the summer showed more of a tight race in the recall election but recently shifted in Newsom’s favor.

His campaign drove turnout among complacent Democratic voters, who outnumber Republicans in the state’s electorate by 2 to 1, as they gained a colossal lead in early mail-in ballot returns.

CNBC has more on the story.

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Checks to make sure I’m on the correct story… check.

Amazing they were able to declare a winner in 24 hours, but presidential election required many days.

Simply amazing (snark).


“…broke in favor of the Governor.” Took awhile to get all the phony ballots counted.

Who amongst us is surprised at this result?


I question any election in any state that uses mass mail-in ballots, regardless of the outcome.


Back up the truck of I.P. Freely and Hugh G. Rection ballots to the mailbox…


Shocked. Truly.


Lars must be thrilled — the downfall of the state and country will continue unabated.


His right hand is awful tired this morning.


Naw, he’s gotta be a lefty.


Ambidextrous perhaps?

Green Thumb


But they got / will get what they voted for in the end.

All of the last second spin and lipstick will wear off in about two weeks and they will have to go back to dealing with the same problems, but worse.

They just need to stop complaining.


Thank God they were able to keep that black white supremacist from being governor. 🙄


OMG, Newsom wins 127% to 36… it’s a miracle!

Not smidgen of fraud, of course…


Disappointing but hardly surprising. It’s going to get very interesting when California runs out of other people’s money.

Shouldn’t be long now.


The kommies in Kommiefornia will just get Pedo Joe to write them a check.


Yeah, supposedly PRoC has an $8 billion surplus.


LA was deep in the red until the COVID “stimulus” sent them billions.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I guess all the demorats who voted to keep the peep in office must like being in an eternal lockdown. Ok, belay that last comment for the reason is that lockdowns are for thee but not for me (demorat)


They enjoy the abuse.


I read a report where some voters (who lean right, coincidentally) were told they had already voted.



Gavin ‘French Laundry’ Newsom is up for reelection in 2022. Should be a cake walk for him, but Cally has a huge host of issues that might give a republican a puncher’s chance. Yeah, very remote.


I’m glad that the recall failed. Now I get the second installment of my “rebate” check from Gavin and his friends at the expense of the Proles.



There is no way the free shit army is going to vote for the “earn your own money” form of government ever again.

They would rather live in gulags and be denied all freedoms and rights than work.

And that, my friends, is why the democrats may be the permaparty.


The Democrats voted in the rich white guy, over the black guy who grew up in Compton, Los Angeles