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| September 13, 2021

Colt Bluntline Special

Florida K-9s recovering after getting shot by armed carjacking suspect, deputies says
Carjacking suspect shot multiple times, in hospital with life-threatening injuries, Volusia County deputies say

By Stephen Sorace
Two K-9s with a local sheriff’s office in Florida are recovering after an armed carjacking suspect shot both dogs during a police pursuit early Saturday, authorities said.

Volusia County K-9 Ax was shot in the side of his face just after midnight while K-9 Endo was shot in the paw and chin almost two hours later after separate confrontations with the suspect, who had fled into a wooded area, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

There is no doubt that K-9 Ax and K-9 Endo took bullets that were meant for my deputies,” Sheriff Mike Chitwood said in a media briefing Saturday afternoon. “If the deputies would have gone into the woods, the first person to come in contact with Singleton, without a doubt, would have been shot.”

Chitwood praised the dogs, saying both had to be pulled away from the suspect even after they were shot. Both K-9s were back on their feet Sunday and are continuing to recover.

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Good boys! T-bones and belly rubs all around.

Man fatally shot after fleeing scene of traffic stop, allegedly firing gun at deputy, BCSO says
Authorities found the man’s 9mm handgun at the scene</em

SAN ANTONIO – A man was shot and killed after fleeing the scene of a traffic stop and allegedly firing a gunshot at a sheriff’s deputy, according to Sheriff Javier Salazar.

The shooting happened around 10:30 p.m., Saturday on I-35 and Hormel Drive, not far from Splashtown San Antonio.

A deputy conducted a routine traffic stop on a vehicle that had three women and one man inside.

That’s when the man, in his 20s, got out of the vehicle and ran from the scene.

The deputy that was working the traffic stop called for backup, and a second deputy pursued the man.

During the chase, Sheriff Salazar said the man is believed to have fired a gunshot in the direction of the deputy.

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Thanks to our Gun Bunny, who knows I’m a sucker for dog stories.

Asked if a federal ban on “assault weapons” would reduce crime, Gwen Fitzgerald of Handgun Control Inc. says, “Let’s pass the law and find out.” –REASON magazine, May 1991

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight


Frankie Cee

I caught that too. I wondered if it was also known as “The Ghetto Special”.


Maybe Ed been at the wacky tobaccy?

Amusing that Earp himself was cited as a partial source of info. His story is widely considered embellished and self whitewashed.


The true story of the Earp brothers is quite less than heroic. The dime novelists had to fabricate to make them appear to always be the good guys so they could peddle their scribblings. Leon Metz has an excellent chapter on Earp and Holiday in his book, “The Shooters.”


GREAT book and Leon a good man. Listened to a lot of his stories one night while playing blackjack at his table. Fond memory!

Frankie Cee

Dang, memory is a strange thing. While I can’t remember whether I took my medication 4 hours ago, I looked at that “kids buntline” at the bottom of the link, and instantly remembered unwrapping it as a birthday or Christmas gift, 70 or so years ago. Same yellow piece of cardboard.


“…both had to be pulled away from the suspect even after they were shot”. HARDCORE! Good Boys indeed. Might want to get them several T-Bones, you know…to help get the dirtbag taste out of their mouths. And plenty of belly rubs. Make sure y’all check out the linky and the big smile on that Good Boy’s face. It’s like some of the deplorables here…adorable!

Home boi was trying to make a splash in town with the 3 Ms Thangs (baby mamas?) and he ended up becoming dead meat. Good shooting by the deputy.

With all apologies to Fraternity of Man…Don’t bogart that Blunt my friend…pass it over to me.


This makes it even more impressive IMHO

K-9 Endo was taken to the Veterinary Emergency Center of East Volusia in South Daytona by his handler Deputy Brett Whitson. Endo has previously been awarded the sheriff’s office Medal of Valor and Purple Heart after he was shot in the neck responding to a domestic violence call in 2015.


Love K-9 hero stories. Definitely time for steaks and belly rubs!


K-9 shooter (Shedrick Singleton Jr.) spins up a DAM/WRT score of 344 (172 twice cause he shot two dogs) on the Whiz Wheel®™.

Almost felt like giving him the FUBAR multiplier, but he’s still drawing a breath and not DRT.

RGR 4-78

I wonder how many perforations of the canine variety he has in addition to the GSW’s.?