Biden just can’t stop being wrong

| September 9, 2021

Now that Biden’s abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, made us look like inept, incompetent boobs to our allies, and insulted (repeatedly) American servicemembers who gave their lives in pursuit of his ill-conceived and idiotic foreign policy decisions he can once again return his attention to the real threat of our times. Not global warming, though he is concerned about that (“We don’t have any more time“). COVID of course.

Biden is set to announce tonight a massive federal overreach. Not content to limit themselves to vaccine and mask mandates for federal property, federal employees, federal contractors, and any hospital or medical facility that receives federal funds (i.e. any that take Medicaid/Medicare) they are now targeting every employer in the country with more than 100 employees.

Said employers will now, by OSHA mandate (read a bureaucratic diktat by regulation and not through the legislative process as the Founders intended) require that their employees either receive the COVID vaccine or weekly COVID testing. Who’ll pay for all that testing? Why the employers of course, but because Sleepy Joe’s such a fan of the working man big business, the employers will be able to pass those costs onto the employee. This sounds like more of a tax than the Obamacare penalty that’s a tax (thank you Chief Justice Roberts).

While we’re on the topic of what is a “vaccine”, since it’s obvious that the mRNA COVID vaccines are not vaccines in the traditional sense (they don’t provide immunity) and are theraputic treatments, Poetrooper pointed out that the CDC just changed the definition of a vaccine. Nothing like moving the goalposts. I’m sure it was a totally apolitical decision, just like there were no political motives behind rushing Pfizer’s vaccine to fully approved status with no long term studies of its effects and approval coming more than four times faster than the previous record for quickest vaccine (1967 mumps took four years from sampling to fully approved vaccine).

Good job Joe, keep being wrong. You’ve been wrong on every public policy position for 50+ years now. No reason to stop now. Look how far it’s gotten you!

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Feel free to freak-out and buy up all the toilet paper again, y’all! (I’m just afraid of what’ll happen if we had Plague or Ebola to worry about.)


Spent February 2020 at our house in the Philippines. Stopped at the city mall there on the way from the airport. Went to use the facilities and no toilet paper, just a bidet hose hanging on the wall.

Got used to using it while there. Back home picked a kit for our bathroom but unfortunately our water pressure (80 PSI) was too high causing leaks.


A good emergency supply is a box of those commercial rolls about a foot in diameter… everyone ignores them.

Saw an article that several of the big unions are not wild about the mandates. And another that USPS is exempt.


You are correct!



💦 🍩


Not personal leaks… Leaks where the hose connected to the toilet water line. 🙂


I learned over 25 years ago on my first trip to the Philippines to bring my own because inevitably there was none available.


Toilet Paper?

You don’t know how to use the three seashells?

A Proud Infidel®™

My question of the moment is just WHAT has Biden ever touched that he DIDN’T fuck up nine ways to Sunday? After him and “Heels in the Air” Harris, I don’t think that very many D-rats in swing States are going to have much of a chance at all come the midterm election. I’m waiting to see just what will become of the CA recall election on Newsom, will the Voters’ will be done or do they have more than enough fraudulent votes in reserve to keep the corruption and incompetence going?


All part of the plan to “…fundamentally change the face of Amerika…”

They don’t need voters much anymore…they have Dominion.

sniffy joe has been a grifting POS all of his life. He was probably that guy in pre-school that took the cookies and hid them for himself while the other kiddies were washing up.


I heard that the ballot mules have up to 17 days after Election Day to turn in mailed out ballots which supposedly went to every registered voter. So the D-rats will be busy harvesting the days after the 14th.

A Proud Infidel®™

Given how long that the D-rats have been lording over the PR of CA, it’s no surprise that they’ve been working on election corruption machinery for years, not long ago some Ballot Mule in CA was caught with around 300 of them.


We’re letting a lunatic band pull the strings on their meat puppet. Who knew they installed Chauncey Gardner as President?


Lawsuits will be falling like autumn leaves.

Boiling Mad CPO

C. Gardner – a name out of the past. For those not up to older movies, go to IMDB and look up Peter Sellers. A great movie and so close to the truth.


Definitely old enough and enough of a Peter Sellers fan to remember his amazing movie “Being There”. Absolutely brilliant movie(never mind the soundtrack!) and rather apt to today’s circumstances…


“President Clouseau” would be a -huge- improvement over Joe Stolin.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I can remember the histrionics of The Left last year saying not to trust the FDA because the vaccine approval will be politicized…they’re rushing the vaccine…its dangerous…you can’t trust the government…
And just like, the FDA wasn’t politicized any more (Forrest Gump voice)
Now the same jackasses are telling you to get the vax, booster, mask-up, keep your, distance, stay home, keep kids home…
…When is the 2-weeks to flatten the curve going to end?


He is not wrong for this,

Vaccines are about protecting others. Pandemics require people have civic conscientiousness.

Since the right has decided to politicize this and refuse to act like adults; them Biden is using the scope of the executive branch to enforce vaccines requirements in places where he has the power to do so.

You have all loved you entire lives with vaccines mandates. From childhood you have been required to get vaccinated. If you served you had more requirements,

But you can’t see past your partisanship and spend all your time looking for conspiracy theories to justify what is essentially a bunch of partisan bullshit.

And in most places and most people effected by this mandate, you can still refuse to get vaccinated and just submit to Covid tests weekly. For the rest of those effected; get a job that doesn’t require vaccines.

If you are still in the service…vaccine mandates have been part of your duties since the first day you served.


Your understanding of science is laughable.


His understanding of Presidential abuse of authority is even more laughable. He actually seems to enjoy it.


Hey dumbass, “affected”. And I never in my life have heard “you need to get this vaccine… to protect THEM.” It’s always benn “you don’t want to get this, you get the shot.”


You’re an Fn idiot! PERIOD!!!!

And, BTW,,, I’ve been vaccinated! Because I was forced to. What happened to my freedom of choice? Ya know “my body my choice”?

“You have all loved you entire lives with vaccines mandates. From childhood you have been required to get vaccinated. If you served you had more requirements,”

Those vaccines have/were vetted! These aren’t!!!!

“ But you can’t see past your partisanship” – You are a hypocrite!!!

But, I guess this jackwaggon has been right on so much,,, right???? I swear,,,, if you fart, you’ll blow your own eyes out. Stay away from ethnic food!!!


Eafbod, Lars.

If Trump had said this a year ago, your panties would still be in a wad.


Because Biden said it, his panties are wet.


комиссар: Доверяй, но проверяй.
Commissar: Trust but verify.
FYI, I’m fully vaccinated since January but here’s a collection of VACCINE MISINFORMATION from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the run up to the election… Does Jen Psaki want Big Tech to CENSOR this?

The Dead Man

So two things, you still haven’t answered how much you’re paid to astroturf. I’m genuinely curious.

Two. The only vaccine coming out is in stage three testing. It uses an attenuated viral load. A technique with a lot more long term understanding and predictability. They’re mysteriously finding issues with supplies. Strange.

Three. A decade later and you’re still an idiot even if it is just a paid gig.


Anyone who successfully passed 7th grade social studies realizes this is once again overreach by Joe. His idea of governance is ruling by executive order and by assigning enforcement to unrelated government agencies. That’s not how a democratic republic works, that’s how a dictatorship works. Joe’s made his decree, now let him enforce it. And Commissar, you’re still a fraud. You advocate for ruling by diktat. May your chains rest lightly on your shoulders.


As noted in a previous thread:

MUERTE AL FASCISTI was a popular saying at one time.


Its not a question of right or wrong.

Its called the Bill of Rights NOT the Bill of Permissions.

The 10th Amendment is Pretty clear.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Where does it explicitly say the Executive Branch has the authority to impose this on private citizens? What under article 2 gives the Legislative Branch the authority to do this?



Who is John Galt?
Starve the beast.
They need you way more than you need them.
Drown them in your indifference.
Vote with your dollar by burning it.

Oh, and buy silver.


and ammo.


One should have that already… but yeah.


“SGAmmo” is a favorite.
Bought heavy during the Obama record breaking sales years.
So yeah…I’m all set.
And I love the look on someones face when I gift them a box or two.


Good stuff!
I’ve been looking for ‘a reentry point’ re cost, but to hell with this noise.
60c/rnd for M193?

USMC Steve

Here is where all those employers start refusing. Just refusing. Here is where everybody starts refusing. They cannot do shit. If no one will comply, they cannot close the entire country. Next is to make Resident Xiden the most litiguous president in history. If he spends all his time in court he cannot make as many messes. And when he keeps losing, maybe he will stroke out and die.

Former 96B

Hey douchebag in the past vaccines given to people were for their own protection. No one every said to me take this polio vaccine so you can’t polio to others. Jello joe’s dictates are wrong and illegal. If i was a business owner with 101 employees and I was subjected to this bullshit, two people would lose their jobs and I would make sure they were Biden supports.


“I would make sure they were Biden supports.”

The hypothetical you as a business owner hires the interred?


“In 2006, the great epidemiologist Donald Henderson warned that if government pursued coercive measures to control a virus, the result would be a ‘loss of confidence in government to manage the crisis.’ The reason is that the measures do not work. Further, the attempt to make them work turns a manageable crisis into a catastrophe. Prophetic.” ~Jeffrey Tucker