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| July 31, 2021

Hospital worker accused of using dead patient’s debit card to buy snacks

A health care worker in the United Kingdom has confessed to using a dead patient’s debit card to buy snacks from the vending machine — including just 17 minutes after the victim died.

Ayesha Basharat, 23, appeared in Birmingham court Wednesday on charges she swiped the dead 83-year-old woman’s card at Heartlands Hospital in the city, news outlet ITV reported.

Doctors had recorded the woman’s time of death as 1:56 p.m. on Jan. 24 — but just 17 minutes later purchases were made on her card at the vending machine, police said.

Basharat allegedly made six purchases using the contactless payment option and then made one more later in the evening.

She then tried again four days later, but by that time the card had already been canceled, the outlet reported.

Police arrested Basharat during her shift and found the card still in her possession, the outlet reported.

She initially claimed that she found the card on the floor and got it confused with her own, but authorities said the cards were different colors.

Basharat on Wednesday copped to charges of theft and fraud by false representation.

Source; New York Post

Michigan State Representative on Spending Campaign Funds at Strip Club: ‘Have to Meet People Where They’re At’

Not sure if using campaign funds at a strip club is legal. It certainly feels like it should be illegal, but I can’t fault the guy’s logic. This isn’t the only trouble he’s in though.

An embattled Michigan state representative defended spending campaign funds at a Dearborn strip club, claiming, “We have to meet people where they’re at sometimes.”

Democrat State Rep. Jewell Jones, who was arrested in April for allegedly driving drunk and fighting with state troopers, spent $221 at the Pantheion Club in March, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“We have (to) meet people where they’re at some times … #HOLLA,” Jones responded to a reporter, the paper said.

He added the establishment, which bills itself as “#1 in topless entertainment,” has “great lamb chops.” Campaign finance records showed Jones also spent $700 at a Las Vegas restaurant that same month.

A court recently ruled Jones violated his bond conditions for a second time over an alcohol-monitoring tether, WDIV reported:

This was the second violation of his bond and he avoided jail time once again. In his previous bond hearing he was given an alcohol tether that would tell the court if he was drinking. He has to pay for the tether or it will shut off and he’d be violating his bond again.

Last week the tether shut off for nonpayment. Even though his probation officer said they were reminding him to pay week after week. Prosecutor’s argued that Jones’ bond should be revoked this time and he should be held in jail.

The judge gave Jones a fourth, and supposedly final, chance to avoid jail.

According to WILX, Jones’s legal problems stem from an allegation that he crashed into a ditch on I-96 and resisted arrest after assaulting a paramedic.

Michigan State Police troopers took Jones to the ground after he repeatedly refused to show officers an ID; instead, he allegedly flashed a badge from the Inkster Police Department:

“I’ll call Gov. [Gretchen] Whitmer [D-MI] right now,” Jones allegedly threatened. He continued, “When I call Gretchen, I need you all’s IDs and badges.”

He also said he would not allow his arm to be handcuffed “unless you shoot me. You shoot me, I’ll get up.”

“It’s not going to be good for you; I run you all budget, bro,” Jones said, according to the video.

“You all don’t know who you all are dealing with, bro,” Jones could allegedly be heard saying when he was in the back of the patrol vehicle.

Jones was charged with “four counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer; operating a vehicle with a high blood alcohol content; operating while intoxicated; reckless driving; and possession of a weapon while under the influence of alcohol,” according to the Detroit News.

The Michigan House of Representatives has not issued any penalties against Jones.

Source; Breitbart

Police brutality!!!

Former police chief who rescued baby pleads guilty to assaulting man who allegedly tried to kill her

A former Missouri police chief pleaded guilty to assaulting a handcuffed man who was being held by authorities for allegedly trying to drown his six-month-old daughter in a pond.

“He believes that the plea terms are fair, and hopes they will be given consideration by the Court,” Robin Fowler, former Greenwood police chief Greg Hallgrimson’s defense attorney, said of the plea. Fowler added that it will allow Hallgrimson to “move forward with his life.”

Hallgrimson pleaded guilty Wednesday after he was indicted in 2019 of violating the civil rights of Jonathon Zicarelli.

The incident unfolded in December 2018 outside of Kansas City when Zicarelli walked into the Greenwood police station and said he drowned his daughter in a pond. Hallgrimson and another officer responded to the pond and found the young girl floating face up and unconscious with her lungs filled with water, police said.

Hallgrimson and the officer worked to revive the girl and warm her until paramedics took her to the hospital. She was treated for severe hypothermia and lived.

Upon returning to the police precinct, prosecutors said the former police chief threw a handcuffed Zicarelli to the ground, punched him and said, “You deserve to die.”

He was put on administrative leave after being accused of assaulting Zicarelli and resigned from the force in 2019.

Zicarelli is currently in a county jail on pending felony charges of domestic assault and child abuse, according to the Kansas City Star.

Frankly I can’t see what the chief did wrong.

Source; Fox News

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Seems to me the chief stopped too soon.

Is the “lawmaker” in question the same idiot who shoed a WI driver’s license recently? Or a different idiot?


Mr. Zicarelli needs to practice drown proofing. While handcuffed. It’s actually pretty easy, unless one panics.


The “health care worker” needs to spend the rest of her despicable life in the health care business doing nothing but emptying bed pans and cleaning them…with her tongue.

The demonrat representative will get a full pardon from her dishoner, the guvernator…and made chairman of the budget committee.

Give the Police Chief his job back, a raise, and an unmonitored 30 minutes in a soundproof room with the perp and a #2 washtub…or a stopped up toilet bowl.

John Seabee

IMO the only mistake the chief made was failing to remove the scumbags handcuffs before drilling him. That is the basic golden rule in policing “Never, but never punch a handcuffed prisoner.”


Stupid Criminals of the Week… would not be complete without our 2nd largest local area January 6 D.C. knucklehead. FBI No.275 Samuel Lazar (internet hashtag #FacePaintBlowhard) was arrested and changed a few days ago, and is now held in D.C. jail, after transfer from Pennsylvania. – He maced both D.C. AND Capitol police. – Bragged all over FakeBook and social media with photos and video. – Fingered in January by locals (LNP LancasterOnline), but it took over 6 months for the arrest and charges. – Spent 2021 parading around GOP, mask, and vax events, especially those of (Pennsylvania and Arizona audit fame) PA State Senator Doug Mastriano. FAMILY BONUS – His brother, Adorian Lazar, who runs a little black leather vest motorcycle club (with big patches, what a surprise), now calls Samuel Lazar a “political prisoner”. His sister, Rebeca Lazar, known on the internet by hashtags #GalDiceClay and #MAGAGalDiceClay, spent months out in the open, just like brother Samuel, showing up at neighboring school districts for mask and vax as well, and getting all the Lazars into photo ops with Mastriano and other local GOP officials and candidates. She then went on public video rants (with brother Adorian) when (apparently) the “Mastriano for Governor” team told the Lazars to stay away. She took down all her pages on the Book of the Fake. POOF. Do the Fu of Google on any of them, especially for months of Twitter drama. Local TV coverage from NBC WGAL-TV 8, Lancaster, PA [Lancaster County… Read more »


This is the entertaining video on Twitter
of both Samuel Lazar and sister Rebeca Lazar,
that introduced her hashtag name #MAGAGalDiceClay
and reinforced his #FacePaintBlowhard.