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| July 30, 2021

Two men break into home of armed resident, shootout leaves suspect in critical condition

Emma Colton
A gun fight broke out in a San Antonio, Texas, home when burglary suspects reportedly tried to rob the house at gunpoint and a resident responded with gunfire.

Two men broke into the San Antonio home Wednesday at around 11 p.m. while four residents were also in the house, police told SBG San Antonio. One of the residents defended the home by firing a gun, which sparked a gun fight.

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Hat tip to David for the link.

Arizona man in fatal road rage shooting won’t be charged

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — The Pima County attorney’s office has declined to charge a man involved in a fatal shooting stemming from a road rage incident five months ago.

Prosecutors said David Rivera, 31, will not be charged because the incident falls under self-defense statutes. The prosecutors are legally and ethically not able to seek charges where self-defense is claimed, and if facts support the claim.

Rivera was facing a manslaughter charge after the March 4 shooting, Tucson police said.

Rivera told police that he feared for his life and fired at a person holding a silver handgun in the other vehicle and pointing it at him.

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Shit thats not the weekend.


Heh heh 😀 Be of good cheer SgtM. Right day, just the wrong thread. But I’m glad you’re paying attention to what day it is. The Friday TAH Weekend Open Thread will drop, eventually if not sooner, today. Going by the most recent time frames, be lurking and F5ing around 1500 hours. The really good news for today is the Gun Bunny will be out and about escorting a Lady Friend to the Little Big Town to see a Chancre Mechanic and will not be in the running during that time frame. Good Luck, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I do have to admit Imma pulling for my Man Roh-Dog to continue his assault on the 5 in a Row ACE of FIRST. It’s a little lonely here at the top. So far, there is only ONE.

BZ Citizens, fight back. Texican needs a little range time, we coulda, woulda, had oughta had 2 DRTs there.

“I was in fear for my life! I will cooperate and make a statement. I want a lawer.” Then STFU. If there is only one story to be told, make sure it is yours.

No gunz pr0n today? Trophy wife distracting you again? You are forgiven, Sunday is coming up and we’ve had a very good selection this week.

ps…You notice I didn’t say anything about “You’re Late!!! Give an accounting of yourself!”