Hunter the Artiste

| July 9, 2021

Hunter Biden’s ‘Art’

Hunter Biden has stormed the art world with his recently released works. They can be viewed and purchased at New York art gallery owned by a George Bergès. The estimates are that Biden’s ‘art’ could fetch between $75K and $500K per painting, according to a gallery spox. Mr. Bergès has right of refusal, too, if he decides the buyer is just purchasing Hunter’s bird cage liners for political gains.

Interestingly enough, the identities of the potential buyers of Hunter’s scribbles will be kept confidential, even from the Bidens.

Obama ethics chief: Hunter Biden selling art at ‘obviously inflated prices’ to mystery buyers feels ‘grifty’

Walter Shaub warns about risk of ‘influence-seekers funneling money to the Biden family’

By Houston Keene

Former President Obama’s ethics chief ripped into President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, for selling his art at prices ranging up to half a million dollars to anonymous buyers.

Walter Shaub, the former Office of Government Ethics director under Obama, said that the lucrative arrangement has a “shameful and grifty feeling to it.”

“The notion of a president’s son capitalizing on that relationship by selling art at obviously inflated prices and keeping the public in the dark about who’s funneling money to him has a shameful and grifty feel to it,” Shaub told Fox News on Monday.

We have Mr. Bergès standing tall to prevent any suspicions of influence buying, right? Bet that goes out the window right after he figures his commission on a 6-figure anonymous sale.

I’ve looked at Hunter’s work- spare yourself.

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Nice work if ya can get it…

Kenneth Alfa Foxtrot

That looks like something I may have puked up in Athens in ’83, although I don’t recall eating anything that looked like that…

A Proud Infidel®™️

Toddlers shit turds prettier than that after eating crayons!


So, new funding source for the USMC?


Hunter’s not the only one. Kamala’s homely, hairy step-daughter is suddenly in high demand as a fashion model days after Harris gets sworn in as Veep.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Coming from the same crowd that snubbed Melania Trump, to hell with those snotnosed pinkie-in-the-air liberal snobs!


Wow..! So THAT’S what a SCRUNT actually look’s like!!! Heard it here so often, wondered what a real SCRUNT looks like. *shudder* Now I know…

P.S and am forever scarred for life.


Honestly, ever since Pollock, DuChamp, and Warhol, popular art appreciation has been built around celebrity over quality (not to say these artists weren’t capable artists, just that their name mattered more than the work it was signed to).

One could argue this goes much further back… say, Picasso’s Blue Period, or Van Gogh and the entire concept of any true artist being under appreciated until he’s gone. Often, it serves a separate agenda (Frida Kahlo’s entire portfolio is pretty much toilette paper, as far as technique or vision are concerned, but yay for ugly women!).

Ultimately, art appreciation is the most flippant aspect of high society; don’t try to understand it, just treat it like a hipster with money – they don’t know what they’re doing, just that it’s cool to be different (as long as it’s masked in irony). Notoriety is a form of celebrity – possibly its greatest form. The more attention Hunter’s derivative shit is given, the more it benefits coke-weasel and his ass-douche father.


“Still Life with Hookers and Blow” would actually be a serious piece (paint what you know) from an artist of his experience.


Hunter is a virtuoso of the glass pipe. I know I have seen some of his photos on his laptop. So, I think he should focus his art on pipe art. Plus those glass pipes are dual use for him.

I am waiting for his master work using parmesan cheese and a hooker’s ass as a medium.


In those pictures he was snorting / inhaling powdery substances or igniting something in the pipe to inhale. He’s been through multiple rehabs, along with 4 other members of his family.

He is a changed man and even got his meth destroyed teeth fixed! He’s graduated to blowing blobs of paint or boogers through a coke straw onto paper. What talent!

That is why those who appreciate “fine” art AND see themselves as future ambassadors or administration sycophants are lining up to line his pocket (10% for the big guy).

A Proud Infidel®™️

I just wonder how much longer it will be until he OD’s himself? It’s apparent that Hunter Biden has no plans on halting his drug party lifestyle.


Modern art is a scam.

What’s worse is he’s not the first, and he’s being sued by someone who had the idea first.

Yes, a guy who made nothing is suing a guy who also made nothing.

Take a look at Picasso’s stylistic evolution and tell me what he ended up with requires more talent than how he started.


Tom Wolfe nailed modern art hipsters to the wall with his scathing “The Painted Word”.

An excellent read.


Banksy has them all beat. Puts something up on a brick wall in NYC near the train and bus routes, leaves it, then removes it. Sells a painting at auction for over $1 million, and when the hammer drops, a shredder hidden in the stretchers behind the canvas destroys the painting.

At least Banksy has some real talent, despite being a prick.


Nailed it!!


Honestly, I love what Banksy does. I consider him a true artist.

Ai Weiwei, on the other hand, should be put down.


I do enjoy me some Banksy. That prank with the shredder is my favorite piece of performance art.


I really think that Picasso was scamming everybody with his cubism.

“Hmmmm….. I bet if I chopped up a sketch and put it back together haphazardly, then overpainted it … some idiot would still spend a lot of money as long as I signed it.”


“Hey, it worked! Why spend so much time making real art when I can “cube” my income???”


Huh, I didn’t know Hunter was into ‘Shrooms & LSD.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Hunter serving on BOD’s and riding with his Dad on “the company jet” was problematic. It was cutting into his busy schedule of banging strippers & getting them pregnant, sleeping with brother’s widow and her sister, doing coke, and getting kicked out of the Navy. It’s just easier for foreign business & diplomats to send him check directly. he probably has an army of fourth-graders painting this shit.

Waiting for Lars to come in to defend Creepy Joe’s bon vivant moron offspring as ethical and above board. I’m just wandering why the price is so low? The Big Guy’s 10% taste isn’t worth the trouble. I expect his “art” to go a couple of mil at least.



A Proud Infidel®™

This goes on while the D-rats and their media sycophants chant “Nothing to see here, move along, Orange man still bad!”


So what will they do when it comes out these are somebody else’s paintings? It’s an obvious money laundering scheme and you would think an AG with a bit of derring-do would just shove a dollar or two into the G-String and follow the money. What do I know. It just looks that way from 138th st.



A Proud Infidel®™️

That’s some serious shit-flipping!

AW1 Rod

Why would ANYONE pay for something that looks like it was blotted up from a parking lot, after a flock of geese shit all over it?

Yeah…..this is “art.”

Hack Stone

Reminds Hack of the Camp Foster Exchange carrying about 50 copies of a Roger Clinton CD in the clearance marked 90% off. Who the hell in the Exchange thought that Marines would be interested in listening to an album by Bill Clinton’s brother?)


It should’ve been marketed as “free with purchase of 24 pack Crayola snacks”.


Aww hell! I’d buy a couple/three Hunter Biden paintings…just to be able to wipe my ass with ’em and then return to ’em to Hunter as a token of my respect.

Only Army Mom

The arrogance of these schemes is more staggeringly ugly than the product of either of these offspring.

Come to think about it, the … girl?… is a perfect physical representation of the soul of the …stepmother?… as is the snot-bubbles on canvas is of the intellect of the father.


Rorschach is spinning in his grave.

Hack Stone

Doesn’t really matter, all of the money going into Hunter Biden’s wallet will eventually end up in the G-String of an “adult entertainer” or an “independent pharmaceutical franchise distributor”. 0% will go towards child support for any of his children, to include but not limited to the daughter in Arkansas who Joe Biden forgets to mention.