Dumbassery At Work

| June 19, 2021

I did wonder just how long it might take for current Chicago “mayor” Lightfoot’s incompetence to manifest itself. And here it is, embedded in the article at the link. The rage machine is definitely at work there.


Her assistant, Taylor Lewis, seems to have literally walked off the job. There’s no “I quit” message anywhere in the article, but she’s gone from the mayor’s office. A copy of that memo with sentences repeated as many as 13 times, maybe more, is embedded in the article.

This incident took place back in January 2021. Now that this stuff is coming to light, it is valid to wonder just how much longer this poor excuse for everything as Chicago’s “mayor” will have her job.

She sure as hell isn’t Da Mayor (John Daley), not by any stretch of the imagination. Geezo Pete, Jane Byrne was more effective when she was the mayor.

But before you drop judgment on this screeching, quivering heap of something, ask yourself how long someone who acts like that could retain a job if it weren’t civil service.

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Chicago getting what it voted for.


Chicago will get what they deserve, again, when she is reelected. That’s how deep the stupid is.


“I need office time everyday!”

Waah! Somebody needs to fill out a butthurt report in triplicate.


Example… not the fillable PDF, sorry:
comment image

The Other Whitey


Slick Goodlin

In my life, hearing the unusual name Lightfoot, always evoked pleasant memories of the great Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot.

Now this piece of work has managed to ruin that as well as the city of Chicago.


Not to mention London Breed… what is she, a horse?


Second cousin of London Broil.


It should surprise no one that she is a narcissist. All leftist exhibit narcissism.

It is also no surprise that she is a childish brat.

Chicago has continuously elected these types since before the start of the 20th century and will continue to do so.

Nothing short of the complete collapse of the city will so much as slow that trend.

Imagine living in a place run by tyrannical children and you have Chiraq, Portlandia, Shtattle, DeeCee, Lost Crapangles, San Franshitsco, Minicrapolis, and New Yerk.

The crypto who vote for these children are themselves infantile narcissists seeking free everything. Soft, lazy, and worthless, they ruin everything around them like a spoiled 4 year old.


*crypto woke*


Otherwise known as the usual selfish, lazy jerkoff bureaucrat careerists who run from responsibility, but now Leftists tell ’em that’s virtual-signaling heroic lately.


Don’t forget Scatlanta

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO all that matters is who the local political machine Bosses want in Office, they then rig the vote for whatever puppet du jour they want, and that crossbreed between Beetlejuice and a Channel Catfish went triple batshit crazy while in Orifice, something the Chicago Political Bosses didn’t count on!


HEY. You better add Bodymore, Murderland to the list or I pop a cap in yer ass beyotch!!


Every time I see her homely mug, I think she must be the love child of a female to male tranny Don King impersonator and Beetlejuice. It is hard to find someone who combines so much arrogance and teh stoopid in one person.


Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked Lightfoot in the face as she was climbing out of Hell with her hair on fire. And THAT, is what caused the Great Chitcongo Fire And that is why the cow had to take the rap.



Lori! Lori! Lori!


Shitcago is so bad that even Al Capone wouldn’t live there today.

Old tanker

Just one clarification regarding last statement of the OP. The mayor is not covered under civil service since it is an elected position. The civil service folks work for the mayor and have those protections to prevent idiots from firing everyone and installing all their friends in paying jobs.