Reporter Claims Her Job Requires a Bulletproof Vest

| May 7, 2021

NPR reporter Sarah McCammon, a correspondent for abortion and politics, believes she needs a bulletproof vest to do her job.

NPR Reporter Says Her Job Requires ‘A Bulletproof Vest’

For most people, a job as a reporter for National Public Radio would be a safe and prestigious vocation. But NPR’s national correspondent for abortion and politics believes it’s a hazardous war zone that requires a bulletproof vest.

NPR correspondent Sarah McCammon wrote on Twitter:

My bulletproof vest that I may need to be a journalist in America arrived and they sent me a Small and I had to adjust it to make it a little smaller and for a moment I was happy that I was too small for my bulletproof vest that I need to do journalism in America.

She deleted her original comment, but not before others had taken a screenshot.

People asked her why she deleted the Tweet, in addition to other hilarious quips.

“Stolen valor. Why not send it to a journalist who actually is in danger, but who can’t afford a vest? Our neighbors in Mexico who cover cartels for instance? #collegecreatesstupidity”


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USMC Steve

She might need one at that. Have you noticed that when they go out to talk to leftards, if they ask the wrong thing, those same leftard allies of theirs get violent and irrational on them? It is not needed when talking to rational responsible people. But npr rarely does that.


Courtesy spew alert. You have been warned.

Many moons ago (2014) there was a thing on NPR:

I don’t normally listen to NPR, but I was on a long drive, and whatever came on with random button-punching was what I listened to, to stay awake.

Anyway, to spare you the horror (the horror!) I’ll let you know that that little episode involved a (female) NPR reporter and a (female) professor of family studies at Evergreen State (yes, THAT Evergreen). Talking about manliness.


I want you to let that soak in, for a moment.

I had, at the time, a coworker. Good guy, did a good job, queer as a three-speed walking stick. Headed the LGBTQA chapter. I would sooner have listened to him on the topic of manliness, because at least he knew what he liked, and lived some elements of the reality. Instead, NPR somehow managed by journalistic fortitude, to dig up the least relevant opinions that they could to stick on the air.

Thank you for embracing this little context-setter. As you were.


What a fine Institution Evergreen State College is! Where else can you get a degree majoring in “Food Justice”:

“Food Justice is a holistic and structural view of the food system that treats real, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food as a human right and addresses structural barriers to that right. Social movements for food justice are typically led by the communities most directly impacted, particularly low-income communities of color. Food justice includes issues like ownership and control of land, the rights of farmworkers and food service laborers, the kinds of food traditions that are valued, and the environmental impacts of food production.

Unpack questions like:

What is the history of how our food system came to be?
What are the legacies of colonialism and enslavement on our current system?
How does power operate in the food system?
Who benefits and who is excluded?
What are the strategies of social movements working to transform the food system?
How are movements for food justice connected to broader efforts for social, racial, and economic justice (such as to movements for justice in housing, the prison system, immigration, climate change, workers’ rights, the solidarity economy, and more)?
Hands-on learning is an integral part of this field. Design projects such as a cooperatively-run campus kitchen and pursue internships with community partners including local farms, food cooperatives, and other organizations working for food justice.”

The only other comparable institution in Washington is the Western State Psychiatric Hospital which lost federal accreditation under Governor Jay “Science” Inslee, a 2020 candidate for President with 1% support.

Hack Stone

Someone with a degree in Food Justice would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.


“…a top-flight job in … housekeeping industries.

You mean an ‘upstairs’ maid?


“Hands-on learning is an integral part of this field.”

Somehow I doubt that any of that ‘hands-on’ learning takes place in a field. Or during inclement weather.

The Other Whitey

One would think a “journalist” would have at least a basic grasp of English grammar and punctuation. But this chick clearly wasn’t hired for her intellectual prowess.


TOW: Clearly we both had the same thought as we read this. I was typing my comment at the same time as you were typing yours. Mine posted one minute after yours.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone’s High School English Teacher weeps.


Journalist, eh?
“Small” is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized.
The reference at the end to the bulletproof vest being needed to, “do journalism in America” is redundant. She made the same claim at the beginning of her run-on sentence.


Well, if she is naming it by its size, it could be a Small, Medium, etc.

My first thought was that her screed translated to “I’m flat-chested and stupid.” But if she’s a 36C or thereabouts, I may have mistranslated. Apparently I don’t grasp Stupid well.

Daisy Cutter

I speak Stupid.

Surely, you jest.

No, and don’t call me Shirley.

Keepin' It Real

I can see it now:

"My name is MaKenzie Not-My-Real-Name Curtis, and I am a colleague of Sarah McCammon. I felt it was important to record the last few minutes of Sarah's life. I cradled her head and had the privilege of hearing her last few words as the important elixir that we know as life slipped from her body into eternity.

SARAH: Damn, I should have went with a large.

McKENZIE: SHH, SHH. Save your strength. Try not to speak.

SARAH: I * COUGH * want Jackie to have my ergonomic keyboard.

McKENZIE: We'll make that happen.

SARAH: * COUGH * WHEEZ * You can have my stapler.

McKENZIE: Oh, Sarah. I'm honored.

SARAH: The mess. The coffee mess --

McKENZIE: Don't worry. That will continue. We got it.

SARAH: One last thing. I want * COUGH* I want people to know that I died with my UGGs on.

McKENZIE: We'll name the break room after you. We'll hang your picture up. That way, every time someone has a Twinkee, a Ding Dong or a Ho Ho with their coffee - we'll think of you.

Hack Stone

Damn it, KIR!!! How about posting a Preemptive Level IV Spew Alert before you type shit like that? All across the Internet, there are Adorable Deplorables contacting their IT Departments for new desktop monitors.


Missed the keyboard and aborted into the waste can this time. (Kinda like a clearing bucket?)


Apologies to Iron Maiden:

“If you’re gonna die, die with your UGGS on
If you’re gonna try, well, stick around
Gonna cry, just move along
If you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die
If you’re gonna die, die with your UGGS on
If you’re gonna try, well, stick around
Gonna cry, just move along
If you’re gonna die, you’re gonna die”


I’m just piling on.
Jesus, save some Pussy Funny for the *rest* of us, will ya?!?!?


She needs a steel pot as well.


I hope the body armor came with Lvl IV inserts. You never know what those interviewees may be armed with. Maybe match with a pair of anti-mine boots in basic black for all occasions.

Hack Stone

For the price of a bullet resistant vest, she could have spent that money on a Remedial Grammar course at her local Community College.

Daisy Cutter

Or a Speak and Spell. I’ve heard they’ll stop a bullet.


…not to mention the latest iPhone XXI or so.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Not just politicians, we can also count on liberal Reporters and Celebrities to be volcanoes of stupidity as well!


Don’t forget professional athletes, API.

A Proud Infidel®™

You are absolutely right about that!


OK, I’ll be the FIRST (ht 2 CW) to say it. I gots a “gun” I’ll shoot her with. Bullet proof “vest” made by the Trojan Company?

Small? Hard to tell from that picture, but she looks to be about a 36 C to me.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Anything over a mouthful………..


36C… Are you talking bra size, or IQ?? From the pic and the tweet, seems they could both apply here…

The Other Whitey

Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend, both ways.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Body armor doesn’t stop a head shot. No threats, just sayin’.
And as used to be said at Western Rifle Shooters Association, “Hips and head, boys and girls, hips and head”.
Besides, even if the body armor stops the bullet from, say, penetrating your body, you’ll still be down and out for the count, with cracked and bruised ribs (at a minimum). Body armor (of any class) ain’t a force field. The laws of physics still apply, and energy will still be dumped from the boolit, through the armor, to your body. Enjoy the hydrostatic shock!

People (including her) are a bunch of ignorant, scaredy-ass snowflakes today… she doesn’t even know about any of that stuff.
comment image


The exchange between Joker and Animal Mother comes immediately to mind:

On the mean streets of Portland:

Animal Mother : You a photographer?

Private Joker : I’m a combat correspondent.

Animal Mother : Well, you seen much combat?

Private Joker : [sarcastic] I’ve seen a little on TV.

Animal Mother : You’re a real comedian.

Private Joker : Well, they call me the Joker.

Animal Mother : Well I got a joke for you. I’m gonna tear you a new asshole.


Gunnery Sgt Hartman:
“Private Sarah, show me your war face!”


She is an abortion reporter. Wonder does she do stories on abused children as well, those beaten, burned and scalded?

Hack Stone

Tio bad they don’t make bullet proof/resistant vests in fetus size.


Well, if Jeremy Dewitte needs a bulletproof vest to do funeral escort duties…


Did she opinionate that trans women can’t have Pap smears? Because that’s the only way I could see she’d be in harms way.

Or the journo regularly attends BLM/Anqueefa/commie marches and they gun play amongst themselves.

This ‘thing’ ain’t stable, and that’s coming from me, so…


Maybe Geraldo can lend her one of his vests or flak jackets. Hillary might a spare vest though I cannot imagine anyone would be willing to touch it.

What this goofus really needs is a broach or large locket with an image of Helen Thomas. Even Satan groaned when Helen showed up.


In fairness to her there have been a record of reporters shot and killed in the US in the last seven years. Of those one was killed by a stray bullet while sitting at home, two were killed on air by a colleague in a fit of gay outrage and four were killed by an active shooter who didn’t like a story the paper had written about him. You have to go back to the Civil War to find that many killed in such a short period of time.


The one that was likely killed by the stray bullet (still under investigation) in KCMO last month was an actual colleague and from her hometown. She is likely not taking it well. So I am going to cut her a little slack on the drama.


If she paid for it herself, I just don’t care if or why she might have one. Same same for if her employer buys her one. Only issue I could have with it is that it might indicate just how special she thinks she is, which she likely ain’t.

My, My, My

She misspoke or her statement was taken out of context.

It’s only a requirement to protect her chest if Al Franken or one of the clintoons is around. 🙂


She will only need the groin guard if Trump is around.

My, My, My

hahahahaahaha A++ sir, you just one the net today.

My, My, My

won the net… sorry for the double tap.


Really, well all Trump did was make a facetious crude remark in private. Unlike our present occupant of the White House, there is no one accusing Trump of doing exactly that. So, your comment is more relevant to the Groper/Sniffer in Chief.


If by “no one” you mean; Jill Harth, Summer Zervos, Kristin Anderson, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Amy Dorris, Karen Johnson, Jennifer Murphy, Ninni Laaksonen and Cassandra Searles than yeah no one. And those are just the likely legit accusers. There are at least two dozen more on top of that I’d say are more questionable.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Meanwhile, the Catholic Archbishop in San Francisco (Salvatore Cordileone) is creating a stir within the church to deny OBiden (and maybe even Pelosi) from communion, because of their stances on abortion.

Maybe NPR should cover that story.


A spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said Wednesday that the group will have a June vote “on the topic of Communion.” Chieko Noguchi, a spokeswoman for the USCCB, said the vote will be about whether, at a later date, bishops should draft a document on the topic. She said that because no document has yet been written, it would be premature to discuss its potential contents.

If you remember a couple years back circa 2018 a South Carolina priest in I believe Florence denied Biden Communion on his support for abortion grounds.

It sounds like we know how the San Francisco Archbishop will vote in June.

A Proud Infidel®™

During the B. Hussein 0bama years, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Kansas excommunicated then-HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebilius in the Diocese of Kansas for her stance on abortion.

Bill R.

Perhaps NPR should hire actual journalists who know how to construct sentences.


That would be “racist,” comrade! (Grammar and/or being correct is oppressive, you know.)