Outed by the Guardians of the Green Beret – Antoine Gomez Attempts to Come Clean

| April 15, 2021

The Guardians of the Green Beret (GotGB) posted a case about Antoine Gomez who they determined was not a Green Beret.

Gomez apologized three times, and the third attempt is posted here on YouTube.

Gomez’s YouTube channel is named “OG Silverback” where he claims to have “banged over 5000 women.”

If you would like to review the entire case, the Guardians of the Green Beret have a four-part video series on him.  According to the GotGB, Gomez’s claims were Airborne Ranger, Special Forces, Black Ops, and three combat tours.

In Antoine E. Gomez Part I of IV, you can hear him make His Airborne Ranger, SF Black Ops claims on a number of occasions:

In Antoine E. Gomez Part II of IV, you  can hear more claims:

In Antoine E. Gomez Part III of IV He goes into his Crack and Weapons charges:

In Antoine E. Gomez Part IV of IV he Attempts to apologize yet you hear 2 things…

If you believe all that he says, Gomez certainly has had an exciting life. He even sells a book where he unselfishly provides tips and his perspective on picking up women.

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Green Thumb


Daisy Cutter

Loved the video where he claims he wanted to go into battle amped up on crack.

Yes, that’s authentic.


Checked out GGB,
and randomly picked 1 about 5 down the list
(Nicholas Anthony George)
for a little Google Fu.

It’s pretty awful when your MOM spills for the local press.
[Alleged Green Beret’s mother says, ‘He’s lying — 100 percent’]
Just below that, on Google Fu page 1 (ta da!)…
[Nicholas George; Special Forces super-poser]


Didn’t Hunter Biden write a book on how to pick up chicks and bang family members too?


3 days ago, April 12.
Turd blames everyone ELSE,
and explains how everyone ELSE is the problem on Boob of You.


“There is a lot of negative people out there who hate their lives and never accomplished anything, they don’t have the emputus and the forwithall to reach out to leaders and people that can be mentors to them that can show…”

As an autobiopic he nails it.


Welp, that’s almost five minutes of brain damaging video by felons I’ll never recover.


I couldn’t make it through all 4 parts.
I won’t get back 25 minutes,
but saved myself a half hour.

Kudos to MSG Retired…. and VG.


No FOIA, so don’t know if he is under or over the Gunda Dan line, therefore no addition to the Verified Valor Vultures Tote Board.

John Seabee

Next thing you, he’ll be probating at Metro State.

Green Thumb

Or working at All-Points Logistics.

A Proud Infidel®™

Copied from the GotGB Page:

“He admits to receiving a Dishonorable Discharge for what we understand was drugs and weapons charges.”

It sounds to me like he’s only sorry that he got caught, time will tell.


I find it interesting that he likes to brag about his days in prison and his feral predator instincts. I suspect he will be back in the pound at some point.


At first glance, I read “fecal predator”. It works just as well that way too.


It’s amazing how the prison convict braggers
always leave out the details about the poop and the semen.


Yep, it’s like there’s never any Hershey on that highway.


Google Map of the actual Hershey Highway, US422,
which terminates in Hershey, PA (at US322),
and is fronted by Lebanon County Prison to the east.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Dude probably misses being “passed around” by the crew in cell block “D”

Daisy Cutter

“Making the Most of Prison” by Antoine Gomez

CHAPTER ONE: How to Not Get Shanked in the Shower
CHAPTER TWO: How to Make Toilet Wine
CHAPTER THREE: How to Not Get Passed Around Like a Joint in the Joint
CHAPTER FOUR: How To Brag About Banging 5000 Women When You’re Being Banged by a Man
CHAPTER FIVE: Cigarettes and Teabagging: Exploring Alternate Currencies
CHAPTER SIX: Shotcaller or Someone’s Man Toy: Establishing Your Rank in Prison


CHAPTER SEVEN – How I went from tight end to wide receiver


Chapter Eight…How to parlay your experience as centerfold in Prison Bride Monthly to lead “Back Door Man” at Brucie’s Bath House (Entry in the rear).

Didn’t waste my very limited, and lately, very valuable time doing all the linkys (this time), but I trust that the GotGB did their due diligence and that this tool is a lying, embellishing POS.

My trigger finger is telling me that we need to call in a FIRE MISSION, FIRE MISSION, FIRE MISSION of the HoI on the lying, embellishing POS, Antoine E. Gomez, AKA ” OG Silverback”. Do we have a SECOND and an AYE?




Hey Dudes,
Got it. Monitoring.
Do we have an “Aye” vote?


The guys has a *rediculous* tattoo, he calls himself “OG”, (Original Gangster for those that don’t know) and anyone calling themselves “OG” anything, aren’t (says the whiter than white middle aged dude) AND “Silverback”, yeah, if that isn’t a very poorly thought of choice to sound tough, it’s the pretty specific identifier for a “Leadership” position of the older males of the group “Gorilla beringei”, the mountain gorilla. (although the species, “Gorilla gorilla”, the lowland species also is known for being mature and a silverback, the mountain variety is more closely identified in popular culture)
NOW, if *I*, as a whte person identified this individual as a “Silverback” well, the blowback I’d receive would be tremendous.
The fact that he self identifies as one is not particularly self deprecating, as it were in a way to be amusing, but, in my opinion, shows a lack of solid psyche and unidentified or undiagnosed damaged core self-esteem issues. (Along with the Superman GI Joe shit shown here)
But what do I know….


And here, for over 30 years,
I thought the (only) meaning of “OG” was OVERGOLD.
A death caused by too many gold chains.