Navy’s social media faux pas

| April 12, 2021

Faux pas – a significant or embarrassing error or mistake, a blunder

In a flash of inspired idiocy, my Navy has managed to beclown itself on not one, not two, but three social media platforms. Whichever Good Idea Fairy that came up with this gem needs to put back in the bottle, with formaldehyde; whoever blessed this travesty should travel to each major command and publically apologize to everyone.

*sigh* ninja sends.

US Navy ripped for adding face mask to bald eagle logo: ‘China, Iran, and Russia are laughing at us’



The U.S. Navy’s official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts changed their profile photos by adding a face mask to the prestigious bald eagle in the military branch’s logo. However, not everyone is excited that the bald eagle logo for the 227-year-old naval military force is masked up.

The U.S. Navy, the most powerful navy on the planet, altered the iconic logo to include a surgical mask on the bald eagle.

Newsmax TV host John Cardillo was one of the first people to notice the change. “The eagle in the @USNavy’s logo is wearing a mask,” Cardillo tweeted on Friday afternoon, and included a screencap of the Navy’s official Twitter page.

“China, Iran, and Russia are pissing their pants laughing at us,” he added.

As PJ Media reported, the U.S. Navy first introduced the masked eagle logo a year ago. The altered logo was uploaded on April 20, 2020, and included the caption: “The eagle is practicing #socialdistancing and wearing a mask when out in public. Be like the eagle. #COVID_19 #flattenthecurve.”

Whenever it was uploaded, there was a multitude of people unhappy with the modification.

No, I’m not propagating the altered logo by posting it. To view the object of derision and read the numerous comments blasting the Navy for stupidity, go here: The Blaze
In before some doggie posted this, or worse a zoomie. Thanks, ninja. I think.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Some people just have too much time on their hands. They are members of the Bright Idea Club, as always. Dumber than a box of rocks…. almost as dumb as that bimbo from the Bronx.

  2. Mustang Major says:

    Virtue signaling. Who needs it.

    • Berliner says:

      Anytime now the Mumbler in Chief’s Department of Homeland Security will change their eagle symbol to have the mask cover the eyes.

  3. ninja says:

    Here is another article with the picture of the Bald Eagle wearing a surgical mask:

    “Navy’s Official Twitter Account Features Bald Eagle Wearing a Mask”

    And sure enough, here is the US Navy’s officia Twitter account…with the surgical masked Bald Eagle:

    Additionally, check out the latest with Dr Snake In The Grass Fauci:

    “Critics Erupt On Fauci After He Says To Not Eat Indoors, Even After Getting Vaccine”:

    Thank You, AW1Ed, for sharing the US Navy surgical mask Bald Eagle story.

    So sad…and so scary….What’s next? Tatooing folks that were vaccinated so they can buy and sell (Think Biblical New Testament Revelations 13:16-17,i.e. 6-6-6)

    • KoB says:

      ninja said; “Tatooing (sic Tattooing) folks…” That’s already here. Airlines, cruise ships, and many eating places are asking to see “your papers” now. It’s coming.

      In re the Eagle with the mask? The Eagle was spotted, along with a goose, going in to catch a sneak preview of a certain upcoming Naval Aviation Motion Picture and he is hiding his shame.

      • ninja says:

        It’s starting…6-6-6..

        “Pentagon Scientists Reveal A Microchip That Senses COVID-19 In Your Body BEFORE You Show Symptoms And A Filter That Extracts The Virus From Blood”

        “Pentagon scientists working inside a secretive unit set up at the height of the Cold War have created a microchip to be inserted under the skin, which will detect COVID-19 infection, and a revolutionary filter that can remove the virus from the blood when attached to a dialysis machine.”

        “The team at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have been working for years on preventing and ending pandemics.”…

  4. Sparks says:

    Now that is just wrong on so many levels. What are trying to accomplish, and what signals are they trying to send? I shake my head.

  5. MCPO USN says:

    Not the only piss poor decision they have made in the last 12 months….

  6. MCPO USN says:

    To add to the insanity, Navy bases within a few miles of Army bases are still considered “red” while the Army bases are “green”. Makes no sense and is further proof SECDEF office has no clue what is going on outside the Pentagon…

    • UpNorth says:

      As long as the SecDef can get people to be “woke”, he could GAS about what is going on outside the Puzzle Palace.

    • MI Ranger says:

      It has to do with the number of cases on the base, not the town they are in. Try being an Army Headquarters on an Air Force base!

  7. Commie-Tsar says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Virtue signaling, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! (With apologies to Edwin Starr… )

  9. Green Thumb says:

    The Navy.

    Dudes doing dudes since 13 October 1775.


    Anyone surprised?


  10. ChipNASA says:

    I’m glad it’s you guy in the Rough Ridin’ Rump Regatta.

    If I’d seen it on *our* end, I’d have thought it was the work of the E-9 of the Air Force.
    Drop the Bass.

  11. Poetrooper says:

    Ol’ Poe thinks a brown paper bag over the bird’s head might be more appropriate…

  12. Mason says:

    Now I gotta photoshop that crying NDSM I made up and put a mask on it. The Noble Eagle of the NDSM needs to set the example on proper mask wear.

    • ninja says:


      PLEASE provide the photoshop of the crying Noble Eagle of the NDSM…We all need to keep not only our sanity, but our sense of humor in this upside, chaotic world we are living in…

      Prayers that our beloved USA does not go to the Dark Side, i.e. Dictatorship…seems a lot of nations that have tried that have FAILED…Sadly, we don’t learn from history…😔 or from books written by George Orwell.

  13. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Thus the need to purge Active/Stupid from service. Neutering them is also advisable.

  14. Bubblehead Ray says:

    I went online today and designed and ordered a t shirt that says:

    “Fully Vaccinated

    That makes this mask nothing more than medical theatre to keep morons from panicking.

    (You’re Welcome)”

    We need to reinstate keelhauling for the social media staff

  15. Robert SezMe says:

    Go Navy? The Navy one ups the USAF and this time us Airmen are only too happy to leave them with that distinction.

    Name edited to protect PII.

  16. Old tanker says:

    IMO both china and russia are laughing far more over the current CINC than the eagle / mask stupidity. The symbol is just another example that we are turning into a laughing stock on the international stage thanks to biden’s inept administration.

  17. Graybeard says:

    Stupid hurts.

    This is getting very close to pinning the needle at “Full Retard” and super-gluing it there.