Tucker Draws Military Ire Part II

| March 16, 2021

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Senator Cruz is less than pleased with recent comments made by military officials, accusing them of conducting a PR offensive against Fox News host Tucker Carlson for being critical of the military’s social justice agenda. He has requested a meeting with Commandant of the Marine Corps General David H. Berger to end it.

AW1 Rod sends.

Cruz Demands Meeting With USMC Commandant Over Political Attacks On Tucker Carlson


On Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) demanded a meeting with the Commandant for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) over political attacks on Fox News Host Tucker Carlson.

Cruz wrote a letter Sunday to the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to address comments made by active-duty military leaders towards Carlson over the past week.

“The U.S. military’s subordination to civilian governance, including to the American people for whom and by whom the government is selected, is the core of our Republican and its institutions,” Cruz wrote in the letter outlining his core issues.

Multiple Military leaders have tweeted video of themselves while in uniform, as they attack Carlson, including the Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the U.S. Space Command, the Sgt. Major of the Army, the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, and the commanding officer of the II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Informational Group (IG). Throughout this campaign, military leaders have suggested and insinuated that is it out of bounds for civilians to criticize the military unless they’ve served.

Cruz further stated, “these actions run the risk of creating a culture of contempt for our country’s civilian leadership within the enlisted rank and among junior officers which will be corrosive to the good order and discipline of the military.”

That ship of contempt sailed a while ago, and isn’t limited to civilians. Read the entire article here: Breitbart
Thanks, Rod.

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The Donks politicized the military leadership in under 60 days.

For some reason, they think this a good idea, and that it cannot bite them.


Eggsxactly 11B. Our study of history has shown that the FIRST thing any future despotic regime does is appoint Troops loyal to the regime to higher command positions.

Lloyd Vader WILL do the bidding of his political masters.

AW1 Rod

Yup. Reichsführer der Schutzstaffel.


Was it politicization or just poorly thought out white knighting to defend the honor of female soldiers/sailors/airmen/guardians/Marines?

The former should definitely be a concern, but the latter is probably more likely.


I don’t believe their honor was questioned, just their ability to perform their assigned tasks.

USMC Steve

It was nothing more than a lack of intelligence, integrity and discipline. Those assholes know better, they just think they are above that now.


If we had real leadership from the CinC the military brass would be
told to sit down and shut the fuck up until ordered to break something.
As a private citizen I out rank every one of these mouthpieces and
their personal political views don’t mean shit while in uniform.

AW1 Rod

It seems to me that he has some serious explaining to do and a retraction/correction and apology to issue. In fact, it appears to me that the military (ALL commands, ALL personnel) are in need of a mandatory “standdown” for training on military personnel making political statements while in uniform and in an official capacity. They obviously need to be (re)educated on the UCMJ, and an immediate, high-priority DoD “standdown” is in order! That worthless PC POS SECDEF should require it, but he won’t!


That Carlson’s “criticism” of policy has butt hurt so many military honchos must mean something important.

What you might ask?

That his statements hit pretty close to the mark.

And yes, the policies being questioned are open for debate.


Way to expose yourselves as the political idiots that you are, silly “leaders” of our beloved military. Well done, fools. Now EVERYBODY can see you for what you are. Previous “leaders” got by with it because they at least pretended to be otherwise, hiding their political proclivities from most of the population.

A hearty thank you for doing it yourselves, saving us sane Americans from having doing it. And thanks, Tucker, for smoking them out.

Old Hickory

Hey, remember how angry this site was when the SecDef and Joint Chiefs accompanied Trump to a church for a bible-raising photo-op? No? Me neither.


“one Nation under God”

Since 1954 when “under God” was added and
“Nation” was capitalized.
And all this with congressional approval.

try again.


First off, multiple people here commented on that. Secondly they accompanied him, they didn’t make political statements. Your whataboutism has no power here. From January 2009 until January 2017 the left used whataboutism extensively to defend Obama. Then once Trump was in office it became verboten and they whined about it’s use constantly. I guess now that a Democrat is back in the Oval Office it’s back in style again.


But Guam invaded the capital for political activities?




We’ll soon reach the tipping point on these activities.



*”I see what you did there….fucker…”* 😀


Long time ago in the Bill Clinton era, I was in the sauna at a base gym having a friendly conversation to pass the time with the only other person sweating along with me.

Another person entered as the other person mentioned “Clinton”. The FNG became offended because proper courtesy and respect was not offered when speaking about the President by omitting the word “President”. Our names and ranks were demanded.

“Warrant Officer 2 Hummna Hummna, SIR!” responded the guy I was talking to. I just responded with “we already covered he was the president and sang the Star Spangled Banner before you came in. We were having a conversation, get a life!” and I left.


It amuses me that the Democrats, who founded the modern anti-military movement, spit on vets, and treated vets as psychos for decades, suddenly decided military service was sacred when Trump came to office (as long as the vet was not Republican or the draft dodge Democrat.) Biden had virtually the same exemptions as Trump, yet Trump is excoriated as a draft dodger. “If you haven’t served you can’t talk” is suddenly a la mode for people who never served and never would have. You would think that given that vets make up a very small percentage of the general populace, and that the vast majority of those vets are NOT Democrat (I have seen estimates ranging around 75% give or take) that they indeed “have no clothes”. That being said, AW1Ed only understates how the military feels about politicians in general – that ship sailed many decades ago.


The Proggies have destroyed the confidence in, and capability of, so may institutions, why is anyone surprised they now destroy the US Military?


No surprise. They have been working on it for decades. Sometimes more covertly than at other times, but always on target.


Here…because I love you folks.
I’m protected by this shit.
You can be too, for only $40 smackers.
(Even if you never earned one….)