NG Troops Not Really Wanted in WDC

| March 15, 2021

So the National Guard is desperately needed by the District of Columbia to maintain peace amongst the peasantry, is it?

Not according to this article.

In fact, support for the idea of an extended stay in the Swamp has eroded right down to the bottom of the swamp.

Per the article:  Support for the National Guard to continue its mission securing the U.S. Capitol has hit rock bottom, with the call from lawmakers to pull out growing louder. Even the top chief for the Guard has warned the Pentagon that the mission is an unwieldy burden for the force.

In a memo obtained by Fox News, Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau, suggested withdrawing the nearly 2,280 troops remaining in D.C., saying states are unwilling to continue the mission. He added that the unclear mission parameters hinder the Guard’s ability to juggle its other domestic missions, such as vaccine distribution and deployments abroad. Hokanson was reportedly overruled by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. – article.

I did wonder just how long it might be before the reality was allowed to surface, and – well, here we are: no one except the WDC police “chief” and a few Congress critters and maybe a – NO ONE – thinks it’s necessary.

In my state, the Guard is frequently put to work when spring flooding begins and people are cut off from major roads, leaving them unable to vacate those areas without help. The NG has also been showing up in many place, helping out at the Covid-19 vaccination facilities. They are needed for things like that, not for ridiculous fake defence for quivering politicians hiding under their desks.

Stay tuned. This should get even better.

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MI Ranger

Plus some of those Swamp dweller want their parking spaces back!

Hack Stone

If walls won’t work on the Mexican Border, they won’t work in DC. President Biden, tear down this wall!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

NO! NO! NO! Keep the Barbed wire wall UP!
Keep it up as a reminder of the attitude of our elected (KOFF!) “betters” (KOFF!) toward us citizens.
And keep it up as an inconvenience to those same elected “betters”.

One must learn to jump at that point.

In the Immortal Words of the Great Dr. J (a REAL PhD title): “Altitude is Attitude”.

Green Thumb

I’m waiting for someone to chain themselves to it.
You want spectacle? That would do it.
Or the laying of wreaths and flowers for the dead even
though her name dare not be mentioned.


As a reminder for those that want to cheer Austin’s appointment as SecDef. He has quickly proven himself to be just another craven political operative hiding behind his service.


Unfortunately I have found this to be true. I served under GEN Austin twice down range and thought he was an excellent leader. I thought his appointment was an excellent choice.

Sadly, the opposite seems to be the case.

Hack Stone

Do you think that any of those National Guard troops will be bringing home Inauguration Spouses with them? It’s inevitable, maybe one or two will fall in love and decide to stay behind.


Democrat war brides…

Green Thumb


A bunch of past over leftovers looking to get the fuck out of DC….

A Proud Infidel®™️

You mean that at least a few Joes haven’t already married a local stripper?


Maybe they’ll sire some stripper spawn like Gropey Joe’s boy did while he was banging his bro’s widow and her sister. One thing you can say for him, he’s one helluva swordsman. Plenty of blow must keep him “up” all night.


“…no one except the WDC police “chief”…”

You mean Nancy’s hand-picked, double-minority selection who received a 92% vote of no-confidence from her own force as soon as her promotion was announced?

That “chief”? 🤔👎👎👎🤔

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Another reason to keep the Barbed Wire Wall up.
As an inconvenience to the WDC Capital Hill po-po.
(may they cut themselves on the razor wire and get staph infections)
They wanted it.
They got it.
They can keep it.

Hack Stone

Sorry about that Chief.

No, there is not a comma missing between that and Chief.


Fort Pee-Lousy will stay up until Lloyd Vader has his hand picked, handlers approved QRF up and running.


They’re gonna need a bigger hoax…


That and (in slightly off-topic news) the ACFT may be skrued now… stay tuned.


There are very real reasons to criticize or alter the ACFT – equipment requirements, access to fair testing conditions (a FAO in Tashkent or Ulaanbaatar might have to clear a few feet of snow off a rocky field, most soldiers will be dragging a sled across climate-controlled turf), the time and manpower needs per test (especially for RC soldiers), etc.

The idea that 65% of female SMs can’t do a single leg tuck (which is significantly easier than a pull up) points to an issue that long predates any fitness test.


True, the whole needs-a-gym-with-astroturf-of-a-standardized-drag-coefficient-inside-to-do thing is a bit much actually.


Sorry to further the tangent, definitely off-topic.

The NG in DC thing is just getting a little boring. In sum: Orwell was prophetic, Pelosi’s an idiot, AOC stole valor but probably can’t spell it, and the troops are pawns in a chess game between the devil and a pigeon…. same old DC song & dance, only the names have changed.


A little before my time, Ex.

I wasn’t saying it’s always been a boring thing whenever troops were called into DC (poor Patton – I wouldn’t wish that job on anyone), just that coverage of the current situation has a bit of a Groundhogs Day feel to it.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m sure that most of those Troops are shit-sick and tired of substandard living conditions and being given shitty food!


Think they will put in for hardship pay and $hity rations pay?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Once the fences around the Reichstag/Berghof are electrified, the troops can go home replaced by Waffen guards.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m betting that the leftards are disappointed that they couldn’t find a big enough mob of useful idiots to riot to the degree they wanted, not even a minor disturbance that their media lackeys could sensationalize!


How about replacing them with volunteers? People who will keep them all in, instead of keeping everyone else out? We could weld the gates closed. Win/Win.

MI Ranger

There would be one of those, previously terrible now acceptable, loyalty test given to anyone that volunteers. They would be required to have a conservative viewpoint free social media profile with at least two years worth of liberal posts that support the current administration and at the minimum say the Orange Man is bad at least twice.


The High School yearbook photos from the senior class trip
to Washington DC this Spring are going to be great keepsakes.


I know, why not just dig a moat around the Capitol? Build a foot bridge, foot traffic only, maybe the exercise would weed out a few of the octogenarians?
The Capitol police could control everything with a squad of 10 officers at the foot bridge.

Green Thumb

This would be a great trial run for access to the 10-round 5.56 mags.

Nobody want the 30 anymore. Just he ten.

Like, you know, the ones that are damn near impossible to get unless you can tickle the taint of the Supply Sergeant for some action…..?

Slow Joe

Thomas Sowell served!

The dude was a Marine back in the ’50s.

Jus Bill

Why can’t the state Governors just say to SECDEF “I’m ordering my kids and toys back home where they belong”?

A Proud Infidel®™

The Governors of Texas and Florida have already done so.