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| March 13, 2021

Customer charged, 2 teens shot over car break-in at Atlanta Waffle House

A 13-year-old and 14-year-old are in the hospital and one man is in jail after a shooting outside an Atlanta Waffle House.

The gunfire erupted around 10:30 p.m. at the Waffle House on 2914 Memorial Drive in southeast Atlanta.

Channel 2?s Steve Gehlbach spoke with a Waffle House worker who witnessed the shootout.

“Once he opened the door, the dude came out the door of the Waffle House, holding the door and started shooting,” said the worker, who asked Channel 2 not to give her name.

The worker said the customer had left his car running, parked right in front of the windows as he went inside to pick up a to-go order.

A car full of three to four teens pulled up behind with one getting out and sneaking up to the driver’s door to get in, according to police.

She told Gehlbach she was standing outside near the customer’s car and got frozen in place with nowhere to go.

“I hope I don’t get hit by a bullet. I tried to run back in the store, but he was blocking the door. I couldn’t get past,” she said.”

She was in the middle of the bullets flying and said the teens fired back.

“I stood up against the glass window ‘til the customer stopped shooting. Once he stopped, I ran inside and that’s when the young boys started shooting back.”

Other bullets went into the customer’s car and other cars, including one that hit the trunk of a car parked at the gas station next door.

According to the police report, Atlanta officers were called to a gas station about three miles away and found both teens shot in their legs. Police have not confirmed if they found their car or others involved.

The young teens will both face charges for the attempted auto theft and breaking curfew.

The customer was identified as 32-year-old Bryant Mayner.

Mayner wasn’t shot and was arrested for aggravated assault for shooting recklessly at the suspects.

“Maybe he felt he should have stopped shooting once the teenagers tried to get away, but he was still kinda shooting.”

Source; WSB-TV

2 men robbed a drug dealer together. Then 1 killed the other, Norfolk police say.

Two men robbed a drug dealer of his weed. When they met later to split what they had stolen, one shot the other in the heart, police say.

And so Michael Perry is dead and Raphael Cuffee is charged with second-degree murder in the Oct. 10 shooting. On Tuesday, Cuffee went to court asking to be released on bond as his case goes through the courts. District Judge Robert Rigney refused, saying the charges were too serious.

Around 6 p.m., Norfolk police went to the 3100 block of Chesapeake Blvd. to check out a report of a car crash. When officers got there, they found Perry, 35, in the driver’s seat of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan with multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where he died.

Prosecutor Katie Beye told the judge that detectives homed in on a description of the car they believed was involved in the shooting: a silver Nissan Altima with a large dent on the left driver’s side.

Four days later, a sergeant from the homicide unit was working an unrelated case when he spotted a car matching that description. The driver, 28-year-old Cuffee, was detained and taken to the Police Operations Center on East Virginia Beach Boulevard.

During the ensuing interview, Cuffee confessed to shooting Perry, Beye said. He told detectives he and Perry had robbed a Grandy Village drug dealer of his weed, but Cuffee had kept all of it. The two were meeting on Oct. 10 so Cuffee could give Perry his half.

Cuffee and Perry had “a life of crime together,” Beye told the judge.

Instead, Cuffee told the detectives, he felt threatened by Perry’s body language and started shooting. After killing Perry, Cuffee fled, eventually giving the 9mm pistol he’d used to a “crackhead” to get rid of. Still, when police searched his car less than a week later, they found a loaded .45-caliber handgun in his glove box.

Police found no guns in Perry’s Mercedes, Beye said.

Source; MSN

Florida man accused of murdering wife after telling police she is ‘swimming with the fishes’

Boyton Beach Police arrested 66-year-old Roberto Colon for first-degree murder Friday in the death of his wife, Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet, who went missing on Feb. 20.

Officers originally searched Colon’s property on Feb. 21 after a friend told them that she was on the phone with Gomez-Mullet just days before she went missing and it sounded like someone attacked her, WPEC reports.

As detectives were leaving Colon’s home that day, he reportedly shouted at them that his wife was “swimming with the fishes” and they needed to “find the body, find the body,” according to the local news station.

Police found human remains at Colon’s property Friday.

He is facing one count of first-degree murder and two marijuana charges.

Colon told police that he married Gomez-Mullet just weeks after meeting her in exchange for citizenship and to take care of his mother, according to WPEC.

“Our heartfelt condolences are with Mary’s family and loved ones,” Police Chief Michael G. Gregory said Friday. “We remain dedicated to this ongoing investigation and bringing justice to her family.”

Source; Fox News

Michigan man leaves debit card with his name on it inside house after using it to break in

A Michigan man used a debit card with his name on it to break into a home, then left the card inside and was later arrested, police said.

James John Tanner, 30, of Alpena, is accused of breaking into a home on French Road in Alpena Township around 8:20 p.m. Oct. 31, 2020, according to authorities.

The homeowner said she returned home after taking her children trick-or-treating to find Tanner leaving her house. She recognized him and yelled his name, but he fled the scene, officials said.

When troopers got to the woman’s house, they found the door had been forced open using a debit card. They said a damaged debit card with Tanner’s name on it was found at the scene.

A report was submitted to the Alpena County Prosecutor’s Office, and an arrest warrant was issued Nov. 19.

Tanner was being held at the Kent County Jail on unrelated charges, according to police.

He was arraigned from the Kent County Jail on Thursday (March 4) and charged with second-degree home invasion. Bond was set at $30,000, 10% cash surety.

Tanner is scheduled to return to court March 23, officials said.

Source; Click on Detroit

Joliet Car Thief Asks Police For Directions To I-80: Cops

A 35-year-old Chicago man is being lodged inside the Will County Jail after Joliet police say he stole a car from the BP Amoco gas station on McDonough Street late Friday afternoon. According to Joliet police, Lafayette Moore drove the stolen car several miles toward Joliet’s far east side only to ask a Joliet officer for directions to Interstate 80.

Moore was arrested on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, Joliet police said.

Around 4:20 p.m. on Friday, someone left their car running and unlocked while they went into the BP Amoco to make a purchase. “The victim exited the store to find that their vehicle was gone,” police reports show. Several minutes later, another Joliet officer was investigating a crash near Briggs Street and Spencer Road on Joliet’s far east side when Moore approached him, according to police reports.

“Moore arrived in the stolen vehicle and asked the officer for directions to Interstate 80,” Joliet police announced. “The officer provided the directions then realized that the vehicle that Mr. Moore was driving matched the description of a vehicle that had just been stolen.”

Once the officer confirmed the car was stolen, he chased after Moore and pulled the Chicago man over near Briggs Street and Mills Road, police said. Moore was arrested without any problems, police said.

Moore was booked into the Will County Jail around 6:40 p.m. Friday. His bail was set at $20,000. He remained in custody Monday.

Jail logs indicate Moore has a Chicago address on South Laramie Avenue.

Source; MSN

This one really reminded me of this classic scene:


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You can’t fix teh stoopid, but you can be entertained by it.

Thanks Mason!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

I am SO stealing that!


Holy crap, a whole bunch of dumbass klownes out there today !!!
Florida Man never ceases to amaze !!!


We have a NEW contestant….
Kasey Giorgo,
now off the hook after 2 months at the top of the heap
on the website Military Phonies,
is BACK in the news, just days ago,
with a NEW arrest.

It’s NOT shoplifting this time.
It’s much much worse.


Actually, February.
Behind the Jiffy Mart.


… and ANOTHER new contestant.

Arrested in February on 3 charges,
after his sweatshirt got him identified,
he was captured on video coming out of the Capitol,
and later more video on the Senate Balcony, and then the Senate Floor.

Now indicted on 7 charges.
This is why.

Smashing a Capitol door glass.
Right next to (already charged) 2×4 guy and police shield guy
smashing out a Capitol window and climbing through.

Do NOT wear your children’s small private school sweatshirt
to a national event,
especially if the national event is crawling with cellphones.

This may disappoint the last vestiges
of hard core rightwingnut conspiracy theorists, but
1 – Capitol police did not “let them in”.
2 – He did not stroll in through an open door.
3 – He is the namesake son of 4 generations of right wing conservatives with quite the checkered history.
Just Google Brent Bozell III.


Immediately preceding the video above…. was this.
The steps, the scaffolds, the tarps, & the barricades.
Police down.
Both sides spraying.
Barricades battle.
Barricades overrun and police retreat.
And much more.


you might be surprised to find that the far right and the far left are the same thing.
Socialists who have a race based ideology of who gets to be in servitude.

This is why they always seem to be on the same side of every issue.

If you take the ideology of the KKK (a leftist, democratic org) and compare it to the BLM or Antifactist ideology (leftist, democratic orgs) the only difference is the identity of the “bad guy” in their tiny minds.

“Far right” is a talking point concept wholly made up by the left to smear the moderates (called conservatives for smearing) with the actions of the left.

This is how germany became “far right” after the national socialists came to power, how Chile became “far right” after the communists were kicked out, and how protestors become ‘far right’ if they don’t support the candidate du jour of the dems.


.. and ANOTHER new candidate,
not only for Stupid Criminal of the Week,
but also for a 2021 Darwin Award.

[Apparent Catalytic Converter Thief Crushed To Death By Collapsing Car]