McDonald’s China Offers New Concept Burger

| December 19, 2020

Not satisfied with inflicting the COVID-19 pandemic on an unsuspecting world, McDonald’s China is offering a Spam burger topped with crumbled Oreo cookies, yum. Thankfully the item is being offered in a limited release, with some 400,000 of the things being produced.
The question is, of course, why make them at all?

McDonald’s China releasing Oreo, Spam burger for limited time

The fast food chain is only making 400,000 of the burgers
By Ann W. Schmidt

Here’s a mash-up nobody asked for.

McDonald’s will be releasing a Spam burger topped with Oreos in China next week.

The fast food chain announced the limited-time menu item on Chinese social media platform Weibo earlier this week.

On Friday, video game analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted pictures of the “Oreo x Spam” burger, which shows a layer of crumbled Oreos on top of two slices of Spam.

According to Ahmad’s tweet, McDonald’s is making only 400,000 of the unique burgers.

Yes, there was the KFC fried chicken & donut sammich, too. Seen one lately?
Me neither. Read the rest of the article here, if you’re of a mind to: Fox News

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BatStewFlu-19, Beijing Biden and now THIS?!


I shorely be am suspicious of you posting this. You are NOT thinking that this in anyway is to take the place of the on again/off again Saturday Recipe that Ex-PH2 has teased us with of late? We still waitin’ on the promised dessert from several weeks ago on the Welsh Coal Miners lunch.

And you know FOR SHORE that this will in NO WAY replace the upcoming Monday Recipe…I know how sneaky you Tarheel Boys can be. Better get that cheese right back on that cracker, get daHell out of this danger zone, and find that lovin’ feelin’. ninja gone show up, cook your goose, and put you on ice, man.

Waste of Oreo Cookies AND Special Processed Army Meat. Indeed!


. . . Special Processed Army Meat . . . .

Well, they had to do something with the ham that failed its physical . . . . (smile)


Naww Man Pull-eaze! I’d heap druther try to sandpaper a nursin’ baby momma wildcat’s bee-hind inside a phone booth than to instruct the Queen Lioness of TAH Herself on what she can/cannot/should/should not post. Imma just crazy, NOT teh stoopid; and there is a difference! Seein’ that air wanna be burger doodle mickey d made me flash forward…and back’ards. Been on short rations last day or so. Head cold, I hope…unless, of course, the spapos seagull gets his way and I done cotched the Chinesecommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019 that he wished upon all of us basketful of deplorables.

“…roped into…”? Nope, you voluntold yo’self into that. FIRST, because you wanted to high climb and gloat about your culinary abilities (and that trophy wife) AND because you love us and want us to be happy.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Maybe they went down 2,000 feet in the Pacific to recover the remaining cans of late 1940’s vaccume packed canned spam aboard the LPH 3 that went down in 1992 during a Sink-X. When we were in the Philly Yards for a refit to get it ready for changing home Ports to San Diego, We cumshawed either tins of ground coffee or canned spam with the Yard Birds. They would torch an I beam to burn out any impurities and then grill the spam for lunch. It cost A Gang a tin of coffee for a dozen of half inch globe valves that I installed in the ships laundry and the Chief Engineer had a shit fit after he put in the paperwork for the valves and asked me how come we got the valves so fast and I wasn’t thinking and mentioned the cumshaw.

The Stranger

The Spam I can sort of see. It’s the Oreos that I don’t understand. Now, Spam with some grilled pineapple might work, though!


Reminds me of that episode of Friends:

“What’s not to like? Custard? Good! Jam? Good! Meat? GOOD!”


“Hold my beer!”


Not to far fetched seeing as how Ben & Jerry’s is selling
Colon Kraperknack “social Justice” ice cream.
Look for a postage stamp with his mug on it.
There will also be a BLM forever stamp.
And a new yet to be named holiday.
The egg-a-muffin is due for a social makeover as well.

“it’s a new dawn and America needs a new socially woke
breakfast meal to start the day”. Ronald will be replaced
with “Roxie” and the Hamburgler will recieve a pardon due
to social injustices of the past. Instead of a mask he will
now be depicted in a cap and gown, holding a diploma from
Havard University.
Ok I’m done.

A Proud Infidel l®™️

What’s next, the USS Kaepernick?


The McShit…market in a few markets in Asia….

let’s see if they’ll eat f*cking shit on a bun…


A Proud Infidel®™️

Being it’s in China, how do we know that the “Spam” isn’t processed stray dogs and cats?


Mighty Dog

Slow Joe

I watched Tenet for a second time.
Neil is Maximilien.


And on the menu for tonight? SMOKED GATOR!

Ala-Dam-bama 52!!! Flu-ruh-duh 46

ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Congrats to the SEC Champions!

ninja…API…A little 3 Dog Night Music?


Spamex. Food for the new space age travelers.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

SPAM and Oreos? (shudder)
Makes me wonder what the Chinese “special sauce” is? (gak!)

Makes me wonder what the Chinese “special sauce” is? (gak!)

Ya never know. Remember Eddie Murphy’s old routine? (smile)

Having had the pleasure of dining at an authentic Chinese restaurant, with authentic Chinese “cuisine”, you probably don’t really want to know. You may have heard that sausage factories use “Everything but the squeal”; that squeal is on the menu at authentic Chinese restaurants. And they are not afraid to use actual descriptions (and pictures to really stick it to the Gweilo), so if you see “special sauce” I suggest you run, not walk, out the door.


The Vector for Covid-21?


Oreos is Yankee hate food and a sorry excuse for Hydrox. Thank goodness, I don’t think they have found a way to fuck-up Vanilla Wafers, yet.


Spam is pork shoulder in a can. It is greasy as hell, and if you don’t cook it properly – and I mean fry the crap out of it – it will make you nauseous. Ask me how I know. It requires a spicy mustard, sliced raw onions, pickles, and if you’re a Brit, ketchup. They put ketchup on everything.

But this? What is McD’s up to? Taste testing bad ideas? Oreo cookies with Spam? Well, there are people in the younger generations who are dumb enough to try this crapazoid excuse to make some cash, and will tell you that they love it.

I doubt that even the Jindo dog next door would take a bite out of it.

That is all I have to say about it.


It’s the old McDonalds story…test market a shit sandwich and see if anyone buys it.

Remember the McRib? A literal shit sandwich with sauce on it. I worked at a McD when they were a thing and it was a nauseating thing to cook.

Never ate one…I am not convinced there was even any actual meat in them…


(Jingle) “You deserve a BLEH today…”


“a layer of crumbled Oreos on top of two slices of Spam.”

Obviously fake news. *two slices* of meat? No way.

Two schmears of meat product/paste maybe, but there is no slicer in the world capable of slicing actual meat thin enough for McD’s to put two of them on a sandwich.


I didn’t know they sold weed in China because, ell you know, you’d have to be *SO* fucking high to not only eat this, BUT to think of this in the first place…