Marines to the rescue!

| November 23, 2020

Some Marines working a guard post in Washington D.C. recently came to the aid of a woman on a scooter who’d been struck by a car. Their quick thinking and decisive action led them to get a jack from the car and from another car that stopped to help, getting the car off the woman just as the EMTs arrived. They credit the Marines with being integral in the woman’s survival.

A group of Marines rushed to rescue a woman on a scooter who was struck by a vehicle and pinned underneath the car in Washington, D.C.

“I was just going to the chow hall to get some breakfast and we hear the Marine and 7 Charlie call up, a woman was just run over by a car,” Cpl. Denny Bohne, Sgt. of the Guard Company Platoon, told Fox News in an interview.

Bohne said he and another Marine immediately sprang into action, rushing to the vehicle’s trunk and retrieving a carjack from inside.

Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Belko also got a jack from a nearby civilian who stopped to help and both Marines began jacking up the car to get the woman out from underneath.

By the time EMTs arrived on the scene, they were able to pull her out and take her to the hospital, where she survived the incident.

“Their actions were integral” to rescuing her, firefighter Leo Ruiz told Fox News.

“The immediate feeling was just relief,” Bohne said. “Once I informed all the guys they all just felt the exact same– absolutely relieved that she made it out okay and we were just happy to get the good news.”

Thanks to the KoB for the story tip.

Source; Fox News

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Good job, Marines!

USMC Steve

They would get a Navy Comm Medal but their masks were not properly in place as seen in the photo. Big old awshit from the Crotch on that one.


No P.T belts / abandoned guard post.
Immediate discharge.


No, just NJP and 45&45, one E grade reduction.

Hack Stone

Well done, fellow Devil Dogs, the first box of crayons are on Hack. Chew ‘me if you got ‘em.


Uh, Hack Stone uh? “Chew ‘me if you got ’em.”? Two (2) extra sessions of SHARP training for you…THIS Friday! And you get cranberry jelly NOT sauce, and no cornbread dressing…stuffing only…Boxed Stove Top.

😀 😆 😛 gabn

Hack Stone

It’s early in the week, and the Vice President of the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland has Hack on the shoulder of the Capital Beltway spinning an oversized novelty arrow trying to flag down government procurement officials to sell them some overpriced outdated Red Hat Software. Can you cut Hack some slack?

5th/77th FA

BZ and Outstanding Job Devil Dogs. Draw an extra ration of Grog on my tab.


BZ to them!