Fine For Thee, But Not For Meeeee!

| November 23, 2020

I found this when looking for something else: This info, based on the movement underway to unseat/recall Gavin Newsom, who is related by marriage to Madame Pelosi, is at the bottom of the linked article.

There is a strong effort underway now to get him recalled.

N.B.: He has his eye on the Oval Office. Be warned! He is the Epitome of the Vainglorious Asshole.  Is there such a thing as a male Karen? Newsom seems like one. The rules apply to everyone else, but not to him.

From the linked article:  Newsom has lost all credibility for restricting activity in the name of suppressing the spread of Covid.  He was caught and exposed flouting his own ridiculous strictures on eating in restaurants (put your mask back on between bites of food).

Public exposure of his mask-less attendance at a party full of lobbyists at one of the fanciest restaurants in the world with no social distancing was bad enough.  But his subsequent lying, smirking  non-apology apology may well be the death knell for his political career. – article

The more this kind of thing is publicized, the better, from cops refusing to enforce Newsom’s rules and efforts to recall Newsom, to Karens invading businesses and making nuisances of themselves and the cops refusing to kick everyone out of those places.

We need to see this kind of thing at work. The day it stops or is blocked, which is what entities like NYT and WaPo are trying to do, it is no longer a free press and free speech, which is already under attack, will be next.

Hitler’s success stemmed from his control of the media. His beer hall putsch in 1923 was successful but he was not popular for doing that. The other putsches came later. And once he controlled the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.) he controlled his audience.

So far, the propaganda machines here that pass as news sources aren’t doing too well, because it’s easy enough to find resources that refute what they claim, which is necessary in a free press.

Since the US Constitution’s 1st Amendment includes “freedom of the press”, opposite points of view are, and should be, allowed. And as we all know, the more you know, the better off you are.

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5th/77th FA

Just my opinion. This sissy punk asinine piece of sh^t will NOT be recalled. As stated the epitome of a self centered egotistical a$$h@le hand picked by the SJW to leap frog from guvanator into the WH. Really surprised that he didn’t appoint himself to the soon to be vacant Senate seat of Heels up Harris. But there is still time. She still is a Senator, right? Commiefornia has the same problem that so many other states are having. You get away from the cesspools of the cities and you find hard working, decent folk, that don’t mind working for what they got…and will fight to keep it. Many in those states are trying to split those areas off and do the whole secede thing again…and it’s not just Southerners this time.

He WILL keep his spot, he WILL be placed on the ticket for POTUS and if the powers that be want him up there to be their puppet he WILL be elected. They almost got that stealing of/or controlling of the elections down now. Look for him to take over in 2028 as POTUS.

It is a good thing for the domestic enemies of our Republic that I have gotten a little feeble in my last days. When they do come for me and mine I will sell my life dearly. Bring it on you spapos sons of bitches.

5th/77th FA

Oh, not to worry Mi’Lady, Imma not giving up. Imma just saying it’s a good thing for these domestic enemies that I have to be in a defensive mode V an offensive mode. Imma not making any threats of any sort, mind you, but it is WAY YONDER past time for a march on these supposed “leaders” with not just torches, pitchforks, tar, and feathers, but ropes and weapons of the anti-personnel type. What if the 6 million Jewish people, or 20+ million Soviets, or untold millions of Chinese had of stood up to their tyrants in the very beginning?

The sheeple of this country are sitting back, sucking up on the free sh^t while the true Patriots are so busy working to pay for their free sh^t and nobody is minding the store. They are voting their way into Socialism and we’re gonna have to shoot our way out. History, even modern history is, replete with examples. This is NOT going to get any better, it is only going to get worse. We saw the weak response to the attacks on the country by the professional politicians. Now we are seeing them roll over for a belly rub as the national elections are stolen. They end up with the full control of the government, mark my words, this country is gone. Join under the flag with your musket and your bag, the yoke of oppression is being placed as we speak.

Anybody paying attention to creepy joe’s cabinet choices? Packed full of FSA, obamanites, gunz grabbers, reparations screamers, student loan forgivers, open borders/open prison/police defunders. And oh so many steady feeding the alligators, hoping to be the last ones eaten.

Wilted Willy

Ex, did you hear of Uncle Joe’s tax plan on semi-auto weapons? He is only going to charge a $200 tax on all semi-auto weapons as well as a $200 tax on all mags of over 10 round capacity! I for one am not going to pay $15,000 in taxes just to make my guns leagal??? Phyque Hymne!!!

The Other Whitey

This asshole just issued an order that we are to wear masks at all times while on duty. We already called bullshit last time (wearing appropriate PPE while in contact with a patient is one thing, neofascist hypochondriac bullshit that negatively impacts quality of life for zero benefit in return is something else). Seeing as how Nuisance sees no need to obey the rules he wishes to impose on the rest of us, the chorus of “fuck you” is echoing through firehouses, camps, and air attack bases up and down the state.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

That just warms the cockles of my flabby black heart.


We will know Newsome and Cuomo believe their bullshit when they bunker, and venture out only in biohazard “moon suits”.

People who keep getting caught breaking their own “to prevent disease” rules do not believe their rules work to contain or prevent disease.


uh, Hitler’s beer hall putsch was ’23. not ’33, and he wound up in prison for it. He had little popular support and at most about 3,000 supporters gathered, from what I have read.


Gov. Nuisance announced that he and his family are now in quarantine, because one of his children “was exposed to Covid 19”. Not that if it happened, it was odds on his fault, gotta lay the blame on the kids.
Wonder if he “quarantined”, it was so he and the wife could attend that “secret” dem gathering in Hawaii?