Riots in Portland

| November 5, 2020

The city police declared a riot in downtown Portland Wednesday night in response to widespread violence in the city, and the Oregon National Guard was activated.

Authorities said the National Guard was deployed because there was “widespread violence” occurring downtown.

Riot declared in Portland as rioters smash windows

A riot was declared in Portland, Ore., and protesters took to the streets in Seattle on Wednesday as people demanded that every vote in Tuesday’s election be counted. Hundreds were protesting in both cities against President Donald Trump’s court challenges to stop the vote count in battleground states.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office at about 7 p.m. declared a riot after rioters were seen smashing windows at businesses. In the interest of public safety, Gov. Kate Brown activated the use of the state National Guard to help local law enforcement manage the unrest, according to the sheriff’s office.


Protesters in Seattle said they are also trying to make sure the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice causes remain in the spotlight. Some carried signs saying, “Stop Trump’s Racist Voter Suppression,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “Don’t Steal the Election.”

Anyone surprised? Yeah, me neither. Read the entire article here: Politico

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Some people see riots while others see peaceful demonstrations.
It’s all a matter of perspective. And Trumps fault.
People congregating around fires to stay warm while they air
their grievences is a basic human right. Says so right there
in the Bill of Constitutions. You can look it up.


Then smashed glass must also give off some kind of natural warmth? It doesn’t sound like a proper exothermic reaction, but they always seem to know better. So they weren’t bashing windows of businesses as part of a riot… just trying to get a little warmer on a cold night of peaceful discussion. Yup yup.

P.S. they were only cold and needed to warm up because of Trump’s negative affect on global warming.

MI Ranger

As I understand it, the smashed glass was the result of them testing to see if it was properly insulated. As you can see their results were negative in most cases. People in Washington D.C. noted this and properly insulated their glass store fronts with an extra layer of fibrous board (i.e. plywood)!

Yes, that global warming thing the Orange Man caused has got to be stopped. My beach front property in the Nunavut region is not yet acquired, I don’t want the price to go up before I lock it in!

5th/77th FA


Kinda hope that neurologist was correct and I won’t live long enough to see the final destruction of our United States of America. I will weep for the future of my Grand Children if the Socialist/Marxist domestic enemies of ours manage to pull off what many of us predicted they would do.


OH, you old goat!!!

The Republic of Rome lasted until someone thought it would be clever to have just ONE guy in charge of everything, and declared an Imperium. I think his name was Gaius Iulius Caease – something like that. Still, it didn’t end officially until the 5th century AD, so take a chill pill, willya?

The USSR lasted – what? – about 70 +/- years. We’ve been around longer than that, haven’t we?

5th/77th FA

Roger and acknowledge all that Mi’Lady and somewhat concur. The concerns we have today can mirror what the Roman Empire faced, ie…the internal fighting and the parasitic drain on resources from that time period’s FSA. It is not the water outside the ship that causes it to sink, it is the water coming into the ship that takes it down. As you and other Nautically Knowledgeable folks well know. And our Ship of State is overload with rats that will not help bail the water. And more coming aboard to hasten the sinking. During the unpleasantness of 1861, the Confederates were not trying to overthrow the US Government, they just were trying to set up an new Country. If overthrow and/or conquest was their goal, President Davis would have released the Kraken (Stonewall Jackson) at FIRST (ht 2 Chip) Manassas, who would have marched on DC, deposed Lincoln and set up a new government. Then that politician caused war would have been over. There has been an insidious effort since about the late 1920s to truly overthrow the elected Government of these United States and turn it into another Marxist Themed Utopia. And the demonrats have pushed that agenda very hard. The have constantly re-elected murders, rapists, ne’er do wells and scalawags. And the Repubs aren’t much better. They have aided and abetted every move. Trump was not the target of the enemies of our Republic, we, The People were. He was just in their way. Just as no one… Read more »


I agree, KoB. I’ve thought that the Chicoms released this shitstorm intentionally, since about 2 weeks after it started to make the news.
In Michigan, 46 or 47 counties used a software program that flipped votes(not against the Dems). Antrim county caught that glitch. I don’t know if any of the other counties did, or even bothered to look.
I highly doubt governor Whitler is interested.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Soros’s mindless useful idiots are at it again.


Such a tired conspiracy with providing a single shred of evidence.

If true Soros still owes me overtime from 2012.


Like he cares about a quarter…


He’s funding their bail, shitbag. But keep pretending it’s all a mystery.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Soros and the Hollywierd harebrains are funding bail for those rioting fleabags and not a penny for those whose livelihoods were ruined.


Don’t forget the staffers for Biden and The Ho. They’ve also been bailing out the rioters.


Ummm…. Biden already has Washington and Oregon in his pockets, so what are they squawking about this time?

Oh, right: they can’t read or think. Got it.


Been following these riots for about 3 months. I’ll end when the mayor and governor grow a set of balls and do their job.


Exactly what is that “job”…


It’s pretty much described in the title of the state’s elected leader. They’re expected to do this thing called “govern”. Governing does not mean letting anarchists and their medic run amuck. It does not mean mob rule. It means that your happy little band of anarchists, antifa clowns, and brainwashed BLZ zombies to not get to destroy the property of others and call it a “protest”. They are not protesters, they are criminals and should be treated as such. You’re a fraud.


You understand that the whole point of a riot is that it breaks the mirage of control the government has over the citizens.

Riots are fundamental to the barometer of the social contract.

You can’t “govern” a riot away.

You merely manage it, mitigate it, and then prosecute perpetrators after the fact.

Using violence just escalates the riots.

Government violence on riots just causes the riot to move and spread…

At best you cause the rioters to disperse until you pull the police back off the streets. Then they come back with more resolve.

In fact the Mini manual the urban guerrilla explicitly dictates that rioters attempt to illicit a violent response from government.

The best way to manage a riot is to manage it peacefully and with patience. Limit the spread, Let the energy dissipate.

Let them discredit themselves. Let them look like the irrational fools. Lawbreakers. Outliers.

If you use force images of cops looking just as violent and unreasonable as the rioters, except better armed and equipped, spread through society.


“You merely manage it, mitigate it, and then prosecute perpetrators after the fact.”

And that, comrade, is exactly what governing entails. It’s not happening. You’re still preaching democracy while advocating anarchy.


You are right about the prosecutions.

But that is not really the realm of the governor for most of these crimes.

That is county and municipal jurisdiction.


Rioting for the sake of rioting.


Leftists gonna leftist.


Systemic failure at the state, county, and municipal levels. Leaders and officials elected by people very much like you. The very people that are destroying the state, county, and municipalities.


ALL functioning governments are predicated upon the threat of violence. Fail to abide by the law of the land and the government will force compliance. By violence if necessary.

Your gross ignorance (or refusal to acknowledge) that very basic fact highlights your ignorance.

It’s interesting you are comparing what is going on to an insurgency. An insurgency implies organized effort. Something you routinely deny.

And limit the spread? How do you propose to do that without violence? That kind of nebulous talking point is something I’ve seen in academic circles when authors have no experience in the real world. Limiting the spread of mass unrest requires, at a minimum, the threat of violence.

There are mobs randomly attacking citizens and destroying private property (one of the core tenants of the Constitution). A government that fails to protect it’s citizenry and their property isn’t a government. One of the core functions of governments is to protect the law abiding citizens. Governments have an obligation to protect it’s citizens from lawlessness.

A government failing to take action (i.e. not using the threat of violence to force compliance with the law) has the same end result as a government overreacting. It de-legitimizes the current government. I’m not surprised you are advocating for not taking action. Your desire for a brave new world doesn’t include those who dissent from your point of view.


A smart fella once said “there’s only two ways to respond: give them what they want or drive ’em into the ground like tentpegs, so hard they will never try again.” At this point nobody is doing either.

Slow Joe

“Government violence on riots just causes the riot to move and spread…”

Sure. Tell that to the Paris Commune of 1871. They lasted only 2 months because the government would not risk a second French Revolution.

Look at the difference between the French government’s response to the initial stages of the French Revolution and the response to the Paris Commune.

Yes, I got it. They were different governments. The first one was the ancien régime of the French monarchy and the second was the Third French Republic.

My point is that enforcing the rule of law against riots and revolts works. It has been proven many times.


Napoleon didn’t have a problem with giving the crowds a “whiff of grape”… and it did work


Not for me. The point of the riot is I just like free shit.


Manufactured riots for the purpose of overthrowing a duly elected government is sedition, shitbag. Thanks for showing what you are.

I spent 26 years in the CAARNG MP Brigade and my training says that the best way to manage a riot is to break it up, using whatever force is necessary to scatter the participants, up to and including deadly force.

You are out of your depth and are simply parroting idiotic pro-antifa propaganda about how civil authority gets to respond to rioters. Get back to the kiddy end of the pool where you belong, moron.


“Using violence just escalates the riots.

Government violence on riots just causes the riot to move and spread…

At best you cause the rioters to disperse until you pull the police back off the streets. Then they come back with more resolve.

In fact the Mini manual the urban guerrilla explicitly dictates that rioters attempt to illicit a violent response from government.

The best way to manage a riot is to manage it peacefully and with patience. Limit the spread, Let the energy dissipate.

Let them discredit themselves. Let them look like the irrational fools. Lawbreakers. Outliers.

If you use force images of cops looking just as violent and unreasonable as the rioters, except better armed and equipped, spread through society.”

Wow, that there is some really ignorant dumb shit.

Do you know what happened when we showed up in LA in 1992 and shot a couple of rioters and locked the city down for 10 days?

The riots stopped.

How about that?


Here ended the lesson.


Dipshit, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


I heart that movie.



Exactly what is that “job”…

Let’s look at a foundational document, shall we?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,…..

It seems clear that the Government’s job is to protect the rights of people which include protecting people’s lives and property.

It is clear that people are tired of the inaction of governments to protect what they have worked for and legally obtained.

We have seen in action the result of the government standing idly by and people taking up arms and other devices to protect what is theirs.

Is that really what you want? More violence in the streets?

If rioters came onto your property and attempted to rob, damage or destroy your home, are you really saying that you would say “no problem gang! Have at it!”

We don’t think you would.

Governments are to protect our rights which include property rights. Failure to do so is a failure of government and leaders.


OMG. you are finally saying that the government is supposed to take what is legally mine?


I’m sorry Wireman611 but….



Lars interprets “pursuit of Happiness” into “BURN THAT MUTHA DOWN!”


There is evidence that when Jefferson wrote the Declaration, he relied on the thinking of the day which was “life, liberty, and the pursuit of property.”

Jefferson reasoned that owning ones home, land and goods made one happy and so the phrase was changed to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


Soo…. Never???


Riots? No, that isn’t a riot in spite of the fires and broken windows. No, no. A riot is when one of us has the audacity to walk down the street wearing a red hat. (Doesn’t matter if that hat says Ace Hardware on it or something else.)

Have any of the dames in the “The Red Hat Society” complained about this thing about red hats being evil??? Used to see some of them occasionally gathering in restaurants, libraries and such. But, this being 2020…


NYC too. I don’t even know what they’re upset about anymore. I doubt they even know why they’re upset anymore.

The Dead Man

To be fair, NYC has a pretty good reason to be upset considering the Butcher of NYC’s in charge.

Yes I know they’re not rioting about him. Sadly.


Manhattan: Biden 85% Trump 15%, 60% reporting
Staten Island: Biden 38% Trump 62%, 88% reporting.
NYS and NYC are culturally and politically opposed to each other, maybe in a worse way than any other population center in the nation. The real fight is between those who work and those who are subsidized, eg bankers, welfare victims, socialist non-profits and ngos.
My vote is on Staten Island if the fighting breaks out, The Butcher in Albany should avoid SI in the meanwhile.


I need a drink.

3/17 Air Cav

I live just across the pond from Portland. I’m north of Portland and west of the other shithole, Seattle. I’m definitely in the minority in regard to my political leanings.

Since, the election I’m feeling very nervous about where things are headed. I have real estate holdings here where I live. So selling my home and rental property’s would be tedious. Still, I’m considering it.

Washington State is beautiful, Rivers,mountains,lakes, and the Pacific Ocean. However the whole west coast is turning into a complete shithole!

I’m 72 I’ve lived here since I was three! I’m considering packing up and leaving! I’ve had enough!


We’d be proud to have you in Texas, 3/17


You’ll always have a space here at Stately Claw Manor. Drop by anytime.


Welcome South Brother!


There are beautiful places all over this country, 3/17 AirCav.

Wyoming, Idaho and Montana are just a few of them. You just have to talk yourself into making that move. But maybe, things will settle down after this idiotic business is over with, and you won’t have to do that, after all.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

3/17, I’m on the other side if Washington watching the dumpster fire that is Western WA and debating moving out of here, too. Been a Washingtonian since birth, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Idaho is looking pretty good right now, and it isn’t that far away…


It’s high time we put these seditious anarchists in facilities, making big rocks in to small ones.
Or just cut off the ‘free money’ spigots and let their stupidity take the wheel.


So, in 2020, those participating in riots are “protestors”. At one time, less civilized people would have just called them “rioters”.


This is just a hobby there at this point.

Biden is going to win so I am not sure why they are angsty.

Mike Gunns

What with the legal wrangling coming down the pike, I wouldn’t give it to Biden just yet.

As far as the rioters, it was never about Biden for President. They are anarchists and burn and destroy because that’s just what they do.


He has essentially no basis for his challenges.

All talk, innuendo, and lies so far.

He will get his day in court.

He will appeal.

And appeal again,

But at some point he loses.

And he will never accept that.

But the courts won’t care that he doesn’t.


And if the courts find in his favor? Will your view of the courts remain the same?

I’m just kidding, I know you will rail on about the repubs stacking the courts, manipulation of the system and judges being corrupt.


Few judges are corrupt.

But the day that judges strived to be non partisan moderates to earn their way onto the Supreme Court was murdered by republicans.

Now the best way to get appointed to the court if be a RNC lawyer and Republican operative.

That being said, the court won’t give Ttump the election.

He needs to come up with some sort of legitimate legal theory beyond “they wouldn’t let Republican observers in the count facility use binoculars”

Or some random old lady that had her mail stolen.

The Dead Man

How is it you’re more ignorant and naive than the cousin I’m tutoring because he sleeps through bad classes? You’re supposedly this ex-MP-Intel-Guard-Medic-Space Shuttle Door Gunner-Hero of Helm’s Deep and you have clearly had less world experience than my civvie ass.


Point out something false I wrote in that post.

The Dead Man

Few judges are corrupt, you’re sleeping in your history class there, nevermind world politics.

The non-partisan thing has been dead a while, see the shock on the Obamacare ruling.

The fact that you believe there’s no chance whatsoever despite widespread and documented cheating.

That the various images, videos, accounts and statistical impossibilities are ‘Repubs with binocs’.

Your last statement is technically correct in vacuum though.

You should have stayed banned you Goebbels wannabe.


Here’s one that proves Lars doesn’t know shit from shinola:


Clause 4 clearly states Election Day. As in singular. As in all votes get tallied and a victor declared.

Not tally votes, figure out how many your candidate is behind and then suddenly discover a bunch of mail in ballots with no postmark. Not keep voting past Election Day.

Want to count votes beyond Election Day? Use the mechanism in place to do so, Congress.

Mike Gunns

During vote counting, poll watchers are supposed to be able to observe the tabulation of votes. Parking them across the room from the process where they can’t see the ballots as they are counted just gives the impression of impropriety.

And truth be told, this BS “mail in ballots” was always going to be ride for fraud. Remember what your mentor once said. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it matters who counts the votes. (Paraphrased)

Mike Gunns

“rife for fraud.”


Here’s an idea. Since you’re there with their comrades in a support role, why don’t you just ask them? You know, act as if you know something about civil affairs.


I was banned for their discussion forum for trying to get them to come up with something coherent they actually stand for.

And calling them out as fools for not being able to.

Ii have nothing to do with Portland protests and never have had anything to do with them.


You, trying to come up with something coherent? I think you forgot the SARC tag.


I am way ahead of you on a coherent theory of political economy.

Nothing I have seen on here indicates many of you have ever even bothered to try.


Most of us here live our lives in the real world, not a world of political theory. A world of what actually exists, not what a theory says it should be. In theory, communism and socialism are wonderful things. In practice… well, you know the rest.


false. You have read some Marx. You cannot formulate a coherent summary of current events, let alone a political theory.

Also false is your claim that you are not part of the syphilitic movement in commieland. Denial is SOP for your side.

What is amazing to me is how you need constant affirmation from people you claim are deplorable and unsalvagable.

This tells me that you know you are the inferior intellect and feel deep anxiety over it.

But you are not smart enough to know what to do about your deep seated fear of discovery.

Which is, of course, why you are the weakest link–the Dummissar!

Too emotionally weak to comprehend the truth of your allies’ wretched and disgusting beliefs, too stupid to comprehend the outright fraud and illegality of the methods your allies use to “win” elections, and too morally corrupt to stop lying and accusing others of what you are doing.

The evidence is so clear even non english speaking latinos could see it, but you won’t. Because you are—the Dummissar.


And if they win, they kill you as a heretic and counterrevolutionary.

Oh, you support a different bunch? No matter. Same outcome.


So at least the anarchists do have a point of empathy. They think Lars is an asshole, too.


I don’t think the world you were looking for is “empathy”.

But, yeah. Most leftists think I am an asshole.




Well, Commissar, since everyone here regards you as an asshole too that reminds me of an old saying.

“If one or two people think you’re a jackass, it’s probably just them. But if everyone thinks you’re a jackass, it’s time to go get fitted for a saddle.”


What I’m hearing in that is you piss people off no matter where you go. You get banned by your own ideological peers and we are the fascists. 🙄


Your anarchist buddies banned you from their forums and you’re still tolerated here – yet you insult and belittle people who disagree with you here? Are you really that stupid? Think about the irony of this and let it burn in REAL DEEP before you try to trash anyone here. You’re still here but your own fellow travelers kicked you to the curb…


OH, geezo PETE! That is too funny!

Nobody wants his idiocy… anywhere… and he admits it!!!


Retired DevilDoc. And yes, Lars, AKA Commissar really is that stupid.


Oh really? The SS had a hobby…which they were weaned off at Nuremberg.



No excuse for you to now understand what fascism is by now.

High school level stuff.


Oohhhh, as long as it’s a People’s Revolution destroying individual liberties, rights and safety it’s ok, THAT’S not fascism.
Ok, got it. It’s crystal clear now: my wrongthink is the problem and I must be purged.
Thank you for setting me straight.
I’ll go back to my crayons and coloring book and wait for the Red Guard Social Workers.


It is not fascism. Not even close.

Fascism is a fairly straight forward theory and coherent theory. That is why it spread easily.

If you understood it you could identify its elements.

Not all violence is fascist.

Not all authoritarianism is fascism.


Yes, Komrade. I now see more clearlier, using violence or threats of violence to alter political behavior is never fascism.
I’m honored to be one the side of the People and the government-sponsored, financially-engineered technology companies that are aligned and governed by foreign nationals, especially the Chinese.
Without their guidance in these delicate matters, namely the supraegalitarian redistribution of outcome, we would be lost.


Have I sufficiently groveled, Senpai?


But, all fascism is Marxist.

and all Marxism is ultimately identity based–whether the identity used is race, nationality, or class.

Fascism is nothing more or less than nationalist Marxism.

In fact, the most pure form of Marxism may have been in Germany–a brand of Marxism shared by ALL of your compadres in the movement–Marxism based on race, gender, or religion where the “means of production” refers to control of the people, not ownership of the factory.

It’s high school level stuff. too bad you don’t understand it.

The Dead Man

You really should look up what the Reds, the original Antifa, the Brown Shirts, the North Koreans, the Khmer Rouge, the Cubans and North Vietnamese tactics were, followed by their inevitable fates.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Shhhh! Please don’t ruin this for me.
My life is empty, devoid of reason without his precious nuggets of the most filthy detritus: communism.
I’m hoping eventually he’ll knock his ignorant self against his own logic, eliciting some kind of epiphany.
But in the meantime, he’s the community’s chew toy.


If I gave you a crayon, a piece of paper, and all the time in the world…

You would never be able to show any evidence that you have a damn clue what communism is or is not.


Communism is a failed ideology.
Communism isn’t successful.

There. Very little paper or crayons used.


But Lars knows how to get it right the next time it can be implemented


Yes, communism is a failed idea.

I am not a communist.

I am just tired of hearing so many of you all label everything you don’t like or understand “communism”.


We have many labels for you. Don’t limit yourself to just one.


Says the guy using the handle of “commissar”!

I guess that’s lost on him!


Correct. You are not a communist. You have no intention of sharing YOUR wealth.

No, you are worse than a communist.

You are a secular jihadist narcissist. A living, breathing, barking, Franco.

The Dead Man

Nice attempt to dodge the comment you Prensa Latina reject.

I can tell you what it is though, it’s a failed ideology because it’s untenable. It was brought to popularity and more or less codified by a professional couch surfer and Blue Falcon who never had to work for anything.

It’s ultimately not what he wanted, because that’s about as likely to happen as you are to have an original thought fire between the vast emptiness that are your ears.

It has instead become synonymous with a totalitarian regime. Of which, every time they’ve had a violent uprising, the agitators have been liquidated. See above for the examples.

You’d be against the wall alongside everyone that opposed them.


You’re right. No one knows what it looks like, as ‘fore that train pulls into the station she goes off the rails at cliff name Despair and Corruption.
I’ve got a great allegory tho, one that sums the square of human nature and the always-failure that is The Biggest C-word:
On my mantle sits a copy of Marx and Engels works. Printed in 1987, the pinnacle of USSRs ‘fine craftmanship’. Blurred type face, several different printers, pages miscut and misaligned, out of order in spots too. It’s the living anthesis of I Pencil by Leonard Read.
While attempting a second degree at the local Indoctrination Center (read: college) I bought it for a dollar US, lest she fall into the mind of a youth.
I’ve done my part to fight this dangerous and wholly disingenuous ideology with my words, you and your heathens best search the God made heavens for a prayer to keep me from fighting with my Earthly vessel.


“Angsty”? Angsty is a teenager pouting and holding their breath or dressing in dark colors because, uh, life and stuff.

This is the wanton destruction of livelihoods for selfish purpose. This is the threat of violence should others not give in to their demands. This is how democracy ends, when the violent beat down any who oppose them and with whom no reasoning can take place.

If even one person voted for Biden instead of Trump out of fear because of these individuals… then we have indeed fallen so low as to allow our citizens to succumb to terrorist threats. Personally, I think they drove more people to Trump, thus ultimately destroying that around them which supported them with no actual impact. Either way, sad that you simply can’t see this for the tragic farce that it is.


He can’t see the farce, for he is an actor in it.


He’s balls deep into it…


you have to have balls to be balls deep


It’s just Portland being Portland. The Pantyfa candidate lost to the lefty do-nothing mayor.

Drive 30 miles out from downtown in any direction and you see Trump2020 signs all over. Same with Seattle.


Pinochet did nothing wrong.
Change my mind.


Helicopter parent to the childish Marxists.


What in the world is going on with Fox News?

Are they heading the same direction as The Drudge Report?

Yes, I am aware that Fox News prides themselves as being “Fair & Balanced”, but it seems that thought process is slowly being altered.

Thank Goodness the ninja family has access to NewsMaxTV.

We still will be watching Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Waters and Gutfield…However, our interest in watching The Five is starting to shrink…


Mike Gunns

Yep. If Tucker, Hannity and the rest of their prime time line up decided to go elsewhere, Fox News would draw less viewers than CNN.


It must be confusing to hear Fox News report facts for the first time since the 90s.


More like a disinformation path blazed by the NY Times, Washington Post, Cnn, Nbc, MsNbc, Cbs and Abc.

Wonder when they’ll get around to the Michigan Biden Voter, among others, that died in 1984.


Thanks for putting that info up, about the Michigan voter. Went to the web site to check, my parents and my in-laws, God rest them, are no longer registered. Of course, they could have registered election day. Probably take a week or so to find out if they did.


you really are a low IQ minion, aren’t you, Dummissar?

Literally incapable of anything but the sounds of a parrot.


I’m going to leave this statement here for my boytoy:



I am buying stock in popcorn…also PCS’ing back to Osan in a few months.

Glad I won’t suffer too much if Biden/Harris win this.

Admins – if you need something from Korea, feel free to hit me up.