Thanksgiving Open Thread

| November 26, 2020

Turkey as the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table. (The Southern Illinoisan/thinkstock dot com)

Hoping that despite the pandemic related precautions, everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving. Want to stretch out the fresh oven baked taste for later in the day and for the weekend? Spray water onto the food before you reheat it in the microwave oven. The food will taste like it was freshly cooked. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. MarineDad61 says:

    A record (for me).
    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

  2. STSC(SW/SS) says:

    Happy Thanksgiving shipmates. May your blessings be many and your plates be full.

  3. Graybeard says:

    A blessed Thanksgiving to you all.

  4. SFC D says:

    Fifth! Preferably of something Irish!

  5. SFC D says:

    Ok, 6th!

  6. Atlanticcoast63 says:

    …Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I plan to be in a food coma for the next 36 hours…

  7. Green Thumb says:

    I have a pineapple.

  8. FuzeVT says:

    What are people doing to their Turkey today? Any turkey alternatives being used? (I mean ham or something like that, not tofurkey or any craziness like that, of course!)

  9. 15th, myself and Sis are having Hungry Man frozen TV Dinners today, and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Still have 2 packs of ground sausage in the reefers freezer and the other stuff to whip up Ex’s sausage and penny. Also bought milk, bacon, American cheese and penny for Ex’s Mac & cheese for whipping up 2moro. I get 4 portions out of it using an 8 X 8 pan.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Tuna fish sandwich here with a rack of Sierra Nevada Celebration.
      Had to toss the first jar of Hellmans Mayo and crack a new one
      for the tuna and diced up some celery for the mix.
      Just me and an old photo of my dog Rex. He liked tuna.
      Might have some Jiffy Pop later after a nap.
      Happy Thanksgiving..

  10. Sparks says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families.

  11. Berliner says:

    Trying out the pre-smoked turkey (12 pounder) from COSTCO. Wife and live-in mother-in-law (88) not fond of turkey so there is a pork belly, first marinated 24 hours in vinegar, then seasoned, rolled and tied cooking in our smoker.

  12. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Umpteenth and Honorary First once again.


  13. Skyjumper says:

    Turkey, smashed potatoes w/gravy, cranberry stuffing, roasted squash, seven layer salad, three bean salad, biscuits, candied carrots, pumpkin pie, chocolate cheesecake (and of course some great freshly brewed, freshly ground coffee & espresso to wash it down with). (smile)

    Having the youngest son & DIL over with my grandpuppy. Going to make them eat so much that I’ll be able to roll them around on the floor. (smile)

    To all of the miscreants here at TAH, a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Also, drop a prayer or two in thanks for our service members that are away from their homes, protecting us and this great country.

  14. NHSparky says:

    And my blood sugar and weight were doing so well before this morning.

  15. ChipNASA says:

    Here bitches.
    Hanging out with my AA friends for a hour or so.
    Then I gots to start cookin’…but a lot of stuff I have to do isn’t gonna take much cause toaster oven and mocrowave to make it simple for me and kids and doggo.
    Happy Thanksgiving for my TAH family and all of your families.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Thanksgiving with the Friends of Bill W is a good thing.

      • ChipNASA says:

        I’m kinda new about being a beginner recovering addict/alcoholic abuser. I think I’m getting the hang of it and the shyness is starting to go away. So is the shame and all that. When you get to the point of it being unhealthy and I mean, *bad*, then yeah, admitting it isn’t a bad thing at all.
        Anyway, no preaching, I kinda promised myself I’d not start being like that about this but, anyway,
        Thanks again to all of TAH and all of you and your love and support in all the times and so much goo going forward.
        It’s been an incredable thing.
        I can’t say Thany You or let all of you know how much you are appreciated, enough times.
        So FUCK YOU
        There, I said it. And you know I mean it. Deep Down, Except Ex-PH2 and Only Army Mom. But they can have a little Fuck You if they choose to. Because I love you all.
        Have a good weekend and I’ll be around in case HoI needs to be deployed!!!

        • OWB says:

          Wishing you heaps and mounds of goo going forward, Chip.

          Oh, and Thanksgiving salutations to you, too.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          My personal experience: the “I got the hang of this sobriety thing” feeling was an indicator I was about to have a rough patch, requiring much introspection and effort to stay on the wagon. Not always, but I just now went there and hm…

          I keep my first white chip in my coin display. Not in pride. It reminds me it was my first and not my last.

          One day at a time.

  16. Wilted Willy says:

    Hey Folks!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Dickweeds and Weedets! All I had was mashed taters for my dinner, just had all my teeth pulled last week for my new dentures! They still kind of hurt when I bite on anything? I pray you all have a great holiday with all your loved ones!!!
    I love you all my brothers and sisters!!!

  17. Claw says:

    Here’s a little Blast From The Past to, perhaps, pass the time until turkey dinner is served:

    2014 Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Tournament Fecal Four:

    Church v. Chevalier

    Visconi v. Bernath

  18. Skippy says:

    So while my governor says families shouldn’t
    Spend this day together, she’s in Hawaii
    Sucking up to the DNC bigwigs
    So she can get a cabinet job
    Under Joe Alzheimer’s administration

    BHWHAHAHAHA !!!!!!

    • Poetrooper says:

      Your governor makes the term “Flaming Asshole” seem inadequate.

      She was just a hyper-ambitious legislator when we lived there.

  19. 5th/77th FA says:

    Welp, another damned ol’ Open Thread just left laying around…AGAIN! Slow Joe bitching and moaning yesterday that the King of Battle, THE King of FIRST struck again…making mention of greed or unfairness. Sat there and watched it for the longest time, left the site, came back, still sitting there, so my alter ego snagged it. Mess with me and I’ll jump on the tomorrow’s TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread and have me a three pete/trifecta/Triple Crown of FIRSTs on Open Threads.

    I make mention of all of that to say, my FIRST plans for this week, as any that are keeping up, were screwed/blued/and tattooed by SnL and his dumbass pileit buddy going bar hopping and catching the Chinese Communist Flu Bug. Baby Girl’s total guest list, counting Baby Sister and me, would have been 12-14 some odd adults (counting some sho’ nuff soccer moms) and assorted chill’ren. Now it will be just 4 of them. I had posted, last week, what the projected menu was to be. Since Baby Sister and I couldn’t make it down there, we are just making a small thing, with myself, Ms Lady Friend C____ and Baby Sister. The 12 pounder HBH (Honey Baked Ham) is a 6 pounder mountain howitzer 1/4 HBH, the bacon infused green beans, deviled eggs, the cast iron skillet of buttermilk cornbread AND cornbread chicken and dressing, together with the chicken and dumplin’s ( chicken for all that percurlated lowly overnight in the crockett pot). Some candied sweet tater yams with cinnamon, black eyed peas, some homemade p’nut butter, snickerdoodles, and maybe another pecan pie…with vanilla bean ice cream.

    I am Thankful for another Tour around ol’ Sol, and especially Thankful for all of the Warriors that are keeping us protected, far from home. May God Bless and Keep each and everyone of them Safe, and be with their Families until they are ALL brought home. I am Thankful, too for all of my Sisters and Brothers in the TAH Family. A Big BZ and SALUTE to the Admins and Editors that keep us entertained and educated.

    Is the Turkey over an open fire post taking the place of the Thursday are for Cooking Post? When will we see the Figgy Hobbin?

  20. Only Army Mom says:

    On the long list of things for which I’m grateful, the deplorable, caustic, honorable, supportive curmudgeons of all ages and both genders here at TAH hold a special place in my heart. You remind me our heroes are never forgotten. I’m reminding you that you are as well.

    May your tables be laden, hearts as full as your bellies, and your glass never empty.

    Happy Thanksgiving all you turkeys.

  21. Wireman611 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours.

  22. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Fyrfighter says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope that everyone had the good fortune to be able to eat far more than they should have, to spend it with loved ones (or at least their memories), and will head to bed tonight fat and happy!
    Yes, even you Commissar, you seemed quite stressed on another thread…

  24. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all here at TAH!

    • Claw says:

      An extra two dollars an hour? Let’s see, our HFP for RVN worked out to be:

      $65.00 a month divided by 720 hours = 0.0902777777777778 cents per hour.

      Hell of a deal at two bucks./s