Abraham Lincoln, world renowned racist white supremacist – So says UW-Madison students

| October 29, 2020

MADISON WI/USA – JUNE 26 2014: Bascom Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The University of Wisconsin is a Big Ten University in the United States.

How has this school failed these students so spectacularly? The history department dean should be immediately fired. They’re calling a statue of The Great Emancipator a remnant of “white supremacy.” This is all part of a classic Marxist revisionist history when they euphemistically say, “Lincoln’s legacy has changed as we start to call out history.”

Campus Reform is reporting;

The University of Wisconsin-Madison student government unanimously voted in favor of a resolution that calls for the removal of the Abraham Lincoln statue on campus.

In June, Campus Reformreported that UW-Madison would not remove the Lincoln statue despite students’ calls in favor of doing so. In September, a petition titled “BIPOC Demands for the University of Wisconsin-Madison” garnered more than 3,000 signatures. The first demand states, “Remove the Abraham Lincoln monument located at the top of Bascom Hill and replace it with someone who stands for the justice of all people.”

Students argue that President Lincoln was “anti-Black,” “anti-Native” and “not pro-Black.”

Following these calls to remove the statue, a resolution was introduced to the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) Student Council advocating for the removal of the Lincoln statue on campus.

The resolution states that the statue should be removed and replaced because it “serve[s] as remnants of this school’s history of white supremacy.”

“In order to create an inclusive and safe environment for all students, campus fixtures with racist remnants should be reevaluated and then removed and/or replaced based on inputs from BIPOC students,” the resolution states.

When asked how the statue serves as a “remnant” of “white supremacy,” Shared Governance Campaign Director for ASM and co-sponsor of the resolution Kevin Jacobson told Campus Reform that the statue “sits at the top of Bascom Hill, a Native American burial mound. Abraham Lincoln is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Native Americans over the course of his presidency.”

“It was also donated by Richard Lloyd Jones whose newspaper was responsible for inciting the Tulsa Race Riots which resulted in the deaths of 36 people and over 800 injuries mostly against Black residents,” Jacobson continued. “We are advocating for the university to listen to the BIPOC students and have conversations about these remnants.”

Equity & inclusion committee chair of ASM Brandon Springer also told Campus Reform that Lincoln’s “legacy” allows for white supremacy to have a role on campus.

“Lincoln’s legacy has changed as we start to call out history and although Lincoln might not have directly pushed a white supremacy agenda on campus, his legacy still allows for issues rooted in white supremacy to exist on campus,” Springer said.

Springer told Campus Reform that the “measure was passed by unanimous consent, so there was not a present member that voted against the legislation as approved.”

UW-Madison senior Evan Karabas told Campus Reform that the statue is a “cherished symbol” on campus and doesn’t want to see it removed.

“The statue has been a cherished symbol on campus for generations. Many would agree that the most significant part of President Lincoln’s legacy was securing freedom for the slaves, and we should celebrate that as a proud moment in our country’s history,” Karabas said.

The resolution also demands a “permanent funding structure” for student organizations that are catered towards “predominantly marginalized groups.”

The main sponsor of the resolution, Crystal Zhao, told Campus Reform that even though the vote was unanimous, “not all representatives in ASM agree that Abraham Lincoln Statue should be removed.”

“With that said, Abraham Lincoln is a representation of ethnic cleansing of indigenous folks and the fact that UW-Madison stands on stolen land. Many students do not feel comfortable seeing him every day when we used to walk to classes. And his presence on Bascom shows that UW-Madison does not care about the ‘shared future’ plan we have with Ho-Chuck people and other first nations,” Zhao continued.

Karabas told Campus Reform that the result of the vote was “extremely disappointing but not at all surprising.” He added that the decision does not reflect the student body because the student government has “largely failed to connect” with the majority of students.

The College Republicans started a petition in support of keeping the statue where it is.

Karabas told Campus Reform that it has amassed more than 1,500 signatures.

“This resolution is the result of a generation of students who have not learned even the most basic history of our country. Instead, they have been manipulated by professors, social media echo chambers, leftist media, and groupthink into developing a bitter hatred for the United States and its people. All they’ve been taught to do is destroy, without questioning the motives of those who are inciting the destruction,” Karabas concluded.

UW-Madison Director of News and Media Relations Meredith Mcglone told Campus Reform that the university stands by its June statement from Chancellor Rebecca Blank on the matter, which expresses that the statue will not be removed.

Anyone else wonder why these woke geniuses attend a college that costs between $10,725 and $37,785 a year in tuition alone if it’s such an institution of white supremacy and “stands on stolen land?”

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Hack Stone

“With that said, Abraham Lincoln is a representation of ethnic cleansing of indigenous folks and the fact that UW-Madison stands on stolen land. Many students do not feel comfortable seeing him every day when we used to walk to classes. And his presence on Bascom shows that UW-Madison does not care about the ‘shared future’ plan we have with Ho-Chuck people and other first nations,” Zhao continued.

Great. Time for these students to show how committed they are for returning stolen land from the indigenous people who preceded the Europeans. First thing is to surrender all of your property to the occupants of the Tribal Reservations, then return to the land from where your ancestors came from. Good luck going back to the land where your great great grandparents came from, and trying to convince some guy who speaks no English that you two are related, and you are reclaiming your ancestral land. Be sure to catch it on video, we haven’t seen someone tarred and feathered in quite some time.


Well, if the University is on “stolen land,” then the entire campus should be bulldozed and all of the White man’s buildings removed. The students can then live in tee-pee’s and learn to hunt buffalo. That is the only correct solution to this “land confiscation” from the “indigenous peoples.”


Confederates were Democrats who didn’t like Lincoln– still don’t, clearly.


the so called “first nations” are not. The peoples we identify as “native” are descendents of at least two immigrant waves from Asia previous.

Now…what do you suppose happened to the peoples of those prior times?

The whole “stolen land” argument is stupid because it assumes that land ownership is a right…which they also hate. It is also stupid because it doesn’t apply to land or areas not coveted by the breathlessly oppressed white rich kids at universities.

Equally important to this entire debate is the concept of trade offs. People who have comfortable ensconced in the protections and affluence of our current golden age (I’m looking at YOU Dummissar), having lived a life without the need to make trade offs seem to assume there are no trade off decisions to be made…ever.

The most recent example was the screeing over the war on terror…the left–particularly the “antiwar” left (there is no such animal, but I digress) operate intellectual from a concept where the President has “good” options and “bad” options.

But what if a President has only bad options before them? What if there are no realistic options available that the soycialist left would term “good”?

The leftist argument is one of absolutes only. This is the reason it always devolves to murder. As the complexity of real life presents the “leader” with ever worse options, someone must be at fault. Someone must have “sabotaged” the system. Some capitalist pig must have “stolen”, “appropriated”, or “resisted” the righteous and beautiful system founded by the collective will of the people as enforced by the “current truth”. Therefore, the only answer is retribution. Violence for the failures of the glorious world of “next Tuesday”. No one can be “innocent” if the world is a collective.

Certainly some are “more guilty” that others, but rest assured, these idiots believe all are guilty of ruining their perfect world.


That is probably why, faced with the childish but lethal Marxist, Pinochet played “helicopter parent”.

A Proud Infidel®™

Further proof that one can have all the education possible and STIL be a complete idiot, I blame the idiot liberal profs on the Faculty for feeding that crap to those kids!


I’m having less and less respect for even those with PhD’s these days. It’s all handed out… had one professor who failed a student for plagiarism because they did not cite a dictionary for a definition. Gotta love these so called “educated” folks responsible for indoctrina– errrrr… TEACHING our youth.

Also, a lot of morons in these schools would be less inclined to bitching about nonsense if they took up fields of study that kept them busy and prepared them to be productive members of our society.


You know what PhD stands for don’t you?

Piled higher and Deeper…

It’s as true now as the first time I first heard it more than sixty years ago.


Post Hole Digger.


Wasn’t it Andrew Jackson who sent the Cherokee on the long march west? The Trail of Tears, or something like that?

Just askin’, because my great grandfather and his three brothers and their uncle, a chaplain, all fought on the side of the North to free the slaves, so I do have some vested interest in this shitass attitude these iggernent marones display.

On a side note, someone splashed red paint on Shridan’s statue in Chicago either last night or this morning. Totes iggernent peepulss.

I’ll bet they can’t even spell things correctly.

Green Thumb



They don’t know about “endeavor to persevere”.


Yep. I use that line all the time on people complaining or whining about something in their lives.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

“Lincoln’s legacy has changed as we start to call out history and although Lincoln might not have directly pushed a white supremacy agenda on campus, his legacy still allows for issues rooted in white supremacy to exist on campus,” Springer said.

So let’s play the “turn around” game, and see how well that statement sounds with different ideologies plugged in.

Karl Marx’s legacy has changed as we start to call out history and although YOU Mr Springer and Karl Marx, might not have directly pushed a Communist agenda on campus, both your legacies still allows for issues rooted in Communism to exist on campus.

I’d say let’s see if Mr Springer has the courage of his convictions and is he willing to be hung by the neck from Abe Lincoln’s statue. Is he willing to die for his convictions?

The Other Whitey

Being a rapist who held a woman in slavery is only bad when the perpetrator is not a leftist icon. Same deal for being an outspoken white-supremacist.

Hence, it was totally okay when Karl Marx did it!

The Other Whitey

So they’re talking about “ethnic cleansing” of the Indians.

Have they heard of this place called Argentina? Oh, my bad, Argentina gets a pass because it’s a “brown” country—never mind that Argentina’s population per their 2010 census is 97% white; they’re in South America and speak Spanish, so they MUST be brown!

The Other Whitey

And how about the Indian tribes who practiced slavery? How about Brigadier General Stand Waite the Confederate Cherokee Rifles

Dennis - not chevy

If the students are that traumatized, they should take all of the pictures of Lincoln out of their wallets and send them to me.

5th/77th FA

Told y’all it wasn’t going to be just all things Confederate that they were after. It is all things American.

I won’t get into picking apart their stupidity or ignorance (which I could). I won’t even get into some of the little known/talked about policies of “Old Abe”, his thoughts on Blacks, and/or the War in general (I could do that too). Abe was not my most favorite of the US Presidents and neither was Andy Jackson, all of that for another thread.

No matter your opinion/feelings on Lincoln, he did ensure the preservation of what became THE United States of America (v A United States of America), in a war that was fought, mostly by, WHITE BOYS! This enabled THE United States of America to keep the world free from oppression in TWO (2) WORLD WARS (again with a very large percentage of WHITE BOYS, most of them Southerners) and kept the Russian Bear at bay during the “Cold War.” For that alone, he should be Honored with statuary.

I feel this way about. All of these people that are screeeeing about RAAAAAYYYCIIIISSS, White Supremacy, reparations, how bad they got it, how bad they had it, or just…reasons, that hate us and this Country so much, just effing leave already…pack your trash and GTFO! If we were a Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Nazi/Fascist Country these people would have already been stood up against a wall and shot…or sent to the Gulag. I have ZERO problems with truly PEACEFUL Assembly and protest. I have many problems with the obstruction of my rights of passage, the destruction of ANY part of our shared history, and the attempts to blame me or mine for any past real or perceived “injustices.”

Now sit down, shut up, and quit trying to ruin my Republic.


The alumni are probably not amused by the brats and their demands. The alumni might even discover which profs are instigating this nonsense and deal with them appropriately.

I found out the impact the alumni have at my own university a few years ago when a serious controversy arose. In a phone call to the president of the university, his staff assured me that the issue was being dealt with and that the threats of the students were not nearly as influential as the outcries from the alumni. They also happily took my contact information should they need any help persuading the students of their error in judgement.


It gets worse after graduation some enlist to cover the cost of that gender (4-6 year) study degree, they come come is as an E4 or get a direct commission as an O-1.


Biden “wrote” this meme:

Trump as Lincoln 01


Biden hasn’t written anything other than an occasional email for years. He just reads a teleprompter or recites rehearsed talking points written by his minders.


I’m assuming a suitable replacement statue, agreeable to the BIPOC students, would be of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by his alias Lenin.

I checked and they have a B.A. and a B.S. along with a M.A. degree program in Gender Studies. Student Assemblies by their Pronouns must be interesting.!

RGR 4-78

President Lincoln, so racist, he gave his life to end slavery in the United States of America.

Green Thumb

So did 400,000 Union troops.

RGR 4-78


It is not funny how that is being forgotten.


“Marxist”, because “asshole” is so insufficient a word


Slightly off-topic, but… liberals get in on stolen valor detection.

“How to Spot a Military Impostor,” by Rachel Monroe, The New Yorker, 19 Oct 2020

Green Thumb

What does Althea Bernstein have to say?

Mustang Major

If you read this book, you may want to scrape away the Lincoln Memorial in DC.

The Problem with Lincoln
By: Thomas J. DiLorenzo

From the book’s publisher:

So many thousands of books deifying Abraham Lincoln have been published that it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to learn much of anything that is truthful about Lincoln’s presidency.

This book should create doubt in anyone’s mind over the designation of Abraham Lincoln as America’s greatest president. Some may even decide that he was the worst.

You’ll learn that Lincoln promised to protect slavery forever in his first inaugural address by endorsing the “Corwin Amendment” to the Constitution, which would have prohibited the federal government from ever interfering with Southern slavery. It should rightly be known as Lincoln’s “slavery forever” speech.

You’ll learn that the real reason why Lincoln launched an invasion of his own country (he never admitted that secession was legal or legitimate) was to destroy the voluntary union of the founders and replace it with a coerced union held together by violence and threats of violence, much more like the old Soviet Union than the original American union.

You were probably not taught in school that by waging total war on Southern civilians and bombing Southern cities into a smoldering ruin, Lincoln violated all moral codes and international law regarding waging war on civilians and opened the door to the horrific atrocities of 20th-century warfare.

Finally, Professor DiLorenzo introduces listeners to the real Abraham Lincoln.

©2020 by Thomas J. DiLorenzo (P)2020 by Blackstone Publishing”

I listened to the audio version of the book while on a road trip. The book had a lot of facts I was unaware of based on my prior understanding of Lincoln.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I don’t agree with some of the professor’s conclusions.
The Corwin Amendment was an attempt to keep the country from tearing itself apart. I understood Abe’s position was slavery would not be allowed to expand West, but there was no demand to end slavery where it existed.
The succession of states and the attack on Ft. Sumter forced Lincoln into military action/invasion.
Destruction of the Confederates ability to wage war (materials/industry/finished good to be sold overseas to finance the war) is/was a by product of a more modern war than what was previously fought (progress…I guess?).
When Confederate forces fell back to defensive positions near and in cities (Atlanta, Vicksburg, Petersburg, Richmond for example) civilian casualties were impossible to avoid.
While Lincoln was by no means perfect, judging him by ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacking’ 100 years later will always find flaws that were not apparent in real time. His actions during his terms resulting in the continuation of these United States. I think he did well and deserves praise.
These kids at UW are proving just how worthless college can be for some people. Their parents should ask for refund on their kid’s ‘education’.


Sounds like DiLorenzo is full of revisionist shit.


Folks need to read up on mid-19th century warfare around the globe. The “late unpleasantness” was, by the standards of Europe and Asia, fought by relative saints. (Both sides)

Seriously. Look at the norms of warfare then. Not the platitudes, the results.


The south will rise again after the War of Northern Aggression !


A couple of thoughts.

Does this mean that these students will want the city to change it’s name also? After all, “Mad City/Mad Town” is named after President James Madison who purportedly owned a bit over 100 slaves.

Secondly, “Bucky Badger” (if you catch him in the sun just right) appears to be wearing “black-face”. Can’t have that, now can we. /s


There are a fair number of “Cheeseheads” here that consider U.W. Madison the northern extension of Berkeley.

comment image?fit=800%2C600&ssl=1


Obviously this school either took in only idiots or turned sensible people into idiots. And hired idiots to run it and idiots to teach there. If the bizarre snowflake reasoning they are using is any indication, the school failed them on every level.
The rich white students are right though – the poor students really don’t need an affordable education. Wisconsin is already overflowing with affordable and accessible elite schools that provide accreditation in mainstays like truck driving, engine repair and cheese manufacturing. Why should the lesser orders beneath them hope for anything better than that, right?
The state should either nationalize it and make it into a home for addicts and mental defectives (allowing the students and teachers to remain) or should privatize it and allow a new college president and staff to reorganize it for maximum profit (tax free until it begins to turn a profit, of course).


[…] In the far left world of finding racism in literally everything, Berkeley is usually leading the nation. Recently though, UW-Madison has told Berkeley, “Hold my beer.” Probably not beer though, they are more likely to ask them to hold their virgin apple-tini. After voting to remove the statue of Abraham Lincoln, world renowned racist white supremacist, […]