West Point getting woke

| October 17, 2020

Jeff LPH 3 sent me this story.

Following alumni accusations this summer of racist treatment at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, cadets, staff and the head of a new advisory group highlighted efforts to foster “character growth” among cadets there.

Those initiatives have included a focus on racially based incidents, in which cadets shared their experiences, at the fourth annual “Honorable Living Week” in September. That event also included anti-bias training. West Point has also created a Character Integration Advisory Group, aimed at integrating honor, respect and trust programs within the cadet corps.

Cadets are also conducting a pilot program of cadet-led “tree talks” on social issues such as online conduct, sexual harassment and racial issues.

Far more at the source link below.

While I never attended the USMA at West Point, we’ve discussed race relations in the military here before. I don’t know if any of our commenters here could point to any instances of racism they saw in their time in the service. In fact, most of us point to the military as the most color-blind place we ever experienced (at least for the last six decades or so). In the words of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, “You are all equally worthless.”

Source; Army Times

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A fish rots from its head, meet example A.
‘The U.S. Military Academy at West Point’s mission is “to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army.”’
To reach and achieve that task you’re conditioning them to be sniveling little bitches by reenforcing a standard that outcomes don’t matter, how you feel is really the litmus test of accomplishment.
Folks, I don’t know if you are aware, not that I intend to alarm or excite you but, THERE ARE COMMIES INSIDE THE WIRE!!!


When the Academy allowed an avowed commie to flourish a few years ago within the ranks, it was obvious that a line had been crossed, probably years prior. The individual who displayed the commie message at graduation should have been immediately separated from the U S Army and everyone who allowed his festering ideology to continue disciplined.

Did that happen? If so, it was kept very quiet.


There was a comment the other day referencing Pinochet and
the helicopter rides. The song playing with it,
“One of these Nights” has been stuck in my head since.
Great song but I can’t help picturing certain things being
“kept very quiet”. Not a fan of that sort of thing but
Khrushchev was correct in his warning about our public
schools and our institutions being infiltrated.
I was a little kid then. Watched it all happen in slow motion.
Here we are.

5th/77th FA

Roh-Dog = TESTIFY!


26Limabeans = I ALSO (not to be confused with that me too crowd)

It must be that legacy of held over systemic requirements that you do your Duty in all things. Where you should never do less…and can never do more. Got to blame Bobby Lee for it. He was a Commandant there at one point in time, and well before that, a demerit free student. Soon as they remove his name from that building, it will all be more better. /s/

Good Morning SFC Sledge, where ever you are!


You’re referring to Commie Spenser Rapone? He was OTH discharged from the Army after they concluded their investigation.



Good. Still, there were indications before his graduation.


But heaven forbid, don’t display a Confederate emblem on yourself or your vehicle!


Y’all know I never have been in the military. However, one of my former supervisors – a man I respected and admired – was an Army brat.

He didn’t even know his skin color was an issue until high school or college (I forget which) when he was away from other military brats.

His experiences were exacerbated by the fact that he was a HUGE man.


Ah yes mandatory race relations class Ft Jackson, 1975 basic training, our platoon had no issues until that class and our DS knew just how to fix what the class stirred up. We double timed it to drag ass hill, went into the woods and formed a circle, boxing gloves thrown into the middle. Anybody got a problem? Gloves on.
Problem solved.

Green Thumb

We were all turds.

Some darker, smelly and oozier for sure.

But still all turds.

Ain’t rocket science.

Wise (or just fucking tired of the bullshit) men work together. Do this, and the pain stops.

Fools divide themselves. And with that, the pain continues.


^THIS^ Thank you GT!



So we can’t respect people for what they do. We have to kowtow to other things which are more important than doing the job properly.

I think those tanker crews from WWI and WWII might have something to say about that, and it would not be pretty.

A Proud Infidel®™


No shit, just take a look at the faculty of any given Public University, the commie left has been using the Education System for decades!


The only racist acts I saw while on active duty in the Navy was on the part of some of the black ne’er do wells that simply wanted to goof off and let someone else do their job for them. A goodly number ended up in front of Summary Courts Martial and screamed racism even when their acts hurt other blacks directly.

A Proud Infidel®™

I saw the same thing on Army AD in the early 90’s, the ne’er-do-wells of a certain ethnicity not only throwing the race card every time they got a job assignment they didn’t like but doing so every time they got held accountable for their actions!


I saw a few guys that were racist but they never lasted long. One was active in the Klan in the early 90s and he got barred to reenlist. A few others over the years that were more covert. They were out there but rare cuckoo birds.

Timothy McVeigh didn’t just spring out of thin air.


Of course I saw blatant and not so blatant racist acts during my time in the Army, committed by and against people of all varieties, backgrounds, and levels of education.

In fact, the story linked cites a few examples. Now, perhaps someone is lying, in which case we have another issue.

USMA (and all the academies, to include the Gentlemen’s Agreement academies and Junior/Senior Military colleges) is an educational institution. Like any college, roughly 1/4 of their student body is 17 or 18, thinks they are smarter than the average bear, and was just thrown in with people from a variety of backgrounds- but in the case of the academies there is essentially no break for a solid year.

Plebe/Rat/Knob/Fish/Whatever year is a 24/365 suck fest (well, maybe except for USAFA) where even your reaction to the suck is graded. On top of that, remember that quite a lot of a Plebe’s life is literally ruled by a Yearling/Cow/Firstie that has all the maturity and perspective that comes with being 20-22.

In other words, you have a bunch of knuckleheads doing knucklehead things to other knuckleheads. There is bound to be a personality failure here and there.

So, I guess I am fine with having a grown up step in from time to time.


Most blatant racism and sexism I saw in 24 years of active federal service was the acts of a black, female CSM. Black Soldiers, and black female Soldiers in particular, could do no wrong in her eyes. I refused to send a black female SGT to the promotion board, had stacks of documentation to back it up. Suddenly she’s moved to BN HQ as the CSM’s driver, sporting SSG stripes. No one can recall her attending a board.


…and I’m sure the CSM said you were racist and sexist. Lots of stories like that.

Maybe we should train and educate young LTs to deal with that kind of BS


She did call me a racist. Within earshot of nearly the entire battalion. Because my Commander and 1SG deployed a young black PFC whose family was not yet in quarters and had barely arrived when we left for Kuwait in 2003. The anticipated problems erupted with a vengeance, and I, as the PSG, was left holding the bag for my command. I had done everything possible to leave this kid in the rear, at least till his family was settled. Commander and 1SG let me take the heat. She told me in no uncertain terms and at extreme volume that I was the main reason my company had a racism problem. She wasn’t interested in the truth, only the perception that a white senior NCO screwed over a black Soldier and his family.

Green Thumb

The Masons.


I saw no racism when I was in. Out west we even had some foreign nationals(Filipinos specifically), also maybe 15% Americans of Mexican ethnicity. I saw at least a few Chinese.

With the Filipinos I think someone told me that a hitch would fast track them for U.S. Citizenship. Not solid on that. All our Navy bases were still up and running there then.

That was out west. Mostly black and white in the East. We all got along great.

We actually busted each others chops and laughed our asses off about it. A black guy called me someone else’s name once. Someone who clearly looked different than me. When I asked him why he’d done that he looked surprised.

Then he said my correct name, and remarked that we all looked the same to him.