Judge halts law enforcement commission’s report because it’s made up of law enforcement experts

| October 3, 2020

Here’s another one of those stories that sounds like it’s out of The Onion or The Babylon Bee, but it’s real.

A federal judge’s ruling on Thursday stopped next month’s expected release of a report from a presidential commission created to study American law enforcement. Judge John Bates ruled that the commission, comprised solely of current and former law enforcement officials, lacked the diversity necessary to address issues plaguing policing.

None of the 18 commissioners appointed to “study a broad range of issues regarding law enforcement and the criminal justice system,” and then make recommendations to the president through the report, have any background in “criminal defense, civil rights, or community organization,” Bates noted in his decision.

Of course race has everything to do with it.

“Especially in 2020,” Bates wrote, “when racial justice and civil rights issues involving law enforcement have erupted across the nation, one may legitimately question whether it is sound policy to have a group with little diversity of experience examine, behind closed doors, the sensitive issues facing law enforcement and the criminal justice system in America today.”

There’s more at the source; CBS News I recommend having your blood pressure pills at the ready.

In a refreshing change of pace, Judge Bates is a G.W. Bush appointee instead of the usual Obama legal geniuses behind such decisions. When did “community organizer” really become a legitimate thing? Used to be that was a well understood euphemism for useless neighborhood pain in the ass. I guess when you elect one to the Senate and then the White House it gives some credibility to the made up “job.”

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Ahhh, the ever-awesome ‘it’s current year’ masturbatory machination,…that pos, malodorous, obdurative device literally never gets old!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

WTF????, All Bates are off on this one. I wonder how many times he watched Plan Nine From Outer Space.


There was also a resignation by one of the members of the commission claiming the commission report was a hatchet job meant to provide political cover for law enforcement. The commission had a predetermined pro law enforcement agenda and had no interest in carrying out their duties of providing an unbiased facts based report.


They created a bullshit report. The commission did not follow the law. The commission set out to create political propaganda from the beginning and had no interest in trying to present unbiased facts to the American public.

For a forum of people who claim to love “small government” you all sure love to spread pro-police state propaganda.

Law enforcement in this country needs reform.

If you actually were “small government conservatives” I would not be having to argue that point with you. It would be obvious just by the fact that our law enforcement kills and uses force against citizens at a hundreds of times higher than any other industrial democracy. Or the fact that we imprison more of our citizens than any other nation in the world, including authoritarian states. Or the fact that officers caught lying in their reports are often not fired in this country and almost never charged.

But you all are classical conservatives. More power in the hands of fewer people.

Classical conservatism is literally what our founders fought a revolution against.

And you all have embraced it under Trump.

And here you are angsty over the fact that a genuine small government conservative judge blocked an illegal pro-police state propaganda report.


So you’ve read the report?

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m positive that he hasn’t and just cannot resist what he sees as a chance to come defecate his cult propaganda all over the place!


The members of the Commissariat are able to digest massive amounts of information using a technique developed by Evelyn Wood


I took something akin to that course back when the US Army put me through my GED course.
It works very well, I’ve had huge increases in reading speed, adaptability and comprehension.
Graduated with honors twice since then.


Why do I keep mustin’ to do dis?!
police state -noun

: a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures

Care to elucidate how and why America is a ‘police state’, also could you discuss violent, antisocial subcultures inside the United States, their impact on use of force incidents by the police, incarceration and recidivism rates?
Please speak loud and articulate into the toilet, because that’s where your ‘you guyiz licckks boouts’ bullshit belongs.
Hundreds on millions of interactions by cops per year, very low use of force, let alone complaints. Dillhole.


You are so predictable.

That’s not a compliment!!!


Besides your usual insanity that you post incessantly, you use CNN as a source? Good grief, nobody, not even Jake Tapper, Wolf Blized or Brian Stelter use CNN as a source for anything!


I think you’re just pissy because even with all your LEO experience, you weren’t selected for the panel.


No, we just want to see you (and only you) get oppressed by the Man.

5th/77th FA

Oh FFS, that’s one of the main problems with Society and the World as a whole right now. Too damn many f’ing committees made up of people who don’t have a clue of what the mission is, much less how to run it. Racial crime problem? Yeah, about 3% of the population is commiting about 70% of the crime. Too much crime? Yep, you are reaping the benefits of the past 50 years of not making sure that people knew how to mind their damn manners. Seems like we had this discussion on another thread yesterday.

“…a G.W. Bush appointee…” Yeah, well what’s the diff between his and oblowme’s? Very damn little. Never was impressed with Junior and considered his Senior to be a deep state swamp dweller himself. Did have the utmost respect for GHW’s Naval WWII Service, lots of respect for Mrs. Barbara, and considered Laura B hotter than a $2 pistol. Lot’s of class in those 2 ladies. Remember, too, the fact GHW was a CIA weenie for a good long time before he was selected to keep an eye on Reagan. Big surprise to the deep state that Ronnie was such a darling of the public. But, again, I digress.

I had no real problem with oblowe me being 1/2 black. It was his white side and his TOTAL LACK of experience that I didn’t trust…and his left wing upbringing. Community organizer? Bullsh^t. Should be someone working at the Y or the Neighborhood Watch. More of the same kind of throwing money and feelz goodz at the hood rats is not going to work. It never did work and never will. As any real parent knows, you don’t reason with a spoiled brat. You pop them on their azz one or two times and say, “Cause I’m the Parent, that’s why!”

Awaiting incoming from the spapos in 5.4.3….


Gee, I can see why the judge ruled against the commission’s composition and work. Obviously, some felon gang bangers, some Antifa’s, and some ACAB preaching BLMer’s on the commission are needed to make it fully balanced. A few Molotov making arsonists views are needed, as well.


So if an electrician does a report on my house wiring and did not hire a non binary person of color to help them then his
report is obviously suspect and likely racist. Got it.


I think the judge has a valid point. Anyone here think the police are perfect? Who here would not laugh at a committee of Democrat politicians investigating the policies of the Democratic party? How about a Blu-Ribbon panel of “educators” investigating why their schools spend more than average per student but less than 40% pass standardized tests? What do you think of a customer service department that doesn’t listen to complaints?

My favourite question is why we need a commission of experts in the first place if the experts already have all the answers?