Long Live the Non-Binaryhood

| October 3, 2020

We recently wrote that the US Navy SEALs are making efforts to be gender-neutral and were eliminating terms such as “men” and “brotherhood” going forward.

Well, it seems that President Trump got wind of all this and is reversing the Navy’s decision, calling it “ridiculous.”

Trump tweets he’s overturning new Navy SEAL gender-neutral ethos; calls it ‘ridiculous’

President Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted that he would reverse a Navy decision that changed the Navy SEAL ethos and Special Warface Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC) creed to be gender neutral, after American Military News exclusively reported the changes Monday.

Trump tweeted, “I will be overturning this ridiculous order immediately!” linking to a tweet referencing the original American Military News story.

The changes to the Navy SEAL Ethos removed terms like “man,” while the SWCC creed was similarly changed, with a reference to the elite Navy boat unit as a “brotherhood” being changed to a “group of maritime warriors.”

Naval Special Warfare spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Stroup confirmed the changes to the ethos and creed in an emailed statement to American Military News on Monday.

Ex-SEAL Rob O’Neill recently tweeted out “Long Live the Non-Binaryhood”…

Call me pessimistic, but I have a feeling that the media will try and spin this as anti-women vs. upholding tradition.

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C’mon man! When Biden is elected he will reinstate it. C’mon man!


“…the media will try to spin this…” Well duh huh. BZ to the President for using his position as Commander-in-Chief to nip this in the bud. Not much in the grand scheme of overboard PC, but it’s a start.

Now if we could just get the other 97 genders on board with this.


Where did I read that the SEALs now have a few members who are not confused about their gender? Was it here?

Some of this stuff comes off as ridiculous. How ’bout “club” or is that too exclusive, too?

Why don’t we stop using the term “fraternization” and just go with “messing around with underlings”?

Is it okay to use the pejorative “slut” on guys? Fair is fair: if you can use it on us girls, then we can use it on you guys, right?

This is ridiculous. I think I’ll go apply to re-up for 6 or so months of AD, and if they won’t take me, I will holler “ageism!!!” and embarrass them in public.


Now track down and remove the gnard-gargling dildo enthusiasts that conceived and implemented the idea in the first place.




But, But this was the work of a whole Pentagon Naval O-5 and O-6 committee of good idea fairies. They have been studying this from Commander 0bama’s last term, in anticipation of Hildy being Pres. Because of this rash Trump tweet, he has likely lost the votes Demi Moore and all the Hollywierders who worked on “G.I. Jane.”

Long Carl

So glad that we have a real President at this time.


Although I agree with his sentiment (on this issue) Rob O’Neil just needs to keep his mouth shut and go away; he’s an embarrassment to the SEAL community.