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| October 4, 2020

Korth Mongoose

Episode 209 with David Cole
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What happened the night a man was killed in Tampa’s Curtis Hixon Park?
Prosecutors have decided the man who shot Antonio “Jay Jay” McGuire, 18, in May was standing his ground. McGuire’s mother says justice isn’t being done.

By Tony Marrero
The word spread on social media: Party at Curtis Hixon Park.

For weeks, the city’s signature downtown park had been closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. On the third Saturday in May, scores of young people converged on the space on the bank of the Hillsborough River.

Shortly after Saturday night became Sunday morning, the last in a series of fights erupted near the park’s dormant water fountains. Amid the chaos, a gunshot rang out and a muzzle flashed in the darkness.

As the shooter and others scattered, 18-year-old Antonio “Jay Jay” McGuire, Jr. fell to the ground.

The three-month investigation that followed, detailed in an 111-page report released by Tampa police to the Tampa Bay Times, found the shooter was standing his ground to protect himself and a friend when he drew his gun. Prosecutors have decided to charge the man, who didn’t know McGuire, with carrying a concealed weapon.

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Read the rest here: Tampa

Hat tip to our own Gun Bunny for the link.

Charges: Minneapolis man shot victim in back and head, told police it was an intruder
The suspect initially reported the incident as a home invasion.

A Minneapolis man has been charged in the fatal shooting of someone he allegedly sold drugs to after the victim went into his home wearing a mask and gloves.

Travis Leonard, 23, is charged with intentional second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter in connection to the death of Dylan Lattery, 23, of Owatonna.

According to the criminal complaint, at 10:54 p.m. on Sept. 24, police responded to a report of a shooting at 1127 Irving Ave. N. in Minneapolis. Leonard had called police, telling them he shot someone who had broken into his house.

When police arrived, they found Lattery lying face down near a back door of the home. He was wearing a black hoodie, mask and gloves, and there was a hatchet in his hand.

Police weren’t able to resuscitate him, and Lattery was pronounced dead at the hospital, a Hennepin County Medical Examiner report says. An autopsy found he was shot twice – once in the mid-back and once in the back of the head, charges note.

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Read the rest here: Bring Me The

Asked if a federal ban on “assault weapons” would reduce crime, Gwen Fitzgerald of Handgun Control Inc. says, “Let’s pass the law and find out.”

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Don’t like the see thru hammer.

Sing it Donovan:

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Obviously the people at the Park party never read Woodpile Report, “Stay away from crowds.”
If they had, the whole kerfluffle would have been avoided.
And Mama wouldn’t be crying about justice for her DidnDuNuffin.

As for this morning’s Gun Pr0n, yummy stuff. But right now I can’t even afford ammunition. That is, what little I can find online.

And Miss Honey Hush seems to have all the Right Equipment in all the Right Places. A joy to observe.

5th/77th FA

Testify Tox! Guess you noticed in the article the dates and did the math on how old baby mama was when she had baby dindu nuffin. Good chance any number of that crowd was in one of my Daughter’s “Special Needs Students” Classes. I have been to that park with her and the Grands (daytime only, with CC). More proof of why I need to get them the hell out of there.

My only sympathies in the Minn. story is for the infant. Not sure how much weed you’d have to sell to get $13,000 laying ON TOP of the safe. Plus a suitcase full of more weed handy.

Good job on the pod cast link. Lotsa good lessons in there. Plus it adds to the overall count of DRTs and WRTs.

Iffen I did have an orphan $5 large laying around not sure if I’d put it on the Rolls Royce Wheel Gun. That kinda scratch would buy you several real nice wheelies…and an ass load of cartridges.

Yowsir, Ms Thang Honey Hush for shore for shore has ALL of her pieces and parts satisfactorily arranged. She needs to be arrested, cause she has stolen my heart. This old dawg might not be able to hunt, but he can shorely run back and to on the porch, barking his damn fool head off. And no, it don’t matter if she can’t cook…I can cook…up something with her. Further proof that AW1Ed loves us and wants us to be happy.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Yep. Airdale Ed surely loves us and wants us to be happy.
Today’s offerings more then make up for yesterday’s late start.


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That woman holding the A R has a chemical symbol on her very nice breasts.
What is the symbol?




Who flops a digital picture?


Had the magnificent opportunity to extensively fire a Korth .357.

If you think a well tuned Python is slick and smooth, compared to a Korth out-of-the-box, it’s akin to a logging road…in winter…after the logging season…filled with 4WD clubs…filled with beer.

No perceive stacking. Let off double or single action was like breaking a greasy icicle on a greasy frozen pond, with greasy hands. Accuracy was within 1.5″ at 25m, offhand. I can shoot very well, but not that well. I can only hope that someday. I can afford one.