Military Ballots Discarded – Investigation Ongoing

| September 24, 2020

Officials recovered nine absentee ballots. These ballots were discarded and were for Donald Trump. The FBI is working with the Pennsylvania State Police to investigate how these ballots ended up discarded.

From the United States Department of Justice website:

HARRISBURG – On Monday, September 21, 2020, at the request of Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis, the Office of the United States Attorney along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Scranton Resident Office, began an inquiry into reports of potential issues with a small number of mail-in ballots at the Luzerne County Board of Elections.

Since Monday, FBI personnel working together with the Pennsylvania State Police have conducted numerous interviews and recovered and reviewed certain physical evidence. Election officials in Luzerne County have been cooperative. At this point we can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded. Investigators have recovered nine ballots at this time. Some of those ballots can be attributed to specific voters and some cannot. All nine ballots were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Our inquiry remains ongoing and we expect later today to share our up to date findings with officials in Luzerne County. It is the vital duty of government to ensure that every properly cast vote is counted.

The entire article is quoted above, the link is here.

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Combat Historian

The fix is in…


See the system works. They were committing voter fraud and then got caught. A perfect test case. It is doubtful those military guys voted for Trump anyway. I heard on CNN that anonymous people said that Trump despises the military.


Early voting has started in my AO. I may go vote and then go to the grocery store. Really want to dress up as a Plague Doctor for Halloween and vote on that day, just to scare adult voters. The kids will love it.

5th/77th FA

And the saga continues. You might want to say, “…and so it begins…” but it has already begun. The test beds are laid and the March to disrupt this election is on. And not, as the demonrats want everyone to believe, by Trump. This is not the FIRST discarded ballots found, and it will not be the last. Remember the post we made the other day where the 1K+ phony ballots were found in GA, and 150+ had actually been counted during the primary?

Odd we should have this post today. I received another “Request for Mail in Voter Ballot” today at Firebase Magnolia. That’s number 24 or 25.

Vote! Vote in person if at all possible! But Vote as if the Country depends on you…because it does.


Democrat corruption, but I repeat myself.


I told you all
Fix is in
Wait till November


Does anyone know why or how it’s possible
To drain the swamp when the DOJ can’t even hold
Corrupt politicians accountable for 2016 ???
Hell they won’t even clean their own house


Why should they? It only hurts themselves, and by and large they are all equally dirty.

535 bullets, wait six month and evaluate, repeat as needed.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s not forget that in the 2000 Election the FIRST ballots that Al Gore Junior’s campaign sued to disqualify in Florida were over 10,000 Military Absentee Ballots.


Remember when the Unit Voting Assistance Officer would come around and tell you that your vote counted?

Obviously, some people think that it doesn’t…

Green Thumb

Most of those guys that listened got popped on the 10%.


Hell, they got popped in the PDRMA for not counting military absentee ballots for years. Just a couple weeks ago the town clerk a couple towns over “forgot” several boxes of mail in ballots. Vote by mail, what could possibly go wrong, brought to you by the geniuses who also sold you “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor…”


While this obviously isn’t great, the update makes it seem more like unintended consequences of rules than the deep, dark, evil hand of the Democrats.

Basically, Pennsylvania requires ballots to be in a secrecy envelope… but these look so similar to ballot requests, that election officials open envelopes, invalidating mail-in ballots which, by law, can’t be opened until 7am on Election Day.


There’s also conflicting information as to whether these are general election ballots, or ballots from the primary, since the ballots for the general hadn’t been sent out yet as of six days ago.

Finally, the director of the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections is currently unaffiliated, but did run as a Republican in the past. Again, no sign of crazy Democrat shenanigans yet.

It’s probably best that PA gets it shit together and not have ballots and ballot requests look similar, but this ain’t evidence of some grand conspiracy.


Tens of millions of ballots, tens of thousands of ballots…

And the mishandling of 9 ballots becomes a National right wing talking point.

There is a reason; because Pennsylvania is critical to this election…

If Biden wins Pennsylvania he is more than 90% favored to win the election, if a Trump wins Pennsylvania he is more than 80% likely to win.

And most polling put Pennsylvania statistically tied.

Trump is doing everything he can to create the perception that the election results can’t be trusted. His plan is to challenge the results to cling to office and let the 6-3 conservative SCOTUS determine the outcome.

Any mistrust he can generate, particularly with respect to mail in ballots, helps him push the “election was rigged” narrative if a critical state like Pennsylvania does not go his way.

I am not saying malfeasance should not be investigated. Even with only 9 ballots.

I am saying the reason this is being obediently spread on right wing media and blogs is because it serves and intentional propaganda narrative by an administration willing to do anything to retain power.


“because it serves and intentional propaganda narrative by an administration willing to do anything to retain power.”


I agree 100% that the Virginia Administration led by a KKK Costumed Doofus Governor and his Sidekick who Sexually Assaulted a Fellow Worker and an Attorney General who wore Black Face are willing to do anything to retain power.

To including announcing 6 hours before President Trump lands at Newport News, VA Airport that Doofus and his wife has COVID 19.

Or threatening to arrest almost 5,000 folks if they attend a Peaceful Trump Rally tonite that they will be arrested.

Yep…Those Doofuses will do anything to retain Power.



It is not democrats that are planning to use the Supreme Court to steal an election this year.

Trump knows the court strongly favors him.

He also knows mail in ballots strongly favor Biden.

He is going to try to sue to get as many mail in ballots thrown out and try to stop the counting of ballots in as many states as possible at midnight of the election.

If the election is close there is a good chance he will still have a slight lead at midnight.

They plan to exploit that early lead to declare victory and tie up any further ballot counting in the courts.



So…What do you think that all of the sudden, the last minute, the VA Guv announcing he has COVID…making the announcement about 8 hours before President Trump starts his Rally in Newport News, VA Airport…

Or threaten Misadeamer charges if more than 250 show up? 5,000 are expected.

The same Governor who lied about being a Gulf War Vet.


The timeline does not make it a conspiracy. A staffer informed the Gov office they had it. The Governor, his wife were tested a Thursday. Announced the results immediately. The president should not be above the law. Right now participating and hosting in potential super spreader events is a misdemeanor. There is some constitutional questions; particularly in he case of political events or religious events… However, precedent and previous rulings suggest a law meant to stop the spread of a pandemic virus is has a lot of latitude to restrict a person’s otherwise constitutional rights. The fact is Trump should not be holding the super spreader events in the first place. And he at least should be requiring masks and making social distance possible. He is doing it for entirely political reasons. He knows this virus is dangerous, he is on tape explicitly admitting how dangerous he knows it is – especially to his generally geriatric base.., but he doesn’t give a damn about them. When asked if he was concerned of the risk of people getting Covid with respect to these events he answered from the perspective of entirely his own risk and said he felt safe because he was far from the crowd. With no regard for the risk his followers in the crowd were taking. Pretty disgusting answer but exactly what you would expect from a malignant narcissistic sociopath. I am not a fan of Northam, merely because I think claiming to be a “moderate” is a bullshit claim if you support the establishment status quo. There is nothing fucking moderate about the establishment status quo. His approval rating is fairly high. I vaguely recall the Gulf War vet controversy. Something about a bio and his treating gulf war casualties while in Europe but the bio implied or stated he was a vet of the war itself. I tried to google it but didn’t see much clarification on the controversy. Pretty lame for him or his staff to do, but also a pretty lame “stolen valor” accusation. It one of those that can be easily dismissed as… Read more »


So please, Short Round, show us the figures on the incredible numbers of attendees at Trump rallies who are dropping like flies from the Communist Chinese virus.

I’m sure you have the numbers there somewhere among your endless mounds of empirical evidence…


However, precedent and previous rulings suggest a law meant to stop the spread of a pandemic virus is has a lot of latitude to restrict a person’s otherwise constitutional rights.

The precedents pertain to the quarantine of sick individuals. There is zero legal or Constitutional grounds upon which to suspend the First Amendment against healthy persons.

Green Thumb

I really do not have an issue with moderates on either side of the spectrum.

In reality, which is sometimes lost, they are not that different.

They have a lot of the problems, trials and tribulations and must utilize many of the same sources or avenues to either mitigate or solve them.


It is not democrats that are planning to use the Supreme Court to steal an election this year.

There’s only one political party in this country that has done exactly that before. If the Democrats do it, then they really shouldn’t act surprised if the other side tries to play the game by the same rules.


LC touched on something that needs further elaboration… The “Naked ballot” controversy. Pennsylvania absentee/mail in ballots arrive in an envelope. Inside that envelope is a ballot and two additional envelopes. The person who votes absentee must fill out the ballot, then insert the ballot inside the “secrecy” envelope, then minster the secrecy envelope into the return envelope. Sign the return envelope. Then mail it back. REPUBLICANS sued to force Pennsylvania to throw out any ballot that fails to follow those instructions. The most common failures are failure to sign the return envelope, and failure to seal the ballot into the secrecy envelope prior to putting the ballot into the return envelope. In the past election officials would throw out ballots that were not signed…but not throw out ballots that were not in the secrecy envelope. Republican, who want to get as many mail in ballots thrown out as possible this year…sued to force Pennsylvania to throw out ballots that were not sealed in the secrecy envelope. They won. In my mind it is a bad court decision, but whatever, they won. This is leading to a lot of ballots being thrown out. Statistically, Republican believe this will help republicans this year. The assumption is that democrats, who are more compliant with a Covid precautions, are thus more likely to vote absentee this year. Additionally, Trump has gone out of his way to discourage his voters from voting by mail (except in Florida where mail in voting is expected to favor republicans due to the large retiree community). So, regardless of whether these 9 ballots were correctly handled, the conditions for mistakes like this were set by republicans because they believe it favors them this year. As for the secrecy envelope… When you vote in a polling station in Pennsylvania, and you are not going to use electronic voting, they hand you a ballot and a “secrecy sleeve”. The intent of the secrecy sleeve is to protect the privacy of the voter. You are instructed to keep the ballot inside the secrecy sleeve, go to the voting booth, fill out the… Read more »


“The assumption is that democrats, who are more compliant with a Covid precautions…”

I think you mean: “Who are quick to frighten, far more easily misled and unquestionably more sheep-like.”


All those Democrats out mostly peacefully protesting are clearly very compliant with COVID precautions.


“If a election official were to see a voter walk around without their ballot in the secrecy sleeve they are not going to go over and take the ballot and throw it out. The secrecy sleeve is to protect the privacy of the voter.

“The fact that the court ruled that the lack of a secrecy envelope should be grounds to throw out a mail in ballot is an upside down outcome.”

That, Short Round, is a totally moronic comparison as the ballot at the voting site is, in the immediate present, AT THE VOTING SITE, not floating around in the suspect custody of mail transport for an indeterminate period.

Big difference, dude, but then we wouldn’t expect someone like you to notice the glaring difference, would we?


Talking about moronic.

The secrecy envelope does nothing to make the ballot more secure. It is just an envelope. And, unlike the return envelope, it is not signed and it identical to every other secrecy envelope produced.

So how the hell would it make any difference with respect to your asinine conspiracy about ballots floating around in suspect custody.

You are trying to shoehorn the notion that no absentee/mail in ballots can be trusted (including all military absentee ballots), into the issue.

Most states don’t even have a secrecy sleeve for mail in ballots.

You disappoint me again, Poe; It is one thing to be a propagandist, Poe, it is quite another to believe your propaganda. First rule of propaganda and drug dealing; don’t consume your own supply.


Yeah, let’s talk about moronic. You compared the situation of a voter who violates his own ballot security at the polling place with that of mail-in ballots in the control of polling officials after having been transported by a third party or parties.

It was a dumb comparison so I called you on it.

Any “shoehorning” of any notions is all in what remains of your fevered brain. I didn’t express any opinion either way as to my feelings about mailed-in ballots. As it so happens, you, once again and as per usual, have it ass-backwards. I happen to favor mail-in voting–just not as a mere convenience or as a means of committing voter fraud.

If a voter has a legitimate reason for availing himself of mail-in voting, I’m fine with it. However, if a voter is too damned lazy to get off his/her ass and go vote, then screw them. And if they’re doing it for criminal purposes, then screw them all the way to jail.

As for disappointment, you don’t disappoint me in the least, Lars–like most here at TAH, I’ve learned not to expect anything from you. And for you to warn anyone not to consume their own propaganda is hilarious–unintentionally and totally self-unaware, I realize–but hilarious nonetheless.

You are the perfect embodiment of your ideology: a loser…


I see you’re having problems with reading comprehension again, Commissar. Let me spell it out for you. 1. PT’s point – which you obviously missed or willfully ignored – is that by design a secrecy envelope prevents anyone from seeing precisely who voted a particular ballot. Something about “safeguarding the secret ballot” comes to mind as the reason. 2. Here’s why they’re a good idea. Absentee ballots are received over a relatively long period of time and stored. Some jurisdictions may even open them on receipt, check signatures and outer envelope information, and “check off” the voter against registration rolls as having voted. You know, in case they later show up at the polls and try to vote a second time (yes, that does happen on occasion). 3. Without a secrecy envelope, after the outer envelope is removed the individual opening the outer envelope can determine how a particular voter voted. That’s contrary to the concept of a secret ballot. 4. The secrecy envelope allows separation of functions to make that impossible. Specifically, one person can verify the ballot against voting rolls (and against a digital signature database, in some places) using information on the outer envelope. They can then remove the ballot – contained in a secrecy envelope – and give it to a second individual (or put it in secure storage for later counting). That second individual can then open the secrecy envelope at a later time and count the ballot without ever knowing who cast any particular ballot. That’s not even theoretically possible with any certainty if the person counting the votes has access to the outer envelope indicating who cast the ballot – some fool could easily fold the ballot backwards and expose some/all of their votes. Using an inner secrecy envelope thus makes it impossible for one person acting alone to violate the secret ballot – kinda like other “2 person control/integrity” systems. I presume you’re familiar with that latter concept? 5. This latter part – storage for long periods of time – is what PT was talking about in his “floating around” comment. Depending… Read more »