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| September 12, 2020

The Gun Bunny sends in our first contestant for the week.

Georgia Senate candidate arrested, defends breaking into her home after eviction

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution;

A candidate for the Georgia Senate was arrested after reportedly breaking into her own home and moving back in after being evicted from it. The woman, however, claims she never should have been evicted in the first place.

Linda Pritchett, who is running to represent District 39 in a special Democratic primary Nov. 3, was arrested at the home in South Fulton on Friday. She is charged with first-degree burglary, obstructing an officer and criminal property damage, Fulton County Jail records show.

According to a South Fulton police report obtained by, an officer was “flagged down by a citizen” on Aug. 31 “in reference to an owner versus tenant dispute.” Four days later, the police department took the Senate candidate into custody.

Pritchett said she was “maliciously prosecuted and charged excessively” when South Fulton police arrived at her home Friday afternoon. She said the incident stems from a dispute over who owns the property.

“This is a situation where my house was wrongfully foreclosed,” she told

The case started back in 2018, so naturally she’s also saying she can’t be evicted because of COVID.

Source; AJC

Missing hiker shows up at press conference held to find him

Not really a criminal, but I think it fits the spirit of the weekly column (which is to make you facepalm).

An 80-year-old hiker missing for three days may have been just as surprised to learn that people were looking for him as they were when he showed up at his own press conference Tuesday.

Harry Harvey, an experienced hiker, was walking in North Yorkshire, England when a “really heavy hailstorm” and “howling gale of wind” separated him from his group Sunday, according to the BBC.

The man had a plan though, so he just found a spot of safety, popped his tent, and roughed it for a few days.

Harvey said he saw search teams Sunday afternoon, but had no idea they were looking for him, the BBC reports. Police even used a helicopter to comb the countryside for the missing retiree.

After “three good nights wild camping,” Harvey approached a wildlife photographer who recognized him as the missing man in photographs posted at a local pub, the Tan Hill Inn. She gave him a ride to the Tan Hill Inn, and he showed up just in time for a press conference organized on his behalf.

Source; Fox 46

Florida man arrested after stealing mail wearing only underwear, attacking homeowner

A man from Hawthorne, Florida is facing several charges after deputies say he stole mail from a woman while he was wearing only his underwear.

On Thursday, deputies responded to the call and they heard the bizarre story from the homeowner.

The woman told authorities she came outside to find a man in his undergarments taking mail out of her mailbox, according to the report. When she asked what he was doing, 64-year-old David Dunaway began yelling incoherently and attempted to attack her while she was in her vehicle.

Dunaway swung at her through the car window, but only hit her with the stolen mail, according to the report. The woman drove a short distance away to put space between the two, but Dunaway chased after her.

The homeowner pulled out a handgun she had in the vehicle and told Dunaway she would shoot him if he kept coming after her, according to the report. Dunaway then took off down SE 171st Lane, the road on which he resides.

Dunaway was arrested and charged with burglary with assault or battery and resisting an officer without violence. He remains in custody with a bond of $60,000.

Check out the source link. This could be the reanimated corpse of Bernath.

Source; WCTI

Naked burglary suspect claims nonexistent snakes biting him

A Baxter County [Arkansas] man, 26-year-old Austin Dwayne Greer of Jordan, was found at the scene of a reported burglary early Thursday morning naked, running in circles.Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery says a deputy was dispatched to an alarm at a business in Jordan, where the store owner was already on the scene.

The deputy observed a man, later identified as Greer, in the parking lot of the business. He appeared to be on some kind of hallucinogen or controlled substance.

The store owner advised the front door of the business had been kicked in. However, it did not appear anything had been taken from the store. The deputy observed the front door and frame were heavily damaged.

Greer’s clothing items were never located. He was transported to the Baxter County Detention Center and is facing a felony charge of commercial burglary, as well as misdemeanors of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Bond for Greer was set at $10,000 pending his appearance in Baxter County Circuit Court.

I can’t wait for the Democrats to legalize all these victimless drugs, so we can all be chased by imaginary demon snakes.

Source; KTLO

Florida Woman Arrested After “Testing” Product In Middle Of Adult Toy Store

Police in Fort Pierce, Florida were dispatched to an “adult” shop after they received calls of a woman causing a disturbance.

When they arrived at the scene, they found 36-year-old Theresa Stanley of Port Salerno, who made made her way into the store’s stock room, where customers were not allowed, with one of the “toys” sold by the unnamed shop.  As officers approached her, she dropped the device.

Stanley was also naked from the waist down, wearing only a purple shirt, which authorities believe she also took from the shop.

The items in Stanley’s possession were valued at $45.98.

She was charged with larceny and indecent exposure, both misdemeanors.

Booking photo of Florida Woman at the source.

Source; KLUV

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Re: Last story…was the woman charged with theft of an orgasm? I mean somebody else could have bought the “toy” and had it first.

The Other Whitey

Clicked the link for that one and saw the mugshot. The arresting officers are probably gonna need a CISD after seeing that.


Shopping while “buzzed” …

My, My, My

regarding Florida man being 64. That dude doesn’t look a day over 87.

5th/77th FA

I have GOT to get the chill’ren daHell out of Floruduh!

Got to wonder if it is the dope making them do stoopid stuff or if being stoopind makes them do dope.

The AJC Kongress Kritter wanna be? That’s her entitlement. She is entitled to a free home and no rent and no house payments. Evicting her was…wait for it…RAAAAAAAAAAYYCCIIIIISSS! That 39th district was drawn specifically to ensure that a Black person would be elected for all time. Those district lines track like a puppy on a leash. It even skips houses that are next door in some places.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

WTF is going on in Florida, And I moved down here back in 2007. Thank God for the under the kitchen sink genuine water purifier.

Mike B USAF Retired

Tell me almost every news story lately seems to starts with “A Florida Man”.

People must think we’re all nuts or stupid in Florida.

Born in Florida to a Military dad, live here twice before I joined the AF, got stationed here later and then retired here….But I’m not anything like the “Florida Man” in the headlines……LOL!


Talk about the walking wounded in the War on Drugs…

TOW is right. Those cops will need intensive therapy. Guess that is the essence of “try before you buy”.


Good to see Arkansas stepping up to Florida levels of crazy.




San Francisco

Comparatively, Florida is a bastion of sanity.