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| October 9, 2020

Compare how Kamala Harris treated Brett Kavanaugh to how she treated Jacob Blake. Brett Kavanaugh was falsely accused of sexual assault. Jacob Blake was legitimately accused of sexual assault. Guess which one she is reported to be proud of. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:


  2. RGR 4-78 says:


  3. Eggs says:

    Just happy to be here.


  4. Roh-Dog says:

    Have a great weekend y’all!
    Range and food prep continues.
    Cold win’er a’comin.

  5. The Stranger says:

    Top 5

  6. 5th/77th FA says:

    Mic test…test…test…test…1.2.3…mic test!

    Is this thing on? Can you hear me now? Where dahell is everybody? I even gave a 20 count before I hit Post Comment! Hello, come in!!!

    I cannot have a shocked face for the dims promoting a creepy perverted old white dude career politician. After all, they did almost elect to POTUS a known philandering murderer. And they DID send same known philandering murderer back to the Senate Numerous Times…AND Lionized him. We won’t even talk about the other murderous trash from Hell, dasHitlerbeast, THE Bitch of Benghazi that was their idol of coming socialism.

    BTW… THE King of Battle, THE King of FIRST has returned to the Crowning High Ground with a Time On Target FIRE MISSION, FIRE MISSION. FIRE MISSION. Having that new ARMY Developed Laser System helped. Gimme back my Crown. Top Shelf Whiskey, Frosty Yuenglings, Hand Rolled Seegars, Homemade Tacos and 7 layer salad all around!

    FIRST on the TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Just a question, 5th/77th: who was worse at doing the job: Henry VIII (six wives, 1 died, 1 survived, 2 divorced, 2 beheaded), or that skankazoid drunk from the Bahstone area?

      Just askin’ for your view on this.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        My view Dear Lady is that BOTH of them were POSes. And sadly, BOTH were enabled by the women in their lives. Joan shoulda dumped the bastard when he murdered MaryJo, and the second wife, IMO, married him for the power and prestige of being a Kennedy. In Joan’s case, I understand that whole Catholic/Divorce thing and yeah it was 1969 and maybe she didn’t think she could make it, or “for the children”, or whatever. I’m also of the opinion that if MaryJo’s Daddy had of known then what we know now, he would have found a way to kill the bastard himself. I blame teh stoopid people of Taxachussest for sending the SOB back to the Senate. I blame the grifting, lifelong, career politicians for Lionizing him. Also of the opinion that the whole Kennedy Klan is and has been a part of the deep state since Papa Joe was running his white slavery and rum business.

        Henry VIII? It’s all on him…or his FIRST sets of wives. He was blaming them for their lack of conceiving him an heir, when it was prolly his fault for either being a short stroke, limp noodle, can’t get it in deep enough to plant a seed, or he was shooting blanks. He shoulda been the FIRST case of the Burning Bed Syndrome. Can’t fault his subjects…they didn’t have a vote in it at all. YMMV!

        The Curse of the Kennedys? Buncha inbred, self serving, self centered, because I’m a Kennedy, that’s why POSes. I call it Karma. The graft and power brokering of the New England States is very deep and been around a looooooong time. BTW, many of the oldest names up there were building ships for the African Slave Trade well before they were building “Boston Whalers.”

        • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

          FA! I must make a correction!
          “Lionizing” => “Lyinizing”

          He’s been eleven years sober, and still burning alcohol in Hell.

    • SteeleyI says:

      I am no Biden fan. But can we please stop ignoring the fact that Trump is just a perverted philandering old white failed business man/bizarrely successful media personality?

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        He’s only that if you believe the mainstream media propaganda.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        I don’t think anyone here has forgotten or is ignoring all of that. Pretty much all of us have stated that Trump got elected because he was NOT Hillary Clinton. I have also commented many a time, that it was a damn shame, of 350 +- Million people in this country, we certainly have some piss poor choices. None of the ever how many it ended up being 16/18(?) career politicians that were running against him in the primaries had a whole lot going on either. I supported Herman Cain, Ben Carson, and would have voted for Condeleza Rice if she’d been running. It ended up being hold my nose, vote for Trump and hope for the best. And if you have followed my ramblings as you’ve said you have, then you know that I blame BOTH parties that are FULL of career politicians for the mess this country is in. I also lay a good portion of the blame on the sorry SOBs that either won”t get off their ass to vote, or continue to elect the same old faces that have done nothing for them, except get re-elected.

        Term limits! Biden been up there for nearly 50 years. If he has so many good ideas on how to “fix” the country then why hasn’t he already done something? Phuque him, phuque the hand picked socialist whore he running with, and phuque the ones that are enabling them. It’s not myself I am concerned for anymore, I really don’t have that much time left. I would like for my Grandchildren to reach the age I am now with the same level of freedom and standard of living that I have earned. Somehow, I don’t see that happening

        What do YOU see this country looking like in 50 or 60 years?

        • rgr769 says:

          If the D-rats gain control of both houses and the presidency, this country will effective have one party rule. That will doom the nation; and in less then fifty years it will be a third world shithole like Venezuela, Cuba, or China. Ultimately, in 60 years it will make “1984” a history book. Thus, those of you are young enough can kiss your freedom goodbye.

          • rgr769 says:

            P.S: As for me, in thirty years (or less), I’ll be voting Democrat, just like my life-long Republican friends who are now deceased.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        Personally, I can’t stand the guy. He cannot verbally finish a complete thought
        without constantly changing direction. Very difficult to follow his drift.

        But, he is the best president of my lifetime with perhaps the exception of
        Harry Truman. I cannot think of any other human that could withstand the hate
        he has been putting up with for four years. He is the man for the job with
        all the ugly scars, warts and pock marks.

        The more they go after him, the more convinced I am that he is the better choice.
        Biden is merely a placeholder for the real candidate that will be revealed
        soon after he is elected. And that person will rule (not lead) by committee.
        Do you want a shadow presidency? That is what is at stake.

  7. The Stranger says:

    Gotta work this weekend getting all of the stuff out of the bedroom. Getting it remodeled starting Monday so, tons of fun. I’ll also be moving drywall, trim, and flooring up after the demo is done. Happy happy joy joy!

  8. MarineDad61 says:

    Mark your calendar… Monday, October 19.
    Article on STOLEN VALOR coming out in New Yorker Magazine.

    Article written by Rachel Monroe,
    a relative of Janet Sailian,
    the writer of “Ghost Warrior, and (still) girlfriend of
    Stolen Valor Phony Green Beret Martin LeBlanc.

    VG story >
    Martin LeBlanc – Real Supply Clerk, Fake POW,
    Fake Purple Hearts, Fake Secret Operator
    March 12, 2020

    • Sparks says:

      Thanks for the heads up MarineDad61.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        You bet.
        It’s quite possible,
        that the new article in New Yorker
        may result in a new article HERE.
        It will all depend on how the article
        spins the facts and reality of Martin and Janet.

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Here is Martin LeBlanc and Janet Sailian
      in action, on the “Ghost Warrior” book tour,
      when a bunch of actual retired Green Berets showed up,
      and started asking Green Beret questions.
      It’s long, but it’s great.
      Classic burn, caught on video, and preserved on YouTube.

      • Combat Historian says:

        Yeah, every 76 Yankee supply clerk at Long Binh wore tiger stripes to work…oh wait, Malingering Marty never even made it out of the states and did his time at Fort Bliss…oh SNAP…

        • KoB says:

          What an effing tool! May we please, we beg, puuuullleeeeaze, somway, somehow, get the text of that upcoming NooYawker magazine article? PUUUUUUULLLEEEEEEAZZE

          Don’t know which one is more stoopid, him or her.

          Tanks MD61!

      • The Stranger says:

        I remember this shitbag. Saw the video and his bullshit Israeli Redeye story near the end that would seem to contradict the timeline he spells out earlier in the video. Seriously, is a SF trained Soldier (or one in the training pipeline, according to his own timeline) going to be the one training an ally stateside on the operation of a prototype MANPAD? Seems more like a job for an ADA or Ordnance troop or a manufacturer’s rep.

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Yeah…uh NO! We didn’t have too many lower ranking EM training too many IDF Troops when this little fracas broke out back in ’73. Anybody else remember this one? WWIII/Armageddon was a blink and a phone call away for a few days there. We had just finished the transition from the Sergeant Missile System to the Lance. Good Times! /s/

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            Try this Linky. Buncha other stuff out there on it, including youtube.

          • The Stranger says:

            Well, he was claiming that the training he provided was prior to the Six-Day War (1967), which doesn’t really help his case.

            • Ex-PH2 says:

              Just what IS this dude’s age, anyway? That does have some bearing on his claims, y’know.

              • Combat Historian says:

                Next Malingering Marty will claim he trained up the Israelis on how to operate the Nike Ajax just before Israel invaded the Sinai in 1956 during the Suez Canal Crisis…

              • Claw says:

                He’s probably age 72 or 73.

      • Green Thumb says:

        I forgot about that old, gnarly loser.

        I wonder if he is still in the PR office at All-Points Logistics?

      • rgr769 says:

        Apparently, “Ghost Warrior” is no longer available on Amazon. Neither his name nor the title came up with a search on Amazon’s site.

    • rgr769 says:

      Amazing! So this preposterous asswipe is coming back for more Stolen Valor fabulist fucktardery, along with his sidepiece. Can’t to see their absurd lies in print. Lets pray for some sockpuppets or that stupid bint who is writing the article to come here to play.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        It’s more likely that the dastardly duo
        are in for more Stolen Valor national embarrassment.

        I am curious on what the angle of the story will be.
        What I was told, to compel my 2 hour phone interview,
        and the basis of the recent “fact check”
        followup call from another state,
        suggests that this story will be about
        the pursuit of truth,
        the nailing of Stolen Valor phonies,
        and the effect on those around them,
        relatives, friends, and veterans everywhere.

        Then again, it’s New Yorker Magazine,
        so the actual story is anybody’s guess.
        My name (and quote(s)) will be attached to this story forever,
        so I will be watching this closely.

  9. Sparks says:

    Number 10 GI

  10. The Other Whitey says:

    Almost done with my godfather-in-law’s PB4Y-1. That nose conversion was a fucking nightmare, and the Erco ball turret in the nose was even worse. They look okay now, as long as you don’t look at them too closely. I repeatedly felt the wrath of Mrs. Whitey for expressing my frustrations out loud, usually via some variation of the word “motherfucker.” I’m never doing one of these ever again, that’s for goddamn sure!

    Soon I’ll resume work on my niece’s F4F. She requested a clean paint job, so no chipping or weathering, just some exhaust stains and maybe some soot streaks off the gun muzzles. That simplifies the project. Her little sister decided on an F3H Demon for her own plane. That kit just showed up in the mail, so I’ll probably start it once the 4Y is done. Also nearing completion on my other niece’s F2H Banshee.


    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Looking real good TOW. A true Labor of Love. Can’t buy that at no WallyWorld. Thanks for sharing with us again.

      You may not have noticed on the “Hanoi Jane” Thread from yesterday, but we are in the process of building a Combined Arms Army made of The Brigands, Feather Merchants, ne’er do wells, Miscreanted ‘weeds and ‘weedettes of TAH. We will require your services for building the Sand Table Training Mockups. See the attached comment trail. This will be, “in addition to your other duties”, AND, “with a corresponding cut in pay.” Fyrfighter will be drafted to…well…watch the fire.


      • Fyrfighter says:

        Copy that

      • ChipNASA says:

        “in addition to your other duties”

        I always said it as “Duties as otherwise specified”…
        Which, these days, is practically my job title.
        I shouldn’t bitch. I’m working from home and comfortable and getting paid.
        But, just wanted to pile on.
        Carry On.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Listen, you old goat, you’d better have the right equipment for me if you expect me to cook for a large crew!

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Oh, I got the right equipment for sure!

          I also got everything needed for proper provision preparation.

          (Dodges a thrown skillet, runs out the door)

          (Hollars out from behind the big gnarly wood pecan tree) “Besides you are SUPERVISING the cooking, we got Navy SEAL cook’s helpers to do the actual cooking. Graybeard in charge of baking, Outcast sets up the KP Roster, charles w runs the office (he has the stapler, remember), and 11B gots the mailsack.”

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Stapler? I have the Red Swingline Stapler! No one can outdo me!

          I have to supervise a bunch of whatnots, huh? You’d better have a good excuse for it.

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            Most becoming as a Lady of Leisure. ‘Sides, ‘Ed gonna need help on the cat herding (you’ve seen the list of volunteers, right?), ninja will need an XO, and if you at the galley too much that Hardin Boy gonna show up screaming for more sausage gravy and biscuits. And somebody got to keep an eye out on m air ducks… ‘specially with Pappy, The Stranger around.

            We’ll be Undefeatable.

          • Graybeard says:

            I guess I’m a deplorable whatnot now.

            Let me get my Pumpernickel bread and some fresh-churned butter on the table….

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Sand tables, you say? Aw shit!

        Well, I can throw something together right away with popsicle sticks and my son’s Hotwheels. You might need to use your imagination a bit. For actual detail, I’m gonna need lead time! And caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine! And a free pass from my wife for shouting profanity.

        On the other hand, I’m happy to work for ammo!

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Caffeine we have a’plenty, per-curl-lator will be in the S-4 shop. Free pass on the shouted profanity? We’ll get her the over the ears sound proof Blu Ray Headphones with a linky to her favorite music. If she can’t hear it, it never happened.

          FIRST Sand Table Training Exercise will be an arrayed in depth defensive perimeter. Hot Wheels will work for the Blue Force…OpFor will be Matchbox Units. Tiger Team/QRF will be Tonkas. As we build up our forces, then we will discuss Offensive needs for training purposes. Simple strategy…find ’em & phuque ’em up!

          Work for ammo? Thanks to The Stranger, Pappy the Engineer, you get bangalores, everybody gets bangalores…and Claymores. Plenty of small arms stuff just laying around everywhere, pick up what you need.

    • Sparks says:

      beautiful work TOW. We have a man in our church, no longer attends due to hearing issues who was a gunner on a PB4Y-1 in the Pacific. He has many pictures of him, his crewmates, and plane. Great guy.

  11. Sapper3307 says:

    Are we working on a DD-214 for the NFAC leader?

    • The Other Whitey says:

      They should be called JFAC: “Just Fucking Around Coalition.” Because every video, every “march,” every appearance by those idiots makes it painfully obvious that fucking around is all they do.

      • Sapper3307 says:

        “What’s this button do?”
        NFAC every march

      • rgr769 says:

        I liked that video where they had some AD’s, I mean negligent discharges of weapons they are not competent to handle.

        • Mason says:

          For a bunch of people strapped and allegedly ready for action there was a lot of standing there going “Did you hear something?”

          • rgr769 says:

            My favorite AD/ND story of all time happened in the Viet of the Nam at my division’s base camp. After a stint of 24 hours of bunker guard duty, there were three platoons of infantry soldiers standing “at ease” in formation being briefed by one of my battalion’s 1st Sgt’s about meal times, etc. Suddenly from the middle of the formation there was a loud bang and one of the men began hopping on one foot screaming in pain. About ten seconds afterwards, there was frantic clearing of weapons by every man in the formation. This occurred without command, and even though all of them had already cleared their weapons before transport by truck back to the battalion area. Those of us senior NCO’s and officers watching immediately broke out in laughter.

            The subject Beetle Bailey had been resting the muzzle of his M-16 on the toe of his boot when he pulled the trigger, firing the round he left in the chamber of his cocked but unlocked rifle. Luckily for him, the bullet went right between his big toe and the one next to it, only taking off some skin. Too bad there isn’t video of this event.

  12. Combat Historian says:

    Hah, that photo of the Harris Whore is a classic. That’s exactly her mouth shape and posture as she gave Willie Brown a blow job…

  13. ChipNASA says:

    Sorry I was Lowes getting a junction box and some silicon so I could install a new LED outside motion detector light.
    I’m pretty proud I’ve installed a new thermostat, gutted the inside of my daughter’s toilet and pilled the entire tank, which I’ve never done before, I have replaced the filling valves before but not the drain and tank hardware.
    SO, finally spending a little money on some COVID related, post shingles (mostly, little nerve fuckers are still stinging me a little daily but it’s mostly bearable) house improvements done.
    probably won’t have to redo for 5 to 10 years at least. But then it will be something else LOL!
    Cheers you dickwads.
    Smooches Ladies,

  14. Anonymous says:

    Camel-ass “Suck Up and Move Up” Harris

  15. Skippy says:

    She got her Ass kicked so bad by Pence
    They came up with with a distraction
    Early the next morning so the lame stream
    Media could talk about something else
    The fucking Democrats are super bat shit crazy
    This year

  16. Commissioner Wretched says:

    The King of Battle is the King of FIRST again … that throne never gets old, does it? Late start for the WOT means a late drop for the trivia, most weeks, but I eventually get here. The time to start worrying is when I don’t make it. So here’s the week’s silly stuff, for you and you and you to enjoy.

    Did our country’s 27th President have no actual desire to be president?
    By Commissioner Wretched

    This has been one pip of a year, hasn’t it?

    It’s almost as if we have had to cancel everything except the year itself.

    Schools – cancelled in March.

    Festivals – cancelled through this month in most places.

    Fun events – cancelled a while, then relaxed, now open in a lot of places.

    Yes, 2020 has been a year I cannot soon enough see in the rear view mirror.

    But one thing never gets cancelled … trivia, and my weekly attempts to bring it to you.

    So here, with no fear of cancellation, is the trivia you’ve been waiting for. I hope you enjoy it!

    Oh, by the way … let’s not cancel the rest of the holidays this year, okay?

    Did you know …

    … a gold-medal win at the Olympics surprised the organizers? In 1952, Josy Barthel (1927-1992), a runner from Luxembourg, won the gold medal at the Olympics in the 1500 meters. None of the organizers expected a medal victory for Luxembourg, and the musicians did not have the score of the country’s national anthem for the medal presentation ceremony. In the time between the race and the medal presentation, the musicians cobbled together an improvised tune that bore little or no resemblance to the country’s actual anthem. (Just goes to show, it’s always something.)

    … there are at least four nuclear submarines lying at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? If that’s not bad enough, one of them – the Soviet sub K-219, which sank in 1986 near Bermuda – still holds sixteen live nuclear warheads. (That’s the kind of information that can keep you awake at night, isn’t it?)

    … the average dog is considered to be as intelligent as a two-year-old human? Scientists say dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures. They can also count up to five and even perform simple mathematical calculations. (Those last two things … that’s more than I can do most days.)

    … the average human brain loses 85,000 cells a day? That’s the good news. The bad news is, only 50 new ones are regenerated. (One of those things where you definitely don’t want to be below average.)

    … one of America’s presidents had no desire to be president? William Howard Taft (1857-1930), who served as 27th President of the United States, had absolutely no desire to serve in that office. Taft, who was a lawyer, had only one ambition – to become Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He became a judge in his native Ohio while still in his twenties, and rapidly rose up the judicial career ladder to becoming a judge on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. In 1901, President William McKinley (1843-1901) appointed Taft to be civilian governor of the Philippines, which the U.S. had taken possession of following the Spanish-American War. Three years later, President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) named Taft Secretary of War. Roosevelt had selected Taft to be his hand-picked successor, despite Taft’s desire to be Chief Justice. With the backing of the popular Roosevelt, Taft easily won the White House in 1908. He put his judicial desires on hold, believing his political work to be more important, but when he ran for re-election in 1912 Roosevelt challenged him. The two had had a falling-out over policies Taft enacted during his term, and Roosevelt’s challenge meant Taft’s re-election bid was doomed. But Taft did get his greatest wish in life, when President Warren G. Harding (1865-1923) appointed him Chief Justice in 1921. Taft is the only person in U.S. history to hold the highest positions in both the Executive and Judicial branches of the government – President and Chief Justice. (A man to be admired, I think.)

    … a church in London has an unusual museum? Holy Trinity Church in Dalston, London, is the home of the tiny but impressive Clowns’ Gallery and Museum. The small area holds clown memorabilia and costumes, as well as other clown-related items. (Gotta visit that place some time, just to clown around.)

    … U.S. citizens are not legally permitted to come into contact with little green men from outer space? Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, adopted in 1969, makes it a federal crime for a citizen to come into contact with any extraterrestrial being or his (its?) spacecraft. (That makes an odd kind of sense. Odd being the operative word.)

    … there is a disorder in which sufferers think they are dead? It’s called Walking Corpse Syndrome, or Cotard’s Syndrome. Those who suffer from it believe they are already dead, do not exist, have lost their blood, or are already putrefying and rotting away. (I know a few people like that.)

    … bears do not always kill their prey before they eat it? (That’s disquieting on more than one level!)

    … penguins can convert salt water into fresh water? (I’ll let you figure out how they do it.)

    … a musician wrote a song about being in a coma – then went into one himself? Seth Putnam (1968-2011) wrote a song called “You’re In a Coma” in 1997. The sing described how being in a coma was “stupid and boring.” In 2004, Putnam actually went into a coma himself due to an overdose of drugs. When he recovered, Putnam said being in a coma was just as he described it in the song. (Yeah, that’s what I thought.)

    … lemons contain more sugar than strawberries do? (That’s a sour thought.)

    Now … you know!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      CW! Our Main Man! I may be the King of Battle and/or for sure THE King of FIRST, but you are FIRST in our Hearts for Trivia…no matter what time you show up. Tanks for this and for each week’s presentation.

      “…cancel everything but the year itself.” Yeah…DAMN IT!!! Did I make mention back in June of the 3 years in the planning road trip that got trashed to hell cancelled? DAMN IT!

      Did a Google Foo on the K-219, cause I had forgotten about it. Yeah, having been in a nuke outfit, having missiles with warheads unaccounted for IS something that would keep me awake. According to Wiki, the Sovs parked a deep water salvage vessel over the wreck a few years later, the tube covers were open and the missiles and warheads were missing. No speculation in that article where they may be. 18,000 feet is plenty deep, you’d think. Now I’m curious as to whether we got them, somebody else got them, or they got scuttled with the boat.

      Bears may not always kill their prey before they eat it, but they do eat their prey before they defecate it…in the woods!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      “… the average human brain loses 85,000 cells a day? That’s the good news. The bad news is, only 50 new ones are regenerated. (One of those things where you definitely don’t want to be below average.)”

      Does account for what happens when you sneeze?

    • rgr769 says:

      With regard to bears eating their prey while still alive, that fact was proven by that world class Darwin Award winner who decided to live with Alaskan Grizzlies (Brown Bears). He can be heard on the audio of his girlfriend’s video camera screaming as he and she are being eaten alive.

      • rgr1480 says:

        I’m still waiting for the movie to come out!!

        I saw part of the documentary on TV…. but the last part was censored.

        “Hey Boo! Those hairless beach apes look better than any pick-a-nic bas-ket I ever snatched.”

        • rgr769 says:

          Yes, I saw the documentary as well. The reason they censored most of the audio was the screams were so gruesome and blood curdling, even experienced LEO’s had trouble listening to everything on the audio track. There was no video visual of the bear feast because the camera was dropped or knocked over and the dinner party was out of frame.

  17. David says:

    The difference made by a bigger mower is amazing/wonderful… three acres in under four hours. Hard to hit the open thread, but takes four hours less than it used to.

  18. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Fortysomething and Honorary First once again.


  19. Devtun says:

    Listened to Pres Trump on Rush Limbaugh show. They believe Nancy Pelosi’s 25th Amendment babble isn’t to remove Trump, but to explore removing Biden should he become president. Jeezus we’re so phuqed if laughing hyena Kamala assumes the presidency w/ a democrat House & Senate.

  20. Graybeard says:

    Top 50

    Over in German country part of Texas, rehearsing for a wedding I’m officiating for one of our former Sea Scouts/Venturers.

    Then Mrs. GB and I are off for a 3-day camping trip at a Corps of Engineers park north of Austin.

    Y’all have a great week. Pray for our neighbors in Louisiana, won’tcha?

  21. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    It’s been said that Georgia Fishermen have been told to kill each and every Northern Snakehead, and invasive species from Asia that they catch. The response from said Fishermen was “NO problem Y’all, ya had us at ‘Northern’!”

  22. Combat Historian says:

    The plot thickens. ANOTHER suspect federally charged in the Whitmer Plot has been identified as a leftist, this time a BLM supporter and protester. This makes three of the six plotters federally charged either anarchists or BLM types. This sounds more and more like a leftist false flag operation…