Never Saw This Coming.

| August 22, 2020

A New Jersey judge has invalidated a city council election and ordered a new one after allegations of rampant voter fraud, based on a ruling issued Wednesday.

The 12 May election for Paterson’s Third Ward city council was “rife with mail in vote procedural violations,” Judge Ernest Caposela said in his ruling. He left the decision on whether there was voter fraud to the criminal courts.

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WE TOLD YOU SO: New Jersey Election Invalidated Because of Mail-In Voter Fraud


A New Jersey election has been invalidated by a judge, and a new election has been ordered to be held, due to rampant mail-in voter fraud.

On Wednesday, State Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela ruled that the election for a Paterson City Council seat had been irreversibly tainted. A new election has been ordered to take place in November.

The mayor of Paterson praised the ruling. “It was the right ruling,” Mayor Andre Sayegh told CNN. “That past election was fraught with fraud.”

Four people were charged with criminal conduct in connection to the fraudulent election, including a Paterson councilman and the councilman-elect.


President Trump and the Republican Party have repeatedly warned about the dangers of universal mail-in voting, and this ruling gives them more evidence that on a national level, mail-in voting for the presidential election would be a disaster. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr also sounded the alarm about mail-in voting.

“It absolutely opens the floodgates to fraud. Those things are delivered into mailboxes. They can be taken out,” Barr told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo back in June. “There’s questions about whether or not it even denies a secret ballot, because a lot of the states have you signing the outside of the envelope. So, the person who opens the envelope will know how people voted.”

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Giggle.. Snorrtttt!… Giggle…

    So I should just go ahead with in person voting after all, right?

    I don’t live in Chicago any more so I don’t have to worry about being harassed at the polling place. I used to have to carry a squirt gun with me and spray those goofs outside the polling place with water… in November… in the cold…

    It was fun.

  2. Roh-Dog says:

    “It’s rare…inconsequential…non-coordinated” they said.
    ‘They’ should stfu and have their heads s’amined.
    I remember the ‘wet ballots’ and the stacks moved by POV here in Crookedecticut.
    Not a fan of sharia-ish punishments, buuuut severing the hands of ballot box stuffers is an attractive proposition.

  3. ninja says:

    Happened in California as well…and the guilty party used his deceased Mother..

    Sheesh…Some people…

    “California Man Charged With Mail-In Voting Fraud In Three Elections”

    “A California man has been charged with mail-in voting fraud, accused of casting votes for his dead mother in three different elections.”

    “Between October 2012 and November 2014, Caesar Peter Abutin voted as his 67-year-old mother, who died in July 2006, while also voting in his own name, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.”

    “According to the criminal complaint, he was charged last month with one felony count of fraud in connection with votes cast, and one felony count of fraudulent voting, relevant when someone applies for “a vote by mail ballot by fraudulently signing the name of … a person who is not qualified to vote.”

    • Hondo says:

      It happens in a helluva lot more places than CA and NJ, ninja. The Heritage Foundation has documented around 1300 instances of voter fraud. From a quick perusal, a large fraction appear to involve some form of fraud involving mail-in ballots (generally absentee ballots).

      • Mason says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they only document the convictions. Only a fraction of the people committing the crime will get caught and only a percentage of those caught will get convicted.

        • Hondo says:

          The vast majority (86+%) of cases documented by Heritage did result in criminal convictions, Mason. But there is a smattering of cases that Heritage documents that resulted in (1) diversion programs, (2) judicial findings, (3) official findings, or (4) civil penalties instead of a criminal conviction.

          IMO you’re correct in your assertion that only a relatively small fraction of those committing vote fraud ever get caught. But I guess it’s possible we’re both wrong about that.

      • UpNorth says:

        And Detroit had 72% of the precincts in the city whose vote totals didn’t match the number of voters who actually voted, in each precinct’s voting register. Then again, it is Detroit, which has “prospered” under 58 years of democrat rule.

        • Mason says:

          That’s the stuff that screams fraud, and it’s remarkably widespread. The media and politicians here scorn foreign governments where they have a “free election” where 90% of the voters turn out and 98% vote for the incumbent. They do this rightfully, because it’s absurd. Yet that kind of stuff happens here, and it’s in-your-face fraud.

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    Still receiving “Application for Absentee Ballot” in the mail every coupla weeks. I’m up to 17 so far. I will be casting my one (1) vote in person. Oh, and btw, at my polling place, even tho everyone there knows me, they still insist on seeing my picture ID and match the address, name, dob, and signature to the voter registration list/card that is on file.

    Wondering how many people will be asked to lower their mask to verify they are the person pictured on the ID. After all, just a few short months ago, you couldn’t go into a bank wearing sunglasses and a hat, much less a mask.

    • timactual says:

      “they still insist on seeing my picture ID”

      Good for them. At my place some of the workers almost look angry when I offer my ID.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    The ummm HR 8015 bill for funding the US Postal Service has been passed in the House of Representatives.

    Looks like the Post Office gets its $25 billion, after all, and meantime, what about people who are trying to get unemployment compensation but getting no help because the state offices are shut down? I know a few people who are in that pickle. They are very frustrated.

  6. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    The mail-in Donk primaries were flusterclucks.

    They want more of that for the main event, because they -know- they will get skunked. The ongoing violent meltdowns of “progressive” cities will see to it.

    They panicked when Trump won. Panicked, they screwed up their response. Embarrassed, they have tripled down on stupid.


  7. Stacy0311 says:

    I’m thinking that in states that allow mail in voting, we’re going to see Saddam Hussein level vote totals. 103% of the population will vote for the Sniffer and the Sucker.

    And the number of “found” boxes of ballots will be astronomical wherever Trump has a lead after the polls close.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      That’s more like Soviet voting, back in the day.

      Everyone showed up, if they wanted to get food and paychecks the following week.