Retired Army officers write letter to the CJCS Milley to send in the Airborne to oust Trump

| August 20, 2020

Two retired US Army officers have written an open letter to General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in which they lay out a scenario that’s been described as “coup porn.” In this fantastical work of fiction, which they apparently believe wholeheartedly and without irony, they think that Trump will lose the election this fall and refuse to leave the Oval Office.

They, again unironically, think that Trump will use his “militarized Homeland Security agents”.  These are the law enforcement agents seen protecting federal court houses in Portland and several national monuments and locations in DC earlier this summer. These agents, the coup provocateurs say, were used “against domestic political demonstrations [which] constitutes the creation of a paramilitary force unaccountable to the public. The members of this private army, often lacking police insignia or other identification, exist not to enforce the law but to intimidate the president’s political opponents.”

They warn Milley that he will face a moment where he has to choose between the President and the Constitution. If Milley doesn’t use the US military (the writers suggest the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division) to remove Trump from office by force, he “will be complicit in a coup d’état.” Again, they are serious in suggesting that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the highest ranking officer in the American military, should use the force of the world’s greatest military power in all of Human history to remove a President. If he doesn’t use military force to overthrow the President, then he’s complicit in a coup. It sounds to me like using the military to overthrow an elected leader would be the coup, but what do I know?

The authors are retired Army Lieutenant Colonels Paul Yingling and John Nagl. Yingling served 22 years and Nagl 20. Both men have several deployments on their record.

I suggest reading the whole letter to really see what these guys are working with. Yingling has been an outspoken critic of the modern US military, even before he left active duty. Nagl has had a far less inflammatory history until now.

Hat tip to ninja for sending this one in.

Source; “. . . All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”: An Open Letter to Gen. Milley

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These people….


Not to mention, generally, about ’em:


Recall to active duty and prosecute for sedition / treason… and yeah, I bet Lars is a big fan…


That was my comment when this first came up on the ONT (or wherever) several days ago. Though, I limited the charge to conduct unbecoming an ossifer.


Yup, it ain’t called “retired pay” for no reason…

AW1 Rod

These two douche rockets need some SERIOUS psychiatric counseling.


Along with some wall to wall counseling…

The Other Whitey

Are they “warriors” like Bobby (master)Bateman, who by all accounts spent his time in Iraq kneeling safely under a general’s desk (facing the chair)? Or did they actually do something?


I’m guessing your assessment is correct TOw, but at this point, it doesn’t matter, they just violated their oaths in spectacular fashion by suggesting the overthrow of our government by the military.


At this point it’d be a f**king miracle if we could get through until 210000ZJAN21 without a MSI.
Anyone live near Pope so we can has a SITREP?


^MCI, damnit.


The title of this post says “Retired Army generals. . .” but the text identifies them as LTCs. Did I miss something?

This is the kind of thing you think when you ONLY listen to and or read leftist news. If CNN was your only news source, this would seem credible.

I’ve been forcing myself to look at CNN daily for several days now, just to see what it’s like over there. For the 4 days I’ve been doing it, there has not been any mention of the rioting on their front page. This includes the guy who got his face near kicked off in Portland recently. Tried it just now. Searched for “riot” – got “phrase not found”. “Protest” – “Phrase not found”. “Portland” – “Phrase not found”.


MI Ranger

FuzeVT I agree with you and Combat Historian below, I was trying to scrub through the drivel they call an Open Letter which Mason got right calling a “work of fiction”. I thought maybe these two Officers who got promoted when no Officer was left behind just wrote the story and some actual General Officers (you know O-7 to O-10) endorsed it and sent it to GEN Miley (an O-10). Nope, just a bunch a spew inducing vomit, comparable to LTC(now retired) Vindman choked out in his second hand knowledge of the conversation.
These guys are really stringing together a lot of “what ifs” all short of substance and fact. The Trump Organization is going to face lawsuits once he is out of office. You bet, but he lives for that, as do his army of lawyers.
Unlike his army of lawyers, Donald Trump does not possess a super-legal Army of Police. They have been and always have been fully authorized Federal Officers conducting their sworn duty of protecting Federal Property (with nifty insignia prominently displayed). And by the way, these two clowns obviously have never had an actual tour of the White House or worked with the Secret Service…they would not be outgunned by police, not even the Federal Police.
Then there is their little misunderstanding of who actually certifies the election. Ms. Pelosi is not the only one…for good reason. The Congress (both House and Senate) certify the election. Should the Electoral College fail to submit a majority ballot and elect a President and Vice President the Congress (House) will vote by State as they did in 1796, 1801, 1824, and 1877.
So yeah, they are probably just stumping to get their book some PR. But hey, maybe we could get the 82nd to do an Airborne insertion into the Mall on inauguration day just to confront all of the Bolshevik, Leninist, Marxist (BLM) protesters who did not get their way as the “majority. By the way where is their plaza? Is that next to their statue of Marx in Portland?

Combat Historian

The headline refers to “Retired Army Generals”. These two yokos are actually retired LTC O-5s as properly referred to in the body of the article. These two jokers consider themselves as “military intellectuals” and write books and lots of articles and opinion pieces, and probably wrote this letter as a PR stunt to get booked onto lots of MSM news and talk shows to promote whatever latest book or website or think tank they have cooked up to continue their famewhoring and profiting off their military career resumes.

The opinions of retired O-5s are a dime a dozen; I’m a retired O-5, and I could write a cockamamie letter to attentionwhore if I wanted to as well, but I choose not to because I’m not an attention whore. These two characters obviously are…


Maybe LTC Vindman could through in his valuable and unbiased 2 cents.


Nagi’s a bright fellow, Rhodes Scholar and all that, but it’s telling that the think tank he’s hooked up with is run by a bunch of Obama/Kerry fellow travelers.


Iirc, blowjob willie was a Rhodes scholar as well.. seems that these days, that means about as much as getting a Nobel Prize for doing shit-all besides getting elected while half black…

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Light colonels for a reason. I bet they could only fail-up just so far. They must be bitter about not getting that full bird.

As I recall, the press spent too much time worrying about Trump not accepting the results of the election. The irony is that as we stand now, 2112 hrs EST 20 Aug 2020, they STILL haven’t accepted the results of 2016 election.

Trump will win, the left will throw a hissy fit and careen farther to the left for 2024. I’d love to see Kristi Noem or someone like her be the first female President. Its going to happen, so let it be a Republican first.


Most ossifers don’t end their services at the 20 or close to that number unless they are being shown the door.
A lot of good LTC’s do retire, but they usually have more than 20 years in.
I’m betting that these klownes were shown the door and asked not to let it hit them in the ass on the way out the door…


Seems to me I remember hearing whilst still an NCO that at O-5 you got two shots at the selection board to O-6, and if you weren’t selected in either you were subject to being RIFfed.

Silent Majority

“….domestic political demonstrations [which] constitutes the creation of a paramilitary force unaccountable to the public.”

I beg to differ. If We The People (the public) force them to be accountable by having a few hundred armed patriots show up locked and loaded, that might cause them to be beholden to our wishes. Paramilitary forces bleed like everyone else.Just sayin’.


Here is an interesting story about one of the retired LTC’s, i.e. John Nagl.

In 2016, while serving as a Headmaster of a Prep School, Nagl was arrested for “assaulting” his 15 year old son, after catching his son possessing marijuana.

Sometimes I wonder about the writing styles of todays reporters.

According to the article “Nagl confiscated the drugs and his son’s cell phone as punishment”.

Nagl punished his son by taking away his son’s drugs?

*I know what the reporter REALLY meant, but still…*

And I wonder who called the Police…


Anyway, here is the initial story. The charges against Nagl were later dropped:

“Haverford School Headmaster Placed On Leave After Alleged Assault”

“The Haverford School’s headmaster has been placed on leave after being charged with simple assault stemming from an alleged altercation with his son after finding marijauna in his backpack.”

“John A. Nagl, 50, of Haverford, was arrested by Haverford Police on Monday, arraigned, and released on $30,000 unsecured bail.”

“According to police records, Nagl got into an alleged altercation with his son after finding marijuana in his backpack.”

“Nagl confiscated the drugs and his son’s cell phone as punishment but later found the phone was missing when he went to show his estranged wife the drugs. He confronted his son who refused to turn over the phone. Nagl then physically took the phone from his son’s hands and walked away when the son “re-engaged” in an altercation, according to court documents.”

“Nagl told police he put his son in a choke hold to end the fight. The son then called police who observed a visible red mark on his chest. The son told police he threw away the marijuana. He said his father “nearly choked him unconscious to where he felt ‘lightheaded’ and had a little trouble breathing,” according to court documents.”

“Simple assault in this case is a third-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison.”

Mustang Major

Nagl must have kept the drugs for his use. Hence the letter.



“The Generals Won’t Save American Democracy…
Why Appeals To the Military To Remove Trump From Office If He Refuses To Step Down Are Misguided and Dangerous.”


Another interesting insight on the “coup porn”:

“Coup Porn: Resistance Sees Military Removing Trump From Office”


Limo Liberal pulls up alongside another Limo Liberal and asks:

“Do you have any Great Coup Porn?”


^^^^That’s funny right there.


Aren’t these two special?


Yes, they need to be tried for something. Capitol stupid, maybe? Criminally paranoid??




You Be The Judge:

“Byron York’s Daily Memo: Coup Porn Backlash”

“COUP PORN BACKLASH: The two retired Army officers who wanted to see the 82nd Airborne remove President Trump from office are facing some pretty strong blowback.”

“On Thursday, the Pentagon called the proposal a violation of the country’s most valued principles….”

Jus Bill


Misprision of treason.
Rebellion or insurrection.
Seditious conspiracy.
Advocating overthrow of Government.
Registration of certain organizations.
Activities affecting armed forces generally.
Activities affecting armed forces during war.
Recruiting for service against United States.
Enlistment to serve against United States.


Why do they always drag the 82nd into it?
Signal Corps could shut the entire country down
without firing a shot.


Shhh, that’s not supposed to be leaked to the public, Beans.


If they can’t talk, they can’t walk.


Shiiiiiiiiit, I wish for some Signal Corps “competence” right now to shut down our CPX.


Not with my 82nd Airborne
(White fALCONS Co. A/2/325th Airborne Infantry Regiment) you don’t, dickheads!

The “AA” stands for “All Americans”
(no…no…no… not “Almost Airborne” or “Jumping Junkies”) (grin)
something you two occifers obviously arent.

Hey KoB, got your ears on? LTC Paul Yingling was a “gun bunny”.

Looks like LTC John Nagl was a tanker.



Meant Falcons……..(shakes head)


All Alcoholics 2/Panther

5th/77th FA

Brother Sky, just as his name is spelled/pronounced similar to an outstanding Coldbeer, does not make him equivalent to that outstanding Coldbeer, ergo, him having a gun bunny ossifer mos (sic)/assignments in no way makes him an Artillery Man.

When he was a 2LT some gun crew musta shoved a rammer up his azz and used his pointy head as a bore brush.

A Proud Infidel®™

I see the both of them as complete and total trump Acceptance resistance Disorder operatives, TARDOs and I bet that the both of them are dyed in the wool 0bamunists as well! AS TO the hype about using Federal entities to refuse the results of the election, the same was said in some circles after President Trump won in 2016.


Sad. LTC Nagl wrote “Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife,” a very good study of counterinsurgency. My opinion of him is now somewhat damaged.


I’d have more respect for him if he got caught soliciting a hooker.


Leftists sure do love them some conspiracy theories while at the same time ironically calling the right conspiracy theorists.


It’s “social justice” when they do it.

Carlton G Long

Sounds like a couple retired officers who were probably capable enough at some point are bitter at not having stars fall upon them.

My late uncle, who retired as an AF Major (and considered himself fortunate to have even gotten that far) said himself that retired military officers and retired senior enlisted men are the most miserable sons of bitches in the country.


First, this was stupid of them.

Second, this was unnecessary, There are plenty of senior offices chomping at the bit waiting for the opportunity to order Trump dragged out of the White House if he refuses to leave. But he is already always surrounded by security which will immediately fall under the control of the new president as soon as he is sworn in. Which will happen regardless of what Trump does.

Third, people dismissing the notion that Trump won’t leave office are fools. He has joked he won’t a few times, and he has spent more time trying to discredit the legitimacy of the results of the next election then he has spent actually trying to get re-elected.

There is good reason that a narcissistic sociopath facing several indictments within weeks of leaving office will do anything he can to cling to power. And that absolutely includes refusing to accept the results of an election that he has spent months trying to discredit.

So these two officers wrote a stupid and unnecessary letter. But their concerns are not baseless.

There is not possible way Trump will be able to keep the office if he loses the election. He absolutely will whine about how unfair it was, and say dems cheated, and claim the results are fraudulent, and fight in court, and refuse to go to the inauguration…

But the moment the new president is sworn in Trump is no longer the president whether he is accepts the results or not.


And just for the record;

I am not saying Trump will lose.

He is way behind in the polls, and deeply negative approval and is an incompetent national disgrace…

He should lose.

But if anyone know how to lose an election to Donald Trump it is the Democratic Party Establishment… and based on he events of the last several weeks they seem dead set on doing just that.


Rent free in your mind?


No. I am not worried.

You guys definitely chose to elect a want to be tyrant who demonstrated clear sociopathy, narcissism, and sadism…

But unfortunately you selected a geriatric boomer.

If you want to install a despot, next time pick one that has a longer shelf life.

There is zero risk of a #trump2024.


“You guys definitely chose to elect a want to be tyrant who demonstrated clear sociopathy, narcissism, and sadism”

Wrong again dude, if you’ll recall, we all voted AGAINST Hillary…


And Obama too. A true wannabe tyrant.


After saying all of that I’m going to massage my “empiric data” and sream at the top of my lungs ORANGE. MAN. BAD.!!!

Any yes, I do wear a pink pussy hat wwht I so stuff like that, because my professors told me that it make me more creditable.


We agree he is orange right?

Pretty damn weird of him wouldn’t you say? The guy has issues.

We can at least agree on that.


Totally predictable take by Short Round…

TAH: The sky is blue.

Lars: Bullshit!


Dude, you all never make claims like the “sky is blue”.

You claim the wackiest notions I have ever read on any political discussion forum.

My money is on the probability that half of you are flat earthers. And most of you are Q cult members.


I worship Stalin and Mao…. how about you?

The Dead Man

Operation Jade Helm 2: Trump’s Big Igloo. Produced from thin air by the remnants of Goebbels LLC, the .50 Cent army and the branch of the Brown Shirt Antifa Union.

If this weren’t so long form and if I hadn’t seen your posts off site, I’d assume you were a long form Poe. Have you ever considered stepping back, taking a breath of fresh air and actually reading more than your script?

The Dead Man

Not the resident Poe mind you. Referencing Poe’s Law. Forgot that handle was pre-used here for other purposes. Oh well.


You truly are delusional dude. It’s your leftist asshole heros that ALWAYS dispute the election results, Hitlery still is 4 years later, Al Gore (inventor of the internet and climate scientist extraordinaire) are two examples at the Presidential level, Stacey Adams and lots of others are great examples lower on the tree.. all of them Dims…
Why does it not shock me that you’d be in favor of a military coup (it is the communist thing to do after all).. as for how many officers are “chomping at the bit”, I’d say that’s directly proportional to how many incompetent political hacks were promoted at Obama’s direction.. After all, he did everything he could to destroy this country in the 8 years he occupied the White House, after maybe winning one election, and without question stealing the second…


Hillary conceded the moment the MEDIA confirmed Trump reached the 270 threshold which was when America knew he did on November 9th. She even did a fully televised concession speech on the 9th. The election was on the 8th and not officially certified until days after she is conceded.

The notion she didn’t concede is ENTIRELY a Trump lie that you dipshits constantly repeat because you are too brainwashed to question obvious lies even though every single new outlet carried her concession speech live. So you saw her concede with you own damn eyes.


Remove your head from your ass. Hillary still believes she should be President, but that pesky electoral college foiled her plans.


She still conceded.

The moment Trump hit 270 she called him and conceded.

And she absolutely deserves to spend the rest of her life regretting her choice to be a corrupt pro-finance industry Neo-liberal stooge.

Whether she thinks she should be president or not, she knows she lost the electoral,college. Conceded. And has to live with the consequences of choosing to try to convince moderate Republican to vote for her rather than offering any reason for progressives and blue collar workers to vote for her.


She believes that she’s the legitimate, duly elected president by popular vote. That damned electoral college was used to screw her out of what she was owed, what was rightfully hers.


It was “her turn” and Bill wanted interns again, dang it!


“Conceded.” You truly do reside in a parallel universe. She has claimed for years that Trump cheated her out of the presidency because “Russia, Russia.” They started that BS within 48 hours after the election was called. Then she ginned up her Clintonistas to start the resistance and soft coup. The first step is when they threw the faithless elector card. Go away; none of us wish to read your agitprop of lies.

The Other Whitey

Lars is that saddest type of asswipe: the one that is so delusional, he actually believes his own bullshit.


Lars says, “There are plenty of senior officers chomping at the bit waiting for the opportunity to order Trump dragged out of the White House if he refuses to leave.”

And you, an O-4 reservist are privy to the political thoughts of all these senior officers with enough seniority to do that? Yeah right.

Lars says, “Third, people dismissing the notion that Trump won’t leave office are fools. He has joked he won’t a few times…”

I can understand a humorless scold like you not understanding the meaning of the word “joked” and most assuredly not being aware enough to realize when the man is playing crazies like you for the demented fools you are.

I can just picture Trump grinning at all of you, winking and saying, “Gotcha!”

At least you are hedging your bets as to whether he will win which is totally out of character for you and therefore somewhat mystifying.


He is a slave to his personality disorder.

He will fight it until the end.

He already tried to drum up support to delay th election.


Speaking of slaves to personality disorders…


Then I should know, right?


You know who you don’t know?

Our TAH buddy, Jack Shit, who, by the way, hasn’t been around in a while.


Maybe he got Covid.


Could be.. in which case, there’s a 99.6% chance that he’ll be back in two weeks


Perhaps. But that doesn’t matter; Jack is pretty much invulnerable. He’s been around since time immemorial.

And you still don’t know him.


YOU of all people referencing someone a “SLAVE”????? Razzzzzissst rat bastard!


That was addressing the Commie of course, and not POE

A Proud Infidel®™

“He is a slave to his personality disorder.”

JUST like you’re a slave to your cult of propaganda!


It was rhetorical flare.

I was merely referring to the fact that more than 65% of officers view the president negatively and most strongly Negatively.


Citations? Otherwise it’s just more shit you pulled out of your ass


Ok, so out of 1630 total service members, the one graph does show that only 33% of officers support President Trump. Of course, there’s no info on how they chose those individuals, and you do fail to mention that even those numbers are significantly better than what Obama had… But ok, I’ll give you that once source with a rather small sample does corroborate your statement.


Between Oct. 23 and Dec. 2, Military Times in collaboration with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University conducted a voluntary, confidential online survey of U.S. service members. Poll participants are readers of Military Times publications whose military status is verified through official Defense Department email addresses. Puts doctoral student hat on… What they did was match the names of the subscribers to what they could find in enterprise. Yes, just plug that name in and presto, several hits… Find the subscriber. Another flaw in the above methodology is that I’ve found names of veterans, no longer serving, in this same email list. From there, they proceeded to send out a survey to the emails left with the publication… Which could be either military or civilian. This part the Military Times deceptively leaves out. Those who subscribed provided either a military email, a civilian one, or both. When you get to the civilian email part, you are not always getting the service member. There are spouses who share email accounts. We already have less than 2000 respondents that are a mix of those who are serving, veterans who are no longer serving, and dependents who signed for the publication in their military spouse’s name. Not mentioning this part allows the article to claim that this is the opinion of active duty personnel. There is a statistical test done to find out the sufficient number of respondents required in order to get a response that matches what the actual population feels. It doesn’t stop there. There are confidence level tests (also statistical) that have to be ran to validate whether the numbers they report are valid. We don’t see that in the article… For all practical purposes, the numbers in that article could be described as “The alternative hypothesis”… One that has not been tested. This is something that would have to be done for this survey to be a scientifically valid one. I would love to see the full methodology that they used, and the statistical tests that they used if such were used, to see what’s… Read more »


I’m sure that 2 of the three officers who speak to you feel that way.

Tell me, are these officers real, or are you the only person that sees them.

I ask, because all of the officers I worked with would disagree with you.

Now, I realize that you do not have a strong relationship with reality, so it is understandable that your peers all feel the same way you do, but damn.


Google the polling on the issue.


You mean like this?

No, I didn’t check huffpo or any of you other sources..


If Trumps loses to this loser, we are all DOOMED !!!!!
America will be totally DOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEDDDD !!!!!!!

Doomed I say !!!!


The only candidates that could possibly lose to Trump or Biden at this point are Trump and Biden.

They are both monumentally capable of losing.

A Proud Infidel®™

Zee-a ounly cuondeedetes zeet cuould pussibly luse-a tu Truomp our BEEdee-a it zees puint ire-a Truomp und BEEdee-a. Zeey ire-a but munuomentelly cepeble-a ouff lusing. Bork Bork Bork!


All of the third-party and independent candidates are also capable of losing to Trump or Biden.


“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.” –Obama


Ask any member of West Point Class of ‘88 about John Nagl and Honor.


Could that be why that even though smart enough to be selected as a Rhodes Scholar he didn’t make O-6?


I would love to hear more about this, LTC F


He and Yingling:
comment image


I knew Lars would flood the comment section of this post. It must suck you be you during this election season Major.


Trolls gonna troll.


da fukk!?!