Video of the warbirds transported by USS Essex (LHD-2) to Pearl Harbor

| August 19, 2020

Some great video for all those interested. Even has a short clip of the PBY Catalina flying.


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They’re on their way to attack Tokyo !!!
Remember Pearl Harbor !!!!!


OK, that was interesting. But, every one of those birds is much more exciting to watch when they fly. There wasn’t enough flying going on.

(No offense intended toward our Naval brethren. Well, maybe just a little bit.)

The Other Whitey

There’s few things on this mortal coil as graceful as a PBY taking off from smooth water.


How fantastic would it have been, to fly the B25 off the deck?

5th/77th FA

HELLS TO THE PHUQUE YEAH!!!! ‘Murica!!! Americans built those planes, flew those planes, and won that war. And now, Americans built the stuff that got them back to Pearl and are going to fly them again to Commemorate the fact that, YES, it was all due to AMERICANS.

So take that you pinko subversive haters of America and just you all can FOAD!!!

Cool as hell, I would presume that it goes without saying that we can expect to see a video of the actual flyovers.