Pompeo Inks Deal With Poland…

| August 16, 2020

Poland and the U.S. signed an agreement on deeper defense cooperation on Saturday.

The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, signed in Poland by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Polish Defense Minister Mariusz B?aszczak, sets out the legal framework for the additional presence of U.S. troops in Poland.

Poetrooper sends.

…Moves Troops From Germany

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sealed a defense cooperation deal Saturday with Polish officials that will pave the way to redeploy American troops from Germany to Poland.

Pompeo, in Warsaw at the end of a four-nation tour of central and eastern Europe, signed the deal with Polish Defense Minister Mariusz B?aszczak that sets out the legal framework for the additional troops.

“This is going to be an extended guarantee: a guarantee that in case of a threat our soldiers are going to stand arm-in-arm,” Poland’s President Andrzej Duda said during the signing ceremony. “It will also serve to increase the security of other countries in our part of Europe.”

The deal would also further other aspects of U.S.-Polish cooperation, he added, citing primarily investment and trade ties.

The pact supplements an existing NATO Status of Forces Agreement and allows for the enhancement and modernization of existing capabilities and facilities by allowing U.S. forces to access additional Polish military installations. It also sets out a formula for sharing the logistical and infrastructure costs of an expanded U.S. presence in the country.

This move resonates politically as well, just as intended. Much more to read here: News Max

Thanks, Poe.

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Combat Historian

Served with Polish personnel in Iraq and at the NATO training center in Graf. Always glad to have them on our side…


Time to leave Germany.


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5th/77th FA

Good! From the American Revolution (Google Casimir Pulaski, Hero of Savannah) thru WWII (Helped break the Enigma Code) and on into modern day the Poles have been a dependable Friend and Ally to the US. The symbolism of V Corps HQs leaving Germany for the FIRST time since 1945 is telling. We were a major part of V Corps Artillery/V Corps. Maybe the reminder of the ass whipping V Corps gave the Germans in WWII helped create some of the resentment some of them had. Only time they seemed to like us was around payday. We’ll see how much the wanna be Socialists that are running Germany now miss all of the American dollars that were being spent there after V Corps is gone. Somehow, I don’t see all of the sleeper terrorist mooslems they let in making much of a contribution to their economy, other than, of course, helping to destroy them from within.

What was it the Polish Soldier said when faced with the problem of which to kill FIRST, the Russian or the German? Business before pleasure?

Club Manager, USA ret

Warsaw is a great city, Americanized, no language barriers, good food, a tad expensive, nice people, good transportation. Enjoyed my time there. Our troops should be treated okay. Past time to leave Germany.


Poles want us there. Germans don’t. ‘Nuff said.

A Proud Infidel®™

The Romanians have been wanting a US Base on their soil for years and still do!

The Other Whitey

Just need to make it widely known that Russia can have Germany with our blessing, as long as they go around Poland on the way there.

Slow Joe

Germany has been digging a hole so big, that one of these days they are going to emerge on the other side of the planet.

A Proud Infidel®™

Poland has also been very Conservative and going to the right, look at how they handled muzzie infestation versus how Germany let them in!


Polish Cavalry saved Western Civilization.


The Other Whitey

And NATO is vital to the US because…..?

Doc Savage

Read a history book.


You mean the ones where all those European countries save the US from invasions by Canada and Mexico?


Hey, it’s been “Ami go home!” in Germany for years, so now they get their wish!