It’s Trump’s fault, but not in the way you’d think

| August 15, 2020

It is exceedingly hard to fine a flattering picture of Her Honor the Mayor

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot this morning on MSNBC told host Chris Jansing that she blames Trump and the Senate (but not the House) for the problems with mass looting in the Miracle Mile downtown area of Chicago last weekend. Said looting happened after Chicago Police officers shot a black male non-fatally. The male subject had a gun and shot at the officers first.

So why is it their fault? Showing a mastery of intersectional politics as only a career Democrat could, Lightfoot said it’s “because of the continued concerns and response necessary for COVID-19. There’s a lot of anger. There’s a lot of frustration.”

There you got it. Trump’s (and Senate Republicans’) COVID response is the reason for all the looting. No word on why it’s so in her mind, looting predates COVID by at least several decades. There is a particular trend of outrage over something in poor communities leading to looting (or “reparations” as Chicago-area BLM calls it) that seems to have nothing to do with COVID. It’s actually occurring in spite of COVID.

To her credit, Lightfoot does say that there is never a justification for this type of criminal conduct. She’s directed police and prosecutors to pursue these people and charge them. She mentions “systemic racism”. She should think on that a bit more, these arrests will be overwhelmingly black. Chicago PD has put up a first of its kind webpage that allows victims or witnesses to the looting to upload photos and video. Here’s five pages of photos of suspects and you’ll see why Lightfoot might have some systemic racism to atone for in the coming months.

Source; Breitbart

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The Other Whitey

There are no good pictures of Mayor Beetlejuice.


One has to wonder why she thinks having her hair done makes her “look good.”


She goes to the “Don King Hair Club” to get it done…

The Other Whitey

She could be the hellspawned offspring of Don King and Al Sharpton.


Two bagger… a bag over her bang-buddy’s head in case the one over her head comes off.


For y’all younger folk, that’d be a brown paper bag (plastic bags would fatal for that).


She is lesbianese, so with bags involved someone is not going to get xher carpet munched.


Well, they’re usually all f’ugly anyway…


If wasn’t for lesbianism ugly women would never any action.


Oops. Forgot the “get.”

Combat Historian

Baby Groot! Baby Groot!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The only reason she made the comment was that the loop in shitcago is where the high end stores are and where the moola schmoola is. Hopefully some of the busineses will leave but who knows. Only the Shadow knows. is gordon her father???


Oh, but IF the Chicago Loop
blows past the Rodeo Strip exits,
preventing looters from getting off (or back on),
that would quickly be portrayed
as not only bad, but _ _ _ I S T.

I may soon take a fun day ride on the entire length of
Philadelphia’s elevated line,
but it’s going to be challenge to appear as a normal rider,
and not look like a (touristy) target.


“…you’ll see why Lightfoot might have some systemic racism to atone for in the coming months.”

Nah, she’s a Democrat and all the fine citizens in those photos most likely vote Democrat–multiple times–even though they may be personally unaware of their eager (and frequent) participation in the democratic process.


She finally saw the light about those “mostly peaceful protestors” not being spontaneous though:

“‘It Was a Planned Attack.’ Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says Looting Was Organized,” by W.J. Hennigan / Chicago, Time, 13 Aug 2020

“When people showed up on Michigan Avenue in the downtown area with U-Haul trucks and cargo vans, and sophisticated equipment used to cut metal, and the methods that were used, and how quickly it got spun up… that wasn’t any spontaneous reaction,” she said.


Are there any members of our leadership in this country that actually own the problems in their jurisdiction or is it always someone else’s fault?

I can’t find anyone in a position of authority who is willing to take ownership of the good and bad.

If you find someone we need to force them to run for office.

5th/77th FA

P’man, to answer your questions…in the order they were asked:

No…& Yes

You won’t!

We did, and he volunteered for the job. Problem is, there are some folks that don’t like his haircut and others mad that they didn’t get “her turn.”

You think it’s bad around here now, give it a few minutes. I saw the spapos seagull lurking around the Friday Open Thread, screeching his ORANGE MAN BAD Theme Song. Didn’t bother to read the linkys he dropped or waste keyboard ribbon ink on his azz.

It was good to see all of the looters…excuse me, the after hours shoppers that were picking up their reparation items were doing safe looting, err, shopping by wearing their mask and not sharing their looting, err, shopping space with others. /s/

I’m sure that all/most of us here are as sick as I am of being blamed for the actions of others. You teh stoopid SOBs wanted to start a war? Well then, if we are to have one, then let it begin here.


I’ve got issues with Trump. And to some extent he points fingers but he also takes action. Talking with Kim Jong dumbass in person, normalization of relations between UAE/Israel, taking China to the wood shed for its bad behavior, etc. He’s done more good than bad. He’s not a politician and it shows in his behavior.

He’s not a guy I would invite to dinner or drink a beer with but he’s making progress on fronts ignored by mainstream politicians for years. He’s a guy I’m likely to vote for in the upcoming election. Because he’s getting shit done that needs to get done. The rest of the obliviating blowhards don’t have a game plan other than refuse to cede ground to him on anything. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad for the country. They just want to continue to feather their own nests.

I just don’t understand why we don’t have state and local leaders who haven’t picked up on this. If you’re actually able to make shit happen and keep some semblance of order the electorate reacts to that. The people are hungry for leadership that actually accomplishes something of substance.

Is everyone else running political parties asleep at the wheel? Or do I view this completely different than others?


I would rather have supper with Trump than 99% of politicians. He least got some things done that I wanted, unlike the ineffective crapweasels who tell me they are on “my” side.

Might be an interesting conversation.


^Word^ Agree with the gist of both comments. As I’ve stated Trump was not my FIRST Choice in the primaries, but neither were any of the other Career Swamp Rats. (I supported and respected Herman and Ben)

My biggest issue with The Donald, is he didn’t go after the Swamp, and in particular, dasHildaBitch, immediately after being sworn in. IMO the career RINOS fought him because that all knew the dirt she had on everybody and they were all trying to justify their phony baloney jobs. The BS about waiting for a second term is just that BS. I am also of the opinion that so many RINOS surprisingly retired in ’18 to try and distant themselves for an upcoming sh^tstorm. This left the House open for the dims to get the majority that has caused us to lose 2 more years to more BS.

It should be obvious to the slowest person riding the short bus that the ultimate goal of any politician now a days is (a) their own enrichment and (b) the ultimate power over the sheeple. I honestly fear for the future of our Country, not for myself per se, but for my Grandchildren.

Full disclosure…I wouldn’t mind having Melania for supper…or even an afternoon snack. Don’t care about her past or whatever, she has more Class, Charm, and Beauty underneath her little toenail that all of these howler monkeys have combined. And yes, I am a sick puppy/bad dog. I need to be punished…by her.


^^^ THIS^^^

What Penguinman000 says!!


And everyone said amen.


Macy’s is not rebuilding on the miracle mile. Part of that might be because of their bankruptcy, though.

A couple of years ago, we were remodeling Macy’s. We basically took 3 million worth of product out of the store, spent about half a million for the remodel, then restocked it with a million bucks of the product that didn’t sell that was usually shipped to stores like T J Max or Kohl’s.


Democrats’ 2020 economic plan: If the lockdown doesn’t destroy your business, the Biden supporters will!


And your house ain’t safe either (from Seattle):


So have Lori Lighthead explain this: Why is there not mass lootings all over if its the COVID stimulus money response. Answer: Because its all BS and finger pointing instead of taking charge of the situation.

Question 2: Why is there not looting in Wilson, NC over the shooting death of the 5 yr old white boy. Answer: Because the people involved know how to conduct themselves and let the law handle the incident.

Democrat led cities are a joke. I don’t understand the people who vote these idiots to office.


Your answer to 1. Sir, is spot on.

The answer to 2. is that it was a black man who shot an innocent white child and yes, the family is behaving as law-abiding citizens and not animals. Flip those races around to a black child and white adult and we would have a new round of riots (read riots as an excuse to steal free stuff because you’re too damned lazy to work for it) all over the nation.

The demographics of the large Dem led cities show me why Lightfoot and other Mayors like her get elected and reelected. When you promise people free everything for life they’ll vote for you every time. That is people who do not want to work, no matter how many jobs they could get.

Sooner I hope than later this is going to end and that right quick. America at large, meaning we the people who pay the taxes will say enough is enough. Call the protests what they are, terrorist backed riots, and through the police and if needed, the National Guard which will be needed in places like Chicago and use all means available to put down what has become domestic terrorism.


Also, Mayor Lightfoot has to be one of THE ugliest women I have ever seen. I think her ugliness is only surpassed by her ignornace. Money says her election posters did not show a photo of her.

Green Thumb

She is running out of people to blame.

There comes a time when one has to take charge.

Elections are not about “getting the job”. One has to do it as well.


She may not be a femmy as you like to see, but she’s quite visibly annoyed that she’s being constantly embarrassed LIVE ON TV after everyone else has settled down by the very people who probably voted for her.

I will give her credit for doing whatever it takes to stop that stuff, but unless she really cracks down harder, it won’t stop. Very glad I don’t live there any more. The distance makes me happy.

Glad I can get news from everywhere (including London and Dallas, TX) and not have to live there. It does bring the world a bit closer, especially now.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Green Thumb

The one girl looks like she is shopping….