George Floyd Police Body-cam Footage

| August 4, 2020

George Floyd handcuffed and lead away from his vehicle. (Sell It Media/The Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail leaked the George Floyd Body-cam footage of George Floyd’s arrest. What could’ve been a smooth, uneventful, arrest turned into one of struggle. George Floyd didn’t appear to want to go with the officers. He also appeared to have some other things going on in his mind and body that may have influenced how he reacted in the video.

From The Daily Mail:

The two officers then walk Floyd to the squad car and the struggle really begins when Floyd refuses to get in, saying he has claustrophobia.

He falls to the ground. ‘Stand up. Stop falling down,’ Kueng shouts. ‘Stay on your feet and face the car door.’

‘Please man. Don’t leave me by myself man, please. I’m just claustrophobic.’

‘Well you’re still going in the car,’ Lane says.

‘Y’all, I am going to die in here,’ Floyd protests. ‘I’m going to die, man. I just had COVID, man. I don’t want to go back to that.’

Lane offers to roll the cruiser’s windows down to help his phobia but Floyd still struggles. ‘I’m scared as f***,’ he says.

A bystander tells Floyd to calm down because he cannot win in the situation he is in. ‘I don’t want to win,’ Floyd says. ‘I’m claustrophobic and I’ve got anxiety. I don’t want to do nothing to them.’

While still in the car, Floyd says for the first time the line that has become synonymous with his death. ‘I can’t breathe.’ Shortly afterwards Chauvin and Thao arrive on the scene.

The officers finally get him in the squad car and close the rear driver’s side door behind him, but for a reason that is not clear from the video, Floyd comes out of the passenger side door still struggling.

Within seconds he is lying on the sidewalk with Chauvin’s knee pressed on his neck and Lane and Kueng helping to restrain him.

The article says that the struggle “really” begins as they try to put him into the cruiser. However, he resisted arrest from the beginning.

A YouTube video by The Daily Mail:

The Daily Mail has both the article and videos here.


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  1. Cowpill says:

    According to the coroner’s report there was no visible injury to his neck area. He was High as all get out and had severe heart disease.

    • OldSoldier54 says:

      Yep. No neck trauma at all. So, it looks like the entire nation has been gas lighted.

      Despite the terrible optics, Chauvin didn’t kill him. IMO however, to be THAT situationally unaware, that idiot should never be allowed within a country mile of a LEO badge.

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Still not condoning what the dumbass cop did to this high flying career criminal, but you may recall I commented when this FIRST came out that there was more to the story than the initial videos showed. May have even made a reference to other high profile cases where just a portion of available footage was shown, putting a “good boy, turning his life around, just met Jesus spin on it all.”

    Odd how thugs like this and race baiters like Lewis, Sharpton, Jackson et al are made out to be heros, but people like Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell et al are made out to be “Uncle Tom”.

    If Black Lives Matter why did the headline for this week show the hundreds of dead blacks in Chiraq so far this year…that were killed by other blacks?

  3. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    I think this video will most likely not change any minds.

    • MI Ranger says:

      And it shouldn’t. One excessive Police Officer, did not take the well being of the individual into account. He was being arrested for counterfeiting ($20 bills). Was there a necessity to bring him in immediately? They could have requested some other form of transport (though likely he would have resisted any vehicle). They could have had him sit on the curb until he calmed down. All of these are techniques to de-escalate a situation. With four officers on scene there was no worry of the situation getting out of hand. There was also no immediacy of bringing him in to “justice” other than shift change.
      What this video shows is that Chauvin, the senior officer on scene, was not a good leader and likely not the best officer. If it were the military of the 90s we would call him a “break glass in case of emergency Soldier”. Skilled at what he does, and capable of following orders, but easily sidetracked by things not related to the mission and was willing to slack on standards and quality of effort if you did not keep on him. The other officers seem to just be following Chauvin’s lead because he is the senior.

      • C2Show says:

        Clearly hasn’t changed Besig mind. Dude cant help himself but do controversial bullshit like this.

        How’s that asperger treating you buddy? You sure do obsess over race baiting shit like this.

        • AW1Ed says:

          Apologies, C2S, been off my game recently, but you’ll be pleased to know I’m on the mend. Enough so to notice your valentines here of late.
          You are welcome to post your opinions on content here all day. I do get unhappy when anonymous commenters start sniping at my writers and at the TAH crew in a personal manner, though.
          You make a better argument than using jabs. Take this as a friendly caution.

        • thebesig says:

          C2Show: Clearly hasn’t changed Besig mind.

          Bullshit, like what you spew, doesn’t get me to change my position on anything. Given that I don’t argue an issue unless the facts are clearly on my side… Against the opposition not having a command on the debate topic… It’s going to be a given that I’m going to come out of the arguments that I get into with the same argument I had before getting into that argument.

          C2Show: Dude cant help himself but do controversial bullshit like this.

          The only bullshit that I’m seeing is what you’re spewing.

          I’m one of the many people that looked at the available facts related to George Floyd ever since this story started. This is no different from the majority of the situations where a suspect ends up dying related to police custody.

          A clear look at the facts indicate that George Floyd didn’t behave in a way that would’ve gotten him a different type of treatment. The reality is that the cops had to deal with behavior, they had to deal with investigating a wrong doing and… If charges are warranted… taking the actions needed to bring this to the next step.

          This, as with other situations, involved someone either with a criminal background, or who didn’t cooperate with the arresting officers, or both. Result? Massive riots and protests over the alleged, yes alleged, “open season on Blacks” or “Open season on people of color”.

          This is what Colon Craperdick and others are protesting when they decide to denigrate the American flag by kneeing when the National Anthem is being played.

          The above video shows a completely different narrative from what the media, and their mindless drones, perpetrated. People are, elsewhere on the Internet, lamenting the fact that the media lied to them… And even ask, “Is this why we’ve been tearing cities apart?” or something to this effect.

          Herein lies your issues with posts like the above. It makes it hard to continue the mindless drivel that there is an open season on minorities… That maybe, just maybe, the problem lays elsewhere other than with “out of control police officers”.

          C2Show: How’s that asperger treating you buddy?

          Tell that one brain celled activity of yours to quit trying to take you over and to start doing its job so that you’d quit posting as if a retarded ghost possesses you.

          I recommend that you speak like you possess an education before you accuse me, or anybody else, of having Asperger.

          C2Show: You sure do obsess over race baiting shit like this.

          The fact that you’d see this as “race baiting” as opposed to my actual intent… Show videos detailing the full story… Shows that you’re the one that’s racist.

          I mentioned to you, before, something about tact. However, the shitty attitude that you’re displaying to me only insures that I will go out of my way to post more blog articles of this nature.

          I look forward to dismantling your next drivel. Pro tip… Put the bong down and let its effects wear out before you jump on here and start posting.

      • David says:

        MI- and maybe they coulda brought him some lollipops, sprinkled fairy dust, and had a tea party to calm him down? Since they really had nothing else important to do.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Is the mission to teach the perp immediate obedience to LEOs, or to safely contain, detain, and transport to lockup?

          If taking another 30-60 minutes gets Floyd safely into jail, why is that not time well spent, versus all the time, money, and effort explaining “corpse” ?

          “Will you walk peaceably to Jail? How about a pickup truck ride to Jail?” Yes – EDP needs some special transport and handling. Call city services for a service truck. No – resisting arrest. Per training.

          But it helps if you can still see the other guy as “human”. Not all cops do.

          In fairness to cops, some folks go out of their way to do inhuman things. In fairness to non-cops, so do some cops.

          Must be a human thing. Hm

        • rgr769 says:

          I think the Congress critters should pass the George Floyd Law and make it legal for Black people to print and pass their own forged currency. Hell they won’t even need those reparations when they are passing all the funny money they can print. Of course Congress will also need to include a provision that makes it illegal for a retailer to refuse to accept their monopoly money as legal tender. Looks like some fab “redistributive justice” that the BLM crowd will love.

      • timactual says:

        “They could have had him sit on the curb until he calmed down”

        Like a ‘time out’, eh? From the very beginning Floyd showed an inability or unwillingness to control himself or follow basic instructions like put both his hands on the wheel. The officers had no reason to think Floyd would calm down on his own. And don’t forget, he was no virgin; he knew the drill.

    • timactual says:

      It will probably change mine. I certainly wouldn’t charge the police with murder, probably not even manslaughter after watching what they had to deal with.

      The only time Floyd stopped raving and moving seems to be when he finally died. I can understand, now, why the officer showed no apparent concern while kneeling on Floyd while he continued his rant and attempts to move.

      Floyd had to be pulled from his vehicle, and then resisted when the police tried to place him in their vehicle, claiming claustrophobia as an excuse. Evidently his own vehicle had the anti-claustrophobia option. He also complained of having the Covid and being unable to breathe while still on his feet.

      • rgr769 says:

        After watching the beginning of the video, it struck me that Floyd apparently only experiences his claustrophobia when put in the back of a police car. He obviously was in no distress when sitting in his own car. As you noted, he refused to get out of it when asked do so by the officers. It is just too bad he wasn’t in a jail cell when that fentanyl, crack, and meth cocktail in his blood stopped his heart.

  4. Sapper3307 says:

    TYT is running the chopped (CopZ r Bad) version of this.

    • The Dead Man says:

      A group named for a genoce, lead by a guy with an axe to grind and more than a few skeletons in the closet he’d desperately wish people would stop bringing up? Say it ain’t so.

      I’m sure Talcum X has chopped the video back up again and spread it all over too.

  5. Devtun says:

    Play some Dead? Nah, play Floyd.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey, again, like Chris Rock said…