Some New Endorsements for POTUS . . .

| August 4, 2020

. . . and they’re from the Marxist far-left fringe.

Current Presidential Candidate Joe Biden (referred to by some as “Gropin’ Joe”) received another endorsement recently in his quest to become Nudist in Chief.

Per the Washington Times, Biden has now been formally endorsed by the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. For those unfamiliar with this organization, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA espouses a fringe-left Maoist variant of Marxism and openly advocates both US revolution and world communism.

It’s not the first communist or far-left endorsement Biden has received, either. The Washington Times article linked above further indicates that the Communist Party of the USA – a different far-left Marxist organization – is also currently “actively working to boost Mr. Biden”. And former CPUSA Vice-Presidential candidate and hardcore Marxist Angela Davis has similarly given Biden the “thumbs up”.

Best I can tell, Biden’s campaign hasn’t declined or repudiated these endorsements. It would be interesting to hear what the Biden campaign has to say about them.

The fact that a political candidate has received endorsement from multiple far-left Marxist organizations or individuals – at least one of which openly advocates revolution and the replacement of the US government with a Communist government – appears to me to be something that might be of interest to voters of all political parties. But I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath waiting for the Mainstream Media to question Biden or his staff about these endorsements.


Hat tip to commenter HMCS(FMF) ret for providing a link in comments elsewhere that led to this article.)

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I wondered just how long it would take for this to happen.

That whole thing about equal rights must really be offensive to them, if they’re endorsing Biteme. On the other hand, he’s so foggy now that you could tell him he’s signing a check to donate money to the Salvation Army and he’d believe you, and sign away everything… and I do mean every damned thing.


I’m Joe Biden, and my caregiver says I approve this message!


Hey, how many of y’all saw “Being There” with Peter Sellers?
comment image


The Revolutionary Communist Party USA can run through a field of corn at harvest time, backwards, thereby f**king itself and/or Man the F**K up, put their actions where their ideologies lay and start this bloody revolution for which the beg (for now, once the pops start those p**sies will hide like little b**ches).
Pitter-patter, clowns.
P.S. I endorse the Revolutionary Communist Party USA to chupa mis huevos


Saw this on some news feeds and the comment that Senior made earlier. The domestic enemies of our way of life aren’t even trying to hide their quest to destroy us are they? I guess, “at this point in time, what difference does it make”?

I’m of the opinion they don’t care who is outed as supporting groping joe, or who he “picks” as a running mate. His handlers know how many votes it will take to ensure the Electoral College goes their way and as sure as God made little green apples, they are working to make sure the ballot boxes are stuffed. Ties in with the whole shut everything down, stay at home, vote by mail thing. Anybody don’t think the over all plan is to steal this election, see me about a bridge I got for sale.

spapos seagull showing up to tell us the Communist Party is not “Communist” in

It is a damn shame that a career, old, senile, grifting politician, that has been doing sketchy stuff at the public trough for 50 years, is the best they can come up with.


And Bernie Sanders is also NOT a communist.


Despite 50-plus years of history and actions proving otherwise.


Damn KoB, ya beat me to it with the seagull comment


One of the names on the DNC’s, uh, Joe’s, short list is Karen Bass. I guess she’s the Chair of the Congressional Non-white Caucus. She’s also an enthusiastic supporter of the Cuban DGI, and an admirer of Fidel, Raul and Che. She even traveled to Cuba to chop sugar for her heroes.
Not to leave out home-grown communists, she eulogized one of the leaders of the Communist Party USA, Oneil Mario Cannon, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, here’s her quote, “Mr. Speaker, I would like to honor the life and memory of my friend and mentor, Oneil Marion Cannon, who passed away on January 20, days before his 100th birthday,” she said in January of 2017.”


I saw video of Tucker Carlson last night. He makes a compelling argument he may pick Susan Rice.

Be afraid, be very afraid.


I posted this in a couple of other threads as breaking news. Just FYI.

Not sure where to post this but I just e-mailed this to Ed.
Paging Dave Hardin, Paging Dave Hardin, white courtesy telephone please…

This just happened today Tuesday Aug 4, 2020.

Not certain if I should be happy or sad.



Biden is an establishment Neo-liberal centrist and thus far more capitalist than Trump. Trump is Neo-mercantilist and has done everything he can to dismantle and implement barriers to inhibit free trade.

The primary argument of capitalism is free trade between nations, we already had entrepreneurialism and domestic trade long before capitalism was a concept.

Most of you are anti capitalist as hell. Which makes sense, since classical conservatism is vehemently anti-capitalist.

I wonder how all you “free market purists” feel about Trump trying to get a cut from the Microsoft Tic-Toc deal?


Alphabet soup.
Shits a better argument than you.

Poof. Begone, dipshit.


I don’t expect to convince anyone of a damn thing at this point.

I can’t even persuade you to wear masks during a pandemic,

Even LC, in his saintly patience, discusses it for paragraphs with SFC D…and SFC D was not persuaded.

So it is not just a question of tone or tactics, or even appealing to common sense,

One day your Trump cult will die out, and you will wonder what the hell you were thinking.


Once again, your reading comprehension is lacking. I wasn’t having a discussion with LC. I pointed the discussion out to you as an example of polite, civil disagreement. Had you actually read the discussion, you would have known this.


Or, you are wrong and keep losing the arguments.

The Dead Man

About the only thing I think you could convince anyone of was the validity of late, late, late, late, late term abortion you failed excuse of a revolutionary.

Well, you’ve almost convinced me of one other thing. I voted for Lemmy Kilmister last election because I hated both candidates, but your crowd’s convincing me to vote R for the first time out sheer necessity.


Is someone going to go BALLS DEEP for Groping Joe Biden??? Got that coveted endorsement of the Communist Party USA!

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, you must be VERY PROUD of your idiocy given how you parade it in front of everyone, I assume that you’ve gone back to your “Safe Space” to go color and read up on your latest cult propaganda!


Damn…took longer for him to show up than I thought it would! Here you go you spapos,seagulled, poodle d^cked, dipshAtted, short round, just for you! (apologies to seagulls, poodles, penises (peni?), dips, fecal matter, and distanced challenged ordnance everywhere)


Biden-o’-Matic, fun for the whole family:

“C’mon, man! [Insert stupid Biden-ism here.]” –Joe Biden

Green Thumb

Didn’t the KKK endorse Trump?


Yo Joe! (And knowing is half the battle… literally.)