That Went Well Plus Two (Update)

| July 23, 2020

Portland Mayor Wheeler

In a moment of kabuki theater, Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland was tear gassed.

Federal agents deployed tear gas on protesters outside of the federal courthouse for the seventh consecutive night. The difference tonight: Hizzonor the Mayor was in attendance, standing along side a fence outside the courthouse.

The dozens of reporters and photographers—and a crowd of demonstrators chanting, “Fuck Ted Wheeler!”—watched the mayor cough, don clear plastic goggles, and give an interview to The New York Times.

What an uber-mensch.

Portland mayor tear-gassed by federal agents, riot declared
Wheeler had joined protesters downtown earlier in the evening for a listening session

A riot was declared in Portland just after midnight Thursday morning after Mayor Ted Wheeler’s tense visit with protesters— where he was booed, told to resign, given a list of demands and tear-gassed by federal agents.

His visit ended with his security detail engaging in a struggle with protesters late Wednesday night as they worked to get the mayor to safety, a report said.

Earlier, he moved with protesters to the fence outside of the federal courthouse where he stood at the front and was tear-gassed along with the crowd, according to New York Times correspondent Mike Baker.

A riot has been declared outside the Justice Center. Disperse to the north and/or west. Disperse immediately. Failure to adhere to this order may subject you to arrest or citation, or riot control agents, including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons.

Wheeler called the tear-gassing an “egregious overreaction,” telling Baker he didn’t see anything in the crowd that warranted the reaction by federal officers.

“This is not a de-escalation strategy,” he said. “This is flat-out urban warfare and it’s being brought on this country by the president and it’s got to stop now.”

As Wheeler left, a few protesters following him tried to push against his security team once he had entered a building. Others threw water bottles and other projectiles at the glass door, according to Baker.

Pity he missed out on some of the more official impact weapons. Read the entire article here: Fox News

A couple more players for your reading enjoyment:

Jacob Frey

Minneapolis’ Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey was booed out of a protest in June after refusing to back calls to defund the Minneapolis Police Department.

Frey joined those demonstrating in the wake of the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody, and ended up challenged by protest leaders about whether he would support abolishing or defunding the police.

He told them he has “been coming to grips with my own brokenness in this situation” and promised to revamp “a systemic racist system.” He said the “police union needs to be put in its place” with police practices reworked.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey showed up today at the protests. He was asked if he would commit to abolishing/defunding the police. Incredible to witness crowd hold him directly accountable. Man did a literal walk of shame.

But as protesters grew agitated at his answer, the unidentified leader demanded a “yes or no” answer, saying: “We don’t want no more police.”

“I do not support the full abolition of the Minneapolis Police Department,” Frey said, in video posted online from the scene.

“Alright, then get the f— out of here,” the leader yelled at him. “Go.”

“Go home Jacob, go home,” the demonstrators yelled at the mayor, as others booed and chanted “Shame, shame, shame.”

“Bolshevik Bill” de Blasio

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is known for his left-wing leanings, and has backed and acted on calls to partially defund and drastically reform the police.

But at a George Floyd rally in June, he was booed off stage and had protesters turn their backs on him as he tried to speak.

“F— the mayor’s curfew!” some shouted, according to The New York Post.

The heckling was so intense, the Post reported, the mayor kept his appearance short and then was no longer seen on the stage.

“Black lives matter in New York,” the mayor said at one point.

“Not to you!” one heckler responded.

Read the rest here: Fox News

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He can’t deal with the situation… his Pantifa/BLM buddies have targeted him and he’s stupid enough to think that his money and power makes him a leader. 55 nights of this shit with no end in sight.

His opponent in November’s election is WORSE than him… and has openly told people that “I am ANTIFA”.

The people of Portland don’t have the guts to say enough is enough… they want to “Keep Portland Weird”.


If he loses he should move out of the area to avoid close encounters with BLM/ANTIFA. After all he won’t have police protection anymore.


He’s got the $$$ – from parents and working in the logging industry (yep, a libtard that was cutting down trees for PROFIT).

He won’t – he, like other libtard/socialist mayors before him will be treated as an “elder statesman” in the local community and continue to be a mover and shaker in the local political community.


All these rich left/libtards think the same way. (No, dudes, they DON’T like you.)


Here’s commentary on all this y’all might like:


Here’s an interview (further down the story) of him after he kicked ANTIFA out of his neighborhood… they wanted to setup a version of CHAZ/CHOP in his backyard, and Teddi wasn’t happy:



5th/77th FA

“…urban warfare…” Or in Larsie boi speak; “ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!”

I’ve yet to see PDJT out in the streets tossing molotovs, smashing windows, setting fires, or destroying War Memorials. Guess I need to get out more.

Why is it these libs want to blame someone else for things that they themselves caused? Do they suffer from mental defect? No, they seem to enjoy it. Film at 11. Now back to our regularly scheduled programing, “As The City Burns”, brought to you by DNC and sponsored by G. Soros.


The word you are looking for is “deflection”.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Never appease a mob. They want chaos, and they aren’t looking for solutions. Destruction and blood are all they are after and force is the only power they understand.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

So wheeler tried to be part of the crowd and they ended up throwing objects at him plus trying to get physical, he ends up in failure by not being a wheeler dealer with his “peeps”.


His Antifa “pals” would have given him a beat down if he wasn’t protected by five armed plain clothes cops.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I thank God every day that I live in Red State America.


Heck yeah.

Green Thumb

What a self-serving clown.


“Wheeler called the tear-gassing an “egregious overreaction,””

He spoke with passion as his eyes welled up with tears.


Time for Ripley’s Solution: “nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”
Tumors have a strange and unfun progression, usually killing the host.
Some losses are expected but thems’ the breaks.


What a bonehead!

I’m surprised he didn’t get on his knees and confess his sins…with a dunce cap on his head.


So it hasn’t occurred to anyone just yet that these disturbances in the farce have more to do with being told “you can’t go out and play any more”, than anything else?

How do you get a bunch of restless, shiftless jerks barely out of their teens together to cause a disturbance like what we’re seeing now?

No one has ever heard of instant communications by phone or tablet or whatever?

No one considers that “they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on” is an effective way to generate a large unruly crowd of bored and purposeless overgrown idiots?

If you want to put an end to this stuff, shut down their phones for about six days, block their tablets and laptops and instant messaging, leave a number they can all call to complain and then say “We’ll get back to you”.

Why do you think wiretaps/phone line taps were so common in the 1960s and 1970s? It wasn’t just about protesting the Vietnam War. There was more to it than that. Now the NSA does it with its building-sized data center. Those guys must be slackers (and I hope you’re reading this, you saps) because they could stop this stuff.

In a Robert Ludlum story, this would be the venue to start or block a coup, wouldn’t it?
Or if it’s John le Carré at the typewriter, maybe it’s the way to expose a planned coup?
And the beat goes on….

The Other Whitey

This gave me a much-needed laugh. Fuck that guy.


Weird it’s not working for these guys. Appeasement has worked every time it’s been tried in the past.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

You forgot the (/s) tag.
Somebody (spapos seagull) might mistakenly take you seriously.


Simple way to end this – instead of tear gas, dump job applications and job postings on them. The thought of labor to them is like the effect of holy water, crucifixes and garlic to vampires. If they’re left there the layabouts won’t dare enter the area


Instead of hoping for water cannons, how about the PDs in some of these cities go for the manure cannon?

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Nah. I have a better way to end all this rioting.

Anyone remember Kent State?

After that little kerfluffle, you notice that the college campus takeovers etc ended REAL quick.


Guard, 4; Freaks, 0.


Meanwhile in Seattle…

Please explain tome how this doesn’t warrant live ammo?


These chickenfuckers will only respond with force and force must be used.

Take out the leaders and the rest will scatter like cockroaches.

Make public examples of the leaders too…aka actions have consequences.

Now that the feds are involved in some places, federal charges mean federal court. Hopefully a sympathetic judge gets the cases!


Mayor Ted “Soy Boi” Wheeler is fine with “peaceful protests” at the Federal Courthouse downtown… just don’t go to his neighborhood or he’ll have the police declare it an “unlawful assembly” and shut it down.


Jack ass

USMC Steve

I have heard through OANN and another source from peeps on this guy’s security detail that he was aware of the feds being there and using tear gas well before he went there. Logical conclusion is he was looking for pretty much this outcome for publicity.


Teddi is the typical (D) PR Whore…