Joe Biden sends Army Veteran Sean Worsley to prison for 5 years.

| July 17, 2020

Sean Worsley seems to be having a string of bad luck lately.

The first mistake that left Sean Worsley facing a five-year prison sentence was choosing to stop for gas in tiny Gordo, Ala. The next was blasting music at the pump loudly enough to catch the attention of a local police officer.

The third error was letting Officer Carl Abramo, who said he smelled marijuana in Worsley’s car, search the vehicle.

What was the worst that could happen? The marijuana in his back seat had been legally prescribed to him in Arizona. Worsley, an Iraq War veteran with a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), had used the substance for years to calm his nightmares and soothe his back pain.

Yet unknown to him, even his legal prescription was illegal in Alabama. The worst-case scenario was far more severe than Worsley could have ever imagined: a years-long legal fight that plunged him into homelessness, cost him thousands of dollars in legal fees and recently concluded in a 60-month prison sentence.

I am not a big supporter of getting stoned to deal with PTSD, TBI, Vaginal Warts,  Toe Jam, Jock Itch, or a slew of other maladies.  That being said,  in today’s world, the possession of some Pot should never result in the fiasco that Worsley has endured thus far.

When Abramo told them their music was violating the noise ordinance in Gordo, a town of less than 2,000 people, they quickly turned it down. After the officer said he smelled marijuana, Worsley said he was a disabled veteran and tried to show the officer his medical marijuana card from Arizona.

“I explained to him that Alabama did not have medical marijuana,” the police report said, according to Appleseed. “I then placed the suspect in hand cuffs.”

In the back of the vehicle, Abramo also found a prescription bottle of marijuana, rolling papers, a pipe, a six-pack of beer, a bottle of vodka and some pain pills, all of which he cited as reasons to arrest the couple. (It is illegal to possess most types of alcohol in Pickens County, which at the time was one of Alabama’s 23 partially dry counties.)

Worsley drives into a County in Alabama while reeking of Pot in a car full of liquor bottles.  I once heard Buford T. Justice explain this kind of thing , “What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.”   I am not sure if Officer Rambo was muttering, “I’m gunna get that sombitch” as he walked over to Worsley… but I won’t be surprised if a video surfaces.

In any event,  the oddest thing I have found on this story so far is how it all seems to be the fault of Joe Biden.   When a far, far, left Liberal Progressive launches an attack on Biden for causing all this its, its,  magical.

What’s a Veteran to do?  We just have to deal with “The World Joe Biden Created”.    I hope Mr. Worsley gets a break soon.  You can read the entire story at the link below.


A disabled black veteran drove through Alabama with medical marijuana. Now he faces five years in prison.

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Ya know, BLM should be having a field day with this one. And they’d be right. Would a white guy even seen the back seat of a cop car, much less be doing five years in the slammer? Maybe not.

Yeah, I know. He was breaking all kinds of Alabama laws. But five years?


There is a lot more to this story.

And even more over that. The weed was packaged up for resale.

Ex Coelis

Yeah, did he ever get fuct over…. Ouuuch!! Not making excuses for him but knucklehead that he apparently is, maybe he had his weed pre- packaged to keep it fresh? Don’t know for sure to tell you but based on my former- Forces training – that man just plain should’ve known better. What single direction or lesson is strongly emphasized to almost all military personnel when visiting some place new? Be low-key and DO NOT draw ANY attention to yourself!! No two ways about – Mr Worsley is the author of his own misfortune on a number of differntblevels. As someone else indicated – hopefully he’ll straighten up and fly right and avoid any future return trips to the oh-so friendly state of Alabama


How do y’all like your boots prepared for a prime licking experience?

Hack Stone

Hack Stone has a cousin from New York who would be able to represent him in Alabama. You probably have heard of him, My Cousin Vinny.


Would Vinny be willing to defend “da yute”?

One of my favorite movies…Marisa Tomei🤩 and some other guys.

The Other Whitey

“Opening statement? Uhhhh…… Everything dat guy just said is bullshit…. Thank you.”

Slow Joe

I suspect Hack Stone was stoned when he posted this.

There is no way his cousin Vinny would be stoned enough to be interested in this case.


That’s a TYT based video, rule #4 F the cops.


In my many travels throughout this great land, I’ve learned a few things about going through state not my home:
1–Don’t draw attention to yourself.
2–What is legal one place is potentially a big no-no somewhere else.

That being said, here’s hoping his sentence gets knocked down. Lesson learned.

The Other Whitey

For me, it’s the following:
1) Don’t be a dick
2) Don’t do anything stereotypically Californian
3) If somebody sees my ID or license plate, let them know that I’m not *that* kind of Californian.

I don’t smoke weed, never have and never will, so that’s one thing of which I won’t need to worry about running afoul.

MI Ranger

I had an incident like this when I visited the southern part of Florida on leave once. Not nearly as overtly irresponsible but similar. This should have been a simple case of don’t come back here again. Five years sounds like he got stuck with the worst possible attorney and the most upwardly mobile prosecutor. In my case I went on leave with my roommate in the Regiment. He had been a Police Officer in the town we visited before joining the Army. We were driving my pickup with out of state license plates. It was Thursday and we were looking for a friend of his and were told he was at one of two bars (this was before everyone had a cell phone). Apparently the Police saw us go from one bar to another, the out of state license plate and decided we must be bar hopping. They pulled me over because my “license plate was not properly illuminated”. Apparently one of my two lights above my license plate was slightly turned so it did not face completely downward. Keep in mind it was about 1900 in the beginning of June…quite light out! She asks for my Drivers License and tells me to come to the back of the car to show me my violation…the whole time watching how I walk (to see if I displayed signs of being drunk). I had not yet had anything to drink. She tells me my drivers license is expired, which I explain to her is why I also gave her my military ID as Texas allows that if I am not stationed in Texas, it is still valid. Meanwhile my roommate is now reminiscing with his old partner who showed up. Being a Rookie, the Officer says she has never heard of this, and calls her supervisor. He says write a ticket. My roommate’s old partner tells her it is true, but she is not her supervisor. She writes me a ticket. I am required to appear in Magistrate Court in several weeks. I try to go to the County Court house… Read more »


Similar circumstance–driving in Denver with Georgia plates. At the time, all plates/regs in GA were renewed before 4/1, regardless of when you purchased vehicle, birthday, etc.

Took me FOUR times to explain that to the cop, who I’m sure was just looking for me to slip up, despite it clearly saying what I explained on the valid registration.


2–What is legal one place is potentially a big no-no somewhere else.

Bingo. That’s one reason why it’s a good idea not to transport personal weapons or related items to – or even through – certain states while traveling (MD, NJ, and NY come immediately to mind, as does DC). Far too many nitnoid legal “gotcha” requirements with serious (e.g., potentially felony-level) consequences for non-residents in transit should you run afoul of one.

And yeah – from the sentence, you have to wonder if this guy’s lawyer was related to someone we all “knew and loved” who’s now -6 AGL.


This is sad in so many ways.

While I hardly support the use of illegal substances to self-medicate, that doesn’t appear to be the case here, or at least not the entire case.

Wonder how many other folks have traveled through this town with something illegal in their car. Had they not stopped for gas, things would likely have turned out quite differently. Guess supporting the local economy just didn’t work out so well for this couple.


There seem to be a lot of fake doctors out there that only prescribe one drug–and a lot of dispenseries getting rich selling the product with the most side-effects to be used in about the least safe way. I don’t expect all areas to be ‘cool’ or ‘down’ with that.

Still, that’s the world we live in, and five years seems awfully harsh. I’d expect 5 years to be more like armed robbery.

For the record in my ideal world, the drug is removed from the source plant, side-effects are minimized, and a safer delivery method is part of the prescription–but we’re not playing that game, because we’re too busy playing slippery slope.

Just 20 years ago my response to medical ‘dope’ would have been “get a job, hippy,” which shows how far down the slope my opinions have slid already.


heh, suppository form might cut down on prescription drug abuse. But who knows these days…


Junkies gonna junkie.

If you have never dealt with the critters, the short version is “will do -anything- for fix.


-any- thing.

There is -nothing- outside “anything”.

And even now, someone is probably saying ” hyperbole” or “exaggeration” or “surely not…”.





Jim Scott

Easy to see why you’re a mail clerk

Ain’t Redneck

What? Junkie? For smoking weed…what about alcohol?
Junkie..what dick


I agree. Those waxy things taste terrible…

The Other Whitey

My dipshit wannabe-Asian-gangbanger brother-in-law successfully scammed a California medical marijuana card for years before the state legalized “recreational” shit. The dumbass can’t figure out how to drive a goddamn car, but he scammed that process without breaking a sweat.

In any case, it’s always bugged me how so many people are so utterly convinced that the legal status of cannabis is the most pressing issue facing humanity throughout its history. I never favored legalization, but you’d never see me campaigning against it, either. I know some people who smoke that crap; my take has always been “Don’t drive or operate machinery while high, and don’t do it where I have to smell it.”


Pretty much.

Dopers gonna dope. Stay off the roads, and keep your smog away from me, and I don’t care.


Never stop at a roadside rest area when traveling through Okalahoma.
There is a reason why the beer is only 3.2% abv.


I agree. Those waxy things taste terrible…


I am not a big supporter of getting stoned to deal with PTSD, TBI, Vaginal Warts, Toe Jam, Jock Itch, or a slew of other maladies.

Don’t you all know that TUSSIN fixes everything… Hell, even Cracka Joe knows that! Corn Pop told him about that when they were buddies running in the hood!


Sure it was Corn Pop and not one of the “roaches” as he called them? It was that summer he was really enjoying the minority children rub his leg hair.

Jesus. Just typing that out creeps me the F out and disgusts me. What a racist creep.


Yet unknown to him, even his legal prescription was illegal in Alabama

Right. If he believes that, then I have some oceanfront property for sale in his home state when he gets back.

That’s like carrying a loaded, concealed pistol through NYC and claiming ignorance because you’re from West Virginia or Arkansas and can Constitutionally carry there!

Dave Hardin


It was known to him, he has drug charges from many other places for years prior to this.

He is not the poor little veteran who didn’t know any better.

Army seems to think he only served for 2 1/2 years as opposed to 5.

Dave Hardin

That’s all probably Biden’s fault too.


That certainly would explain why a “simple” possession charge resulted in jail time.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Isn’t the saying “Stolen Valor is like the cherry on a shit sundae?”

Seems like someone wanted his shit sundae piled high with a fat old cherry on top. Can’t wait to see the results of this one.

Slow Joe

I never understood loud music.

If your music is loud enough to call other people’s attention, then you are not playing the music for you, but for the other people, to get their attention or send them a message.


Depends on the music. Classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s, and most classical pieces are best enjoyed when turned up to 11.


11? It’s one louder, isn’t it?

5th/77th FA

Pay no attention to that non-descript fella over there quietly pumping his gas. He is not the droid you are looking for. I related my experience with a Montgomery City/Montgomery County Ala-DAMN-bama deputy a little while back. My thing happened in ’93. Thought they had gotten a little more professional since then. Appears that they haven’t yet.

In all of my years of travel by POV, I made a spirited attempt to be at least semi familiar with local laws/customs. And the comment made above about if it had been a local white boy, would have been a whole different outcome. Yep!


This story smells funny.

What prompted the officer to believe the MJ wasn’t for personal use? How many pills were there in an unmarked bottle? What other sort of paraphernalia was there besides a pipe and rolling papers? Was he actually charged for possession of alcohol? Were the containers open?

Smells to me like another opinion piece disguised as a news article.


Isvestia/Pravda mutual exclusion principle.

When is a “News” article not “Opinion”.


Wow! I didn’t know Joe Biden was a judge in Alabama.

Peggy Gary

Right!? 🤣

Peggy Gary

First of all what the hell does Joe Biden have to do with any of this. NOTHING that’s what! Second of all he is incredibly lucky he didn’t get charged federally. Crossing state lines, even between two states that have decriminalized marijuana, is a federal crime. And he crossed a few of them. I do feel bad for him, but ignorance of the law is not a defense. Yes he served our country and for that I am forever grateful. That being said having a purple heart does not make him above the law.

Green Thumb

Strawberry Meth forever….

You should sell some it.

Make some coin.

And slide in the “Dead End Fadeaway”….