What frightens the American left: Larry Elder’s new documentary ‘Uncle Tom’

| July 15, 2020

There is a growing number of black Americans that have stepped up to counter the cacophony of shrilling radical nonsense being spewed by the left.

Larry Elder has produced a  new movie called “Uncle Tom”.   If you have not seen this movie yet… consider doing so.

Is there anything more frightening to the American political left and their high media priests of the woke world than Black Americans who think for themselves and refuse to kneel?

No. Black people who become conservatives and dare question Democratic Party policies, from social programs to public education, are a threat to control. And so, they are demeaned by Democratic politicians and either ignored outright or marginalized as race traitors, sellouts and “Uncle Toms.”

It’s a way to humiliate them, shut them up, and cancel them. And the party’s handmaidens of the media play along.

But that’s one reason why Larry Elder’s stunning new film, “Uncle Tom: An Oral History of the American Black Conservative,” is so important, especially now.

He asks the most important question no leftist will answer:

“The ‘Uncle Tom’ movie simply asks a very simple question: Why can’t we have an intelligent, healthy discussion within the Black community without a whole cadre of well-educated, bright, thoughtful Black people being maligned and discarded as sellouts?” said Elder. “What’s prompting this?”


Source: Column: What frightens the American left: Larry Elder’s new documentary ‘Uncle Tom’ – Chicago Tribune

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Slow Joe

Where is this?


If not, it never happened.

Gary Gilmore

yes can someone tell us where it can be watched?


Thank you.


I remember listening to him and John and Ken (KABC and KFI) when I lived in LA. Voices of sanity.

And Larry is a genuinely nice gentleman.


I have heard many good things about this documentary. Brandon Tatum has talked a lot about it.


It’s all about choice. Anybody can play victim of something or someone. Doesn’t matter who you are. Black, white, red, brown, or some other characteristic not of your choosing. Sure, we legitimately find ourselves victims of circumstances, but it is our choice to move beyond those circumstances or to wallow in it.

So glad to hear the voices and the rumblings of all the Americans who are fed up with the plantation the lefties are trying to herd us all onto.

Thank you, Larry Elder, for continuing to be one of those voices of reason.


IMHO, Mr. Elder is one of the major warriors for the preservation of our nation.

Prayers for him and his voice to be heard, and heeded.


“The Sage From South Central” has been telling it for years… banging the message in LA for as long as I can remember.

Inbred Redneck

Hell of a guy to’ve lasted as long as he has in that radio market. Must get a lot of positive feedback to still be goin’. Always liked him.

A Proud Infidel®™

I hope he successfully brings many more out of the leftist plantation mentality.


“our blood is on this soil..we own this too”

He gets it.


It is the likes of Larry Elder, Lawrence Tribe, Candace Owens, Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell and other brave folks who are the only ones who can lead this nation away from the evil of the leftists. They are the only ones who can open the eyes of people of color. I will support and follow these folks. The left cannot call these folks racist. Even calling them Uncle Toms (almost always by white leftists) reflects back a negative image on the left. For many years I’ve been praying that strong leaders in the black community will repudiate the left, and I see those prayers slowly coming to fruition.


Amen, brother.


I am seeing it around here where I live, a lot more than I had thought possible.


I was actually having a discussion with some guys at the VFW last night about the genesis of the minority conservative recently. Go back 15 years and you couldn’t find a minority conservative. Now they are on TV, radio, internet, etc… It makes me smile.

The wing nuts of both parties have forgotten an important fact about ‘Muricans. We don’t like anyone telling us how to think, speak, or act.

And on my super secret Christmas list, I’m hoping Santa brings me a centrist 3rd party. So the wingnuts in both parties can go pound sand.


“centrist 3rd party”

Trump is a third party.
Both the Dems and Reps hate him.
If he wins we have four years to form what you wish for.
If he loses we have no more years period.

5th/77th FA

Spot on! The Black Folks left physical bondage for fiscal bondage. Another legacy of LBJ and the plethora of race baiters that have made a very good living off of keeping the people downtrodden. Billions of USD spent and all we have to show for it is the un-named race baiters doing well and the free sh^t army demanding more.

With all of the opportunities available, they have no one but themselves AND the race baiters to blame for where they find themselves in life. We strung telephone cable thru 100% Black neighborhoods that were pure ghetto and really needed a good napalm based airstrike. We also did the same in 100% black neighborhoods that were as nice a place as you would ever want to live. Go figure.


Bull Moose Party

American Greatness Party

Liberty Lions

High time someone told both boots of the boot-on-your-neck party to go pound sand.

USMC Steve

The Tea Party sought to be a true voice of real live conservatives (not republicans necessarily, but real conservatives) and got absolutely hammered by everyone else because they saw the threat to their establishment political regimes. Trump is in that camp. And there are a growing number of GOP types coming over. The socialist democrats are for the vast part a lost cause and should be considered nothing more than potential targets.

Green Thumb

He is was more of a Moderate Democrat than anything else.

But I agree wholeheartedly.

He is Trump.


“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.”

1984 – George Orwell


For those interested, Uncle Tom can watched on the official website.



I didn’t realize that Dave already had the link.


I’ve been watching a “lot” of YouTube over the past few years, and even more since the start of this year. I watch quite a bit of history (The History Guy being a favorite), film/pop culture reviews (The Critical Drinker is one of the best), some practical knowledge/DIY stuff (AvE and various tool review sites for instance), and gun/police channels (Forgotten Weapons, The AK Guy, Donut Operator, and some of the bodycam footage sites).

With that said, I’ve found myself enjoying many of the Black Conservative channels more and more. Larry Elder, Anthony Brian Logan, Brandon Tatum, The Conservative Guy, and of course the Hodge Twins (who are usually good for a laugh even while discussing serious topics). I’ve been wanting to watch this documentary for months now and might just buy it this evening.

The Dead Man

You should check out Angry Cops and Officer 401 to go with the cop channels. Angry’s also a Drill Sergeant and tends to do Stolen Valor related content. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t someone here.

You should add Taofledermaus and Colion Noire to your lists. I’d also throw Red Letter Media in with the Drinker as being a good movie group.

Daisy Cutter

I can’t see the website from at work. I think it is on the bad list but that doesn’t mean anything nefarious, just that they don’t recognize it as an acceptable site.

Please – can anyone tell me the LENGTH? IMDb does not say and I am wondering about earmarking a time to watch it, depending on length.

Thanks for any help.

Dave Hardin

106 minutes, Kemosabe


Same here. My government work computer seems to block random sites. It even blocks .gov sites sometimes.


We were accused of racism, yet seem to respect and enjoy the political speaking of folks who have different quantities of Melanin or otherwise do not resemble us.

Hm. That is a weird kinda hate.

And the accusers say folks with built in tan are not “really” tan, and hurl vile epithets, if they think differently from pale folks who demand they conform to pale instructions.

That is a weird kinda “tolerance”.

Maybe the folks labeling us are the actual racists and haters.

Daisy Cutter

A coupon code will get you 20% off the movie price.