Seattle Update: CHAZ Demolished – Squatters Gone

| July 2, 2020

And then, after displaying much patience, the city removes the wall.


Photo: RT

The CHAZ is going, going…. Gone.

From the article: Tuesday’s back-and-forth over barriers was the latest episode in a kind of stalemate between the city and protesters who have occupied several blocks around the park and the Police Department’s East Precinct for about three weeks, since the police left the precinct following standoffs and clashes with protesters calling for racial justice and an end to police brutality.

Calls to bring law enforcement back to the East Precinct and shut down CHOP have been amplified by four shootings in the area over a roughly nine-day span, including one Monday morning that killed a 16-year-old boy and wounded a 14-year-old boy.

There is more here, including videos:

Officers can be heard advising demonstrators to leave the barricaded encampment around the Capitol Hill neighborhood, known as CHAZ and CHOP, or face detention.

Mayor Jenny Durkan had earlier issued a public safety emergency order to vacate the area. Police Chief Carmen Best said in a statement that her officers were moving in after “weeks of violence” in and around the protest zone.

Since its formation on June 8, the camp saw four shootings that resulted in multiple injuries and two deaths.

“The CHOP has become lawless and brutal. Four shootings – two fatal – robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes have occurred in this several block area,” Best wrote. She stressed that her department would work with demonstrators to “build trust” and “begin meaningful dialogue about re-envisioning public safety in our community.” – article

Two of those killed were children.  Sounds like the CHAZZers/CHOPpers were trying to turn their spot into a Pacific Northwest version of Englewood on Chicago’s south side.

Anyone think this says Seattle’s patience finally wore thin? I was kind of hoping they’d stay until the snow flies this winter, because even the Old Farmers Almanac says that the Pacific Northwest gets cold and snow in the winter. If only those CHAZers had been more civilized….

Here’s an additional hour and a half of entertainment for you:

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Bye Felicia!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Remember Ex that you can lead a horse to water But a pencil must be led so that makes horse sense. I’ll stop horsing around on my comment now.


Cows will do that too, if you grab them udderly wrong.

Carlton G Long

From Twitter:

I tried to not rewatch, but couldn’t say “nay.”

E4 Mafia '83-'87

My uncle trained & raced pacers and trotters for 50 years, and I can tell you a kick to the head from a horse’s hind leg can kill someone. The Woke Warrior got off easy with a broken nose. I admit the I laughrf my ass off after seeing it.


Never retreat intge face of terror. Lessons learned…..again.


Both the mayors of Seattle and Portland supported Pantifa/BLM… until they started showing up in their neighborhoods, then they shut them down.

Big time NIMBY action…


NIMBY is the rallying cry for the limousine liberal left.

5th/77th FA

Been LMAO all week watching this unfold. Trash begets trash.


I hope that the lefties that lived in the CHAZ/CHOP that actually didn’t support the take over, realize that this is what voting lefty gets you. The “leaders” in Seattle that THEY voted for, LET THAT HAPPEN to them. No one deserves to have their house they built be taken over by leftist agitators, but to the extant that any one deserves it, they do. I hope that learning is a capability they possess.


Nope, not a chance Fuze, it was just “done wrong”…


“Yes, if only WE were in charge, it will done right!”

How often has that sentence been the prelude to wide-scale death and oppression.


“. . . it will BE done right!”

Darn it.

Hack Stone

The Summer Of Love ended early this year. The Winter Of Discontent is just around the corner.

Hack Stone

In addition to being Director Of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government, he is also the in house Poet Laureate Of said proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government.

There once was a man on Wilson Lane
His Internet postings were deemed insane
To protect Monkress he went to the mat,
His career ended up going splat,
And now his Jaguar rusts in the rain.


Preceded by the Fall of Hammers?

The Other Whitey

They turned that place into a shithole real quick, didn’t they? I’m curious how many bodies will turn up within the anarchist riot area, given how much violence took place that they tried to cover up.


Na na na na hey hey-ey, [get a job]!


So the protest at the mayors house
WOKE her up nice


Even better: the mayor claims that one of the members of Seattle’s city council led the protesters there.

A Proud Infidel®™

They’ve begun to eat each other. Popcorn, anyone?


So did the Soviets. But the Soviets waited until after the Revolution and Lenin’s demise.


Well that pretty much started, played out, and ended as I thought it would. It failed.


Gotta get rid of fleas or they’ll geet into everything.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Unfortunately, the departing Chopistanis apparently left literally tons of rubbish behind.



Hack Stone

Just like the “environmentalists” protesting the pipeline in North Dakota. They might as well just declare the area a hazmat contaminated zone and cover it all over with a few hundred yard of soil.

A Proud Infidel®™

Gosh, golly, gee whiz Wally!!!

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


Hack Stone

It’s a damn shame that the fascists invaded New Venezuela, their crops in the Woke Garden were just about ready to be harvested.

A Proud Infidel®™

Gee whiz, New Mogadishu folded that quickly? Oh yeah, and JUST WHAT changed that idiot mayor’s mind about it?



George V

“… CHAZZers/CHOPpers were trying to turn their spot into…Englewood on Chicago’s south side.”

Naaa, I think they scored a bit higher, er, maybe lower. So, CHAZ-OP is independent, autonomouse, right? Well,
– They needed massive donations of food, drinks, etc. Sounds like foreign aid to me.
– There is trash everywhere. Nothing is cleaned up by anyone.
– There is limited sanitation.
– Some guy “Raz” was declared the head of security. He found some weapons and gave them to his friends to be the security force, who are also idiots in terms of weapon knowledge and safety. So they strut around and are generally obnoxious until they kill those kids in the SUV by unloading the entire mag into the vehicle.

I’m thinking these jackwagons re-created Mogadishu, Somalia, circa 1992.

George V

Great, here I compose a great, magnificent, thoughtful analysis of the CHAZ/CHOP Flop comparing it to Mogadishu, and what happens??? Infidel beats me to the comparison!!! ARRGGGGHHH!!

Then instead of hitting “Reply” I click on “Report Comment”. Again, ARRRRGHHHHH!

Where’s my blanket? I’m taking a nap.

The Other Whitey

Two good ones I’ve seen recently were “Wokeadishu” and “Veganzuela.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Mogatofu? Ka-kastan?










Vanilla ice-land






But mostly, they now get to call it



Should this happen again, the following steps are needed:

City leadership needs to talk to their chain of command to set up supply lines. Said zone needs a financial officer (George Soros) to pay for all supplies, including shipping, all paid up front before delivery.

Further billing could include clean up, pest control, and overflow security costs.

Comm Center Rat

“This message is transmitted at the request of the President of the United States of America and the Office of Homeland Security. In compliance with the United Nations, the President of the United States has declared Martial Law. Curfew is now in place. Return to your homes. Any congregating of two or more people outside of your homes will result in you being arrested on sight. Anyone possessing a firearm or any item or instrument that can be used as a weapon will be deemed an enemy of the state and will be arrested on sight. UN peacekeeping garrisons have severed all data transmissions and telephone communications for national security. Any violation of martial law will result in immediate arrest and trial for treason. All traitors will be shot. America is now engaged in civil war.”

Civil War by Body Count featuring Dave Mustaine of Megadeth (2017)



Just a temporary reprieve. Have a mayor like Durkin & a city council that doesn’t believe in law & order, and anarchy is never far away.


Okay …. so the CHAZ/CHOP “security” were black (right?)….

All the shooting/killing victims were black (right?)…..

So…. Black Lives (sometime) Matter?

Did I not get the message?


Lots of palefaces were stirring that particular hate-cauldron.

Marxists, ensuring misery to summon Revolution.


I will be reviewing the actions of the individuals that were in charge of CHOP and providing an in depth analysis of the empiric data that I have collected and massaged and provide it to the local Commissariat at a date to be determine.

There were deviations from the outline provided to them to create the ultimate “workers paradise” that we all strive for. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

Hack Stone

Has Lars chimed in on any of the discussions about CHAZ/CHOP with his take on the man on the street who identifies as a woman opinions?


I’ve been waiting myself. Missing the entertainment he provides is similar to a power outage. It sucks and you can’t wait for it to turn back on.

Hack Stone

Yes. This is Lars moment to shine. Everything that he could hope and dream for has come to fruition. He was looking forward to being appointed to The United Nations as Ambassador From CHAZ.