Michael Moore: Don’t be Overconfident With Joe Biden Victory

| May 24, 2020

Michael Moore warns the Democrats not to be overconfident with a Joe Biden victory in November. He tells them that President Trump is going to succeed in getting his base to vote. He also warns them that Republicans that didn’t vote in the last election could be persuaded to come out to vote for Trump.

There are people, on the left, who believe that President Trump is not going to win this November. Some even think that they could successfully peel President Trump’s support enough for Joe Biden to win. They somehow think that their view is “gospel”. If only they could get us to see their “truth”, we would “change our minds” about voting for President Trump.

From Fox News:

Trump is “going to do well” in November because he hasn’t lost “any of his support,” Moore said during an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“None of us should take him for granted,” Moore told Maher, referring to Trump.

“We need to behave as if he will win a second term,” Moore said. “Anybody who right now says, ‘Oh no,’ You’re really part of the problem because you’re not taking this seriously. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He was just in Michigan this week. It’s the third time he’s been in Michigan in three weeks. He believes he’s going to somehow pull this off.”

Moore, who was one of the few outspoken liberals who predicted Trump’s victory in 2016, told Maher that the polls showing Biden ahead of Trump are “very similar” to the ones four years ago that showed Hillary Clinton leading. And while he expressed confidence that Biden will win the “popular vote,” Trump can “still win the electoral college.”

“All of us have to really be in fighting mode because he is. He knows his people,” Moore continued. “He will get all of that 44-46 percent out. He just needs a couple more percent of the people on his side who stayed home last time.”

Fox News has details here.

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  1. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    If the Donks stopped picking as candidates a long string of epicly-corrupt scoundrels with contempt for anyone not licking their boots…


    Truman and Kennedy would be run out of the 2020 Donkuloid Convention.

  2. AW1Ed says:

    Only Army Mom stated yesterday on the Polls post,

    “Even the most hardcore Democrats I know are DONE with Pritzker, Whitmore and the democrats in DC. They are finally experiencing the difference between a socialist-nanny state and a Republic of Citizens with Rights. And they don’t like it.

    They were fine when the ‘rules’ didn’t impact them.”

    Have the blinders come off? Guess we’ll find out in November.

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    Spot on 11B. The demonrats have turned into a party grifters, ne’er do wells, rapists, thieves, and yes murderers. The USA is not without its warts and dark history, but in the grand scheme of things, I still wonder why there are so many who have benefited from the culture and advancement America gave the world are hell bent on destroying it.

    I am still of the opinion that they want to get rid of Trump because he represents a threat to their grip on power. My main disappointment with the job Trump has done thus far is he has not fulfilled his promise to “drain the swamp” or “lock her up.” If he was/is waiting for his 2nd term when he would have more “latitude” to me, that was a mistake. Leaving entrenched enemies inside the gubmint is what has lead to so many attacks. Just the information that has come out very recently speaks volumes of the coup attempt. I sincerely hope that the meme cartoon on Boomer’s thread of Trump saying it was his turn for investigating comes to pass.

    • thebesig says:

      The swamp took decades to fill and thicken. It’s going to take years to drain. It’s a process that’s going to have a slow start. But, when it gets going, it will still be “draining” long after a second Trump term.

      • Inbred Redneck says:

        Let’s not forget that there’re a few members of the Stupid Party who could stand to be swept out with the rest of the bottom feeders in both houses and the bureaucratic cesspool that is DC. I’d say we should let the gators in the swamp eat ’em, but I wouldn’t wish that on any self-respectin’ alligator. They don’t deserve that kind of indigestion.

    • Slow Joe says:

      The persecution of political enemies during a first term is a very risky proposition even when warranted, as in this case. It could misfire in a million possible ways.

      • SFC D says:

        I think you meant “prosecution”. And it’s not risky, it’s absolutely necessary, because too many DC elites are practicing something more akin to prostitution.

      • Mason says:

        Putting it off until the second term then people will say you can’t do it because it’s been too long and we want Pence to have a chance when he goes up for Prez. Then the office goes to Pence, or more likely it bounces back to a Democrat, and it all goes away.

        I fear at this point the swamp has won. There won’t be many prosecutions. The ones there are will be fall guys or incidental crimes discovered along the way (ala Mueller). The political class/machine in D.C. is all too good at perpetuating itself.

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Mason I fear you are correct too. They may not admit it, but there was an assload of people that voted for Trump just for his promise to “lock her up!” I’m part of that number, as are many on this forum. I think even Larsie boi wants to see that. Now, here we are nearly 4 years later and NOTHING has been done. The entire government is rife with corruption and any new people coming in are either co-opted or corrupted not long after they arrive. The evidence is out there for all to see, and if any one of us was even suspected of this kinda crap, we’d be under the jail house.

          I still think that they are not after Trump per se, they are after us and he is just the one in the way. I didn’t vote for Trump for his morals, his manners, or his lifestyle. I voted for him because I expected him to do what he said he would do.

          Slightly off topic, but has anyone else seen the news blurb where the Mayor of Chitcongo sent the popo to shut down, close up, arrest the attendees of the Black Folks Church there?

          • Fyrfighter says:

            Hadn’t seen it KOB, but no doubt she’ll get away with it. She’s black, and a lesbian to boot, so none on the left will speak against her.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            It might be on the news tonight. She’s paranoid about such things, gets her undies in a bunch if people don’t “stay safe”.

            Type WGN News Live into your search block. It should come up. The scheduled evening news program on Sunday is 9PM & 10PM. You could live on the other side of the planet and still get it as long as you have online access.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    IMHO the left is still panicking and I can’t wait to see just what kind of shitfits they’ll throw next! As for right now we need to be vigilant about voter fraud which is obviously something they are going to go full throttle for in order to steal as many elections as they can!

    • The Other Whitey says:

      The Katie “Crazy Rapey Psycho Sloot” Hill replacement election blew up in their faces with Garcia’s victory. People in “reliably deep-blue” districts are sick of the bullshit and are telling the true-believers to eat shit left and right. LA’s election fraud machine just might break down from overwork. Ya never know!

      The question here is just how overconfident the Newsom mafia really is, and how hard they will overplay their hand.

  5. UpNorth says:

    Meanwhile, in an epic demonstration of tone-deafness and blindness, No Nads Nadler and Schiffhead want to go for round two of impeachment. Having learned nothing about evidence, I guess this yet more he said, she said.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      The shit-slinging baboons back at work, again?

      I wonder when we’ll get to see the “empirical evidence”?

  6. 26Limabeans says:

    November is decades away. Hell it’s not even
    April yet and they are saying May could be worse.

  7. Andy11M says:

    As I recall, didn’t he warn of Trump winning in the last election too? Do you think after getting old and loosing all that weight, he has finally woken up?

  8. OldManchu says:

    Lars must be sleeping late today.

  9. Mason says:

    I’d be a lot more worried about Trump’s reelection chances if they didn’t put up a dementia-riddled, creepy, openly racist, useless DC swamp creature. He’s been in government nearly 50 years and has little to show for it other than a record of being wrong on EVERYTHING. For fuck’s sake, he was against going after Bin Laden. There’s all kinds of videos of him sniffing, petting, and otherwise being creepy as hell around children.

    Biden is the single worst candidate the Democrats have ever put up for president.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here is a very good interview from Fox re: Biden’s dismissive attitude toward blacks in general, including his ‘you aren’t black’ remark a short while ago. That’s similar to what’s-his-name saying “if you run a business, you didn’t build that.”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Joe might not be the most sure bet…

  12. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    Geez, this lesbian trucker is all over the news lately. I thought truck drivers were really busy?

  13. Commissar says:

    Both parties are corrupt as hell because far too many politicians in both parties have sold out US interests for personal gain.

    The DNC is was willing to do anything, including losing election to prevent any actual progressive or reform candidate from winning.

    Trump is not a reform candidate. His interests and the interests of the same oligarchy of corrupt influencers are completely aligned.

    So he serves their interests as he serves his own.

    And they would rather him be in the White House than anyone that would actually go after corruption or try to reform the mechanisms of corruption.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Trump serves -us- which is why you hate him with impotent rage.

      He thwarts your ambitions for your regressive nonsense and anti-American candidates. (Sellout Bolshie-Bernie, Watermelon Party nincompoops, etc)

      • David says:

        I almost agree with Lars for once… these pele, including Trump, serve themselves ONLY. He stands out because many of his stated goals are somewhat different than theirs. At ‘draining the swamp’, however, he has been spectacularly unsuccessful. Be honest… he hasn’t had much cooperation, but he hasn’t tried very hard either.