James Carville Predicts President Trump’s Defeat in November

| May 22, 2020

James Carville claims that President Trump will get beat in 2020. (Mediaite.com)

James Carville on President Trump’s re-election bid: “He’s going to get his fat ass beat”. During the exchange, Carville misses the reasons why President Trump has the support that he has. If only they were to defeat “trumpism”, they would defeat President Trump. One implication with this argument is that those of us, who support President Trump, are engaged in “cult of personality”. Carville is also tying other arguments to the “trumpism” argument.

So, James Carville insinuates that if they were to “unmask President Trump”, many conservatives and independents would “see the light” then turn against the president. Apparently, what James Carville and the Democrats think of as “success” and “failure” is different from reality defined success and failure.

If by “failure”, President Trump “failed” to bring us closer to the socialist utopia that Democrats want, then that’s one of the points. We voted for President Trump precisely because he fights against socialism and against efforts to bring us closer to socialism.

From Mediaite.com:

He’s gonna get his ass beat,” Carville said to John Melendez on The Stuttering John Podcast. “Alright, he’s gonna get his fat ass beat. The question is by how much.

If we want to go to the lethargic stuff, blah, blah, blah, worry about this, we can get 290, 295 electoral votes and it’ll change nothing,” Carville continued. “If we go and take it to him and talk about what a massive fat failure he is, we can runaway with this thing. The idea is not to defeat Trump, we have to defeat Trump-ism.

On May 7, Carville repeated similar sentiments on MSNBC where he claimed Trump’s campaign aides are a “pack of grifters” who know he won’t win the 2020 election and lie about polls to profit off the campaign. He also advocated for the former vice president even before he pulled away with the potential nomination, saying Rep. Jim Clyburn’s endorsement of Biden “literally saved the Democratic party.”

You don’t have to worry about [Republicans] winning the election,” Carville later said on the podcast. “You have to worry about them rigging it.

Trump is weak, he is fat, he is slow, he is being stolen from,” Carville added. “…They’re just sucking off of him. They’re going to steal everything to the last moment. At some level, Trump knows that.

Bernie Sanders was the candidate that was honest about the Democratic Party’s intention. The Democrats know that if the public knew their socialistic design, the Democrats would lose at all levels. With Joe Biden, the Democrats could lie, or deceive, about their socialistic intent.

History, and current events, have repeatedly shown that socialism is unrealistic. It ignores human nature. Result? It’s doomed to failure. Unfortunately, there are enough people out there who believe that it would work. Their numbers are growing. As for James Carville, his argument shows that the Democrats haven’t learned from 2016.

You could read the rest of Mediaite’s article here.

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5th/77th FA

The only way Trump will be defeated is by the stuffing of the ballot box. The demonrats know. now, how many votes they have to have in each state to take that state. Henceforth the push to get the mail in ballot thing nationwide. There are already reports of vote rigging, fraud, and ballot box stuffing all over the country, and in each case, it is the demonrats doing the cheating. They are all just like the 2nd grader on the playground, blaming little Johnny or Suzie for doing what they are actually guilty of. Within a 1/4 mile of Firebase Magnolia is a fairly large Church Burial Ground and a City Cemetery. I still see people with out of county plates driving thru and writing down names and birthdates. When questioned, they always will say they are doing research. I have seen the ballot request forms in their cars. A county not 20 miles away has historically had more votes cast than there are voting age citizens. And these are just the ones we know about. Anybody think it odd that the Jimmuh Carhtarhs of the world can go to foreign countries to monitor voter fraud, but it’s raciss to do it here? And in many states you are required to have an ID to do anything…except vote? How about those of you that were in the ME when they had some of their FIRST real elections EVAH, and each person was checked off and then a thumb print/paint… Read more »


The only way Trump will be defeated is by the stuffing of the ballot box.

Really? You think the various polls, including the Fox News one, that show he’s losing to Biden in terms of popular support (not the EC) are false? All of them?

TAH is a bit of an echo chamber for Trump support; look outside the veil here, and there is plenty of opposition to him. This isn’t to say Biden will win, certainly – death, taxes, and the Democrats shooting themselves in the foot are three immutable laws of the universe, but surely you can’t actually mean Trump will only lose if the Democrats cheat.

Poll: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-biden-more-trusted-on-coronavirus-trump-on-economy

I only call this out because that seems like a dangerous assumption – our politics are heated enough; to insist the only way one candidate wins is because of rampant cheating by the other side is worrisome.


” to insist the only way one candidate wins is because of rampant cheating by the other side is worrisome.”
100% correct LC, look what it’s gotten us for the last 4 years with Hillary et al insisting that’s exactly what happened.


And I’d agree that that is unhelpful, too. But, at the risk of seeming like I’m splitting hairs, I think the insinuation that one side lost because of foreign influence is less bad (not good, mind you) than claiming one side lost because an entire demographic / political party of American citizens cheated.

By way of disclaimer, while I do think there are plenty of ‘agents of influence’ that affect American voters, internal and external to our nation, and that they did have an effect in the last election.. the only reason that effect was important was because Clinton ran a terrible campaign. She was the primary cause behind her loss, and all the other things were a distant second. Not null, but not the principal reason, either.


” that is unhelpful, too.”

“unhelpful”? That’s it? When referring to Trump supporters in the previous comment you call it “A dangerous assumption”.

No mention of James Carville’s remarks? I would note that he has at least a little influence on a national audience. I would think his incendiary remarks are a bit more “unhelpful” than the remarks of some nobody (which includes me, of course)on an obscure blog (I am starting to sound like one of them).


Unhelpful, too. Did you miss that bit? It means I considered both to be unhelpful. And I laid out why I feel there’s a difference in the level of ‘bad’ between assuming half your country is cheating, vs. foreign influence.

And no, I didn’t mention James Carville’s remarks because I was just responding to FA. I can’t exactly have a back-and-forth with Carville here, can I?


True LC, at least he didn’t say “you’re not black if you don’t vote for Biden”…


You’ll never see me praising Biden for his intellect or eloquence.


Didn’t think you would bud, just seemed the obvious comment to make… if things continue as they are, bars should be opening soon, and we can grab that beer or 10….

5th/77th FA

LC it is very worrisome. Not an echo chamber per se, more like birds of a feather. Or even better yet, a Band of Brothers…and Sisters. I’ve made no secret of the fact that The Donald was not my FIRST Choice during the primaries of ’16. Neither have I made a secret of my pure, unadulterated disgust with the career politicians that have sucked up to the sugar teat of power and corruption that is the government that we have in this country today. The evidence is overwhelming that the Clinton’s are the most corrupt gang of politicians this country has ever seen, and we have seen some doozies. The career politicians OF BOTH SIDES have colluded and abetted one another for DECADES to maintain their grip. My God Man, they returned a MURDERER to the Senate. And then they LIONIZED him. I guess we have the government that we deserve in that so many have sat on their asses, not voted, not spoken out, or not done anything to change the status quo. Everybody, including Trump, but especially Hitlery was blown away surprised that she lost. Thank God that there were enough people that did get off their ass and go vote in ’16 to slow down the Socialist March that the USA was on. Anyone with half a brain can see the damage that the “cool black guy” did to this Country. If Hitlery would have won, we would have seen our last true election in this country.… Read more »


I certainly wasn’t trying to say Trump didn’t deserve your support – I was just saying that the insinuation that the only way he loses is if the other half of the country cheats is worrisome. As for your 401K, to take the simplest thing to provide a counterpoint on, if it was tied market index like the DJIA, it’s relative growth under Obama’s 8 years exceeded that under Trump. That’s just a fact, not an opinion. I’ve done that before, but here’s the data: DJIA open on 01/20/2009 : 8,279.63 DJIA close on 01/19/2017 : 19,732.40 Growth: 2.383x DJIA open on 01/20/2017 : 19,795.06 DJIA close on 05/21/2017: 24,474.12 Growth: 1.236x If you want to use the peak DJIA, hit on February 12th, then the growth under Trump is 1.493x. Now, sure, Obama had 8 years, and Trump hasn’t even had 4 yet, so things could change.. but either the growth under Obama was better, or whoever manages your 401K should be fired. In strict dollars, sure, you have more now.. but that would also be true even if the markets had an anemic 1% annual growth. Naturally, I also disagree with you on the polls, and would love to see this evidence you have that a large number of Clinton votes were fraudulent, as that flies against pretty much every report I’ve seen. But again, my point is not about Clinton, Trump or any of the other polidiots. It’s about insisting the only way your guy loses is… Read more »


I sincerely hope you do not expect anyone to take your calculations seriously.


They’re not ‘my’ calculations. They’re the calculations. Go on, go look up the DJIA historical rates and do it yourself. You’ll get something slightly different from the S&P, but probably the same ballpark.

If FA had 100K (to pick a round number) in a 401K when Obama took office, and it matched the DJIA, he’d have had 238K when Obama left office, a gain of 138K. With that same 238K left in, he’d have 295K right now, a net gain of 57K.

Now, I know math is hard, but 138K is more than 57K as far as I know. And this applies to any dollar value. So he either had a crap investment manager for his 401K during the Obama years -which, surely, is Obama’s fault- or, he made a lot more money during those years than he has during Trump’s to date.


“You’ll get something slightly different from the S&P, but probably the same ballpark.”
I did the maths awhile ago, if memory serves there was a 1 or 2% difference. A rounding error.


Comparing growth over an eight year period to growth over a four month period is idiotic.


“…either the growth under Obama was better, or whoever manages your 401K should be fired.”
The numbers aside, MAR 09 there was a legitimate fear that the whole house of cards was going to come down post Lehman, WaMu, AIG, etc. Any risk-off inclined manager worth their salt would have been sidelined for most of that. Even with ARRA and the QE programs NO ONE KNEW IF IT WOULD WORK.
FA’s general statement may be technically incorrect IF measured against the index, but you knew that.
Oh, and here’s a nice parting kick in the nuts, FA’s return on investment WOULD BE HIGHER! You wanna know why, Sunshine?! Do ya?!
DJT signed the largest tax cut in US history.


FA’s general statement may be technically incorrect IF measured against the index, but you knew that.

That’s a real fancy way of saying I’m right, while avoiding those words.

Oh, and here’s a nice parting kick in the nuts, FA’s return on investment WOULD BE HIGHER! You wanna know why, Sunshine?! Do ya?! DJT signed the largest tax cut in US history. BOOM!

So you’re saying the tax cuts exceed the considerably higher growth for which I’ve shown you real data? Prove it. Because unless he’s making a shitload, or has very little in his 401K, I call bullshit.


We don’t understand conditional statements. Roger that.
You want me to say it? You (in spite of Obama taking the oath hours from the bottom of the market and being present in the office while his socialist machinations to destroy the country he so dearly hates, failed) are right about the rates of return bHo vs DJT.
There, I said it.
I feel better!

5th/77th FA

OK LC, I had to step out for a bit bit and handle bidness, some of which was picking up the mail and a large pep, bacon, ‘shroom, 4 cheese pizza from my locally owned Mom & Pop place. Plus keeping an eye out for the tornacane seen lurking around. I see your empirical data and raise you a pension that was primarily in company stock (their rule, free money). I saw (felt) upcoming tremors when Barry was elected and told my man to go very conservative with my portfolio. And he did. His skilz is what kept the damage from being worse. Company stock stayed in the pits for the entire 8 years after ’09 and didn’t turn upward until the day after Trump was elected. The company gave us a very generous “profit sharing bonus” to our pension, and an even nicer end of year bonus that I rolled right into the 401K. Also, too, the day after Trump was sworn in, we had our quarterly look see and my man got very aggressive and it all took off. Henceforth the big difference in the earnings. Most of the people that tried to be more aggressive during that time frame took some hits with the up & down, back and forth. At the end of the day MY empirical data showed a larger increase in the totals earned between Nov of ’16 and Nov of ’19 (when I came off the payroll on a medical retirement) than the… Read more »

5th/77th FA

Here you go LC, in her own words, an unedited video of Hitlery asking the Chinese to go after Trump. There is no low that these people will not stoop to.



Hillary was clearly making a hypothetical comparison to the mythical “Russia collusion” accusation, not asking for Chinese help for Democrats. There are enough legitimate complaints about Hillary without resorting to inventing more.



You made me watch Rachel Maddow. I won’t forget that. Both of them in one video.

5th/77th FA

tim, she may have been saying and insinuating a hypothetical situation, but, IMO, she was serious as a heart attack. She is without a doubt, again, IMO, she is the most evil woman ever put on this Earth and will go to any lengths to have “her turn.” A trifecta of pure hatred of the USA would be her, that Rachal Bitch, and Hanoi Jane. Hitlery is the epitome of evil. Again, I think she was being cagily careful with her phraseology, to cover her ass, and that as much money as she and her minions have siphoned off from her “Foundation” she is neck deep with the Chinese, the Deep State, and the whole New World Order.


Nothing will keep Trump supporters energized more than the same prognosticators blathering the same lies that got him elected last election. Keep it up, James.


Waz that skelitor?


His developmentally challenged cousin.

Only Army Mom

“Bernie Sanders was the candidate that was honest about the Democratic Party’s intention. The Democrats know that if the public knew their socialistic design, the Democrats would lose at all levels.”

and per 5th/77th FA,
“The only way Trump will be defeated is by the stuffing of the ballot box.”

If it weren’t so important – and scary – I’d get out the popcorn. I don’t like scary movies.


James ‘The Ragin “[A victim of WJC’s sexual assault] is what happens when you drag a dollar through a trailer park” Cajun’ Carville?
What deal did he cut with Satan to continue his brand of evil upon us? I hope when he gets called back Carville’s job will to be Hitler’s daily pineapple.


For context, NSFW/adult themes/Adam Sandler warning!


Nobody who is such a supporter of the Clintons or Obamas can complain about there being a Trump cult of personality. Obama was, and still is, idolized and glorified. Even with everything Clinton did, people on that side of the aisle think he did nothing wrong.

Even the most ardent supporter of Trump will admit he’s got many, many faults. Anyone who criticizes Clinton or Obama is a part of a “vast rightwing conspiracy”.


Snakehead has been spectacularly wrong before, and he will be again.
In about six months. Until then he’ll run his suck and not change a single mind.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I can’t wait for Trump & Biden to debates.

Did you hear Creepy Joe’s quote about blacks not “being black” if they can’t decide between Trump and Biden?
Can you be more condescending than that? I guess Hilldabeast expecting women to “vote with their vaginas” is equally as bad.

Carville jumped the shark when he had one scene in ‘Old School’. He should’ve stay on the porch.


There won’t be a debate unless Disney supplies the Donks with an Animatronic double from The Magic Kingdom.

He is -incapable- of handling a one hour debate. He can’t handle a puff-piece interview.


Carville. LEFTover Clinton sycophant. Fast talker.
I thought he went back to selling used cars after
Obama wouldn’t let him lick the soles of his shoes.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Let’s not forget that he was also an integral part of the Clinton Crime Machine, remember his character assassinations of the Women accusing “Blowjob Willie”?

Hack Stone

Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment? He kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. That alone merits him being placed on Mt. Rushmore.

The Other Whitey

I’d love to pose the following question to ol’ Jimbo.

If y’all on the left are really the good guys as you claim to be, if you’re so morally and intellectually superior, then why is it that you constantly have to lie about your positions and goals?




I look forward to the sweet flavor of liberal tears in November.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The Schadenfreude will be even sweeter!!!


All I can say is I will definitely NOT be voting for Biden
As far as Trump goes I have no idea if I will
I’m completely disgusted with the lack of draining the swamp
And let’s wait for a election year to Finley expose the BS in 2016
anything to get re-elected, so he’s figured out how to be a political hack
I’m not very happy with the Republicans too (Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Lindsey Graham, Jon stab you in the back McCain )
Talk about stabbing Trump in the back during the early days of his presidency
But I definitely will never push a laver for any bat shit crazy democrat either
Talk about being crazy as shit


Carville supporting the Democrats. That’s almost as surprising as, say, Karl Rove voting republican. This is my shocked face.


Carville loves performing fellatio on the Barbed Cock of Satan… his gag reflex disappeared years ago.


Carville’s PREDICTION is as valid, honest and predictable as a car salesman’s claims of the MPG rating on a car he/she is trying to sell. IMHO, Carville would sell his soul to the highest bidder.


Yep, constantly amazes me that his conservative wife stays with him… dude MUST be able to lick his eyebrows or something… only explanation i can imagine…


That marriage shocked me. Still does.


It’s shocking someone who looks so much like a boiled peanut got a wife at all.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I believe Carville less than I would a shifty fast-talking Used Car Salesman.


What Carville and his smug ilk cannot wrap their heads around is it isn’t about Trump at all, and it never has been. It isn’t “Trumpism” or a cult of personality. It is about THEM. All they need do to understand the “why” of Trump is look in a mirror. But no, they are totally incapable of accepting that the wages of smug is Trump.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO it’s ALWAYS been a Cult of Personality with lefties and they can’t comprehend anything else, thus they “project” their inner psyches on us, accusing US of being just what they are.


It reminds me of the left’s reaction to Rush Limbaugh when he started, which then reminded me of southern attitudes towards the civil rights movement in the ’60s. Us peaceable, happy and contented negroes/proles riled up by outside agitators. In reality the discontent and disagreement were already there, like moisture in the atmosphere, just waiting for a speck of dust to condense on and turn to a rainstorm. That’s why so many callers to the Limbaugh show used the word “dittos”; Rush didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know.

And for you younger folks, “dittos” refers to a “ditto machine”, a primitive form of a copying machine. See also “Xerox”.


A couple of years ago, I was in a grocery store in New Orleans that had James Carville as an occasional customer. Got to talking with one of the clerks. Seems that Carville is a total ass, and is one of those people that is just unpleasant to be around.

The Other Whitey

Not surprising. Pundits, even those I more or less agree with, have a noted tendency to be blowhards. Carville is hardly unique among talking heads who automatically assume themselves to be the smartest people on Earth. I imagine Carville’s frustration at being consistently wrong only amplifies those tendencies.