The Flu vs. CV19

| May 19, 2020

Social distancing

Presenting some statistics here, since the flu is not getting its fair share of attention these days.

CV19 updates:

The most recent updates about CV19, including the fact that air pollution has dropped exponentially since the emergence of the virus and subsequent shutdowns in every corner of the globe.

Direct from CDC:

Now, compare this to the past flu season’s statistics:

The most recent info (4/20/2020) on current death rates for the flu, compared to CV19, CDC preliminary report:

What is going on in the public world is more like control of the masses than a concern for the safety of others.  In Europe, cities are barren of activity, which is not normal. Whereas, the people who are affected by closures of the companies they run or work for are becoming somewhat impatient about the whole thing. A daily reading of statistics locally indicates that the death rate is dropping, whether the lamestream media like it or not.

I do wonder how this will all turn out.

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  1. USMC Steve says:

    Given that Red China is the largest polluter on the planet, I can see where pollution would be lessened. Now, if little Greta the retard would come up with a Red China/Pakistan/India specific disease like this, the pollution in the world would pretty much disappear.

  2. OWB says:

    Just guessing, but anticipate a huge drop in cases/deaths of/from the seasonal flu this year. Considering that everything from heart attacks to auto accidents are now blamed on COVID, there will probably be a huge decrease in every other cause of death this year.

    The simple fact that vehicular traffic itself is greatly reduced because people are not traveling as much as usual is responsible for a lot of that. Of course.

    Wonder what is happening with drug overdoses. Hmmm. Yes, studying the final figures will indeed be interesting, particularly when you look at the total numbers. Will worldwide deaths be greater than usual? Would really be surprised if they are much different than one would expect. Perhaps a bit elevated? Or not.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

      It will be interesting to compare atmospheric “pollution” (particulate) figures in the future, considering the drop in automobile emissions vs an increase in electrical power plant emissions, both caused by the ChinCom Flu.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      In our area, we are seeing fewer traffic accidents, but the ones we are seeing are more serious (fewer cars, more room, higher speeds). We are also seeing a significant increase in drug / alcohol / psych related calls. This would include domestic violence calls.

    • USAF RET says:


      It is time to start looking at the positive results of the COVID-19 virus.
      It has “Cured” many other conditions that use to kill people. Because of COVID people are no longer dying from many other things. Heart Conditions, diabetes, liver problems; kidney problems in fact most other organ conditions.

      Yes, COVID, is doing more to reduce death from many “Conditions” then any other thing before it.

      /End of SARC/

      • rgr769 says:

        Let’s not forget terminal cancer, suicides, and car accident fatalities, as all of them have been included in the ChiCom flu death counts. There is only a $39K bounty on every corpse classified as a Corona death irrespective of whether it actually caused or contributed to the death.

  3. Commissar says:

    It is bizarre that you feel such a ridiculous compulsion to cling to the “it is no worse than the flu” narrative.

    It is an asinine narrative that only willful fucking idiots cling to at this point.

    Flu is year round the flu “season”: is the rise in cases due to school, weather, and increased person to interactions that begin in late August and go throughout the holiday season into spring. This increase in indoor activities and the massive transmission mechanism of kids in schools leads to a huge increase in the R0 of the flu virus. As well as most other person to person viruses.

    If you have two viruses with identical infectious characteristics the one that starts with 10,000 cases at the e season will have far more cases by the end than the one that started with 10 cases.

    When flu cases begin to rise we already have a steady level of tens of thousands infected throughout our entire society. Starting with so many infected leads to a massive rise when the spread goes exponential during the season.

    Covid-19 started much later with only a dozen or so cases.

    We do know that Covid is far more infectious than the flu based on how fast it spread through exposed groups.

    Be we don’t have any idea what the total infected will be over a one year period.

    There cannot be any comparison of total infected at this point. And the first year of total infections of a new virus is almost always less than the second year.

    This fall, when lockdowns end, the virus will already be fairly well spread at low levels throughout the US population. It is then we can expect to see the kind of exponential rise nationally that we see in the flu every year.

    Though, even after lockdowns end much of the population will have changed behavior us and this should reduce the spread we might ordinarily see. I expect crowded venues, movies, and any public activity that causes close contact will be avoided by much of the population for a year or two.

    We already know you are wrong Ex. We just don’t know exactly how wrong you are.

    So far, very very wrong,

    As usual.

    • USMC Steve says:

      Commissar is right. Covid is not nearly as lethal as the flu, not here in this country or worldwide. Even a broken socialist clock is right twice a day.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      The lethality of Winnie the Flu is under the 0.1 percent for most folks, assuming some Proggy maniacs don’t force infected patients into nursing homes. Not as noisy as throwing grenades at Grannies, but morally not much different.

      -your- associates.

      -your- dem-panic.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Gee whiz, I had not idea what an illiterate twit Commissar is.

      I simply posted the statistics for the flu and CV19, as provided by the Center for Disease Control, a/k/a CDC. The US death rate from the flu is higher than the US death rate for CV19, as per the CDC’s reports.

      And that moron thinks somehow that it’s my work?

      I knew that Taylor is subject to constant brain farts, but by cracky, that just takes the cake.
      Wow. The disconnect between reality and that short-circuited brain of his is incredible.

    • SFC D says:

      “We already know you are wrong Ex”.

      Do not ever presume to speak for me. You don’t even speak for yourself. You can’t even keep track of your own words. You spew a pre-programmed script of propaganda, then deny you said it 12 hours later. Repeatedly. Kindly pack up your empiric evidence and sell it elsewhere.

  4. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    As I said previously, this crap was here back in late 2019. All this 2020 lockdown was utterly pointless, other than as intentional sabotage of our economy.

    It is a dem-panic, not a pandemic, and every passing day puts more and more light on the guilt of the Left and their ChiCom buddies.

    • Twist says:

      Quite a lot of people here think that we had it in early January as there was a really bad cold going around that pretty much everyone got

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        ^THIS^ 11B and word up to Twist also. How many of us started preaching when this crap FIRST raised its ugly head that it was an insidious plot by the foreign enemies of our Republic, aided and abetted by the domestic enemies to create a SCAM-demic. And all because the Bitch of Benghazi, dasHitler Beast didn’t get her turn. They will destroy this country in their bid to maintain the grip on power. And that is longstanding members of BOTH parties.

        Too bad we can’t get a real good look at the nearly 3 trillion $ stimulus package and see, line item by line item, where the money went. The only thing for certain is the seagull showed up, squawking and crapping all over the thread.

        How much of a raise did each Kongress Kritter Klown give themselves? I tipped my lady barber today an extra $15 over the $10 tip I usually give her. The tip was more than the charge for the haircut. She went from a full 5 day 8 hours each at her shop to 3 days a week (started last week) appointment only, mask, gloves, ect ect. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions that are in the same boat.

  5. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Trump’s food box plan is a clever way around the inability to move “restaurant” food into the “grocery” chain.