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| May 19, 2020

Democrats, continue torching America. (Jon McNaughton)

Stories? Thoughts? Links to stories you recommend for posting? Links to anything in general? Think someone (veteran or nonveteran) is a blue falcon and you want to light their rear end here? Have at it. You guys author this thread.

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  1. Wilted Willy says:


    • ChipNASA says:

      I LOVE IT!!

      Take THAT 5th/77th FA

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Congrats Brother Wilted Willy. And Brother Chipster, no need for me to take THAT. I have an ammo dump slap full of FIRSTs on the Coveted, Earned, never given, TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread; up to and including the very FIRST, and ONLY, ACE of FIRST, (17 Apr) We can also lay claim to the very FIRST, and ONLY, ACES and 8 FIRST, (8 May 2020) and the only person just one (1) away from a never even considered possible double ACE (10 in a row) FIRST. None of these include the multitudes of single FIRSTs, 3 petes, or quad FIRSTs achieved. Unlike the other Open Thread FIRSTs; ROTs, M-WOTS, HOTs (Random Open Threads, Mid-Week Open Threads, Holiday Open Threads) which are recorded in the margins of a desk calendar blotter, the Coveted TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread FIRSTs are recorded in the Coveted Book of FIRST to be maintained in perpetuity. So as it has been written, thus so it shall be said. And as of now, there is and can be ONLY 1 (one) King of First and it is thusly the Gun Bunnied King of Battle, 5th/77 FA!

        None of the above should be misconstrued to take any any and all accolades due to Wilted Willy. And to add a little salt to the wound Chipster, when this ROT dropped I was on a meandering drive thru the Springtime Countryside with a very lovely Strawberried yellared haired Ms Thang to enjoy some delectably grilled beef beast burgers, with all of the associated trimmings expected thereof. Have gotten a shampooed shave and a haircut from a very well constructed brunette, massaged by another Sister Golden Haired Surprise and before the evening is over will most probably be enjoying some carnal congress with said strawberried, yellared haired Ms Thang. There’s a little THAT you can take! Lubs you, you phuquing phuquer.

        And Oh, BTW, in re the subject of the Thread. This mix is quite good overall thebesig, the Admins/Editors/Posters/Contributors have all done an outstanding job of keeping most of us quite entertained and educated. I have the time and take the time to read each post, comment, and linky. I do enjoy the additional historical contributions that others give and would like to see everyone that drops by or just lurks, to make a comment of some sort, even if it to just tell me to phuqueofftillIcan’tphuqueoffanyfurther.

        • thebesig says:

          Thanks 5th/77th FA.

          As to the open thread firsts…

          The WOT first champion still keeps his WOT first title until someone beats him/her in getting first on the next WOT. The contest for first for the WOT, ROT, MOT, and HOT are separate contests. :mrgreen:

  2. OldCorpsTanker72 says:

    Does anyone know anyone who works for the VA who would know what they’re doing? Been trying to get enrolled. Apparently I fit into an unusual slot (I drank Camp Lejeune water) that totally confuses the poor folks who work for VA. I’m not sick, but I want to get signed up in case I ever am, but this goes way over the heads of the people I’ve dealt with so far. Any suggestions from any of you who may be VA participants? I’m starting to think that everything I’ve heard about the VA might just be true. All I want to do is get signed up. Is that so hard?

    • SgtM says:

      I drank the water too. They send you a list of questions. Most of the questions are about your drinking habits. Then they put you on a list. That’s it. If your not half dead from certain cancers then they are done with you. I tried to sign up with the VA but they said I made too much money. Even tho I was out of a job and the economy was crap.

      • OldCorpsTanker72 says:

        I got the same thing about not submitting my financial report, even though the application specifically says that for that category, you don’t need a financial statement. No one seems to know what anyone else is doing in that place.

    • OldManchu says:

      Maybe go through the DAV or, depending on the state you are in, go to your State Veterans Service Office / Officer. They those parties will be your rep to the VA and they know their way around the system. Hope that helps. The DAV helped my Father-in-Law after nothing but dead ends at the local VA office.

      • OldCorpsTanker72 says:

        Talked to my Veterans Service Officer yesterday morning. “Two people in my office,” he said, “I’ll call you back when I finish with them.” Never called back. Never will. And I got the distinct impression that he’s about as knowledgeable about his job as the VA folks are about theirs.

        • ArmyATC says:

          As OldManchu said, try one of the Vet organizations like the DAV, American Legion, or VFW. They all have VSOs who can help. It’s a crapshoot, but every county also has a VSO. You could try yours. He may be worth his weight in gold or he may be a POS. Unfortunately, in far too many cases county VSOs are political appointees, it’s a way a county officer’s useless nephew can get a job that he can’t be fired from as long as uncle is in office.

        • OldManchu says:

          Go to your county judge or commissioner or whoever finds the VSO. Sorry he was a loss. Mine was amazing. Keep trying!

      • Green Thumb says:

        I have consistently heard that they are the best.

        But maybe that is just me.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        AMVETS service officer was a tremendous help to me
        many years ago.

    • Billy1214 says:

      I served 3 years at MCAS New River, adjacent to Camp Lejeune, from 1980-83. I took my DD214 to the local VA Medical Center. Although I have several health problems, The VA found that none are directly related to the water contamination. However it was quickly determined that I was still eligible for health care coverage due to my exposure to the water, and I was enrolled in the VA health care program on the spot. No questions, no VSO, no squabble. The whole process took about 30 minutes. Fortunately I am still employed and have Blue Cross/Blue Shield through my employer. But I am a Category 6 veteran with the medical benefit available when I need it. Good luck to you and continue to fight for the rights you have earned.

    • Skyjumper says:

      OldCorpsTanker72, I wasn’t a Marine but maybe here is some info that might help you out.


      • OldCorpsTanker72 says:

        Yep, I’ve seen that, and a lot more along those lines. The problem is, the VA people are not aware of that, and have no idea what you’re talking about when you try to sign up. Yes, it’s on the VA website. Yes, VA should be aware of it. Therein lies the aggravation.

    • OldCorpsTanker72 says:

      I finally broke down and called my Congressman. Maybe he can find me someone in the VA who knows what they’re doing.

    • jarhead says:

      At my age I can hardly remember which day it was I crapped in my Depends. But I do have a seldom seen logical side which arises when needed. Every single one of us who has served, especially in combat, has the greatest ally in this country to help those who have been wronged, delayed, ignored, or worse yet untreated properly by the VA. The name of the organization you can expect and receive help from is the White House Veterans Complaint Line. Their phone number is (855) 948-2311. GUARANTEE you these people will help you! The VA fears this group and will respond within usually 24-48 hours once the group receives a complaint and contacts the VA. Every time any VA facility is contacted by this group on behalf of a veteran, they respond before week’s end. Simply because every contact by this organization puts a black mark on the facility’s record. The organization is staffed by some truly dedicated veterans and goes out of their way to assist where no others can tread. Each and every one of you need write this organization’s name and number down. One day you’ll likely need it.

  3. Roh-Dog says:

    Grow food (many a’potato in ground at Camp Recalcitrant).
    Get gold and silver (maybe a little bitcoin).
    Have the ability to make clean water.
    Have guns and ammo (like a LOT of ammo).
    Talk to yer Maker (ask them for guidance).
    Don’t Panic (in addition to being Memorial Day Monday is also Towel Day in honor of Douglas Adams https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towel_Day sage words, Mr Adams. Thank you.)

    • AW1Ed says:

      Deal in commodities, like lead and bourbon. You’ll be fine.

    • Twist says:

      I expanded my garden this year so hopefully I will no longer need to buy veggies. I also raise my own chickens and turkeys. I just added on to my mini barn and we are looking into raising goats as well. I have a slough that runs through my property and I have water purifiers, bleach, and I could boil water so I’m good on clean water.

  4. Green Thumb says:

    And what Random Thread is complete without a shout out the The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) who continues to avoid calls (as does his senior staff) seeking clarification of his Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims.

  5. Skyjumper says:

    For any of you dickweeds (and weedettes) here at TAH, if you live near Ocean City, Maryland and have a hankering to get out for a sammich & beverage in a socially distanced safe place, well here ya go. (grin)

  6. LC says:

    Here’s a story fresh off the Tampa Bay press. Not too wild, but still, it ‘has a (fake) war hero / scientist / professor’ in the mix:


    • thebesig says:

      Thanks for the link. A blog article is in the hopper. :mrgreen:

      • jarhead says:

        Thebesig….Do as you please with this. It is a copy of an email response I received today from a friend who is a commercial diver in South Florida. The response was a reply to my sending him the story published in TAH about the clown with the Indiana Jones headwear. Of course it will not be difficult to figure out who’s name I deleted from the email. Dunno, it may be pushing the boundaries of good legal sense to even publish this. If so, please remove it from this story. Begin email response HERE “I’ve never heard of that DR Con dude but…….is a total CON..my father in law who died a few years ago was approached by him and he turned out to be a big bunch of BS and trouble. My father in law was talking to the SEC and was going to work with them to get the guy when all of the sudden he was found drown in a lake next to his house the day before he was leaving the country.. it was suspicious and 3 people had called me and said that………Russian son in law had threatened their lives and they think there was foul play. I don’t know if law enforcement is still watching him but I’ve heard some bad stories from people that knew him well.” ENOUGH for my addition to the story. And any of you in the legal profession think you can make something out of it, try again. The original email I received is already fully deleted and out where it can not be recovered. Consider it all My Personal Opinion, NOTHING else.

        • jarhead says:

          Thebesig….Pardon my being such an old dumbass. The above story which is absolutely true was meant to be on the post titled Michael “Mike” Torres, Phony War Veteran. Now it makes sense.

          • thebesig says:

            You posted your comments in the right places. Open threads also include topics like this. 😀

    • Green Thumb says:

      I wonder if the ass clown in question was on the R&D team at All-Points Logistics?

      Seems to have the “qualifications”: fake scientist, fake service member and using his bullshit to make a buck.

  7. RIP Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) from Leave It To Beaver who just passed away at 76. He was also an Army Vet.

    • SFC D says:

      Eddie Haskell would’ve been the perfect staff officer. My apologies to any staff officers in the room…

    • Combat Historian says:

      Was aware that Ken Osmond was an LAPD officer who was shot in the line of duty and only survived because he wore a vest; was unaware he had previously served in the Army as well. RIP, Mr. Osmond…

  8. The Other Whitey says:

    Using spare time to work on various model projects, with music in the background. Discovered the hard way that epic metal covers are maybe not the best choice, as detail work is hard enough when you’re not head-banging.

    This metal cover of “Northwest Passage” originally by the late, great Stan Rogers, still kicks ass, though. Of course, a song of such epic scope and deep vocals practically begs for a metal cover, and this one honors the original.

    I settled on Clamavi Di Profundis, a vocal group that mainly does Tolkien-inspired stuff. Calmer, but no less epic.

    Meanwhile, I was almost decided on a B-26 for my new baby girl, but now my wife thinks I should build her a B-29 instead.

  9. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    Love the pic at the top.
    As a Utahan, I especially appreciate that you included Mittens in with the DildoCrats.

  10. gitarcarver says:

    Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf reversed his decision to not allow a Pennsylvania flag maker to make American flags that are placed on graves for Memorial Day.

    Wolf had initially declared that the flag making business was “non-essential.”

    Public outcry lead to the reversal as apparently people understood what Wolf does not – the men and women fought and died for the American flag and what it stands for and not the Executive Orders of one person who is acting in a tyrannical manner.


  11. rgr769 says:

    LTG Flynn’s attorney just filed a petition for a writ of mandate/prohibition against Judge Sullivan. She is asking that this biased judge be removed from the case. She let him have it with both barrels. The full story is available on Fox News. I was wondering when this card would be played and whether she or Barr would flip it.

    • rgr1480 says:

      “Balif, whack his pee-pee!”

    • gitararver says:

      Another view that is worth the reading:

      Lawprof Carissa Byrne Hessick does the heavy lifting of debunking the whole “Judge Sullivan is unethical or political” nonsense. He’s not. But if the government wants to invoke Rule 48(a) and dismiss a post-conviction case, the government must get leave of court, which means that Judge Sullivan is required to first ascertain the propriety of the government’s motion to dismiss. If the government’s explanation is unavailing, then what would he base his decision on?


      (There are tons of links in the article including those in paragraph cited above.)

      More from a different source:

      First, Sullivan’s decision is not unethical. Judicial ethics rules do not prohibit judges from hearing legal arguments from people who are not parties to a case. Nor does it matter that Sullivan had previously rejected motions by third parties to file briefs in this case. Because the defense and the prosecution are both trying to get the case dismissed, neither of them will let Sullivan know the weaknesses of each other’s arguments. And so amicus briefs will be more helpful to Sullivan than they were before, when he was receiving briefs on opposing sides of issues.

      Second, allowing amicus briefs does not violate the separation of powers. Amicus briefs are incredibly common in the appellate courts, and while they may be less common in the federal trial courts, they are hardly unheard-of. The U.S. Supreme Court routinely appoints lawyers to argue in place of the prosecution when the government refuses to defend a conviction or a sentence on appeal. Sometimes those appointed lawyers even win. The weakness of the separation of powers argument is underscored by the fact that Flynn’s lawyers cite only a lone dissent from Justice Antonin Scalia, rather than an actual Supreme Court decision, in support of their constitutional claim. (They oddly claim that Scalia’s dissent has “won the day” even though no subsequent Supreme Court decision has adopted it.)

      Third, it is far from clear that Sullivan is motivated by politics. When he discovered that federal prosecutors improperly withheld evidence in the corruption trial of Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, he was incredibly outspoken in his criticism of the Justice Department. He even went so far as to appoint a private lawyer to investigate and recommend whether any of the federal prosecutors should be punished for criminal contempt. When Sullivan ordered that investigation, President Barack Obama was in office and Eric Holder was the attorney general. That suggests Sullivan is more likely motivated by distrust of federal prosecutors than by politics.

      While the arguments against Sullivan’s decision to allow amicus briefs are pretty silly, whether he can—or should—deny the government’s motion is not clear. Ordinarily, judges will not stand in the way of a prosecutor who decides to dismiss criminal charges against a defendant rather than take a case to trial. That is because the decision whether to prosecute an individual is a core executive power. But Flynn’s case progressed further than just prosecution: He had already pleaded guilty and was awaiting sentencing. In other words, his case had reached the point where judicial power was needed, not just executive power.


      There is much more to this than meets the eye and that can be written in a post by me or Fox News.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Based upon my reading of several pros, Civil law in that venue explicitly allows amicus. Criminal law is silent. Long-standing principle is that in such cases of difference the omission is legally presumed intentional. There is no basis for -criminal- amicus in the manner he attempts.

        There are long-standing case precedents against amicus in that venue and those conditions

        The -judge- issued ruling against it in prior case.

        Quack quack. He’s ducked.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          I think in Football they call that “running out the clock”.

          I wonder what turns up in a closer look at the players in the case …

      • rgr769 says:

        Bullshit. Slate, really. Couldn’t find an article at Salon. Drink all the Progda you want. There is a DC Circuit case right on point. Suggest you read Powell’s brief and the cases she cites.
        Think the judge isn’t biased when he comments from the bench in your making a false statement case that you are a traitor and wonders out loud why aren’t you being prosecuted for “treason.” The reasons, legal authority, and facts supporting the request for dismissal are set forth in the DOJ’s moving papers. Obviously, you are not an attorney who has practiced criminal law.

        • Thunderstixx says:

          Can’t argue with that.
          The whole thing is a cooked up mess that will be unraveled in the near future. Let’s hope before the upcoming election.
          The dims are lost without sympathetic activist judges.
          The crap they demand will never pass muster on any ballot and that is where clowns like Sullivan reside.
          That judge should be impeached and brought charges of false accusation and then sued for slander.

        • gitarcarver says:

          There is a DC Circuit case right on point.

          Maybe you should read the case as it is on point with the judge. I presume that you are talking about US v. Fokker Srvs where the District Court held that the judge could interfere with the prosecution of a party. That’s not what happened here. The Flynn case is not about the prosecution of Flynn but the conviction itself which the Appeals Court laid squarely in the hands of the judge.

          Secondly, in the recently published opinion of United States v. SINENENG-SMITH, the SCOTUS opined:

          We have appointed amicus curiae: to present argument in support of the judgment below when a prevailing party has declined to defend the lower court’s decision or an aspect of it, Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 589 U. S. ___ (2019); Holguin-Hernandez v. United States, 588 U. S. ___ (2019); Culbertson v. Berryhill, 584 U. S. ___ (2018); Lucia v. SEC, 583 U. S. ___ (2018); Beckles v. United States, 579 U. S. ___ (2016); Welch v. United States, 577 U. S. 1098 (2016); McLane Co. v. EEOC, 580 U. S. ___ (2016); Green v. Brennan, 576 U. S. 1087 (2015); Reyes Mata v. Lynch, reported sub nom. Reyes Mata v. Holder, 574 U. S. 1118 (2015); and to address the Court’s jurisdiction to decide the question presented, Montgomery v. Louisiana, 575 U. S. 933 (2015).

          That is what is happening here. Sullivan can seek an amicus brief when the prevailing party (in this case the government) declines to present an argument.

          Powell’s own brief makes citations that it is the discretion of the executive branch to decide what and who to prosecute but it is the judicial branch to decide what happens after a conviction is obtained. Powell’s petition makes Sullivan’s position for him.

          I am certainly not saying that Flynn does not deserve to go free. (Even with the troubling aspect of his perjury.)

          The question is whether Sullivan has the right to do what he is doing.

          He does.

          • Ret_25X says:

            There is no “troubling aspect of his perjury”. Perjury has to be committed UNDER OATH.

            Flynn was NEVER questioned UNDER OATH.

            He was charged with the “crime” of lying to the FBI. But we now know that the issue he is accused of lying about was never raised in the FBI interview…at all. We know that because we have the edited 302 summaries now that show this.

            So you and all the other MSM fed junkies can just stop with the “perjury” lie. No perjury occurred. Ever. At all. You can’t even use his plea, because we now also know that the FBI and his own defense team were squeezing him into a quid pro quo to do so. Like so many Americans, he simply could not fight the deficit spending of the prosecutors who have never ending resources.

            So, the judge in this case is misapplying rule 48, then using precedent not related to gain a stand in prosecutor so that he can hold a trial for an offense that DID NOT HAPPEN!

            Sounds an awful lot like trials conducted in Moscow…

            The rule of law is dead and Jug Ears killed it.

            • rgr769 says:

              This corrupt judge is referring to Flynn’s guilty plea which was given under oath. The judge plans to charge him with contempt of court for his plea on the theory that if he is not guilty he lied under oath when pleading guilty. This is completely bogus because if a defendant withdraws a coerced guilty plea and is innocent, then in every such case the judge could hold the defendant in criminal contempt of court. The whole idea is Kafka-esk. Judge Sullivan has obviously become deranged with TDS.

              This is likely a scheme hatched by the corrupt Lawfare D-rat swamp lawers. Also, as long as Sullivan keeps the case going, Flynn is subject to the judge’s corrupt gag order (which never made any sense in a case where the defendant plead guilty).

  12. Sapper3307 says:

    Vermont’s Rolling Thunder is still on for this weekend. So it looks like a good day for a nice ride.
    (Yup bikes, vests and patch’s)

  13. Thunderstixx says:

    I’m glad this ROT came up today.
    I have mentioned before about my daughter, also a Disabled Veteran had fought with the VA for about 5 years to get her rating increased.
    I signed her up for DAV and went to work on her claim.
    Her original rating of 40% when she was Discharged in 2008 for a foot injury from Basic Training at Ft Jackson is where we started on the claim.
    After her surgery in 2018, which failed, is when DAV and I as a co-writer went to work on it. That took her to the 80% mark where she had been since
    I found out Monday morning by an early AM phone call from a very excited young Mother of 2 that she had
    received her rating increase to a full 100%.
    Along with her back pay, we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.
    The Lord does work in mysterious ways…
    Thanks for all the support I have received from some of the great people here at TAH !!!

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Glad to hear that.
      That last 20 percent is a huge increase.
      Now work on the “permanent” designation.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Great news Thunderstixx. He hears and reacts to the appeals of the True Believers and He also helps those who help themselves.

        Other than my GI Bill Education Benefit (which were a bugger bear to get rolling these many decades ago and a State Issued Veterans Drivers License, I have yet to sign up for any bennies. I have been chastised by folks here and my own brother for not doing so. Maybe one day I’ll allocate the several days it will take to jump thru the hoops and get’er done. In the meantime, I’ll just stay pissed that deserving Vets have a problem getting help, while POSes like WW brother and other phonies skate by, ripping off the system.

        • Thunderstixx says:

          Gotta tell you Brother. You are not only hurting yourself, you’re hurting your family at the same time.
          Working in Nursing Homes like I did I learned of several hundred wives of Veterans that didn’t get signed up with the VA when they were relatively healthy end up losing everything.
          There is no way that you can pay for Nursing Home Care, about 80K/yr, out of pocket unless you are related to Donald Trump.
          The VA doesn’t have to take you if you have had a stroke and require huge care unless you have been with them for several years. I’m not sure how many years, but it is a significant amount of time.
          The state ends up paying for the care with T-19, “Medical Assistance” and your entire estate goes to the state to pay back for the care you received.
          I cannot tell you how heartbreaking that is to watch the wives and children sit there sobbing because they have to move out of the house they lived in for several decades because the Veteran was too proud to stoop to that level of going back to the place that we all spent time dealing with, and would do it over again in a minute…
          It also doesn’t take days/weeks/months to get signed up with them.
          You simply take a copy of your DD-214 with you to the eligibility desk at your local VA Clinic and tell them you need a personal physician.
          They will sign you up, file the appropriate paperwork and get the ball rolling.
          It may take some time out of a better part of a day, but you served and you probably have issues you didn’t even know you had.
          Please, check it out and any others out there, unless you are independently wealthy, please sign up ASAP.
          We don’t get to choose when things happen…

          • 26Limabeans says:

            If we don’t use our hard earned benefits they
            will disappear not just for us but for future warriors.
            The property tax exemption alone is worth it.
            Hell, even the Obamacare waiver is a blessing.
            And those two items have nothing to do with disability.

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              Thanks for crawling my azz Men, I needed it. I only served 3 years, never was in combat, per se, and have no real “Service Connected Issues.” I always have felt that the limited resources of the VA should be allocated to those who had a real need. Until I started hanging/lurking around here and MP, I never realized how widespread the scam artists were. I couldn’t do what these shitbirds do, must be a defect in my gene pool…or upbringings…or…reasons. I put my real estate in my blood daughter’s name and made the will to give a buck to each ex and made mention of some of the step young’uns just to keep the BS down to a minimum. No current wife and no plans for any, unless of course Ex becomes available. She can cook, you know that don’t you. There’s some other TAH Lionesses I’ve kept a “ninja” eye on, you know, just in case. I might also make exception for Catherine Bell, Dana Delany, or Angie Harmon. Not sure if they can cook tho.

              I went to the local office awhile back. Big Vet presence here locally what with the AFB right down the road. Parking lot and waiting room was slap full of bling encrusted wannabes, braggarts, and obvious ne’er do wells. After being told it was a 6 hour wait just to talk with someone I left. Did get a call the other day from a former co worker in the line crew (Navy boy, Bless His Heart). He said he’d come by at 0GOD15 hrs one morning, take me in, and walk me thru the process. He is now a VSO, and like y’all, crawled my azz. In my pitiful defense, it is a 60 mile round trip to get there and my patience level is about as limited as Lars’ brain cells. I will get’er done.

              • OWB says:

                By default, I will also take the advice given you. Tried once to sign up but they had the wrong info in their computating thingie. Never went back.

                It really is better to sign up and never need it than to need it down the road and try to get into the system then. So, we both need to get it done.

                A challenge, perhaps, to see who gets it done first?

  14. nobunny says:

    “Buy American” and support small businesses. Here are some that are really tasty:

    Bavaria Sausage (white brats!) – Madison, WI

    Zweigle’s Hot Dogs – Upstate NY

    O&H Kringle – Racine, WI

    • Eggs says:

      I have some Zweigle’s White Hots and meat sauce coming in for the weekend (fingers crossed).

    • OWB says:

      Just discovered that DR Power is owned by Generac. And that their trimmers etc ARE Made In the US. (Yes, there are some foreign parts in there, but we all know that it is almost impossible to find otherwise in mechanical devices.)

      • Used to be still serving says:

        The chipper I bought from them is awesome as is the automatic generator.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Turtle kringles? I’m home!!!

      • nobunny says:

        O&H kringle are available at Trader Joe’s for $7.99. It’s usually a crowd pleaser flavor (almond, pecan, cinnamon roll), but man oh man… so darn good.

  15. OWB says:

    My VFW Post has our first scheduled funeral in a while. Since the Army is unavailable (something about a virus), we will do full military rites. Graveside only.

    Strange times when we are discussing things like how far apart should we spread the rifle team? Should those folding the flag wear face coverings? But we will figure it out, and do proper honors.