November Pandemic Warning to White House and Military Claim Was False

| April 10, 2020

The mainstream media (the left) appears to be working on the same side as the CCP when it comes to attempting to spread false information on President Trump and on the US Government. (The Donald Win)

The federal government allegedly received intelligence briefings regarding the coronavirus as early as November. According to ABC News, officials privy to this information tried to warn the US Government that the coronavirus was already wreaking havoc in China. Additionally, this could impact US forces in the area. These ABC News sources could not be named.

However, agencies in the government that would know about such briefings checked their records for the existence of these briefings. They couldn’t find any. The director for the National Center for Medical Intelligence stepped forward and confirmed that such reporting was not correct.

From Fox News:

The supposed intelligence reportedly was obtained through wire and computer intercepts and satellite images. ABC News did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment Wednesday.

The DIA and NCMI spent the past 24 hours going over anything that could be related to the alleged assessment, but failed to find anything, a defense official told Fox News.

ABC News reported that the White House was briefed several times about the document, with one source telling the outlet that “analysts concluded it could be a cataclysmic event.” Another source said policy-makers and decision-makers across the federal government, including the National Security Council at the White House, were repeatedly briefed on the matter.

President Trump first received the information in a daily briefing in early January, according to ABC News. The Pentagon said there was intelligence of a possible COVID-19 in January that could cross the Pacific Ocean and impact the United States, but it was not a dire warning.

Fox News tried to reach out to ABC News for a comment on this information. As of the posting of the Fox News article on this subject, ABC News had not responded. Fox News has the article here. Since their initial reporting, ABC News updated their own story on this topic.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and the Lame Stream Media.

5th/77th FA

Beat me to it. And IIRC some of these fake news linkys are ones that larsie boi was spouting off about in his tirades the other day.

Sometimes we do not know what to believe. At least now we know WHO not to believe. Don’t these useful idiots realize that when the Communist sumbitches take over the FIRST ones that are “re-educated” are the newsies and the academics?

A Proud Infidel®™

Once they take over, ANYONE no longer deemed useful is disposed of, including their useful idiots who put them in power!


particularly the ones that put them in power. What the 20th century showed was that once the “woke” get into power, they shed their free shit army quickly in favor of those who actually produce for the regime’s fevered dreams of personal wealth.

Make no mistake, socialists are nothing more than a bunch of shake down artists scheming to steal America.


Bernie calls it quits and it takes his supporters only minutes to announce that they don’t need the “democratic” pretense to their socialism anymore.

Not just a supporter, one of these is his campaign’s national press secretary!


They were not running overtly as Communists, but now they will at least openly Trot.


They will make excellent organ donors, as the ChiComs have no sense of loyalty to anyone, including their useful idiots.

Hack Stone

It’s as if the Trump Administration was briefed on a Saudi terrorist based in Afghanistan was plotting a major strike against the United States, and Trump declined to act because he had no legal authority to do so.

Slow Joe

TheBesig, did you also read the report that Clinton got on Bin Laden?

I hear he could have stopped OBL early on. After all, the 9/11 attacks happened only 7 months after Clinton left office.


there was never a chance to “get” Bin Laden once our idiot media published stories on how we were listening in on the satellite phones in use then.

Nor was there a real chance to prevent attacks prior to 9/11 as there was neither actionable intelligence to work from, nor political consensus to take any action.

Clinton had one chance and declined it, Bush never had a chance once the 9/11 plan went into motion and the planners scattered.

That we ever did get to Bin Laden is a testament to the hard slog of working up the ladder, not to some genius in the State Dept or CIA predicting anything.

I would rate both as colossal wastes of money…but YMMV depending on your perspective.

For my money, I don’t see why we spend money on government departments to work against our own people, but that is just my opinion.


Actually, Clinton had at least two – and maybe three or more – chances to take bin Laden out of circulation. The Sudanese government reportedly tried to give him to us, either once or twice. We didn’t take them up on the offer. And as Clintoon himself has admitted, on at least one occasion he could have approved an operation that would have sent bin Laden to the realm of Shai’tan (or Iblis, if you prefer) but refused to allow it because it would involve “too many civilian casualties”. FWIW: the projected number was an order of magnitude lower than the roughly 3,000 who died on 9/11.


I’m not convinced Sudan would have gone through on the deal…

Even so, Clinton was never going to do anything that did not poll well, so from that basis, he never had an opportunity.


Well, that would have required the arrogant morons at the CIA to have listened and given credence to Fillipino intelligence officers.


Wrong! We are there to each the indigs, not the other way around. It’s nonsense to think the indigs can know something we don’t. It’s been that way since Custer declined to believe his indig intelligence field agents.


Um, he may not have been referring to Bush (43). Bin Laden returned to Afghanistan in mid-May 1996 – or over 4 1/2 years before Bush (43) took office. I’m reasonably sure that Clintoon received numerous briefings concerning bin Laden and his plans during that 4 1/2 year period – and rumor has it that Clintoon outright refused to allow the CIA to take out bin Laden on more than one occasion because of “insufficient justification” (or some such mealy-mouthed crap).

If I remember correctly, Clintoon even stated that fact publicly in front of a group of Australian journalists and was recorded doing so shortly before 9/11. I’ll see if I can find that little gem the US MSM never bothered to publicize.


Well, here’s the clip – it was easier to find than I thought.

Clintoon’s stated rationale for not allowing the strike was words to the effect that it would have caused “too many civilian casualties”. He seems to be virtually bragging about withholding authority for the operation.

The date of the audio clip? September 10, 2001.

Yeah – he said that literally the day before 9/11.

(Note to newer readers: the spelling “Clintoon” above is intentional.)


Could be – and he could have been referring to the foiled Bojinka operation. But he could also have been referring to the Millenium attack plots (scheduled for 3 Jan 2000) which were also foiled. The latter occurred years AFTER Clintoon both (1) knew that bin Laden was targeting the US, and (2) had passed on apparently multiple chances to take out bin Laden.

I’m reasonably sure Clintoon was briefed about both, but the latter fits better IMO.


In all honesty, Rick Rescorla predicted the exact scenario of 9-11 immediately following the first World Trade Center bombing that almost brought the tower down at that point in time.
That the towers stood tall following that 1993 bombing was a testament to the people that designed and the people that built it stronger than it should have been.
Rick Rescorla was a great American hero since his first deployment to Vietnam and the Battle of Ia Drang.
So a lot of it comes down to the absolute “Victory Disease” that America seems to suffer from no matter what the disaster really is.
That time period was clearly Clintoon’s period and had he had a set of balls he would have gotten UBL long before any of the other things that happened under his tutelage.
Zero Dark Thirty portrayed the low level CIA employees working their asses off in a politically unfriendly environment and what happens when some of them finally get their point across…
The actor that portrayed “Maya’ In the film, Jessica Chastain, did a masterful job at it.
Since then, she seems to have forgotten the privilege it really was to be a part of that real operation.
Whoever Maya really was, she was a great American and a Great American Hero.
We all owe them a debt that can never be repaid…


And what was the President doing in early January, when credible warnings were received?
He was defending against an partisan impeachment circus of a “trial” that adversely impacted the functioning of the White House, just as the Democrats wanted. Some at the time openly bragged that they would effectively: “Shut the White House down” for as long as they could keep the impeachment circus going.


Of course this is bullshit

Slow Joe

Do you want to know when our government knew?

Just check out when the senators in the intelligence committee started selling stock.
I hear it was some time in January.


The first alarm bell went off in mid December from Taiwan
No body was listening in January came and all shit was hitting the fan
Thanks to WHO and the CDC for using the China talking points
Information was lacking and seriously under played


someone was paying attention, because the WH started the task force in January.

What they believed vs what they could prove is likely the more important question.

It would not surprise me at all to ultimately learn that the only people surprised by the pandemic were the “experts” we pay to be informed and advise the Executive Branch…

But such are the consequences of our system…


The experts were doing wall to wall EO training and drag queen contest
In Vegas instead of their jobs
I remember the same stupid taking over the army right before I retired


More likely sitting with “journalists” being anonymous leakers….smh…


And thanks to money grubbing members of Congress
In early February we knew then all shit was getting ready to hit the fan

Mustang Major

Is this the work of LTC Vindman?

George V

Just great the way ABC buries the statement that there was no such report in the middle of the story, but does not change the headline or any other parts of the text. These people have no integrity and no shame.




Folks out here in the real world are getting restless. Some of us had unexplained, unnamed pulmonary issues as far back as November. The symptoms were suspiciously like COVID-19. A couple of my friends died from it this past November and December.

So, if that was the dreaded “China Flu of 2020,” does that mean that instead of suffering a rebound of it in the fall, what we are experiencing right now IS the rebound?

Ask the folks in Cali how come they seem to have a much lower infection rate than does NY. Plenty of anecdotal stories about them having a serious round of respiratory infections there during Nov & Dec 2019.


5th/77th FA

OWB, My boy out in San Diego had a nasty bug back the FIRST of December. Took him several weeks to get over it. Doc couldn’t say what it was other than “respiratory.” He does high level innerwebz security type IT work and had sat in a meeting with some techs that had been in China in Nov. Connect the dots


We had a nasty respiratory bug go through here in December and January. Very much like COVID. Except the loss of sense of taste and/or smell.

Probably just coincidence. Upper respiratory viruses are common through the winter.

The Other Whitey

Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. It follows the “Orange Man Bad” script, so it’s Holy Writ according to you-know-who.


It is always important to remember that no person is one dimensional.

Any depiction of a person as one dimensional can be automatically rejected as propaganda.

Even Stalin had some redeeming aspects as a person…few those may have been (LOL).

The Other Whitey

He was nice to his daughter. Everyone else, not so much.


yeah…he was as close to one dimensional as one can imagine…yet our supposed moral betters in the so called journalism field believe he was a god among men and Trump is the evil one.

That said, no person in the modern political world is a paladin and our options always include the need to look past faults in all candidates.

America deserves bad politicians to go along with the free shit policies it appears to desire.


Was he the one with good hair?

HT3 '83-'87

Old news axiom: Accusations are front-page on above the fold (only old-timers know what above the fold means) and retractions are buried on page 8.

They wonder why they’re called Fake News…cuz they make up fake stories is why, duh!