Lies, Damned Lies, and What?

| April 6, 2020

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is blaming racism for minority deaths from the coronavirus,  and more.

On Friday, AOC didn’t just blame racism for an alleged disproportionate number of COVID-19 deaths in minority communities – she also suggested that any coronavirus relief legislation should be used as a means of making “reparations’ for America’s racism, tweeting:

“COVID deaths are disproportionately spiking in Black + Brown communities.

“Why? Because the chronic toll of redlining, environmental racism, wealth gap, etc. ARE underlying health conditions.

“Inequality is a comorbidity. COVID relief should be drafted with a lens of reparations.”

The odd thing is, she just may be on to something.

11B-Mailclerk sends.

The Unusual COVID-19 Political Phenomenon

On March 25, 2020, American Thinker published a pilot article titled: “Political structure of coronavirus victims: Which party is in power by state,” in which, for the first time, a very unusual phenomenon was observed. In particular, this article analyzed how the Chinese coronavirus cases in the United States are split among Democrat-governed and Republican-governed states. The easily trackable party affiliation of a state’s governor was used as a criterion.

To everybody’s surprise, for each coronavirus case in Republican-governed states, there are approximately four (!) coronavirus cases in Democrat-governed states. For example, the ratio for March 24, 2020, was 83% vs. 17%. We are talking here about the relative, not the absolute numbers of coronavirus cases. In other words, we analyze the number of cases in Republican-governed or Democrat-governed states divided by the total number of cases.

To analyze this phenomenon further, we calculated the percentage of COVID-19 cases for Democrat-governed states and Republican-governed states for the entire month of March. The historical data source used was the USA Facts. The chart below shows the results.

At the beginning of the month, 93% of all cases in the United States were in Democrat-controlled states, with the remaining 7% of cases being in Republican-controlled states. However, the last three weeks of March demonstrate that the situation has reached some sort of stabilization around 80% and 20% for Democrat-controlled and Republican-controlled states, respectively. In other words, the 4-to-1 ratio has existed for the last three weeks, and this distribution is remarkably stable. Before the second week of March, the data was incomplete/sporadic.

Most likely, the epidemic in the United States originated in the state of Washington (governed by a Democrat) on January 19, 2020. It was a pure chance; on that date, the chart values were 100% for the D line (in blue), and 0% for the R line. After that date, the coronavirus infection spread to other states. The process of the spread was random and chaotic; the Republican-governed states were eventually affected, and as the D line started to go down, the R line started to go up.

Based on the chart, the initial stages of the coronavirus spread in the United States had ended sometime during the second week of March (this is why the chart only shows data since the beginning of March). Anything one could think of that factors in affecting the speed of the spread of infection – density of population, international travel, public transportation, weather, the embarrassing deficit of test kits, etc., – had played their role by the end of the second week of March.

By that time, coronavirus had penetrated every state, and could no longer spread by the quick acquisition of “new territories.” After that, the initial process of spreading the virus became saturated. In other words, the current 4-to-1 ratio is not just a one-day anomaly; its existence is a manifestation of some unknown underlying virus-related process.

Read the rest here: American Thinker

Make of this what you will. Is the answer because of the preponderance of large cities in Dem states? I don’t have an answer, except reparations suggested by AOC won’t fly. Lets heal the sick, bury the dead, and then analyze the how and why.

Thanks, 11B.

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Combat Historian

AOC will probably blame her own flatulence on racism and then demand reparations for every fart she makes; it’s in her nature…


The other night she was doing a livestream and complaining about how Congress isn’t doing enough to help people right now. What was she doing at the time? Making margaritas. You know, the important work of a legislator during a crisis.


Hopefully she’ll be doing that again full time come January.

MSG Eric

Never let a tragedy go to waste…

I hope her neighborhood has somebody with a pulse to contend with her. Short of her flashing her cans for every constituent, there would be no way she should win another election.


That would be a nice show, but it wouldn’t buy my vote.


Gee. Who in their right mind could possibly think that a virus that spreads by human-to-human transmission – very likely via droplets expelled during coughing and sneezing, and by touching contaminated objects and thereafter transferring the virus to ones body – might spread more readily in densely-populated urban areas than elsewhere?

(I trust the sarcasm above is obvious.)

The Other Whitey

Especially in neighborhoods where “social distancing” was largely ignored, and in some cases continues to be!


Well, she’s sorta right (for once). Being poor is a health risk.

So now we get to see public health come to the forefront (yeah!!) but it’s going to be turned in to a political football.

Public health isn’t a democrat/republican or liberal/conservative issue. It’s an American issue.

I think I’m going to start a petition on White advocating keel hauling for every elected official who keeps trying to make this a political issue.


Would that be the poverty that is much more prevalent in single parent households, ones encouraged by the leftist war on families??

Keep em on the plantation… The democrat mantra since the beginning of the party.


Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!!

5th/77th FA

Good idea penguinman000. I’ll sign it. I’ve even got some good rope. We may have to check with our more nautically educated personnel, but if IRRC, a keel hauling rope is generally tied around the neck…and attached to a yard arm.

I read into this when 11B put it in the comment thread the other day. Still looking for the other reparations article that AOC had made wanting Coca Cola to lead the charge on reparations because the inventor/founder of the FIRST Coca Cola formula was a former Confederate. The extra trillion some odd USD that the demonrat pokers put into the stimulus bill should go a long way in stopping the spread into the poor neighborhoods…you know…like the kongress kritter raises, and the extry money for PBS, the millions for illegals immigrants ect ect ect. /s/

I will say again what I have preached about since this bug FIRST reared its ugly head. This is a deliberate attack on our Republic by the Communist Chinese Government, aided and abetted by the domestic enemies of our Country. I understand the video that was posted in the comments try to diffuse the conspiracy theories, but now even Yahoo is posting news articles bringing out evidence to the role that the Communist Chinese Government in implicit in the spread of this virus and how they have been buying up stock in countries around the world at fire sale prices. I’m still waiting on someone (besides lars) to try and prove me wrong.

5th/77th FA

yeah, yeah, yeah, get technical and semantic with the wording. I get that. My theory is the rope around the neck keeps water out of the lungs, tying off to the yardarm gives a secure point to drag the POS back forward and leaving the legs untied makes for some nice dance moves. Besides, banging against the keel may harm or make homeless some of the barnacles. I mean, we gonna need some kinda entertainment on shipboard, after all, the much anticipated part 2 of that Naval Aviation Motion Picture has been postponed.

As a concession, I’ll use new rope…it has a little more stretch.

RGR 4-78

Swabbies and gun bunnies, you guys are full time entertainment.

Thanks for the laughs.


I remain unconvinced that this was a deliberate release. I lean toward accidental release from one of the two labs in Wuhan where it may, or may not, have been in the process of being developed as a weapon.

However, the CCP is definitely ruthless enough to use the pandemic to advance their goals of global domination, by whatever means they think they can get away with.

They are most assuredly Machiavellian plotters of the first water and could give lessons to the Dems about “not letting a good crisis go to waste.

Our own government is very good about muddying the waters when they want something covered up. The totalitarian nature of the government of China allows them to cover up and obfuscate like Jedi Masters.

So, we may never know what actually happened.

Honor and Courage

The Chinese 2LT that got caught with virus samples wrapped in her socks was studying at Harvard, and her Professor had a big hand in developing the lab in Wuhan. I do believe that some test animals made it to the market, and the rest is history!

The Other Whitey

Did your petition specify the ship to be used for said keel hauling? If not, I believe the Navy has some big ones still floating in reserve with nice, crusty hulls. I would also recommend punishment take place in northern waters, within the habitat of the Greenland shark.

IS1 (SW)

She’s an assbag’s assbag.

I can’t wait until R’s take back over in November.


I can’t wait until the NY Democrats redistrict her out of office because she’s such a pain in the ass.


Read the article.

-Flu- does -not- show that distortion. it tracks as one would expect. Only Covid-19 (ChiCom Originated Viral Infectious Disease) shows that weird concentration.

Almost as if the numbers from some areas were … specious.

And if you remove a couple of the big hit areas, the Covid-19 distribution looks just like the distribution of flu.

Weird. I mean, no one would exaggerate the dem-panic, whoops – “pandemic”, problem for political reasons, right?

For me, that article is “smoking gun” material.


Mental retardation is an underlying health condition.
Right up there with Liberalism.


You’re repeating yourself there Beans…


One possibly overlooked common factor in the early outbreak might be the cities that had the high numbers of Wuhan virus have nearby international airports. Either destination airports or stopover airports. Where travelers who were exposed or were carriers deplaned, gathered their luggage and left the airport, exposing others or boarded follow on flights. So, those who worked in the airports and those in the transportation of passengers were all exposed.


Also likely cities/areas with large Chinese populations.


According to an article I read in the Los Angeles Times the other day (I don’t feel like rummaging around for it) there’s a much higher percentage of “white people” and wealthy people in Los Angeles County who are COVID positive than “black or brown” people. For this reason many Hispanic housekeepers are fearful of going to work in the houses they usually service. I have read that this is also true in New York City (AOC’s stomping grounds).

Why are wealthy people more prone to have the virus? Because they have the means to travel, to take flights to foreign countries, or take ocean cruises. “Black & Brown” people don’t have the same opportunities, and therefore far fewer of them had been previously exposed.

This was the explanation offered by the newspaper, and it sounds somewhat plausible. Although it’s in direct contradiction to AOC’s assertions.


While AOC is looking for someone to blame, she might want to peruse this link which I included in a comment on Hondo’s “Well, Well, Well” piece the other day:

Since AOC’s 16th NY Congressional District is at ground zero here, in the Bronx and Queens, she might want to consider what her party’s open-border immigration policies are contributing to the over-crowding and poverty. What about the Democrat power structures that govern these areas, allowing these slumlords to continue their despicable exploitation of these impoverished immigrants? Many of these slumlords are illegals themselves, preying on fellow illegals, and could be deported by ICE, but no, that is forbidden by…anyone want to guess?

As the congressional representative for these people, if AOC wants to blame someone, she need only look in the mirror.




It’s almost like blue states are inhabited by a disproportionate amount of stupid/selfish/ill-prepared people….
This is my shocked face.
Nope, it is my contempt face.
And before anyone accuses me of victim blaming may I suggest you go fornicate yourself.


Had to drive to Cabelas to get a hunting and fishing guide because the town hall is closed to all but ‘essential services by appointment only’, when asked the town employee heading in was so helpful “read the sign”.
Last time I checked all activities that the government provides are essential because if you fail to acknowledge their ‘aurotriah’ they’ll send people with guns to your domicile.
Don’t like the risk, don’t cash the check Bud.


Still the same dumb ass bitch.


Ocasio-Cortez is a waste of time, water, and oxygen.


AOC: proudly wasting oxygen since October 1989.


Gee, maybe this kind of stupidity has something to do with a higher rate of infection in certain neighborhoods:

Nah, that be raciss…

The Other Whitey

My point exactly.

The Other Whitey

She continues to be the dumbest bitch alive. A real two-trick pony (the first trick was getting that Econ degree without leaving the supine position).


You certainly aren’t implying she passed college classes doing the horizontal mambo with her profs are you?
But if that was a factor, it explains how she is the most clueless person ever to have an econ degree, as she appears to know nothing about the basics of the subject field of study.