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| April 6, 2020

Stu sends.

Little Rock AFB – COVID-19 6 Apr 2020 Update

Subject: Little Rock AFB – COVID-19 6 Apr 2020 Update

To Our Military Retirees,

Effective immediately, per the Secretary of Defense’s direction, and to the greatest extent possible, all individuals on Little Rock AFB will wear protective face coverings when they cannot maintain six feet of physical distance, in public areas, Commissary, Base Exchange, or work centers. This requirement does not apply in a Service member’s or Service family member’s personal residence on a military installation. This directive applies to the following individuals:

-Total Force Military Personnel

-DoD Civilian Employees (Appropriated Fund and NAF) – strongly encouraged until standardized masks are furnished

-Family Members

-DoD contractors

-All other individuals on DoD property

All personnel should continue to maintain six feet between themselves and others whenever possible. The cloth face covering is not a substitute for physical distancing. The cloth face covering is to help prevent those who are asymptomatic from transmitting, more than protecting oneself from potentially contracting the virus. Please, continue to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for more information (https://www.cdc.gov/)

Latest updates can be found at

Web: http://www.littlerock.af.mil/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleRockAirForceBase

Instagram: @LittleRockAFB


Director of Staff, 19th Airlift Wing

I went to the CDC website, and they recommend either a fitted cloth mask or home made cloth face covering.
CDC Face Covering Link

I know this message applies to Little Rock AFB, but is by direction of the SecDef and will pertain to all military bases.

Thanks for the head’s up, Stu.

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I beseech thee, answer this Eternal Riddle: what would we do without leaders such as these?
Lead better lives, clearly.
Do face masks prevent breathing things in?
Uhhhhh, yeah?.
How effective are they?
Who cares!?
The CDC stepped on their own nuts putting out contrary guidance and certain governors have mismanaged this to the nth.
And what will change?
Not a fuck thing.
A day late and all the dollars short.

5th/77th FA

“…until standardized masks are furnished.” And when do you think that will be? I’ll bet every Supply Daddy at every Base/Post/Facility Warehouse we have has had the E4 mafia curry combing every nook and cranny hunting for masks. There’s even a shortage of bandanas now. Saw some articles over the weekend where the dem run cities are “discovering” stockpiles of masks and ventilators.

I do like the fact that they are starting to emphasize that the mask is primarily to keep an infected person from spreading more germs v helping to keep the germs away from the wearer. You’d have thought that this would have been implemented at bases already. A few more cases have popped up at Robins AFB, just down the road and across the river from me. They have been open for business as usual since this FIRST started. I have people that work there, Military and Civilian.

Imma keeping my happy azz to the house. I will have to go get some milk, bread and critter food before the end of the week. Y’all be safe and wash up every chance you get.


I’ve used so much soap and sanitizer over the last 3 weeks, that every time I piss, it cleans the toilet.

Let’s be careful out there.

Combat Historian

Will the services now issue face masks in each service’s particular camouflage pattern colors? Uniformity and things, you know…(sarc)


I’m confused. Some masks have one band while
others have two bands. Do the bands go around
the ears or does one band go around the neck
and the other over both ears and the back of the head?
And that metal clasp..why is it upside down?

Combat Historian

Big Army will now have to come out with a new AR revision to cover mask wear. Not sure if it will appear in AR 600-20 or AR 670-1; may appear in both…


Wear black ones to coordinate with the uniform– they already broke the code on that over in Korea,


I was going through a box of stuff today
and found a neat book to read.

“U.S. Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War”

by Shelby Stanton 1992
Packed with photos.
Oh man, it’s a posers dream come true.

Gotta be some masks in there….

Combat Historian

I’m sure Claw has the NSNs for surgical masks used at China Beach…


Actually, there is a photo of a
surgical team wearing them.
Doesn’t say where in VN though.
Great book. Has a whole chapter
on headgear.


Yep the M17 protective mask.
then they updated to the XM27.
Then the XM28 light weight.
I’ll bet Claw has some.


Sergeants major, chiefs, and master chiefs will be standing outside the BX/PX/NAVEX checking to ensure you’re wearing the mask, that it’s an approved color, and that your hair doesn’t touch your ears.

Thank them for their service(s) in this trying time.


Comments like that make me so -very- grateful for CSM McIntosh.


Po-lease those moo-stache harrs!
Lookin like some gosh dang Elvises!!


Don’t forget about unauthorized belts– the price of AR 670-1 is eternal vigilance!


And those poor misguided bastards who “found” allah so they could get shaving waivers are now finding it difficult to get a good fit w their N95s….


They won’t need masks.

It is the will of Allah whether or not they survive.


Let’s hope for NOT. If one is willing to claim Islam for a shaving waver the deserve the worst fate.

When I was in, many African Americans were getting shaving wavers for some bullshit skin issues. I tried it once. You just dig deep with that razor a couple of mornings and you get the same ingrown hairs they were claiming.