Movement of Spring Break Attendees from Florida Beach

| March 29, 2020

Playing a game of chicken during spring break. (Gulf News/Associated Press)

Earlier this month, many college students decided to participate in spring break activities on a Florida beach. Then, some tested positive for the coronavirus. Some of these students argued that they made plans and that these plans needed to be carried out. Cheap flights added to the incentive to fly to areas with beaches. Many weren’t going to let the virus ruin their plans.

TecTonix GEO posted a video to Twitter showing people at a Florida beach. They had their phones with them. Showing just the phones that were at the beach, the video tracks where these phones moved after the attendees left the beach. A wide area of the US ended up being covered.

Fox News has additional information here.

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Comm Center Rat

“Youth is the most precious thing in life; it is too bad it has to be wasted on young folks.”

~ George Bernard Shaw


The beach is probably the safest place to keep a virus at bay.

All that UV virus killing light and ocean breezes.

The NYC subway, never shut down, probably the worst place.


The beach is probably the safest place to keep a virus at bay.

Was that pun on porpoise?


That is true – in the absence of close personal contact and crowded conditions. Add the latter, and the situation changes drastically.

Rubbing various body parts together, breathing in each other’s face, and engaging in all sorts of other activities involving getting close to or touching others allows the spread of viruses under even cleanroom conditions. And I’m guessing that plenty of all of the above was going on during this year’s spring break.


Yep. All that happens in the subway. With lots of homeless.


True, and all of it happens on a crowded city street too.

Just making the point that human behavior trumps sunlight and sea air when it comes to spreading a viral disease. And if the human behavior in question is foolish enough, the environmental conditions are irrelevant.


I live in a beach community and county.

There has been a huge debate on whether to close the beaches here or not. Cities have closed their beaches as has the state. County beaches remain open although you can’t park on county beach lots.

We have a county “Working Policy” group that makes recommendations to the County Commission in times of crisis. They recommended closing the County beaches, but the Commission decided not to accept the recommendation.

Time will tell whether that was a wise decision or not.

For the most part people that go to the beach are staying 10+ feet apart, even in the water so the whole “social distancing” thing comes into play as well.

Combat Historian

”Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief…”

– Nicholas Sparks


Visualization is from 2019 according to @xmodesocial


Not denying that, but this is being held out there as this is data that represents the 2020 spring break. Just read all the replies to the original tweet.

While indicative, it is not representative to the actual virus.


“Only the good die young”

-Billy Joel

The Stranger

Then these clowns will live forever.

5th/77th FA

Pappy! I see you managed to crawl out of that Engineer sized cold beer glass over on the Boomer Thread. You gonna run us a pipeline from there to the hooch? Good deal! You da man.

Bad enough these teh stoopid mofos want to risk infecting themselves. What about those that don’t want to be infected by a ChiCom Originated Viral Infectious Disease from ’19? Not only do they need to STAY OFF MY LAWN, they need to quit exhaling into my air.

Never had a Spring Break Trip. Unka Sugar was trying to send me to The Viet of the Nam for a Senior Trip. Thank God and Dick Nixon that plane got turned around and went the other way.


Too bad you missed that fabulous exotic vacay in sunny Southeast Asia. Shoot, it was a blast.


“Tectonix GEO”

Am I the only one that keeps seeing

“Tektronix CEO” ?


When you’re young, you think you’re immortal, omniscient, and invulnerable. Life later teaches you that you’re not.

Well, except for some who attended UCal-Berkeley. Then some of those youthful delusions may well remain long after they should have learned otherwise. (smile)


Don’t conjure up the crazy one
It’s a day of rest





Who’s paying for these clowns? Oh, sure, some of them paid for it from their essential jobs as baristas or whatever, but would guess that most are expecting others to pay for their fun times. Risk of death seems an bit too much to demand from others to pay for your fun, kiddies.


Have you ever wondered what percentage of all those huge student loans gets spent on Spring Break?


Why yes, yes I have as a matter of fact.

Back in the day, I knew people who went to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. Couldn’t afford it myself and sure didn’t want to waste $$ on such foolishness instead of saving to pay college expenses. But then, the folks I knew who played on spring break didn’t have to work at all.


Also mandatory student activity fees. It is essential to the future well-being of students to have adequate recreational opportunities while attending school. And those speaking fees for guest speakers aren’t cheap, either.

A Proud Infidel®™


“DUDE, what do you mean I got the virus, It’s gotta be Trump’s fault because my Professors say so!!!”


The only time they care is when it affects them, then the regret set in… some of them:

There’s a reason some of them have been called Coronaidiots…

A Proud Infidel®™

“Covidiot” is another term for them.


Darwin and karma always get their way. It’s just a matter of which one arrives first.


My brother was one of these people.
He was one of the ‘it’s just the flu’ bros, right up until they shutdown the beaches, schools, the military got put on travel restrictions and saw the flights from FL to CT getting canceled.
He’s home now. Lucky him he’d packed n95s or else that plane ride back probably would have gotten him. Said there were many coughing on the aircraft.
Gotta be smarter than the enemy…

Green Thumb



One of the California toilet seat lickers who later tested positive for COVID-19 goes by the name of:

Wait for it…



Fucking toilet seat licker! He got what he asked for. I see anyone licking or coughing on products or food I’m kicking their ass!


If it’s a member of the Male species, I’m thinking that I’ll put the first kick someplace else in hopes of stopping his (or it’s) ability to procreate.


Shouldn’t that read “beta soy-boi” species?

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure that he’s sitting somewhere saying “DUDE, it’s Trump’s fault…”


Little off topic, Mexicans appear to be just going about their day as normal. The mindset is lets fuck off today, and worry about tomorrow when it gets here. Heck, the Mexican Pres doesn’t appear worried.


Kids will be kids…