Can’t Make This Up

| March 9, 2020

Bette Midler

How’s that again? Brainless Bette is criticizing the POTUS for quarantining those who test positive for coronavirus, to keep the number of Americans exposed to a minimum? That’s what quarantines are for, idiot.

Bette Midler Attacks Trump for Not Wanting ‘America’s Coronavirus Numbers’ to ‘Go Up’


Actress Bette Midler lashed out at Trump on Sunday for not wanting “America’s coronavirus numbers” to “go up.”

“Trump wants to leave sick people on that docked cruise ship so America’s coronavirus numbers don’t go up,” Midler tweeted.

She really tweeted that.

No, really…

Trump wants to leave sick people on that docked cruise ship so America’s coronavirus numbers don’t go up. After hearing this I had to wash my brain for 20 seconds with hot soapy water while singing “Happy Birthday” twice.
11:36 AM – Mar 8, 2020
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She’s attacking Trump for not wanting to see the number of coronavirus cases in the country go up.

Surprised it took her that long to wash her brain. The stupidity of Hollywood Lefties is truly staggering- all one can really do is point and laugh. Read the entire article here: Breitbart

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I’m going to disagree with you on this one, AW1Ed.

It isn’t that Midler wants the people to be let loose in America, it’s that the ship was in international waters, and thus the sick people on board, even though it is supposed to dock in California anyway, don’t technically count towards the number of cases ‘in the US’.

It’d be like if there was a huge outbreak in Hawaii, but not in the mainland US, touting that the continental US has no major outbreaks. It’s POTUS trying to skate by on a technicality, especially since all the medical experts say those people should be disembarked and quarantined.

Nobody wants cases to go up, but we also shouldn’t resort to keeping sick people in international waters just to be able to quote numbers that sound better. To argue he simply meant that by bringing people back here will risk more spread implies that our quarantine procedures don’t work, which is kind of the whole ballgame anyway, then. The more reasonable explanation is he literally didn’t want the US cases to rise by having them back on US soil.


Nope, she wants them turned loose. She sees this as an opportunity to bring more vectors in.

It is why she also wants no checks at the borders.

She is in for a pound on operation create a crisis.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, even if your take is correct, LC, it ignores that bringing them to land can only lead to further infections.

that she doesn’t get that makes her an hysterical ass.

Combat Historian

Bette is so deranged and twisted with TDS she deserves no benefit of the doubt on this or any other issue…

A Proud Infidel®™

Not TDS IMHO, I think that she has Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder or TARD for short!

Bubblehead Ray

Bingo. You hit the nail on the head Ed.

Comm Center Rat

Finally, someone with nautical knowledge weighs in with clarification proving Midler suffers from Soapy Brain Syndrome.


It’s only docking today; it was kept in international waters for a few days:


Midler’s tweet was at 9:36am on Sunday; the ship did indeed dock on Monday, but it had been kept in international waters for several days, per the links above. And here’s POTUS’s quote on it:

“I like the numbers being where they are. I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault. And it wasn’t the fault of the people on the ship either, ok? It wasn’t their fault either and they’re mostly Americans,” Trump said. But, he added, he would abide by what Pence and his team of “great experts” decide.


The experts did indeed prevail, as the medical ones had advocated for having the ship dock and people tested and quarantined as needed.


I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault. If you read that quote in context, he was not talking about the numbers in the ship adding to the total numbers in the US. He was talking about the potential for the infected passenters to infect people in the US, causing new cases and contributing to our numbers going up. That’s a practical precaution. The passengers disembark from the ship. They intermingle with a population. They infect people in the population. The newly infected people in the population represent an increase in the total numbers of infected in the US. That is what President Trump was referencing. From the first link that you posted: More than 3,500 people are currently on the vessel, which is holding off the coast of San Francisco in international waters as officials decide where — or if — it should dock now that two passengers and 19 crew members have tested positive for COVID-19. As AW1Ed pointed out to you, they had to set things up on land to accommodate the infected, and potentially infected passengers. This was to protect the population. Here’s another point, the cruise liner in question belongs to a company that is headquartered in the United States. It may have been in international waters, but it is subject to US jurisdiction. Further down, in your second link: In California, state authorities were working with federal officials around-the-clock to bring the Grand Princess cruise ship… Read more »


Public health authorities have reported numerous cases of false negatives from current testing methods, causing infected people to be released into the population. New testing kits are being distributed but that process is taking time.

The possibility exists that those ship passengers and crew could test negative then be released to disperse throughout this country only to prove ultimately to be contagion vectors.

For Trump to err on the side of caution at this time seems prudent, not politically callous as you imply. And considering the way the media and their political party are trying to blame this Chinese virus on their political opponents, I can understand his not wanting to hand them a loaded weapon.

I suppose you’d prefer to have Joe Biden in charge right now. That would certainly inspire public confidence, hmm?


My comment is directed at LC, not you, thebesig.


I know. :mrgreen: Thanks.


LC, you might want to take a look at this:

And consider the sources, both the official being quoted and the quoting publication, neither even remotely possible of being considered friends of Trump’s.

Dave Hardin

I try to always consider my sources. One of my favorite sources once said while pissing off his back porch:

“Label me rude and crude…there are so many before you that you’ll need to get in line; but those who’ve been there and understand me will know that I damned well speak the truth.
Just a thought: you suppose there’s any chance of getting Jane Fonda buried right below my deck?”


You seem to think I believe President Trump is an asshole. I don’t. I think he’s an idiot.

Any decent person -and yes, I think that applies to him most of the time- is going to promise to do what they can to help others. That he promised in private to help is entirely consistent with how I view the President.

However, that he, in his poor grasp of the situation, would also be worried the number of cases in the US, and how that might impact the stock market, and/or his re-election chances, is also consistent.

So yes, as the article says, I fully believe Pence and Trump are doing their best to provide support to places dealing with the virus, including California. I am also not surprised by the next paragraph that points out he suggested people could go to work with the virus, and wondered why the flu shot doesn’t help against it.

He is not a smart man, but he also isn’t an evil man who would withhold help for a virus hitting California.


Well proggie-boi, compared to you he is a genius. I can never understand why you progs come here to comment. Most of you never even served in the military. And the few that did were REMFs and or POGs.


He is demonstrably smart. Also clever, and one who thinks moves ahead.

You don’t like what he does, and make the near universal assumption that to disagree with the Left is idiocy, not thinking from different rational premises.

He routinely out-maneuvers his opponents. If he is an idiot, how much worse must his opponents be.

Many brain-smart people are of Marxist faith. They simply have never challenged and analyzed the dumbness inherent in flawed Marxism. Once they do, they drop that false ideology.

They are often rather embarrassed at falling for the con. That embarrassment often keeps them from digging deep enough to quit.

Trump won the Presidency on his first serious try at politics, against the Democrat machine, against the Clinton machine, with media and who knows who else rigging things against him.

He won, and it wasn’t close.

That man may not think as you approve, but he thinks, and very well.

You just do not want to admit it.


I was watching that conference live. He stated, to paraphrase, that the numbers would go up because of the change. Correct. He also indicated that the numbers, should they go up, wouldn’t look good. Correct. I think it fair to say he expected some folks might … misuse that “up”. Correct. I also note that it is highly unlikely that the folks on that ship would infect anyone here, if they were -not- here. So keeping them offshore, and asking the Navy to supply them, would have been the low-risk-to-USA option. The Navy is -really- good at that sort of supply operation, I have noticed. -really- good. Reality: the media will do and say anything to twist this situation to a negative. It fits their overall pattern. They are dramatically exaggerating the threat this bug poses, because we see worse most flu years. Every year. Most folks who get this won’t even be able to tell it apart from bad cold / moderate flu. Most folks will easily get over it with nothing but bed rest and fluid intake support. So all this fuss and fluster is doing more harm than good. I firmly believe that panic-inducing effort is 100% intentional, and they don’t give a flying flock of geese about the damage to anyone besides Trump. And that is over the line. Way over the line. Expect an accounting. You can’t squander credibility like that, do that kind of intentional damage, and not expect consequences. But most of them… Read more »


Do you believe Italy has gone into a form of lockdown to .. damage Trump? I mean, that seems pretty ridiculous on its face, but if you want to make the case, I’m all ears.

You’re right that ‘panic’ is not the proper response, and you’re technically correct that ‘most people’ will get over it easily.. but the typical flu has a mortality rate of around 0.1%, whereas this is certainly worse. How much worse remains to be seen since testing has been limited, and it takes time to get good statistics, but it’s something to take seriously. Especially for the 70+ crowd.

If you want to argue we ‘see worse’ from the standard flu, that’s true right now when you look at total deaths.. but it’s not true when you look at the potential deaths.

You can croon all you like about the evil media being out to get Trump, but that argument falls apart when you look at the international response. Unless they’re out to get him too, at the cost of panicking their own people. And if you truly believe that, well, … enough said.

Finally, medical advice was to get the people off the ship. In an event like this, you listen to the medical experts. Somehow letting the thousands of healthy people on a ship play Lord of the Flies as people die around them doesn’t seem wise, either.


Medical advice comes from medical ethics. “Do no harm” is individually focused, not society. If that was 1918 flu, or pnumonia page, new untratable versions? Keep it offshore, UNREP it, and sink it if it tries to run around. Societal good. Italy is less healthy, and more crowded, and less vigorous in medical matters, and is in much closer proximity to other problems. Of course it is worse there. Their government is also notoriously inept, going back centuries. Time and again, novel diseases start marching the globe. Time and again, press hysteria. Time and again, they get here and fizzle. AIDS is worse almost everywhere else. MERS, SARS, Flun etc. Again and again and again. Because we do “infectious disease” better than almost anyone else. Because we are relatively clean, have -huge- personal space needs, and are generally rational overcomers who know we can influence our own lives, and work with complete strangers to mutual advantage. Our widely hybridized genetics and our cornucopia of health care options and our abundance of material goods and food certainly help. Game set match. The bugs lose, we win. We will take casualties. There will be deaths. I may well be one of them. I am not -worried- for my nation. We will kick this things ass, like all the rest, -because- of who and what we are. And the usual bad actors will be saying “doooooooooom!”. And foolish otherwise-smart folks will run with it because we have that odd end-is-near streak. Fizzle, inbound.… Read more »


“Pnumonia page”

Was supposed to be “pneumonic plague”

Black Death, the worse version spread directly not via fleas.


Don’t forget T-virus… the paranoia (irrational fear) is strong in many.

USMC Steve

You are incorrect. Figures worldwide show that significantly more people have died of the flu than this non-entity. If it keeps going strong for maybe eight or ten more months it might catch up, but it is not likely. Suck it down, lib boy.


“Trump wants to leave sick people on that docked cruise ship”

Notice the word “docked”. She obviously thought the ship was in US waters, hence “docked”, if she can think at all.

” we also shouldn’t resort to keeping sick people in international waters”

They were not “being kept in international waters”. Check the ship’s itinerary.

” The more reasonable explanation is…”

To continue the sentence; “…that LC has a rich fantasy life that he spends most of his time in”.


Maybe I’m missing something terribly obvious since I live in a rich fantasy life, but the ship’s itinerary shows it’s in international waters right now and docking in Hilo tomorrow. That’s probably news to the people who have been disembarking in Oakland.

And here’s a quote from the article I linked above:

More than 3,500 people are currently on the vessel, which is holding off the coast of San Francisco in international waters as officials decide where — or if — it should dock now that two passengers and 19 crew members have tested positive for COVID-19.

One of us has a rich fantasy life where we believe an itinerary more than photos, numerous news articles and even statements from the task force on the virus. And it ain’t me.


You missed timactual’s point, LC. Whether that was by oversight or intent, I don’t know.

His point was that Midler referred to the ship as being “docked” in her tweet quoted above. Ergo, that means one of two things:

a. She thought the ship was already docked somewhere on the West Coast at the time she sent that tweet, which means she didn’t do her homework before writing it; or

b. She doesn’t realize “docked” and “offshore in international waters” are mutually exclusive, which in turn makes her dumb as a turnip.

Either way, it makes her Tweet quoted above an indefensible example of the absurd.


Had you bothered to read the itinerary you would have seen that the ship would have been in international waters anyway, since it was originally scheduled to go to Hawaii. Since the trip was cancelled, I would presume they needed to find some dock space in Ca. to enable it to offload passengers. Dock space, tugs, passenger handling facilities, etc. take time to arrange since they are usually busy. Money making entities tend to want to keep a full schedule in order to make money; it’s called good business practice.

I take my remark about fantasy life back. It’s becoming obvious you are just incapable of making any logical sense of the world around you. It’s not fantasy, which takes a certain amount of creativity, just the real world seen through the grossly distorted lens of your “mind”.


the most frightening aspect to this is that these people think they are coherent.

Let that sink in. Joe Biden thinks he is coherent. Rachel Maddow thinks she is coherent. This bimbo thinks she is coherent.

Further, they think they have ideas no one has ever considered before. What struck me most about the campaign math debacle on MSNBC the other night was not that they don’t understand that 500 million does not divide out to 320 million people as 1 million per, but that they thought the concept was a unique hot take.

People too myopic to recognize that their words are literally gibberish.

Now, in Bette’s defense, she has always been an imbecile. Sounding like one seems a natural thing.


Earlier today I commented at American Thinker that the liberal tendency to blow negative world events totally out of proportion closely resembles the mental disorder, hypochondriasis. From Wikipedia:

“Hypochondriacs become unduly alarmed about any physical or psychological symptoms they detect, no matter how minor the symptom may be, and are convinced that they or others have, or are about to be diagnosed with, a serious illness.”

Does that sound like any of the liberal Democrats/media we’re discussing here?



There is nothing wrong with a little hypochondria, it keeps you alert and, perhaps, alive. Like many other things it can be a good thing if not taken to excess. Like paranoia, which can be useful in some lines of work and some neighborhoods.

No need to cast aspersions on people just because we, I mean they, are a standard deviation or two from the mean.


Bette: After hearing this I had to wash my brain for 20 seconds with hot soapy water….

She has a brain? Since when? She didn’t have one in the 1970s and still doesn’t have one.

She really is dumber than Biden, which no longer seems like a stretch to me.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO she’s dumber than the both of them put together as well as out of touch, let’s not forget that self-centered celebs like her spend their lives surrounded by entourages of people who do nothing but kiss her pampered ass and agree with everything she says!


Midler’s on par with Joy Behar when it comes to dumb, and both surpass Biden.


Anyone remember the premise behind Catch 22, a truly crazy person doesn’t know that they are crazy. Midler and Biden prove that every time they open their pie holes. Another celeb who thinks that they have some level of intellect that needs to be shared with everyone, unfortunately 99% of them don’t.


Well gee, Ed, and here I was just about to say that if there’s any possible way to slant ANYTHING against Trump, LC can be counted on to find it.

Guess I better not do that, hmm?


Fortunately for me, I don’t consider myself an adult and thus have no standards to maintain.

If I did consider myself an adult, I would be too damn old to give a horse’s patoot about offending idiots.

Either way, although I may be too chicken to “speak truth to power” I manage to find the courage to “speak truth to morons”.

Finally, to paraphrase the great Gunny Highway; “You can insult me. You can berate me. You can beat me. You can ban me….just don’t BORE me with BS!”


Shutup and dance Bette.

Hack Stone

Maybe George Costanza broke her leg on purpose.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Completely off topic but amusing anyway…A Doctor recently pointed out that you can say Covid-19 to the tune of “C’mon Eileen” and now I can’t hear that name any other way when I read it…


You just had to go there didn’t you. Now I can’t either.

5th/77th FA

Thought this skrunt was supposed to be move to Canada back in ’16? Why is she still here? And why do these “entertainers” think that we want anything more from them but to be entertained? And personally, I’ve never been a “fan” of the supposed “Divine Ms M.” Guess she thinks she’s divine, but I don’t. IDC SARC might would hit it, but I wouldn’t.


Laura Ingraham’s book, Shut Up & Sing, comes to mind.

A Proud Infidel®™

Her AND the shit-ton of harebrained lefty TARDO celebrities that promised to leave the USA one President Trump got elected, IMHO it would be nice if they lived up to their promises!

Inbred Redneck

Take the number of cases of this, put a decimal point in front of it, and you still have double her IQ. How does she remember to breathe?

sgt. vaarkman 27-48thTFW

she can’t help herself from proving she’s the bimbo village idiot of song and dance and occasionally needs to remind us all of her flagging career….just imagine if you were that lacking in common sense?
why doesn’t she back up her rant to leave the USA and go too Wuhan province, norkland, Cooba, Venezuela or Iran and entertain the sick to lift their spirits, since she is so heroic criticizing the USA from the safety of the right of free speech here


“Did you ever know that you’re my zero?’


“You are the wind beneath my sheets.”


I never, EVER, want celebrities to shut up. I want them to constantly lecture, preach, and nag. The only reason I request it is because I really am uncertain what to think. Please, everyone in entertainment, I beg for your wisdom. Please let me know how to think and feel.

Now if you unsophisticated rubes will forgive me, I have an arugula salad to eat. My friend, who happened to once be the First Lady, told me it was delicious.

I feel sorry for you gun nutz.


Yes, we all want to get life advice from people whose only marketable skill is to recite memorized lines or sing, despite the fact that they are druggies, have been married a half a dozen times or more, and are surrounded by sycophants telling them they shit ice cream and there aren’t enough spoons to go around.


wait…….she’s still alive?


I wouldn’t exactly say “alive” in the sense that you and I are alive.


We’re forgetting one little thing here: this disease got its start in the meat market at Wuhan, China, where what we’d refer to as “exotic meat”, meaning wild animals such as civet cats, trapped and killed for the table, are sold to customers. There is no testing (to my knowledge) regarding whether or not any of that stuff was safe to eat. And we also have to remember that the ebola bug is picked up by people in Africa who hunt bats and other “bush meat” for food. Those “exotics” are immune to the diseases they carry, but humans are not, hence the real danger. Part of the problem is that the Chinese still think with their stomachs, which may be a holdover from Mao’s Great Famine, in which humans killed and cannibalized other humans out of sheer desperation. Somewhere between 40,000,000 and 80,000,000 Chinese people died of starvation-related causes during that episode of horror. But just in case any of you are wondering what else is lurking in the wings, here’s a list of diseases you can pick up from your very own kitty cat: The sheer stupidity of selling bush meat or exotic animals for meat in an open air market, which is completely unsanitary, is probably the stupidest thing on the planet, but unless the Chinese government puts a stop to it, it will go on, and another bug just like this one will appear, raise its nasty head, scare the crap out of us, and… Read more »