Man admits stealing funds meant for military care packages

| February 28, 2020


It is always nice to see someone being held accountable for this kind of thing.  This case has been pending for years and it is well past time something for something to be done.  Let’s just hope his sentence is measured in years and not months since I doubt he has a pot to piss in and will never repay a dime.

A West Virginia man pleaded guilty Thursday to pocketing donations to a bogus charity he advertised for military members.

Christopher T. Engle, 30, of Bunker Hill, entered the plea in federal court to one count of wire fraud, U.S. Attorney Bill Powell said in a news release.

Engle co-owned Hearts2Heros, which solicited contributions to create and send care packages to deployed service members, the statement said.

Instead, Engle admitted he took donations from people in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia for personal use. The statement said the total loss from the scheme was nearly $287,000.

“Using our brave military personnel who are deployed overseas as a prop for a fraud scheme is deplorable conduct,” Powell said. “Such conduct also is detrimental to the work of many wonderful community organizations who genuinely support our military.”

Engle faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine at sentencing.

On Wednesday, a federal prosecutor in Charleston announced that a Huntington woman has been charged with scamming millions of dollars from senior citizens after gaining their trust through social media websites.

Source: Man admits stealing funds meant for military care packages

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  1. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    FUCK ALL of those who do shit like that, may they be forced to run a LONG Gauntlet of Military Veterans who have deployed.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    “gaining their trust”… Geez, Louise, quit sending money to these cranks! Just say “NO, I need the money for my family and me.”

  3. IS1 (SW) says:

    What an assfuck.

    Keelhauling would be too good for this clown. He’ll soon be cupping my balls with the indent my fist left in his chin.

  4. Mason says:

    That’s a lot of beef jerky and porn.

    As an aside, I just heard yesterday that packages (and maybe all mail) is being frozen enroute to the sandbox over concerns about coronavirus. Don’t know if it’s affecting A-Stan, but the troop I know about is in I-of-the-Raq.

  5. Carlton G Long says:

    Bunker Hill? I hope he gets “chilidogged” in the joint.

  6. 5th/77th FA says:

    Fresh fish for Bubba, Thor, Julio, and “Mr. Tiny” in the person of the thieving POS Christopher T. Engle. And, yes, Christopher T. Engle, you WILL be passed around like a doobie at Woodstock. Everybody gonna wanna “hit it.” May you serve all 20 years while you are being served man meat sammichs, cream of sum yung guy soup, and tossed salads. And no, non violent criminals like you ARE put in the general population, and NO, the COs will NOT protect you. Embrace the suck as you prepare for your new career as a “wide receiver.”

    Ass hamster turd tonguing thieving POS.

    • Berliner says:

      His first impression of jail will be favorable when, in the chow hall, Bubba politely asks if he can “push in his stool”.

  7. MCPO USN says:

    Well, what an asshole. Steals money and now will sit in prison where we pay for his upkeep.

    How about this instead. He gets taken behind the courthouse for a good ole fashioned ass-beating. Then cut off his right hand. After that, say “You are free. You figure out the rest of your life, fucker. Next time the other hand comes off.”

  8. Art says:

    Is he even a Veteran?

  9. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    It is for creatures such as those, that we have perfectly good hand-cranked field telephones.

    Someone get him connected and give him a call.

  10. AcePaulie says:

    Jail, nothing less